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First Warning: This story will have elements where it needs to rely heavily upon an alternate universe rather than established canon. I do, however, keep most of the events the same. For example, Snape still calls Lily that horrible name by the lake, and they end up not being friends. However, I've changed it to where he's not so obsessive over Lily. He's willing to move on. He'll still love her always, but he does move on. So if you're a Snape/Lily fan, then this story isn't for you. Lily ends up with James, and Snape is with Sinistra. The biggest change comes later with a favor that Lily asks of Snape when she's pregnant with Harry. It's a favor that I'm pretty sure that Lily and James wouldn't ever ask, and one I'm rather certain wouldn't be agreed to by either party. However, I wanted to write another story with Harry having a pretty awesome life instead of the one he got stuck with in canon.

Second Warning: I've hinted in my other works about Aurora being raped. I do mention a bit more about it (mostly how she heals emotionally), but I do not go into explicit detail, and we do not see it. However, I'm warning you ahead of time that in the second chapter that I do mention it again. Some of you might be wondering why I keep this dark detail in my stories. I keep it in there to explain the reasoning behind her hatred for Death Eaters and the reason why she (the lone and semi-known Slytherin at the time) would join the Order of the Phoenix. Slytherins are known for sticking together, so her joining the Order could be construed as her turning her back on her House. Yes, Severus was a Death Eater, but she's grown up with him enough through the years to learn that he's not a true Death Eater. Sadly, she knows what we know, and that's that he joined because he longed to belong to something, feel appreciated, and to gain power over situations that canon Snape deemed to be powerless over (e.g. Tobias beating him, and Marauders constant harassment), not because he was like Lucius Malfoy and the other well-known Death Eaters who enjoy what they do.

In addition, while JK (I believe) never wrote about the true cruelness of Death Eaters, (which is probably because it's a children's book), I believe that it was rather likely that they used rape as a form of torture. So there will be one more instance of it in this story (probably either in the fourth or fifth chapter), but I promise not to be graphic about it since it is a rather sensitive topic to so many people. So with the good comes the bad, unfortunately. And this story will be a bit darker in spots than what some people will be used to seeing from me. However, I'm going to try to make the good outweigh the bad and keep the bad to a minimum because I don't enjoy writing those dark parts anymore than you enjoy reading them.

I'll put a large warning in on the two chapters that contain rape like I did here, and I'll also put asterisks on either side of the italicized dates and location, so you can skip ahead if you don't want to read those parts.

Third and final Warning: There are character deaths, but I stick to canon for those deaths, so we should be used to that, sadly.

A/N: If you've read some of my other works, then some of the following glimpses of Snape and Sinistra's past will be familiar, but not all. I apologize for all the warnings, but I felt we needed this before anyone could start to read the story. Enjoy. :D

Scorching Slytherin Starts

September 1972-Sorting Ceremony

A young girl with dark frizzy hair slowly walked beside a light-brown haired girl as their classmates entered the large room. The girl's dark eyes glanced towards the ceiling. She smiled softly at the twinkling stars above her. She felt extremely tranquil under the bewitched ceiling. Then again, she had always loved the stars. In fact, her father had taught her all about them when she was younger.

"If you could line up right here, thank you," a stern looking witch in emerald robes instructed. "Now, when I call your name, you will come forward, and I'll place this hat upon your head."

"I hope I get sorted into Ravenclaw. What about you?" the light-brown haired girl asked.

"Slytherin, my entire family is full of Slytherins," she responded proudly. The elderly witch in emerald robes loudly announced numerous names of the girls' classmates. However, neither girl was truly paying attention to their classmates' sorting.

"I'm Septima Vector. What's your name?" the light-brown haired girl questioned.

"Aurora Sinistra," she responded before smiling towards Septima. "Ravenclaw is a rather good house, I suppose, but Slytherin is really the House you want to be in, Septima."

"Aurora Sinistra," the stern-looking witch loudly announced. The minute the Sorting Hat touched Aurora's head it sprang to life.

"Ah, a Sinistra," it coolly drawled. "You have a definite thirst to prove yourself, don't you? Hmm, yes, but then you're also very loyal and a hard worker…hmm…decisions, decisions. Where to put you? Ah, yes, the answer is in your blood, isn't it? Oh, yes, good old Sal would be fairly irate if I put you elsewhere. Hmm, I see I don't have a choice. SLYTHERIN," the Sorting Hat exclaimed.

Aurora proudly smiled before walking towards the long table. She sat down next to a young boy with a hook-nosed. He was feverishly writing notes on a spare bit of parchment, which instantly gained her attention. His long hair was in clumps about his face, but it didn't seem to bother him a bit. She tried to glance at what he was taking notes on, but he pushed his book away out of her line of sight. Maybe she'd bring her textbook with her at next year's Sorting ceremony. After all, it was a rather good idea.

December 1973-Near Black Lake

The second-year dark frizzy-haired Aurora Sinistra positively hated winter. It was always so damn cold in the castle, especially in the dungeons. Sure, her parents always made sure that she had tons of clothes to bundle up in to escape that nasty cold, but unfortunately for her the cold still seeped into her. It was rather funny if she thought about it, but the cold was better to handle when she was outside than inside, strangely enough.

There was one thing that she had wanted to try. She had read about it in one of the books in the library last term. It was something Muggle children did on occasion, and from what she had learned from some of her Ravenclaw friends, even witches and wizards tried it at least once in their lives.

Coming from a pureblood family, she hadn't really learned all that much about Muggles and their odd inventions. However, her parents, namely her father, were always willing to help her out when she ventured to learn more about other cultures. So, that was why she was rather glad to wake up this morning and find a pair of ice skates under the Christmas tree.

Granted, she knew she should have returned home to see her parents, but she had informed them that she wanted to stay with her friends. Unfortunately, all of her friends in both Ravenclaw and Slytherin had gone home. Well, that was the case except for one third-year lanky hook-nosed Slytherin, but she wasn't going to tell her parents that part. Her plan had been to cozy up to him since he wasn't in the company of that chestnut Gryffindor witch anymore. However, unfortunately, he didn't seem to understand that plan because either he remained in the dorms or off to who knew where by himself.

With her new ice skates in hand, she started off towards Black Lake. She thought about telling a professor about her plan for the day, but it was six-thirty in the morning on Christmas day. She was rather convinced that Professor Slughorn didn't want to be bothered, and she guessed that the other professors felt the same. However, that didn't mean that she didn't leave a note for Severus. After all, she so did not feel like having Severus yell at her yet again. She still didn't understand why he was so upset. She was only exploring the upper levels of the castle. Well, she did understand actually. Professor Slughorn and the headmaster weren't quite thrilled to learn that she had skipped all three meals that day.

She silently laced her ice skates and glanced at the frozen lake. To her naked eye, it looked rather thick enough to ice skate on for at least awhile. She drew in a deep breath and gently scooted on her backside towards a few feet from the shoreline. Slowly, she tried to stand up, only to fall backwards. This was going to be trickier than she thought, but she enjoyed challenges.

After nearly a half-hour later, she was standing on her two feet on the ice. She smirked widely at herself before sliding her foot forward. Unfortunately, her other foot slid backwards, and she fell to the ice once more. Growling quietly, she got back up on her feet and closed her eyes. She repeated her mantra in her head, allowing the wind to push her slightly on the ice.

Two hours later, she was actually skating. Her butt was sore from falling on it so many times, but she was actually ice-skating. She found that turning a perfect circle surprisingly was easier than she had thought it would be. She could now skate forwards and back, side to side, and circles. Overall, she wasn't half-bad. Unfortunately, if she paid any attention to the ice below her, she would have seen the tiny cracks, but she wasn't.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed?" a low voice growled behind her from the shoreline.

"No, Severus," she drawled back. Great, Mr. Fun decided to join my party, she thought.

"Get over here now," he hissed.

"Oh, honestly," she mumbled. "Severus, what's the worst that could happen?"

As soon as she asked that question, she heard the cracking of the ice underneath her. She glanced up at him and screamed instantly when the ice gave way underneath her. She plunged into the freezing cold water and felt herself sink towards the bottom before she started to rise slowly again. The water chilled her to the bone and made it nearly impossible for her to swim back up to the surface.

When she did surface again, she found it was only to thick ice above her. She had somehow moved away from the initial break in the ice. She was about five feet from the hole actually. She frantically pounded on the ice above her. She could feel the darkness settling behind her eyes from the oxygen deprivation or perhaps she was just so lucky that hypothermia was already setting in. She felt herself start to sink back towards the bottom, which made her panic even more.

Suddenly, the darkness above her disappeared, and light streamed above. Yep, she was dying. After all, why else would there be light above her? She knew this ice-skating was a bad idea. Why didn't she just listen to him before when he told her to get off the ice?

Arms then wrapped around her waist as something pulled her upwards towards the light. She tried to fight with the thing that held her. She didn't want to die. Why was this thing trying to drive her towards the light? She didn't want to die, not now, not here, not like this. Whatever had her only tightened its already viper-like grip around her waist before yanking her upwards. She then closed her eyes in response. She only hoped her parents would forgive her for being so stupid.

A few moments later, she felt a terrible pain in her chest. She opened her eyes, expecting to see Paradise, only there was an oddly familiar hook-nosed young man kneeling over her. Her eyes narrowed on him. What was Severus doing in Paradise with her? Slowly, she heard grumbling and muttering somewhere near her, but she couldn't understand the words with all the roaring in the background.

"Am…am I…am I dead?" she rasped out, not noticing that she was shivering like crazy. His dark eyes darted towards her, and he fixed her with the nastiest glare he had. He didn't respond, but her senses were slowly coming to her again. His hair was wet, and his lips were blue. It then dawned on her what had really happened. "You…you saved me," she whispered.

"The next time I tell you to do something, you damn well better do it, Sinistra," he snarled back.

"What're yer two doin' out here?" a gruff friendly voice asked behind them. "Dear Merlin, yer both soakin' wet," the half-giant said in a bit softer voice. "Up yer go, both of yer." Hagrid gently helped Aurora to her feet as Snape got up on his. Unfortunately, the cold had zapped every last bit of energy from her, making her collapse towards Hagrid's chest. Hagrid, however, only reached for her and picked her up gently in his arms.

"The ice broke underneath, and she fell into the lake. She was in there for at least four minutes."

"Poor girl," Hagrid responded. "Yer better come with me, Snape. Yer look like yer could use a warm up too. Now, yer in no position to argue with me," he gently scolded. "I ain't gonna let yer do that tough guy act. Come." Soft grumbling slowly transformed into a soft 'fine' from the young Slytherin.

December 1974-Near Defense against the Dark Arts classroom

When the door to the DADA classroom opened, third-year Aurora Sinistra had to force back her grin. Her eyes searched for the lanky Slytherin in the crowd of students walking out, but sighed when she didn't see him. Then again, she didn't see Potter and his gang of bullies or even Evans, strangely enough. Where was he?

"Looking for me?" a voice drawled next to her.

"Severus," she exclaimed before turning towards him. Her dark eyes then noticed Evans walking up to them. She fought the urge to hex the Gryffindor witch.

"Sev, we have to get to the library," Lily Evans, Miss Perfect herself, purred.

"You go ahead, Lil. I'll be there in a minute." Aurora nearly grinned again when she heard the huff from Princess Lily. However, Lily walked a bit further from them. "What do you want, Sinistra?"

"I need help."

"Perhaps more than I can ever give you," he drawled.

"I'm horrible in Potions. It's my worse class, so I was wondering since it's your best class maybe we could come to an arrangement." His dark eyes narrowed. "In return, I'll help you with Astronomy."

"What makes you think that I need your help?"

"I saw your last essay, Severus. Need I say anymore?" She heard his soft growl, but he didn't deny it either. "I know you have another essay due Monday. If you want, I can—"

"I do my own work, Sinistra."

She nodded slowly. She knew that. It was one of the many things she loved about him. She then glanced at the floor.

"I know you do, Severus. I wasn't suggesting that I write it for you. I can point you to the right books, though. In return, I'd appreciate it if you could help me brew some of the potions that a third-year should know over the winter holidays." He folded his arms. "Slughorn tried to get me a tutor, but, well, no one wants to work with me." He snorted in response. "I know that I'm absolutely moronic when it comes to Potions, but I need to get that grade up, Severus. Please, you're the only one that can help me."

"Fine, but I expect no complaints, Sinistra. You will do as I say, exactly what I say."

"I understand," she responded making sure not to burst with joy like a Hufflepuff. She'd be spending nearly every day with him. It took all her self-restraint not to squeal happily. In fact, she was rather sure by the way that he was still semi-calm that she wasn't wearing any emotions on her face. Maybe she finally did discipline her mind, control her emotions, and all the other junk that stupid Occlumency book told her it would do. Honestly, reading that book reminded her of something Severus would say. Her eyes then narrowed. The handwriting on the note was jerky like his.

"Sev, are you coming?" Lily asked rather annoyed.

"No, Lil," he replied glancing back at the Gryffindor witch. "Something came up. Good night," he said before walking off towards the Slytherin dorms.

Aurora turned to follow after him, only to have Evans grab her arm and yank her back. She glared at the Gryffindor witch, but didn't say anything. Luckily, Evans spoke for her.

"You think I don't know what you're doing, Sinistra? Keep your slimy hands off him."

"Or what, Evans?" snapped Aurora. "You'll wave your hair at me? After all, everyone knows that Princess Lily can't break a nail."

"What is your problem?"

"Funny, Evans, I was wondering the same thing." She then scoffed. "Oh, if it isn't Potter and his little gang of rejects. Don't worry, Gryffindors. I was just leaving. Well, that is if Evans releases me."

"Keep your hands off him. He doesn't need any of your kind, Sinistra."

"My kind?" she growled. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

"You know precisely what I mean. Severus wasn't so interested in the Dark Arts until you started hanging around." Aurora instantly scoffed.

"Oh, yes, Evans, it just has to be me that caused that interest. It couldn't be because Potter and Black harass him constantly. Or haven't you noticed that, Evans?" She then shook her head. "Or maybe you have noticed, but you think it's so funny when Potter's standing over Severus harassing him? It seems to me that the only person who should stay away from him, Evans, is you." She then yanked her arm out of the other girl's hand and angrily stormed away. She so hated that Gryffindor witch.