A/N: Contains canon character deaths.

Beautiful Babies Blush

May 1980-Prince Manor

Two months later, Aurora found herself standing nose to nose with the one person she hoped she never would see again. She thought about slamming the front door in Lily Potter's face, but she had to be at least cordial with the witch whose child she was secretly carrying. After all, the witch could stab her in the back just as easily as she did to Severus all those years ago.

"What do you want?"

"I wanted to see how you were doing," replied the redhead with a forced smile.

"You mean you wanted to see if I was still pregnant?"

"Is that so wrong?"

"Considering it's you asking, yes," Aurora snarled back. She then ran a hand through her hair before releasing a hiss. "Fine, you see, I'm still pregnant, Evans. The baby is doing fine."

"The baby?" responded Lily with a slightly horrified look on her face. "You mean you—"

"No, you dimwit, I didn't lose any baby." Shaking her head, Aurora tightened her grip on the door. Oh how she wanted to slam the door in Miss Perfect's face right then. Sighing again, she forced a pleasant smile to her face. She could do this. She really could be nice to the little witch who lived to make her life hell. "Would you like to come in?"

"You mean he's fine?"

"I believe I just said that," Aurora replied with clenched teeth.

"No. You just said you didn't—" Lily then let out a cry as Aurora yanked her into the manor. "What was that for?"

"Well, seeing as how I don't want my husband to think that I'm being a bitch to you, I'm being cordial, Evans. You might want to try it sometime."

"That's you being cordial? I'd hate to see your so-called 'nice' then."

Aurora, however, paid no attention to the annoying redhead behind her. She only walked into the sitting room and retook her spot on the couch. Her headache would only get worse now.

"Where's Sev?"

Aurora bit back her groan. That had to be the most idiotic nickname she had ever heard. Oh, Sev, I do believe you should kiss me now. She nearly snorted at her thought. Granted, her calling him 'her Dark Prince' wasn't really all that either, but at least it wasn't something one would say to a dog.

"Out," Aurora replied tersely. She added in her head, I will not kill her. I will not kill her.

"Out where?"

"Fine, you know what? I'll tell you. He's over at your place likely getting ready to kill Potter, Evans, so he can have you all to himself. Happy now?" she snapped. Dear Merlin, this woman was getting more stupid by the moment.

"Don't joke about things like that!"

"Then don't ask stupid questions, Evans."

"Where is he?"

"What makes you think for a moment I'd tell a stuck up bitch like you?"

"A stuck up bitch?" cried Lily outraged. Her green eyes flashed dangerously before she smirked maliciously. "If I'm a stuck up bitch, then you're the whore. Oh, yes, I heard all about how you weren't even sure it was his child. I wonder what Sev would think about that."

"Which part, Evans? The part where I turned my back to a Death Eater because you screamed, causing me to get captured and later raped? Or the part where you insinuated that he has a thing for whores, seeing as how you were one yourself?"

Aurora made sure to use her tongue instead of her hands to silence the little annoying witch who seemed to have a death wish. She also said a silent prayer for the redhead's sake that Severus was just a bit quicker in his return from Hogwarts. She wasn't quite sure how much longer the verbal sparring would hold off the urge to kill the witch.

"What?" Lily's voice was barely above a whisper.

"You heard me just fine, Evans, so don't pull that on me." Aurora then glanced up at the ceiling and counted backwards slowly. She so wanted the witch out of her home, but she couldn't…not yet.

"I'm sorry," Lily whispered a few minutes later.

"Funny how that doesn't make up for my being raped for a second time because of you," Aurora snarled angrily. She heard her words as they echoed back, but she ignored the resulted knotting of her stomach. Where the hell are you, Severus? I'm going to kill her if she keeps this up, she thought moodily. She wasn't really expecting an answer so she wasn't really surprised when she had silence.

"I…I didn't know."

"No, but you love to spew your crap to anyone who will listen, don't you? It's the Evans show, all the time." Aurora felt her anger than skyrocket thanks to the extra dose of hormones. "You know what? I'm sick of it, Evans. I'm sick and tired of you coming in here and flashing that damn smile of yours just to lead Severus on some more. So he called you a Mudblood once. Yeah, that's horrible. I know. I mean, this is Severus. His bastard father beat him. He joined the Death Eaters and later killed his father. But you don't give a flying Hippogriff about that, though. No, you care because he angrily snapped at you and called you a horrible name. Do you remember how he came and begged and pleaded with you for weeks to forgive him? Do you remember what you did? You told him to leave. Do you know why? Because in perfect Lily land, no one can make the little princess cry or she'll make him suffer. She'll turn him away. Treat him like garbage for years. But, oh, when Perfect Lily has a problem, she'll always run to her Sev. Her little Sev that she strings around and leads on, making him think he has a shot with her always because she knows how madly in love he is with her."

"He married you."

"Yes he did. But do you know what his Patronus is?" Aurora didn't even wait for Lily to respond. "It's a doe, just like yours. He likely does love me, but he loves you unconditionally and has loved you faithfully for years. So even though you're the biggest self-centered bitch on this planet whose ego takes the entire span of the Great Hall, he still loves you more than he'll ever love me."

"That's not true!"

"Evans, had you not jumped into Potter's bed the day after breaking Severus's heart, you'd be the one he was married to. And everyone knows it."

"No! I never slept with James when we were in school."

"Don't lie. It'll ruin your perfect little face. You shagged James Potter that night. I know it. Severus knows it. Sirius knew it. Hell, even Professor McGonagall knew it. You ran straight into Potter's bed to make yourself feel better. You didn't give a crap what it'd do to Severus. And you did it all because he called you a dirty blood one time."

"You weren't there! You didn't see—"

"What? That he called you a name? Jeez, Evans, let's see. How many times were you there when Potter called Severus a greasy git? How many times did you defend Severus then? How many goddamn times did you cry for Severus?"

"That's different."

"NO! That's the SAME DAMN THING, Evans! He snarled Mudblood at you, a slur. Potter slurred numerous times Git at Severus, another slur. Two slurs, Evans, with the same amount of pain attached to them. You didn't cry for Severus because you truthfully only wanted to use him to get to Potter. Think about it. Potter always had it out for Severus, and now you share that bastard's bed." Aurora then pointed to her swollen abdomen. "I bet you don't even realize what it would do to Severus if he learned that I was carrying Potter's child. Do you? Face it, Evans. Your husband and you both used Severus for your sick little mating ritual."

"No!" Lily cried horrified.

"Yes!" Aurora screamed back. "Severus was your friend since you were both nine years old. You rode the train together that first time, and Potter came in and was his typical arrogant self. You found that to be charming no doubt like all the other girls. So you thought about how if you stuck with Severus, you'd always get to see your dashing hero then bully and torment your best friend some more, breaking him bit by bit until nothing was left. You knew what Severus's home life was like. You knew it, Evans. You were the one THE ONE person he could count on to be good in his life. And you went off and shagged Potter after tossing Severus aside just like everyone else in his life. You did that!" Aurora then drew in a deep breath. "Now get the hell out of my home." She said nothing as Lily left.

June 1980-Prince Manor

Outside, the rain poured like sheets against the manor's windows. Snape continued to stare out, though, just watching it rain. He had numerous thoughts running through his head, but not a single one was coherent enough for him to ponder over. Well, there was one thought that was clear enough for him, but he was trying not to forget that one. Just because that Seer said a child would be born at the end of July, the same time as his own child, it didn't mean anything. There were at least two other families who were expecting around the same time as his, the Longbottoms and Potters.

"What are you doing?"

"Obviously, I'm staring out the window," he replied quietly.

"Yes, clearly," his wife said with a soft laugh. "Now, why are you staring out the window?"

"I'm watching it storm."

"Obviously," she drawled laughing. "You're thinking about something. What are you thinking about? What's going through that head of yours?"

"I'm only watching it storm. There's no ulterior motive."

"For once," she added smiling.

"You're beginning to sound sassier each day." He held his ground when she glanced at him with a shocked look. Granted, that word wasn't typically in his vocabulary, but this was his wife after all.

"Well, they say sassy is the new sexy."

"Ah, the ubiquitous 'they," he responded, crossing his arms. A few moments later, he moved away from the window and headed towards his wife. He joined her in their bed, silently sliding his arm underneath her head to hold her. His dark eyes silently found their way to her swollen abdomen. He couldn't believe that there was a little life growing in her, a life that he had a part in creating, him, Severus Snape, Death Eater, murderer, someone the universe always pissed on. He was this child's father. Finally, something had gone right in the world.

"Master Severus, sir," a soft voice hesitantly spoke as a house elf popped in.

"Yes, Mokai, what is it?"

"There is a young Mistress here who wishes to see Mistress Snape. Shall Mokai inform Mistress that Mistress Snape does not wish to see young Mistress?"

"What is the witch's name?" Aurora quietly asked. She was slightly intrigued at who could be visiting her. Granted, her parents were now aware that she was pregnant, but they were also aware at how unsafe it was for them to visit.

"Mrs. Lily Potter, Mistress Snape," the house elf quietly answered with drooped ears.

Snape's head snapped towards the house elf. Lily was here? Why on earth was she here? He then pushed his questions aside, deciding that he'd deal with it. Aurora didn't need any more stress with the pregnancy, and he was certain that was all Lily would add.

"No. Accompany Mrs. Potter into the drawing room and inform her I shall join her shortly."


"I will deal with her, Aurora," he instructed. "You just rest. I shall return as soon as possible." Without so much as a glance back, he quickly walked out of their bedroom and towards the stairs. It was rather disconcerting to know that Lily, his former best friend, had decided to come to his manor to meet with his current wife. While he didn't really feel awkward about the prospect of his childhood crush and his wife under the same room, he didn't feel too thrilled about it either. Too many things could go wrong with this meeting. Sighing, he walked into the drawing room and forced his face to remain emotionless when he saw the pregnant redheaded witch. He had to admit that Lily did look rather beautiful in her bright red robes with the large abdominal bulge. "I'm afraid my wife is unable to join us, Mrs. Potter," he spoke brusquely.

"Sev—" Lily started to say with a soft smile.

Brushing her off slightly, he pressed forward and said, "Perhaps you can give me your message for her, though. I'll see to it that she receives it." He ignored her brief look of astonishment and just stood there a few feet from her, acting as if they didn't have a history between them.

"I suppose I deserved that," she quietly said a few moments later. She then pressed her lips tightly together and blinked rather rapidly to keep the tears from falling. Releasing a shuddered breath, she nodded slowly before taking a step toward him. "I am so sorry, Sev," she whispered, gently placing a hand on his arm. He stiffened slightly, but said nothing. "I spoke with your wife last month. We exchanged a few words, but it, well, the words stuck with me. I should have been a better friend to you. I mean, Aurora's right. I knew more than most did, and I just gave up on you."

"If you are trying to—"

"I'm not trying anything right now, Severus," she replied, shaking her head. "Clearly, we've both moved on and maybe that was for the best." She slowly inhaled. "I should have forgiven you, but I didn't. I don't know if it was because of what your wife thinks or if it was because I just couldn't handle the pressure from my Gryffindor friends."

"You asked to see my wife, not me," he pointed out. "So state your message and then return to your husband, Mrs. Potter. I do have other things I must attend to."

"Yes, I'm sure you do, Sev." She then sighed. "Are you happy with her?"

"I don't see what that has to do with anything, Mrs. Potter," he growled, becoming rather annoyed with the witch. How dare she ask that question?

"It likely doesn't have anything to do with, well, anything, but I just wanted to know. I apologize for upsetting you." She then sighed, shaking her head. "No, you know what, fine." She took another step closer to him with a fierce determination in her green eyes. "You're likely going to get mad about me telling you what to do again, but please listen to me." She grabbed both of his hands and held them. "Sev, I want you to forget about me. I want you to live your life with Aurora and to be as happy as you can be with her. Don't dwell on how stupid I was when we were fifteen. Because I realize now how selfish and self-centered I was for not forgiving you. I shouldn't have pushed you away like that. I should have kept at it and ignored all those prejudiced bastards in the common room telling me those lies. I wasn't strong enough for you, Sev, but Aurora is. She has stuck by you through hell and back, I'm sure, and she probably has never pushed you away like me." Tears streaked her cheeks. "I am so sorry, Severus. I am so sorry that I allowed my House loyalty to influence my decision to end our friendship. Mostly, I'm sorry for giving up on you."

Rather stone-faced, he stared at his former best friend as she silently cried. The urge to wrap his arms around her to take away her pain quickly rose up, but he did his best to ignore it. She'd just hurt him again. It was how his life always turned out. This time with Lily wouldn't be any different. And it was just like she said. It was probably for the best that they had ended their friendship before it became anything more.

When hands behind him gently pushed his elbows forward towards Lily, he closed his eyes. He didn't need to turn around to know that Aurora was behind him. He could smell her. Suppressing a sigh, he wrapped his arms around Lily to comfort the crying witch. When Lily started to calm herself, he glanced forward, noticing that Aurora was now standing in front of him and behind Lily. Now it was horribly awkward for him.

"Unless your message is to tell me that you're planning to steal my husband, perhaps you'd like to sit down and have a cup of tea with us, Lily?" Aurora said nothing when the green-eyed witch immediately jumped back from Severus.

"I'm sorry. I didn't—"

"A hug from a friend isn't worth killing a person over, Lily, so no worries. You're safe. Now, you should probably sit, seeing as how you're in the same predicament as I am." Aurora smiled cordially towards the Gryffindor witch before taking a seat on the sofa. She said nothing again as Lily silently joined her. "Now, what message do you have for me?"

"Only that you were right to tell me off the other day," Lily replied. She grabbed the steaming cup of tea after Aurora handed it to her and silently thanked her. "You and the baby are doing well?" The hopefulness in her voice was rather unsettling.

"We are. However, I've been ordered to be on bed rest until the baby is born. As you can see, though, I sometimes follow that. I'm sure your husband is a bit overprotective like mine." Aurora made no mention of Lily not responding. "You have the nursery picked out then?" She smiled politely when she caught the witch's soft smile. "Well, I figure if you can apologize to Severus and he can forgive you, then I can try to get along with you." Lily nodded before both witches carried on with their conversation.

July 1980-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

It seemed a lifetime ago that he had brought Aurora to the Hospital Wing. While he wasn't quite certain why she had wanted to come here of all places to have their child, he wasn't going to argue. She was nearly close to killing him as it was.

Of course, the moment they had arrived in the Hospital Wing, the infuriating Madam Pomfrey had told him to wait outside of the private room. He didn't know why, though. Wasn't a husband's place beside his wife as she gave birth to their child? Wasn't he supposed to be in there holding her hand, getting screamed at for doing that to her, and all that? Why wasn't he allowed then? Was the mediwitch afraid that he'd harm his child?

A hand suddenly rested on Snape's shoulder. He glanced towards the person and bit back some choice words for the elderly wizard. No doubt Dumbledore was the reason he couldn't be in there with his wife. Glancing away, he shrugged off the hand.

"My boy, you must calm yourself. Everything is fine."

"Then why am I not in there?" Snape growled just barely holding back his famous temper.

"Knowing Madam Pomfrey and your wife as I do, I'd imagine that it is to protect you, Severus. If I might say so myself, Aurora does have a bit of a temper on her."

"I can protect myself from my wife."

"Oh, of that I don't doubt, my boy, but it never hurts to be a bit overprotective at times. Does it?" he said with a soft chuckle. His blue eyes twinkled mischievously. When the door in front of them suddenly opened, both Snape and Dumbledore jumped out of the way to avoid the swinging door.

"Severus, you can come in here now," Madam Pomfrey announced briskly before walking back into the room again.

Sighing, Snape walked in, expecting to be greeted with a fussing baby in Aurora's arms. Therefore, he was shocked when he caught the pain in his wife's eyes and her cheeks puffing out in the familiar Lamaze technique. His head snapped towards the mediwitch.

"She hasn't had the baby yet!" he yelled.

"I had thought you'd want to be here for that, Severus," the mediwitch replied, shaking her head. "But if you'd like—"

Snape glared at Pomfrey before stalking towards his wife. He grabbed Aurora's hand and gave her a brief smile. She had a sweat sheen running down her face. She looked positively exhausted. It definitely spoke to her character that she wasn't screaming her head off if one judged by the pain in her face. He silently squeezed her hand and brushed back a few of her stray curls.

"All right, Aurora. On the next contraction, I want you to push, okay?"

"Easy…for…you…to…say," she replied through grit teeth.

"You can do this, Aurora," Pomfrey responded, brushing off Aurora's temper.

When his wife's hand suddenly latched onto his forearm directly atop of his Dark Mark, he nearly yelped. He didn't know how to describe the pain other than it hurt like hell. He felt her nails digging into his flesh. For a brief second, he had the irrational thought that she was going to rip off his Dark Mark. Not that he was really going to complain all that much. He'd get rid of that hideous stain on his arm whichever way he could. However, her nails and the way she was latched on would have made any other man burst into tears. He only gritted his teeth to bear the pain. After all, this was just a step below a half a minute duration of the Cruciatus in terms of rating.

"One more push, Aurora, and it'll be all over," Pomfrey instructed.

When his wife's nails dug in deeper, he released a muffled groan. Occlumency wouldn't help him this time. He would just have to bear the pain like any good husband. He could do this. Really he could do this…without screaming from the bloody goddamn pain. As more blood was drawn and her nails punctured even more of his Dark Mark, their child soon entered the world.

"Here we are," Madam Pomfrey said, wiping the fluids from the babe's face. "She's beautiful, Aurora." She then waved her wand down the little baby and smiled softly. "Well, you're very healthy, aren't you, sweetheart?" Glancing towards Severus, she smiled. "Would you like to hold your daughter, Severus?" She didn't wait for him to respond. She gently handed the child off to her father and smiled. She watched him glance down at the small infant. It didn't take long before his lips curled upwards.

January 1981-Prince Manor

About three in the morning, Snape was startled awake by loud cries from the other side of the room. He quickly threw off the covers and headed to his screaming six-month-old daughter. Usually she'd sleep through the night for him. However, he should have known that on his twenty-first birthday the little girl just wouldn't cooperate. Sighing softly, he picked her up out of her handmade crib and gently rocked her as he typically did. He smiled down at his little angel when she calmed down.

"Good girl," he whispered towards his daughter. He gently brushed back her little blond curls before kissing her forehead. His brows furrowed instantly. She felt unusually warm. "Shh, my Angel," he quietly spoke, pulling out his wand. He slowly passed it over her and sighed when he read the little girl's temperature. "Oh, hush, it'll be okay." He couldn't take her to the nearest hospital because then the Dark Lord would know about his daughter. Sighing, he grabbed his pendant and said, "Home."

The minute they reappeared in Hogwarts' Hospital Wing, he felt the familiar slime against his shoulder. He only grimaced and shook his head. It wasn't her fault that she managed to vomit on him again. Clearly, his little girl was sick. Well, that and he already was aware that Floo, portkey, and apparation didn't agree with his daughter.

"Madam Pomfrey," he quietly spoke, walking into the Matron's office.

"Dear Merlin, Severus, you scared me," she answered, clutching her chest.

"I apologize for startling you, Madam." His daughter then opened her sweet little mouth, only to scream bloody murder again. "HOWEVER, SHE IS ILL!" he shouted over the high-pitched cries.

"CLEARLY," the Matron yelled back before quickly grabbing the babe from his arms. "Hush," she said, rocking the infant to soothe her back to sleep. The screams only increased in pitch. "Dear Merlin, this child has a set of lungs on her. I take it she gets it from your side of the family?"

He only glared at the mediwitch before focusing on his daughter. Watching the floating numbers from her diagnostic closely, he nodded his thanks when his daughter's temperature gradually dropped.

"If her temperature returns, you know where to find me. Try to enjoy your birthday, will you, Severus?" As soon as the floo died down later, she laughed muttering, "Oh, the joys of fatherhood."

May 1980-Prince Manor

Snape sighed as he finished tying his tie. It was ridiculous that he had to wear the stupid thing. Who wore ties anymore? It felt…Muggle to him. However, that was required dress for his universities graduation. Not that anyone except his wife and daughter would see it. Shaking his head, he stared at his reflection. The green and silver tie with a giant S embroidered into it was rather princely in design. Then again, he was wearing the finest clothes made to man. Lucius Malfoy and James Potter both would be choking on their spit if he saw him.

Before leaving the lavatory, he took one more glance at his reflection. He looked on edge, but that could be for various reasons. For example, he was to speak with the Dark Lord about his next orders later that night. He was rather convinced that he already knew the orders, though. The Potions Master position at Hogwarts was widely advertised in the Daily Prophet.

Whirling around, he stalked out of the lavatory. Like smoke, black robes enveloped his body, covering the fine black suit he wore. It was as if he was apparating into the manor. His eyes darkened slightly to an almost midnight look as he held up his left hand. The silver wedding band from the nightstand immediately flew into his hand. Without a word, he slipped it onto his left ring finger. With his dark sinister robes billowing behind him, he prowled towards the foyer. It was show time.

Glancing over the banister towards his waiting guests, he smirked down at them. The poor souls hadn't a clue. His dark eyes trailed down the blond woman's body. There was something about her that drew him in, but he turned away to glance at her companion. Had the man had a white beard and worn outlandish robes, he would have called the man Dumbledore's twin brother. He then snorted. He supposed they seemed adequate from above, but appearances were always deceiving. He had learned that long ago and used it to his advantage at every possible turn nowadays. Obscured by the dark sleeves, his ebony wand slipped into his wand hand as he walked down the staircase to meet his guests.

"Good day to you," Severus drawled. His smirk became just a bit more sinister. "I trust your trip here was uneventful?" His voice was soft and smooth much how a viper hisses softly like a breeze before striking its prey.

"Yes, thank you, Severus," the man replied with a nervous laugh. "Are the girls going to be joining us soon?"

"Perhaps," he answered, brushing past the man. The air quickly chilled behind him with each step. As soon as he had reached his spot, he whirled around wand drawn. Like a giant bat, his robes swirled around him as if to protect him. He caught the man's muffled gasp, which made him chuckle darkly. Everything was in its perfect order now.

"So, you, um, trained to be a Potions Master?"

"Among other things," Severus drawled with a smirk.

"Oh, so what made you want to be a Potions Master?"

"I have a fascination with sharp knives. I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but chopping say a rat's tail is very…satisfying to me. A drop of blood here and you get an Elixir there. You see, we Potions Masters have a bit of a thirst you could say for blood. We're not at all queasy. In fact, I myself have—well, I'm certain you don't need to know the details about that." He chuckled darkly before taking a seat in one of the old chairs. "Forgive me, where are my manners this evening? Do sit down, won't you?" His eyes darkened slightly with hidden amusement. The man looked horribly out of sorts by his behavior, whereas the woman was a bit more mysterious.

"Where is my daughter?" the woman asked, narrowing her blue eyes on him.

"Out back," he replied with a slightly disinterested tone. He stared down at his nails, deciding that were filthy. "Oh, but you needn't worry, Syra. I won't harm her. Unless she begs me to," he replied with a chuckle. "Then I must do as she wishes, husband's obligation you understand."

"Why you insolent—"

"Mother, sit down!" Aurora snapped as soon as she suddenly appeared in the room. Her dark eyes then darted towards her husband who was smiling like the Cheshire cat. "Severus, quit playing mind games with my parents."

"Mind games? What do you mean 'mind games,' Aura? You mean he was playing us all along?"

"It's what he does, Dad. He's determining if you're a risk or not."

"Lovely, my son-in-law is a basket case," the man muttered.

"No, sir, I'm just a very cautious person," Snape quietly spoke, standing up to take his fussy daughter from Aurora. His in-laws seemed to be rather trustworthy, but that didn't mean he could.

"Why? Are you in trouble with the Aurors?" When the man didn't receive an answer, he sighed. "I see." He then glanced towards his daughter before shaking his head. "Well, maybe this might lend some creditability to my character." He silently rolled up his shirt sleeve and bared his arm towards Snape. "You know what this means?" he asked, pointing to the symbol tattooed into his forearm.

"Grindelwald," Snape answered immediately, glancing up at his father-in-law.

"Yeah, so you could say that I can relate." Covering his mark again, he stared at Snape. "That's what all this secrecy is about, isn't it? You have a fancy tattoo like mine in your forearm." When the younger wizard inclined his head, he shrugged. "Well, that doesn't matter to me much, Severus. Hell, it should, seeing as how you're married to my daughter. But then I'd be a hypocrite, wouldn't I? You're not taking any unnecessary risks I take it?"

"On my Wizard's Oath, sir, I will do everything to keep your daughter and granddaughter safe."

"Just like a Slytherin to sidestep the question," he said with a chuckle. "Well, for now, I believe you, Severus. I'm not sure if that will be my undoing or not quite yet, but I believe you." He then grinned widely. "Either way, we can't be having you late to your own graduation, Severus."

"About that, Dad," Aurora spoke nervously. "Some of his…associates might be there."

"However, they are not aware of my relationship to your daughter, Orin."

"You are certain?" asked Syra as she stepped forward.

"Quite," Snape replied. "We use apparation to see one another, and I always check my persons for any signs of a Trace left by them before meeting with your daughter." He watched his mother-in-law and waited for some sign that she believed him. She, however, glanced away a moment later.

"We'll meet you here later, Severus," Aurora said, kissing his cheek. She grabbed their daughter from his arms and apparated them out of the manor. Her parents followed soon after.

"And so it begins," Snape muttered under his breath. With a soft pop, he vanished.

September 1981-Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry

After his last class had left the Potions classroom, Snape dragged himself into his office and flopped down into his chair. For the lack of coming up with anything better to express his current mood, he allowed his head to hit his desk repeatedly. They were idiots. All of the horrid little brats he had to teach were idiots, and they were going to kill him one day for their stupidity.

After the tenth time of banging his head against the mahogany desk, he allowed his forehead to rest against it and closed his eyes. It was his first day of teaching…ever. He hadn't ever wanted to pursue a degree in education. In fact, he only wanted his mastery because he would need it if he was ever to open a little Apothecary shop. But thanks to the goddamn Dark Lord he was now forced to teach the little dunderheads. After all, what better way to spy on Dumbledore than to have one of the Dark Lord's most trusted advisors in the old wizard's midst?

"They couldn't be that bad, Severus," a soft voice spoke somewhere above him.

Lifting up his head, he softly smiled at his wife. She was just what he needed right then. Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. He kissed her softly, not realizing that he was pressing her up against his desk. The kiss soon, however, became full of longing and need.

"Down, boy," she said with a laugh, pulling back a moment later.

He sighed and nodded in response. His wife was right. This wasn't the place for such things. He would just have to wait until later. He then scoffed. She likely had class this evening again.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, a certain bird told me that you might need some cheering up tonight."

"That bird needs to mind his own damn business," he grumbled. "We can't, though. You have class no doubt."

"Oh, I am in class, Severus." When his eyes narrowed on her, she laughed. "Well, it helps sometimes that I'm friends with someone training to be a Potions Master."

"I take it that Roxie has taken your place?" He didn't need her to answer to know that was the case. He could see it in her eyes. He only sighed and shook his head.

"Angel's spending the night with her grandma and grandpa, so we have the entire night to ourselves." Her arms slowly snaked around his neck.

"Unless I'm summoned," he glumly replied.

"Yeah, unless that," she responded with a sigh. "But you and I are going to use this night to our advantage and deal with that if it happens. Now, come on, grumpy. We have somewhere we have to be, and I'd rather not be late." She tugged on his teaching robes with a soft smile. "Come on, Severus. You know you want to," she said in her sing-song voice.

Well, he had to admit that she was right about that. He did want to spend time with his wife. Sighing, he followed her lead and entered the secret entrance to his quarters. He hadn't really finished unpacking yet. However, one wouldn't know that if one judged by the state of the room.

"Where are we going?" he asked as they continued to walk through his quarters. When she didn't respond, he nearly rooted himself to the floor. However, he didn't for some odd reason. A few moments later, when she suddenly stopped and pointed towards the bed, he sighed. Sex wasn't really all that appealing to him truthfully. It's likely why he only said oh at the sight of the bed.

"Undress," she commanded before walking into the lavatory.

He held in his groan until the door closed behind her. Oh, he wasn't complaining about the sex. No man in his right man would complain about the sex. He just didn't feel up to it tonight. Gritting his teeth, he added this feeling as another thing the dunderheads had done to him. Since his students had been little horrors the entire day in each and every one of his classes, he didn't feel like having sex with his wife, his very beautiful and sexy wife. When he heard the door open, he glanced up and sighed.

"I can't," he quietly spoke.

"You can't what?" Her eyes then widened. "Oh, well, that's all right, Severus. I understand that you're exhausted. If you want, I can help." She stopped immediately when he held up a hand.

"No, Aurora. I'm sorry, but I'm just not feeling up to it tonight."

"You're not feeling up to a nice warm bath of vanilla and lavender extracts?" she asked smiling.

"You mean you're not asking me for sex?"

"Severus, I assure you that is the very last thing on my mind right now. You could check if you want." She then leaned down and kissed his cheek. "The only thing I want from you right now is you to undress so you can sit and soak in the nice warm bath that I just drew for you. And later when you come out all pruned up, we can enjoy a nice meal on the couch in front of the fireplace before snuggling up to one another watching the flames."

"Then what will we do?"

"Well, once we start to feel rather relaxed and content, then I was thinking we could go to bed and sleep in each other's arms."

"That sounds perfect," he replied with a content sigh.

"I thought you might say that. Now, get undressed."

"Are you joining me?"

"Not this time, but if you'd like I could remain with you," she quietly responded.

Yet again, he felt the urge to decline out of the irrational fear that she'd be disgusted by his nude body. He knew she wouldn't, but that stupid thought always popped up. He could still hear Potter's taunts of how greasy he was, how he'd just slide out of a woman during sex, how disgusting he was, and it went on and on. However, those were lies perpetrated by a sick bastard.

"Severus," she softly said, "must we continue down this path again?"

He sighed and shook his head. One would think he'd grow out of this stupidity. She was his wife for Merlin's sake. If she were disgusted with him, she wouldn't have married him or let him get anywhere with her. Why couldn't he just forget the past and focus on his future with his family?

"Because that's not who you are, Severus." Aurora then sighed. "There are some things in my past that I'd love to forget too but can't. Taking it one day at a time helps. So one day you and I are going to be able to focus on our family. But for right now, we'll take it one day at a time." She lightly pressed a kiss against his cheek with a smile. "I love you, Severus. I always have, and I always will. There isn't a part of you that I'd change. Do you know why?" When he shook his head, she answered, "Because you wouldn't be you then. Now, let's get you all ready for that bath so we can sleep later."

October 1981-Riddle Manor

Apparating directly into the ancient manor, Snape calmly strode towards the raised platform in front of him. His black robes billowed silently behind him as he approached the Dark Lord, who currently drummed out a continual staccato with his fingers against the unforgiving cold black metal of the chair's arm. Neither of the wizards said anything to one another for quite some time. There was nothing left to say. It was time. Snape just hoped it was the right time for all.

"My son, you've finally arrived. I was beginning to think you had lost your way." The Dark Lord then chuckled darkly, which followed suit with the man's eyes. "Tell me, my dearest Severus. Are you prepared to stand beside me this evening?" drawled the dark wizard as he quickly stood. His eyes remained on Snape in an eerie sort of way.

"I am prepared to do whatever my Lord wishes of me," Snape responded, feeling just a bit deader inside. He had dropped to his knees instantly and hung his head respectfully. When he felt the Dark Lord's finger trail down the side of his face a few moments later, he quickly strengthened his Occlumency shields. This could go badly in a variety of different ways.

"Now, Severus, you know the rules." The Dark Lord's bony finger tipped Snape's head upwards. "You need not lower yourself anymore. You are my heir now, my son. Remember?" His dark eyes sparkled with hidden amusement as he stared down at Snape, much as a father would to a child. "We purged all that Muggle monstrosities from your blood so you would be like us, pure in the finest sense. Do recall this, Severus?"

"Yes, my Lord, and I thank you," Snape replied, just barely keeping the quiver from his voice. He had lost so much of himself to achieve his goal of being a pureblood. He had committed terrible crimes, unspeakable things, as a Death Eater. However, it was promised to him that once this was over he could live his life the way he saw fit. That was the only thing forcing him to remain there, kneeling on the floor like a beggar.

"None are necessary, Severus. You have done a great many deeds for our family, and soon it shall pay off. You need not worry any longer. That Mudblood shall be yours again."

Snape's stomach lurched at the implication. He didn't want Lily like that. To be friends was a maybe. However, she had chosen whom she wished to spend the rest of her life with, and it wasn't him. He wasn't going to fight for her. He had tried that before and lost horrendously. He would respect her decision. She had once shown him kindness when others turned their backs. He would return the favor this time, while others turned their backs unknowingly from her.

"It is time, my son. It is time that you take your rightful place beside me." Forcing the younger wizard to stand, Voldemort smirked with pure evil behind his eyes. "The old fool never allowed you to return the favor to the one who tortured you mercilessly for years. He gave you lemon drops and sent you on your way." Clapping Snape on the back, he chuckled mirthfully. "Tonight, my son, you shall have your vengeance without so much a peep from us. You have deserved it, my son." He then slowly drew out his wand. "James Potter shall die by your wand. It is your right, Severus."

Snape inclined his head slowly. While he would freely admit that he'd have gladly killed James Potter and the rest of the Marauders years ago, things had changed. He had a family now. He was trying to get his life back on track, not sideswipe an entire village. Could he even do it if the time came? If he were honest, the answer would be no. He wouldn't be able to murder the fucking bastard who made his life hell when they were students. The man was like him now, a father.

Berating himself internally, Snape thought how weak he had become. He had tortured his own flesh and blood father until the man finally gave up fighting. If murdering his father wasn't enough, he later celebrated Tobias's death by forcing himself on a young underage witch. While in the Dark Lord's service, he had murdered over two hundred witches and wizards without a thought given to his victims. And if that wasn't bad enough, he used five different witches to prove his loyalties to the Dark Lord, making the women suffer the most heinous of all crimes. Drawing in a controlled breath, he realized the startling fact. He couldn't murder the son of a bitch who humiliated him on a daily basis, not to mention stole Lily from him. He just couldn't kill Potter, not when the man was now a father and Lily's chosen husband. He wouldn't hurt Lily like that, and he wouldn't take her son's father from them. However, he wasn't any idiot, though. He knew he couldn't refuse. Otherwise, he would be the one dead.

"On this very night, we shall become invincible. Held up in his office this very minute, the old coot does not even know how he was betrayed from the inside." Voldemort then chuckled darkly. "We shall slaughter Godric's Hollow. Leave the Mudblood to Severus. She is his. Anyone who attempts to harm her shall find his blood painted upon the ground with his family next. Is that understood?"

"Yes, my Lord," the chorus of loyal Death Eaters replied.

"Then let us depart from this manor. We have numerous things to finish tonight."

With that, Voldemort disappeared from Riddle Manor apparating to Godric's Hollow. His followers soon did the same. Once the thirty some black clad dark wizards appeared in the quiet little area, they quickly spread out in numerous directions as per their master's instructions. Tonight, the worst of the worst would occur. And the unfortunate souls of Godric's Hollow didn't even have a clue.

Standing now beside the Dark Lord, Severus hung back and watched the others dart into houses, murdering, torturing, doing anything and everything dark to the unsuspecting residents. He did his best to block out the terrible screams of sheer panic that stabbed the cold air from inside the nearby houses. Sticking his hand into his robe pocket, he rubbed the silver wedding band he had pocketed prior to his arrival at Riddle Manor, sending a quick message. He just hoped she received it in time.

"Let's go, my son," Voldemort drawled. "You have a Mudblood to retrieve."

Snape's stomach dropped as they stalked towards the two-story house. Where was she? Why wasn't she replying? He rubbed the band once more, hoping he'd receive an answer. He received nothing, though, absolutely nothing, as he walked into the Potter's home. Just barely, he held back his smile when he noticed that there was no noise anywhere in the house. Maybe she had received his message. After all, that arrogant Potter would have likely been at the front door had that not been the case. Glancing at the Dark Lord, he noticed the suspicion in the wizard's face.

When he caught the brief shadow under the door, he bit back a snarl. An Alohomora later, he watched Voldemort slowly turn the knob. Voldemort held a hand out, ordering him to remain behind. Closing his eyes for a second, Snape silently said a prayer; even though, he wasn't a religious man. Opening his eyes again, he held his wand in his hand and waited to see what horror was behind the door.

Sure enough, there was James Potter, holding his wand pitifully in his hand. The man may have been a great Auror, but he was an idiot when it came to common sense. Dozens of spells, light and dark, then shot out the two wizards' wands towards one another. Why the idiot hadn't taken his family and apparated out of the stupid place was beyond all comprehension. Did the man truly think he could defeat the Dark Lord in a duel in the middle of the nursery with his family looking on?

"Surrender the boy, Potter, and I'll let you live," hissed Voldemort.

"I'd rather die!"

"That can easily be arranged," growled Voldemort, sending another volley of Killing curses towards the wizard. However, the curses missed as Potter quickly reacted and darted back and forth out of the way of the tainted dark magic. Rattling the windows with such ferocity, each curse slammed into the wall, resulting in Lily releasing a terrified scream of her husband's name.

Snape wanted to say something. He wanted to do something, but he couldn't for some stupid reason. He was rooted to the floor unable to move. It was as if someone had casted a Freeze charm on him. He tried to fight against whatever held him there, but it was useless. He didn't budge.

"You will not kill my son!" Potter roared back, glaring daggers at the Dark Lord.

"And what say you, Mudblood? Do you agree with your husband?"

"Yes," Lily replied shakily, clutching her child desperately against her chest.

"I shall allow you to live, Mudblood, if you give me your child. I am merciful to those who are deemed acceptable in my eyes."

"Deemed acceptable?" both Lily and Potter barked with puzzled looks.

"Ah, yes, forgive me." Voldemort chuckled darkly before waving his hand towards Snape's face.

"Sev!" cried Lily with wide green eyes as her former best friend's white mask disappeared.

"You'll have to forgive him, though. I didn't want him to interrupt us."

"What have you done to him?"

"What is necessary," Voldemort sneered. "Now give me the child, and I'll allow you to live."

"Over my dead body, you son of a bitch!" snapped Potter.

"I shall do that then, Potter. And you, Mudblood, what say you?" Voldemort's eyes glistened in amusement as he narrowed his eyes on the redheaded witch. "Severus asked me to spare your life. Are you aware?" When she didn't respond, he chuckled darkly. "You see, silly girl, he loves you. Now, isn't there a part of you that wishes you were with Severus here instead of Potter?" Again, she remained silent. "If you hand over your child, I assure you that you will live a life of luxury, one where you need not hide anymore and whatever children you bear shall be treated royally."

Lily's green eyes darted towards Snape. She stared at him sadly before glancing down at her child. No mother should ever be asked such a horrific thing. She loved James. She loved her little Harry. But there was a part of her that did love Severus. And she knew both James and Severus knew it.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. Green met obsidian. "I can't." Tears streamed down her cheeks. Holding her son a bit closer, she whispered in his ear before kissing him. "You won't kill my son."

"Then you leave me no choice," Voldemort snarled. He sent another volley of dark curses at Potter, causing the man to rely on his Quidditch skills to avoid the green jets of light. "Avada Kedavra!" the Dark Lord snarled, suddenly aiming his spell far from Potter.

"NO!" yelled Snape and Potter. The men were too late, though. They watched in disbelief as the green-eyed redhead collapsed lifelessly onto the floor, still clutching her son protectively to her chest.

"You bas—"

One more green jet of light headed for Potter, hitting him this time. As if sleeping, the family now lay on the floor side by side. However, little Harry glanced at Snape with big bright green eyes.

"I apologize, but there'll be other witches, ones who are worthier of your affections." Voldemort then glanced at Potter. "I see, however, you killed the man who stole your Mudblood. Well, I suppose I should state my Imperious helped, but no matter. Let us finish this and return to the manor victoriously." Aiming his wand of death at little Harry, he smiled saying, "Avada Kedavra."

As Snape helplessly watched under the Imperious, the strangest thing occurred. A light encased the child. A wave of magic then struck Snape, sending him backwards. His head slammed hard against the wall, causing him to lose consciousness briefly.

December 1981-Azkaban

There had been no trial for Snape. There had been nothing actually. The Aurors had found him lying in the corridor unconscious outside of the room where Lily and James Potter lay dead. Without a question asked, they whisked him away to the Minister of Magic. After discovering the Dark Mark on Snape's left forearm, the Minister of Magic quickly and quietly signed off on the Azkaban sentence.

Snape had been in the high security Wizarding prison for a month and a half now. Throughout this time, he had no visitors, but he didn't want any either. He didn't know why anymore, but he felt like it was best for all if he just remained in this little cell far from others so he couldn't hurt them. After all, he deserved this, didn't he?

Shivering just barely as a Dementor approached, Snape slowly turned his head towards the shut steel door. As it opened, more of the cold seeped into his bones, but it wasn't that noticeable to him anymore. In fact, he didn't really feel much of anything these days. Thanks to the magic inhibitor drug in his system, he couldn't rely on his magic or Occlumency barriers to save him from the memories. Releasing a soft moan, he closed his eyes to look away from the shadow approaching him. No doubt it was time for another dose of the inhibitor that stripped just a bit more of his magic from him.

"Shh, oh, shh, my boy, my dear boy, shh, it's all right," a kind voice he couldn't distinguish spoke somewhere near him. The person then gently helped Snape to his feet. "It's time, my dear sweet Severus. It's time to go home."

Weakened horribly by the Dementors, Snape choked back sob. Home, where was that? Did he even have a home anymore? Would there be anyone waiting for him? Or would the manor be as empty as ever. If that was the case, perhaps he should allow the Dementor to finish him. As the Dementor retreated, he felt his senses return. He could feel himself shaking horribly. Then again, the Dementors had always affected him differently than others. Most people just experienced the dread of never being happy again. However, for him who always thought that he'd never be happy again, he experienced numerous horrific memories of his childhood and events that occurred while in the Dark Lord's service. It was basically one nightmare after another in his mind, and he couldn't do a thing about it.

"His magic…stripped…won't return," the garbled voice spoke.

The hand on Snape's shoulder tensed slightly, but there was no response. Glancing up, he tried to focus on the blurry face. Who was rescuing him? He couldn't figure it out, though. The face was still too hazy for him. Releasing a shaky breath, he glanced to the floor. Perhaps the Minister decided now that he deserved the Dementor's kiss for his crimes. Well, he certainly didn't blame the Minister.


"Yes," the voice answered. "Perhaps…best, though," garbled the person again.

Without warning, Snape felt something prick the back of his neck. He released a low groan, unable to hold it back. The pain, however, quickly retreated, leaving behind drowsiness. He tried to fight against the sleepiness, but it was useless. His eyes closed before he slumped against his liberator fast asleep. He had been drugged yet again.


Regaining consciousness about an hour later, he found himself awakening in the master bedroom of Prince Manor. His head certainly was less fuzzy. However, he knew he wasn't anywhere close to being back to normal fully. He glanced around the room and sighed. No one was around it seemed. Closing his eyes, he shook his head. Wasn't this what he wanted, to be alone? Then why did it hurt so badly in his chest? A noise downstairs, however, gained his attention immediately.

Throwing the covers off, he quickly jumped up out of bed and briskly walked towards the noise. His heart thumped rapidly against his ribcage, and his lips desperately wanted to curl upwards in hopes that he wasn't alone. That his family was waiting for him downstairs. Bursting into the drawing room, he forced himself to release the breath he had been holding.

"Dada, look Dada," shouted excitedly the little curly blond haired girl sitting underneath the Christmas tree. His daughter's brown eyes were big and full of happiness.

"Yes, love, it's your daddy," his wife said with a laugh. She sat on the couch with a familiar messy black-haired, green-eyed boy on her lap. "Look, Harry. Do you know who that is?" When the little boy shook his head, she softly said, "That's the man who tried to save your mommy and daddy."

May 1982-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Thanks to Dumbledore, Snape's brief stint in Azkaban was kept hushed among the staff. The official story was that he had taken family leave to care for his two children, Angel and Hadius, while his wife finished up her mastery. The majority of the staff, however, knew that was a lie, but dared not to speak against the Headmaster. After all, if they couldn't trust Dumbledore who had defeated Gellert Grindelwald, the darkest wizard before Voldemort, then who could they trust?

"Ah, there you are, my boy," Dumbledore cheerfully said as he took his seat at the High Table in the Great Hall, clapping Snape on the back. "I take it that your in-laws are watching young Hadius and Angel this morning?"

"They are," Snape replied politely before sipping his coffee. He grimaced immediately when he noticed how stale and cold it had become. The damn elves still had it out for him.

"Shame, I did wish to visit with them this morning and inform them of the good news."

What was the old man talking about? Snape glanced at the older wizard and caught the twinkling blue eyes on him. Oh no. The old man was scheming something. Dumbledore's latest scheme couldn't have anything to do with Hadius, formerly Harry Potter, because the blood adoption papers had secretly been signed for months now. After all, according to the entire Wizarding public, Harry Potter had died that night with his parents and Voldemort. The twinkle couldn't be about his petition to change his last name to Prince, however, either though. So what could it be? He then sighed and decided to ask.

"Albus, what are you referring to?"

"Forgive me, my boy, but my lips are sealed," Dumbledore replied with a smirk. "Now, I take it that your lovely wife shall be arriving here later this morning before you both go to her ceremony?"

"That is the plan, yes," Snape answered, narrowing his eyes on the older wizard. What was the old man going on about this time?

"Ah, well, I'd appreciate it if you and your wife stopped into my office prior to you leaving."


"You shall see, my boy, you shall see."


Walking beside his wife, he glared at the students they passed on their way to the Headmaster's office. He didn't understand why the little idiots couldn't get it through their heads that it was rude to stare. So, after taking a ludicrous amount of points from every House but Slytherin, he hoped the dunderheads learned that lesson. Granted, if he were a student, he too would have stared at his wife.

Aurora was dressed rather provocatively again. She wore a black halter top with a star shaped cutout that displayed her cleavage rather nicely, a black skirt with slits that stopped just below her waist, and black knee-high boots that clicked against the stone floor. She had swept her long dark curls into a bun with loose curls cascading around it to frame her ashen face. Had she not been his wife, he would have kindly informed her that she dressed like a prostitute.

Opening the door for her, he slyly smiled when she brushed past him. His dark eyes glanced down, and he quietly chuckled. He wouldn't mind taking her down to the dungeons after this meeting. Shaking his head, he quickly morphed his features back into neutral. It wouldn't be good for him to walk into Dumbledore's office grinning like an idiot thinking of the things he'd like to be doing to his wife.

"Ah, thank you, Severus." Dumbledore then motioned towards the chairs in front of his desk. "Please do sit down." Once the couple had taken their seats, he smiled and steepled his fingers together. "Now, let us get down to business. Professor Evenstar has recently learned that his illness has taken a turn for the worse I'm afraid. So it seems that I'm in need of an Astronomy professor next term."

Snape glanced towards his wife and saw the badly hidden glee in her eyes. He should have known the old coot would offer her that job. It did make sense after all. Staring at his wife and waiting for her to leap up and throw her arms around Dumbledore, he noticed the little quirks she had. Her fingers tapped against her thigh as she stared straight ahead, failing to control her emotions.

"Am I correct in my assumption that this meeting is a proposition then, Headmaster?"

Snape nearly laughed when he heard his wife's briskness. He thought about telling her to be herself, but decided against it when he saw that Albus looked on the verge of crying while laughing. Sighing, Snape smiled. His wife would join him. Perhaps this teaching wouldn't be so bad after all.

September 1982-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Waking up, he found the clump of thick black hair lying on top of his bare chest. Today would be his wife's first day of teaching. Well, he hoped it was better than his first day. However, if it wasn't, he knew exactly what to do. He ran a hand up and down her arm, chuckling when she swatted at his hand. She looked absolutely beautiful in his bed—their bed.

"Severus, if you keep staring at me like that, we're going to have an issue."

"Now, just how would that be an issue, my little stargazer?" When he felt a hand suddenly rest against his thigh dangerously close to his 'wand,' he pressed his lips tightly together. "Oh," he said, clearing his throat. Yep, his 'wand' was already stirring, but it was her fault in all actuality. If she had just kept her hands to herself, he wouldn't be standing at attention down below.

"Oh indeed," she said with a forced laugh. "Though, I will admit that I don't necessarily have an issue with you or your wand. In fact, wands are very, very good if used properly."

"I wonder if a cleansing spell would clean your mind."

"You're more than welcome to try. I do love it when your magic surrounds me."

Groaning loudly, Snape carefully extracted himself from his wife and stalked into the lavatory. A shower certainly sounded rather good about now. Sometimes he wasn't certain who he married, a proper pureblood witch or a foul-mouthed Muggle. He then snorted. She was likely a foul-mouthed Muggle. She certainly was rather obscene and vulgar at times like one.

As the water fell on him, Snape hung his head and breathed in the steam. He wasn't going to think how he hadn't walked in with any clothes, clean or otherwise. He wasn't going to think about how he'd have to walk back into their bedroom naked then. He wouldn't think about any of that. He'd just focus on his shower, washing his hair and body. Well, all the good that did, he thought glumly as the shower curtain snapped open.

"Are you trying to run away from me, Severus Tobias Prince?"

"No," he replied moodily.

"Good," she said with a laugh, stepping into the shower.

"I have class shortly." He went to leave, but was stopped when he felt a hand against his chest. "Aurora, please," he said with a sigh.

"You are too trying to run away from me."

"No I'm not. I'm just trying to focus on other things." He then sighed. "Aurora, I love you. I truly do, but I need—" When a hand suddenly wrapped around his slightly erect member, his eyes widened and darted to his wife. He caught her sly smile as she held him. He was at a loss for words.

"Well, it'd seem to me you're in need of a little tension reliever, judging by how hard you are."

"This could be construed as sexual harassment."

"It could also be considered a wife's duty," she argued.

"Must everything be about sex with you?"

"When it's you that I'd have sex with, I'm likely going to go in that direction of the mind. I'm rather certain that most witches would agree with me on that. You do seem to bring out the naughtiness in us." She then went up on her tiptoes and lightly pressed a kiss against his lips.

"You're insane."

"You knew that when you married me, Severus." Her hand then released him as she took a step back. "Oh, I see what this is. You're concerned about my being here because I don't dress necessarily how a professor should dress." Her smirk widened slowly. "You think that some student might get into his little head that he can try weasel his way into my bed."


"Yes," she argued. "Severus, the only wizard I will ever allow to touch me or to know me intimately is you. You have nothing to concern yourself over. I won't fall for some smooth talking student no matter whom the hell he thinks he is. Because for one if that wasn't utterly repulsive to me, then there would be the fact that you are the only man I have ever known that can satisfy me. So why should I ever leave you for someone who is just adequate when I'm married to Mr. Perfect?" She kissed him again when he snorted. "And admit it. You like it when a witch grabs you by your wand, Severus, as long as it's the right witch and the right wand. I'll leave you to your shower then."

Snape watched his wife open the shower curtain, but shook his head and wrapped his arms around her slender waist to pull her back against him. He didn't want her to go truthfully. And if he were honest, he'd know that he had nothing to worry about. Aurora loved him, and that was all there was to it. She loved him, and she'd always remain with him until he finally rid himself of her.

"Could you perhaps be a bit less…vulgar?"

"Severus, did you hear me at all last night informing the staff how many times we've had sex in these quarters since I was hired?"

He suddenly felt very prickly underneath the collar, but he only shook his head. She was rather proper when it was deemed necessary to her. Away from their coworkers and somewhat alone in their quarters except for their sleeping children wasn't one of those necessary times to be proper.

Okay so he'd freely admit that he did enjoy it every now and then when she had her spouts of vulgarity that shocked the hell out of him. She kept him guessing, and that was good in his mind. However, sometimes, she went a bit too far. And that concerned him somewhat because she seemed more adventurous than he was. And everyone knew that adventurous almost always ended up as trouble.

"No, you didn't say anything like that to our coworkers." He then sighed. Why was he making such a big deal about this? Some men liked it when their wives talked dirty to them. And it wasn't as if she talked like that in front of others. Though, she did seem to flaunt her sexuality so Merlin only knew what her students would think about her, preferably her male ones.

"All right, Severus. I'll be your proper Slytherin wife." She kissed his lips one last time and smiled up at him. "Would that be better for you?"

He wanted to be like some foolish first-year boy and pout. No. It wouldn't be better for him. He wanted her to be herself, not someone he wanted her to be. She had freewill just as he did. Meaning if he didn't like something, he'd either tell her or leave. He then scoffed. He was jealous. That was the only plausible reason he'd make such a big deal out of this. He was jealous of how the others looked at her. Well, he was jealous and a bit possessive. Releasing his hold on her, he sighed. He'd have to get over this jealousy and possessiveness. He could do it. It'd be easy. He was the Head of Slytherin after all.


Later that night, he sat in his chair, waiting for his wife to return. At the sound of little feet padding across the floor, he glanced towards the sounds. He should have known his little troublemakers would still be up after putting them to bed. He glanced at the two smiling toddlers and shook his head.

"What are you two doing?" he asked, folding his arms at the two approaching children.

"Waiting for Mommy," answered his daughter without batting an eye. She was missing her two front teeth so she whistled somewhat as she spoke.

"You don't trust me to put her to bed?" As soon as he had asked that question, he felt like groaning. He should have known better than to ask an intuitive toddler a question like that. It only led to a dangerous road that no one wanted to go down.

"Course we trust you, Daddy. It's just we know how you put Mommy to bed, and it looks like it hurts Mommy sometimes," responded his green-eyed son.

Yes, he definitely shouldn't have asked that question in hindsight. Sighing, he held his arms out and picked up his two children. Settling each child on either side of him, he glanced towards the lit fireplace. Hopefully, Aurora showed up soon. Otherwise, she'd find her husband and children asleep in his chair near the fireplace. When the floo roared with life a few moments later, he sighed contently.

"Now what's this?"

"Our children have decided to wait up for their mother."

"Well, isn't that adorable?" Aurora then laughed. "How about we all go to bed? What do you say, Angel and Hadius? Do you want to sleep in the big bed with Mommy and Daddy?"

Biting back another sigh, Snape stood up with his children in arms and carried them towards the master bedroom. There went his relaxing slumber tonight. Then again, Albus had given him the day off tomorrow. Maybe then he could sleep well. Once Angel and Hadius had buried themselves deep within the flurry of blankets, he and Aurora slowly slid into their bed on their opposite sides. The toddlers squirmed in-between them giggling madly at some shared joke. Snape only glanced at his wife and softly smiled. This was paradise, their paradise.

A/N: All right, well, this is the end of this story. I obviously could continue it, and I might someday, but I think I'm content with this ending for now. Thank you so much for reading this story, and hopefully you've enjoyed it. :D I'd love to hear your thoughts.