-Adult situations! You have been warned. :)

Severus was almost embarrassed by how much effort he put into supper on Christmas Eve. Hermione had kept trying to help and he had finally told her to make herself content with mashed potatoes. Luckily that was all it had taken and then he was free to cook with only brief interruptions of praise and kisses on the side of his neck. Welcome distractions. She also informed him that she would be making dessert.

The past few days had been torture on him and it had taken him more than an unusual amount of strength not to kill Hermione for the nightly injuries that she caused him. She was determined that he was exaggerating. The bruises weren't enough, apparently. He grimaced as he searched for the wine glasses.

"What time do you usually wake up on Christmas?" Hermione asked before shoving a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

"Whenever I happen to wake up," he said, suddenly not liking where the conversation was headed. "The only presents I usually get are from you, Albus, and my parents. I'm almost assuming that I won't be getting anything from my parents at this point."

Hermione made a sound of frustration and held the spoon to him. "That is absolutely no fun."

"What? Not getting any presents or just waking up whenever?"

"Both, I suppose," she answered. From the tone of her voice he could tell she was thinking something. "Well, I plan on having us wake up ridiculously early."


"Because it's Christmas! We can build a snowman or something."

"A…snowman. Hermione, do I really seem like the type that builds snowmen?"

He knew he didn't. Unfortunately, he also knew that if Hermione wanted to build a snowman, he would build one with her. Just as he was making dinner for her and having Potter over for her and putting up with her violent sleeping patterns. The fact that he was smiling made him want to hurt someone. It obviously wasn't normal.


Severus turned to look at her. A drop of ice cream had appeared on her chest. He held her hand still on its journey to wipe off the cold treat. Instead, Severus looked at her before ducking his head and licking the chocolate from her, gently nipping her skin before pulling away. He loved having her around.

"Can I give you one of your presents tonight?" She asked. Severus froze and managed to hang onto the spoon he was holding. He did not think he could handle dropping something else.

"Of course," he said after he regained his composure. "As long as you're sure that's what you want."

"I'm sure," she said. "I'll give it to you when we eat."

Severus managed to hold in his swearing. He had been sending a mental prayer to every deity he could remember, praying that he would see her naked. It was doubtful that he would receive that at dinner. Trying not to be too disappointed, Severus went back to cooking.

"I have to go and owl presents," she said. "Do you have anything that you need sent to Hogwarts?"

"I gave Albus his present before we left," he answered. "Thank you."

He didn't turn around. The look on her face was undoubtedly sad and he didn't want to have to deal with that. Christmas had just never been his holiday and he was fine with that until this year. However, he did not feel the need to include everyone in his sudden cheer. Hermione was enough. Add Potter and Draco and he was far more active in the Christmas spirit than he had been in years past.

An hour later dinner was ready and Hermione still hadn't shown back up. He was unsure how long it took to mail a few packages.

"Hermione!" He shouted up the stairs when he didn't find her in the living room. "Hermione!"

"I'll be down in a second!"

"Supper is ready!"

"Great! I'll be down in a second!"

Severus growled. He'd cooked all day and she couldn't even be bothered to come when it was done. All he could think was that his present had better be good. Otherwise, she would be denied dessert rights and would not be getting her present from him. Dinner could be her present. Him not letting her starve would be her present. It was at that point his brain shut off. Hermione walked in and everything went blank. He felt himself fall into a chair but couldn't actually remember telling himself to. After a moment he felt Hermione's hands on his shoulders and he zoned back in.

"Severus? Are you alright?"

He was pretty sure he had actually blacked out. Hermione stood before him in a Santa hat, a deep red bra with white fur lining the top of the cups, and a skirt that was really too short to be considered a skirt with its bottom lined in white fur. His eyes slid down her legs and landed on the red stilettos. He ignored the underlying cliché and struggled to regain control.

"I'm just so happy," he said, his voice husky. His idiot mouth. That was not what he wanted to say.

"I heard something about food?"

Severus nodded and went to stand up, only to find that his legs wouldn't work. It took another couple of tries, which he hoped weren't too obvious, before he managed to pull himself up and serve the food. It wasn't until he was on his way back to the table with the bread that he actually looked over at Hermione and once again found himself doing a wonderful imitation of a statue. He learned that she was not wearing anything under her nonexistent skirt and the unladylike position she was in gave him a view unobstructed by anything. The idea of bringing food to the table was gone and all that was going through his mind was how to get himself just as naked as quickly as possible.


Shaking his head, he managed to regain power of himself and went to complete his task which suddenly seemed ten times harder. Especially when he realized the bread was no longer in his hands but floating a few inches lower. Hermione was smirking with her want out, keeping the bread from hitting the floor. He wished he knew how that had happened. It was all her fault. Everything had been fine. Why had he been upset with her? A light haze had settled in his head.


As soon as his voice came out in a squeak, he hit his head against the table. It was useless. He was a failure to Slytherin, wizards, and men everywhere. Although, given his position he was unsure if anyone would have done better.

"Do you like your present?"

"Yes, thank you for giving me the gift of torture," he said. "It has been awhile."

He felt better having accomplished a complete sentence and managed to serve Hermione without spilling anything. The smile on her face was still smug, however, and he knew he had to do something to take control back over the situation. His brain had recovered and scheming took over. Something had to change. He refused to act like a third year that had never seen a naked woman before. It had been awhile, but not long enough that he should be rendered incapable of intelligent thought.

Hermione seemed to know something was up by his silence and she started talking in order to distract him. Unfortunately, every time she moved the bra pushed her breasts together and he had to take a thirty second break from eating and thinking. If she kept interrupting his planning, he could only see everything going further and further downhill. Although, what did downhill really mean? It seemed to mean ending up in his bed, with little or no clothes, and the possibility of taking his relationship with Hermione a step further. A step in the direction he planned on keeping her in. Damn her breasts.

He threw back the rest of his wine and waited until Hermione was done eating. It took her longer than he thought it probably should have. Stall tactics but they were just allowing him to formulate plans. If things were going to progress, he was going to have control and that thought caused a smirk to spread over his face.

Clearing the dishes away, Severus pondered how best to implement his plan. He charmed the rest of the table to clear and pulled out the ice cream, sticking a spoon in before he placed it on the table. Then he went back to the refrigerator to pull out the mousse cake that Hermione had made. A dark chocolate bottom, milk chocolate center, and a vanilla top layer. Placed around the edges were whole strawberries and globs of more mousse.

He placed it next to the ice cream and turned to Hermione. "I really like my present," he told her and then leaned in to kiss her. Severus reminded himself to stay focused when she made a small noise in the back of her throat. Running his hands up her arms, he forced them into the air and held them there. He took one hand and ran it down the side of her face, between her breasts and placed it flat against her stomach.

Joy ran through him at her heavy breathing. Distracting her was proving to be easier than he thought as he took the hand from her stomach and reached for the spoon he had put in the ice cream. Making his kiss a fraction more forceful, he placed a knee between her legs and spread them to the sides of the chair. Her moans only encouraged him and without a pause he pressed the freezing metal of the spoon against her exposed pussy.

The shrieking, head tossing, and hip thrusting made him pull away from her.

"Severus, wha-."

She cut herself off as he rolled the spoon back and forth. It was then that she realized he had pulled both of his hands away and her hands were suspended in the air. As she moved her legs, she also realized that they were being held in place. He pulled the spoon away and ate a bite of ice cream with it. It was her turn to be breathless.

"Severus, what are you doing?"

"Eating ice cream, my dear. In a moment though, I think I'll move on to your dessert."

He saw her eyes cloud over with wonder and her eyes darted down between her legs. Instead, though, he pulled a strawberry off of the mousse. She already looked tousled and he loved the fact that he had barely touched her.

"You're going to have to lose this bra," he whispered and vanished it. He dragged the strawberry across her now bare nipples and down her stomach. She hissed in expectation and he wondered if she was sensitive enough to feel the seeds between her folds. As he bit into the fruit the tension left her body and he watched as she fell further into the chair.


"I had to sit through dinner wondering how wet you were and where the night would end. I simply had to take matters into my own hands. My own spoon."


"You don't object?"

"No! Severus, please."

"Please, what?"

"Take me upstairs!"

He smirked down at her. "While it was originally my plan to do exactly that, I don't think that I can pass up having you in this position. You look absolutely delicious."

As he said this, Severus knelt in front of her and balanced the mousse on the chair between her legs. She quickly moved as far back as she could but he made sure to press the side of the dish against her. Finding his spoon he sampled the dessert and then offered her some, as well. He could sense her frustration mounting as he fed her from between her own legs.

"Severus, no more, I want you," she whispered. He growled at her statement and moved the dessert.

"Patience, love. I'm not through with dessert."

There was confusion in her face as her eyes flicked to the mousse. Another shriek was ripped from her throat as he buried his face between her legs, nose grinding against her engorged clit as he tongue lapped at her dripping pussy. Her moans only made him more enthusiastic and he held her hips to keep her from breaking his nose. It did not take much longer before she began to shake and then he could taste her release.

"Severus," she whispered. "No more torture. Poor Gryffindor. You said yourself we don't hold up well."
He released her and she collapsed into his arms. There was no plan on his part to take her upstairs yet. Instead he placed her on the edge of the table and watched as she fell backwards onto it. His clothes joined her bra and he gently pushed two fingers inside of her.

"Yes! Severus, just take me!"

He smiled at her enthusiasm and pulled her to the edge of table, angling her hips so that he could thrust into her. As soon as he did so, she was screaming her name and trying to grab hold of something. Afraid that she was going to rip her fingernails out, he grabbed her hands, soon realizing that it allowed him better leverage, which was worth the broken fingers he would undoubtedly have.

Pausing, he pushed her back on the table and climbed on top of her. She looked directly up at him and he found himself smiling down at her disheveled look and satisfied smile before slamming back into her. Her eyes closed as her head tilted back and he leaned down to press kisses against her neck.

It had taken them another hour to get up to the bed and by that point his masculine ego was satisfied by the fact that Hermione could no longer form anything remotely similar to words and he had managed to make her come twice in the kitchen, once in the living room, and a surprising two times on the stairs. At that point she had cried mercy again, her oversensitive body unable to take more. He had been quite impressed with his own stamina.

"I do love you, Severus," she whispered, as he laid her on the bed. "Tonight wasn't quite what I was thinking."

"Are you disappointed?" He asked and smirked at her laugh.

"I love you."

Severus leaned over to kiss her forehead and pulled her into his arms. The night had not gone the way he had planned either, but he was most certainly pleased and ever so grateful for his present.

He was awaken, not by any violent outbursts from the woman in bed with him, but by the sun. Smirking at the fact he had found what kept Hermione calm during the night, he looked down at her. Her mouth was open and hair was everywhere. A glance at the clock told him that it was almost noon and he guessed it was the latest she had ever slept in on Christmas.

Kissing her cheek, he gently rubbed her side. As her eyes fluttered open, she looked confused until she saw him smiling down at her. Then a light blush spread over her cheeks and she turned away from him and into her pillow. Severus laughed, hoping she was reliving the night before.

"Happy Christmas," he said, forcing her to look back at him. All he got was a muffled reply before he actually rolled her over. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I spent all night being pleasantly invaded by a battering ram," she said, leaning up to kiss him good morning. He growled and pushed himself on top of her. "What time is it!"

His mood was crushed and he groaned. As soon as she knew what time it was, they would have to get out of bed. "You can get out of bed as long as you do it with no clothes on."

"I suppose that can be managed," she said and hopped out from underneath the covers. The way her breasts bounced, had him pursuing her down the stairs with enthusiasm.

Opening the presents would lead to them making love under the tree and he would accept that Potter and Draco would enter their lives. They would get back to school and deal with Minerva's disapproving glances and the students' whispers. For Severus, though, it meant that he would have Hermione and maybe not drop things as often or break as many glasses. It meant that he would have someone next to him at night and in the morning he would wake up with bruises from time to time. Overall, he was happy and it was completely her fault.


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