How long have I been in this storm?

Rain pounding, thunder cracking, lightning flashing. It felt like a lifetime since we had last met on the roof of the Jasmine Dragon. A kiss, one unbelievable kiss that had left me breathless for years.

So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form

The ocean was invisible. I was wrapped up in the sounds and the smells and the feeling that all water benders share. I wondered if he could feel forest fires the way I felt the rain? As if that other part of you is so full and in control and fulfilled that you could be swallowed up and become one with you element if you could only forget that part of you that was still you- flesh and blood and solid.

Water's getting harder to tread

Waking up, getting out of bed, walking, moving: it was all so hard, now. As if I was walking through a sea on land. Nothing mattered anymore. The simple process of existing was too painful.

With these waves crashing over my head.

The ocean lapped at my toes, tickling my feet and begging me to come play in the white-capped water. I was up to my hips before I realized I had moved at all.

If I could just see you

You. You. Your face. Your lips. Your arms. Your hands. Your fingers woven between mine.

Everything would be alright

Your warmth. Your strength. Your weakness. Your presence.

If I could just see you

Your frown. Your glare. Your all-too-rare bright-as-the-summer smile.

This darkness would turn to light.

How I wish I could sleep through the night. But not anymore. Not anymore.

And I will walk on water

I thought of our journey. The search for revenge. You guiding me in the right direction. You holding the captain that was not the killer. You watching as I held the fate of a man's life in my fingertips.

And you will catch me if I fall

You carrying me from Appa's head to the saddle when I collapsed from exhaustion. You holding my hand as I cried silently on the beach. You as I finally gave in, forgiving you at last for shattering my heart like glass.

And I will get lost into your eyes

Eyes that reflect the sun. Two ever-burning suns. How many days had I woken up and only wanted two small suns in the place of the one in the sky? How many nights had I sat up, terrified, and needed their light to make it through to the dawn?

I know everything will be alright

Another step. And another. And another.

I know everything is alright.

One more and I plunge into infinity...

I know you didn't bring me out here to drown

She had tried, before. She'd tried to drown me plenty of times. Not that I could blame her. I was such an idiot back then.

So why am I ten feet under and upside down?

Nothing was right. I had it all, everything I had been dreaming about since I started hunting the Avatar. The throne, a peaceful nation, and Mai. So why did it feel like there was a part of me still missing?

Barely surviving has become my purpose

Day in, day out. Rising with the sun, just like every other fire bender. But could I be the only one who wanted it to stay dark a little longer? Am I the only one who would rather bask in the light of the moon?

'Cause I'm so used to living underneath the surface.

It was like this before. The first time I came back, adjusting to court life again was a daily struggle. Servants, rich clothes, a warm bed, tight restrictions. I had told myself that it was only a phase. It was just because I had been gone for so long, and soon I would be happy here again.

But this. This is something different. This pain throbs constantly. This ache pulls me away from my home, my family, my country. It calls to me from across the sea.

If I could just see you

You. You. Your exotic skin, so much darker than any I had ever seen on any other girl. Your ocean eyes, so deeply expressive. Your slender body, which seemed to fit against mine like it had been molded to belong there.

Everything would be alright.

That kiss had been my last moment of joy. Had I known, I would have held on tighter and made it last just a little bit longer. Had I known, maybe I never would have let you go.

If I'd see you

Your long, plaited hair. I still prefer it that way. I would love to be the one to undo that tie someday, to unravel the tangles and my lips run along your temple.

This darkness would turn to light.

I can't sleep. I'm afraid, so afraid of what I'll see when I close these eyes. So afraid that I'll dream of a life I could have had, of a life I wish I had been brave enough to pursue. I wait for dawn; I wait alone, endlessly alone.

And I will walk on water

Being with her had made me better. She made me a better teacher, a better fighter, and a better man. Around her, I was calm and collected, able to think logically instead of rushing headlong into things. Without her, I'm lost.

And you will catch me if I fall

She called me out for every little thing I did wrong. She made me work for your forgiveness after I stabbed everyone that mattered in the back. She made me realize that I didn't have to follow the path of a Fire Nation prince by killing and destroying. She was what I always thought about when I wandered aimlessly through the halls of the palace.

And I will get lost into your eyes

Blue. Such a dark, unforgettable shade of blue. Hypnotic and fathomless and unpredictable and completely open, just like the sea. If I could, I would look into them for days on end. Now I can only rely on my memory; not even the ocean can come close to their beauty.

I know everything will be alright

The knife on the table catches the gleam from the fire. It curves into my palm, just like her fingers had woven between mine. It was as if we had been molded to fit into the others open spaces.

I know everything is alright

Her face floats across my shut eyelids. Her grins, her glares, her motherly glow as she watches her small family enjoy a warm meal in a safe place. How I wished she could look upon our children that way. Without her, I will never be a father. Without her, I am only half alive.

Everything's alright.

The pain is almost as intense as the night I jumped in front of Azula's lightning. Almost. A sort of calm happiness floods my body. Her face returns, stronger this time. Its all I can see; it is my entire world. "I love you," I whisper. She smiles, her gentle hands cupping my face.

"I know."

Her voice is a siren call to my soul. White light surrounds me, filling me up as our lips meet.

Everything's alright.

He is standing before me, still even as the waves crash and churn above our heads. His golden eyes engulf mine and my heart races with excitement. I reach for him, and his fingers catch mine to pull me against his solid warmth. "I love you."

I place my hands on his face, still unable to believe that it's really him. "I know," I tell him.

His lips reach for mine, and my soul lifts up from my body to blend with him as we kiss. A feeling of calm, of belonging, floods my body as the dull ache in my chest become weaker and weaker. Light fills my senses, and my arms wrap around his chest. A single thought passes through our minds, a thought that we can both hear and share.

"Everything is alright."

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