Chapter 1

Candy POV

I know i was the most affected one when Justin left Stratford. I cried my eyes out and he promise me to give a me a call at least once everyday. Its been one year since i last saw him. He didn't keep his promise, he was busy. I tried calling him and everytime its either picked up by Pattie or Scooter or directly into his voice mall. Yes, he is so popular now. Everyone in my school loves him enough my mom gotten the Bieber Fever. I miss the old times we had together. We ate candy floss together in the middle of the night and he sings to me when I can't sleep. He told me his stories and I told him mine too. The times we had together was just awesome. I knew Justin Drew Bieber since the day I got out of my mom stomach. My mom,Carrie and Pattie was best friend, they knew each other since high school. Justin and I goes to the same school, in 365 days, I sees him 364 days. He just lived next to me, we walk to school together everyday, we go back to school together everyday, i watched him played his hockey,basketball. He always ask me do the silly dance whenever he feels sad. We laughed together, we cried together. I miss him, so badly. Can I ever see him again.


1 June 2010.

My Diary.

Rachel POV

I'm Rachel and I'm Candy best friend well, soulmates actually. I know her since last year but even though its just one year, we felt like we know each other for years. We are in the same high school and same class. i just next to her and we past our time together everyday. She is pretty, secretive. No ones can actually knows what she is thinking cause, the next second, she changes her mind. But we know, me and Ryan,Chaz. Well, Candy knows Ryan and Chaz since she was 5 years old and i knew them last year. They are very nice and pretty crazy. I had a huge crush on Ryan since I first saw him, I didn't confess to him, I'm shy. But Candy has been giving out big hints to Ryan and i hope he knows. And yesh, Ryan. Ryan Butler, Chaz, Chaz Somers. Yeah. Justin Bieber best friends. I didn't know that Candy and Justin was actually childhood friend till they told me about it. Yeah, i fainted. I was so embarrassed cause, I love Justin Bieber. He's just so cute. Oh crap, I meeting Candy,Ryan and Chaz. I need to rush off now.

Justin POV

Oh, I so tried. I have been practice dance steps and preparing for my world tour. I just got off ichat with Ryan. I didn't get a chance to talk to him untill just now, i just misses my said he is meeting Candy and friends. Candy? Candy Destiny Willson? Yeah, I miss her. She always on my mind. But I stop contacting her since last year. I didn't want her to be sad. Should I call her to tell her that i'm going back to Canada next week? I want to see her. Need she get her first boyfriend yet? If she did, I swear I'm gonna cry my eyes out. I love her,always. Ryan and Chaz said that i'm such a chicken, I didn't dare to tell her. I think I should this now. But I know I have step into her heart and I'm never stepping it out. She is always the special one in my sweetie boo.