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Summery: A somewhat different alternate ending... Alice slays the Jabberwocky on Frabjous Day, only to realize she should have sooner slayed herself.

BE AWARE: Don't assume to know until you know to assume.

Silly Girl

Mallymkum shouted in excitement, brandishing her miniature sword as she stuck yet another red card in the foot, allowing the white knight battling it to gain the upper hand. It was a good day for a battle, and what an excellent battle it was! The white side was obviously winning; not a drop of loyal blood touching the ground, an oddity not even common in Underland.

Smirking with that thought she darted between the feet of red and white soldiers alike, occasionally pausing to slash her weapon against shins and ankles of anything red. When she reached the queen she could feel her heart racing from her sprint, but the sound of her rushing blood filling her own ears filled her with jubilation.

However... There was a slight feeling of trepidation, as well. Perhaps it was the way the white queen smirked as she watched Alice fight the Jabberwocky; or maybe it was how tightly she clenched her hands as she stared intently at the dragons neck. Looking, for all the world, as though she looked forward to watching it die.

Another oddity, as all in Underland knew, beyond the inkling of a doubt, that the white queen abhorred any type of violence; and surely that would include slaying of any kind, be it scale or skin. Surly she would at least look away, not appear to be so...


Frowning, Mallymkun studied the white queen more, standing silent as the battle raged around her, squinting her eyes to analyze the white clad woman. From head to toe, she was clearly who she was supposed to be, not a hair changed. However, from toe to head, there was definitely something not right; because the white queen preferred to wear white, from under garments to outer garments. She'd never known even a stain to have so much disrespect as to touch the white.

Why, then, did the queen's shoes have dark soles?

Looking back up to the queens face she was startled to see a slowly formed grin; not a smile, but a grin. Her eyes burning with an intensity that Mallymkun had only seen shine from behind the knave's eyes. Darting her gaze towards Alice she seen her body landing, the vorpal sword clenched tightly in her hands.

A low malicious chuckle came from where she knew the queen to be, and it all began clicking into place.

"Off with your head!" the dormouse heard her scream before quickly and almost near effortlessly severing the beast's head from it's neck.

One Week Later

A spell...

All of the work they'd put into defeating the red queen, merely a cover for the true plan to bring all of Underland to their knees in total and absolute surrender. Had anyone held even the slightest shadow of a hint of what their actions would cause, nobody would have stepped forth to fight on Frabjous Day.

Alice now sat at the black queens feet, sore and bruised from the beating she'd just received after her failed rescue plan to free Mallymkun and Thackery from their cells. The thick leather band around her neck nearly to tight for her to breath as the metal cuff's bound her wrists tightly together, one overlapping the other.

She felt hollow and struggled to remember just what it was about Underland that she had enjoyed so much as a child. It had obviously all been a lie, and had it not been for the little mouse who'd managed to get to her before the cards and knights, she would probably have died a grinning fool. As it was, she'd been saved by Thackery's ridiculous wooden spoon; though when the white (or, rather, black) queen snatched her up for a 'pet', she wasn't to sure she wouldn't have rather died.

She occasionally seen Tarrant, providing hats and the such for the queen and her 'baby sister', though he looked jittery and strained, it hadn't escaped her notice that he was well and unchained. She was sure, even now, he was in his little hattery room, busy sniping and sewing beautiful hats for his rulers.

Even looking at him sickened her; and she felt that she would have thrown up at the sight of him, if it wasn't for the fact that she had precious little food to do that, and getting sick would either result in either her death or another vicious beating.

She wanted to want to go home, however she didn't have it in her to abandon the only two who had tried so desperately to save her. They could have hidden out, yet they ignored their own safety and snuck back into the castle; if it hadn't been for the white rabbit, they might have succeeded in reaching her. As it was, they'd been captured before they could even see the throne room.

She'd been mocked for days after that; nothing but a useless silly little girl, to stupid to save herself and to weak to save her friends. What was worse, was that she couldn't find the will-power to argue against something she knew to be true. Even when she'd managed to pick the lock around her ankle, she'd only made it to the doors before she'd been captured by the hidden guards.

Her attention was suddenly diverted by a sharp jerk from her leash and she found herself obediently looking up at the black queen, her black lips stretched into a vicious smile; "The hatter will be bringing you something new to wear today." Mirana informed her, sounding as warm and generous as when she'd played the white queen. "I'm sure it will look lovely on you; I'm sure a bit of color would do you good, you look rather pale today."

Alice couldn't keep the sneer from her face at her words. Of course she looked pale, she was sure it was because, dispite the chill in the castle, she was wearing nothing but a thin black dress that hardly reached mid-thigh. The sleeves were a joke if she'd ever seen one, so delicate they were transparent; and while it was beautiful, it served absolutely no purpose except to visually mock her every time she shivered.

The queen slapped the dark look from Alice's face, "If you must look so dour then keep your eyes on the floor!" she barked threateningly, and Alice had very little doubt of the pain that would come if she continued to glare. Carefully rearranging her face into a natural appearance she carefully studied the wall on the other side of the room.

"Feed them, clothe them, give them presents, and what do they do to repay you?" Mirana sighed, jiggling the leash she held loosely, letting Alice know she expected an answer.

However at that moment Iracebeth decided to walk into the room, giving her sister a large smile, "You could always spay her, I hear that puts a curb on their temperaments." she offered, taking the seat beside Mirana and demanding a pig.

"They never act the same after that." Mirana stated, waving her hand in a dismissing gesture, and Alice had to wonder what 'spay' meant, a type of brainwashing, probably; she figured.

Tuning out the rest of their meaningless conversation she instead tried to think up another plan to retrive her friends, wondering if maybe should couldn't use the small table between the two thrones as a type of club. Though before she even finished the thought she banished it; there was no way such a weak table could do much damage against the armored guards; and it would offer even less protection from the blades the guards wielded.

The throne doors suddenly flung open and the guards announced the hatter's arrival, unintentionally giving Alice a moment to mask her features from the hateful glare. 'The Royal Hatter', how nice that Tarrant had gotten his old position back; he had so been looking forward to it after all. Shuddering she focused her eyes onto the floor; she'd managed to avoid his eyes so far by doing the same thing.

Shortly after the announcement she could hear the quick tapping of his feet, though to her it sounded more like cannon blasts. As always, there was a ever so slight pause, lasting for not even a breath, before the continued and he was before the queen. She seen him bow out of the corner of her eye, that stupidly shy smile on his face as he held out a slim box.

The jerk on her leash gained her attention once more, and she felt as though a large boulder had suddenly been dropped into her stomach. She knew, without having being told, that she would despise whatever the box within the queen's black gloved hands.

"Alice, look, your gift has arrived."

Tarrant wanted to look at her more then he could ever remember wanting anything before in his life; but he made sure to keep his eyes glued to the queens feet. He knew that, if he dared even to peek, he would lose all sense of self; and that was something that he just could not tempt. Should Mirana catch even a whiff that something was off, she would have him in prison like so many others, and any hope of escape would be gone.

He'd managed to release Mallymkun and Thackery and, with the help of the kitchen staff, managed to smuggle them out of the palace. He was sure that, by now, they were on their way to the outlands; at least, he prayed that they were; his plan really couldn't afford for them to be caught again.

When the queen jerked on Alice's leash he forced himself to remain quiet by biting harshly on the side of his tongue, knowing that it wouldn't be the last time before this 'visit' was over. When the leash jerked again he pinched his leg, but when she answered, in a voice sounding as hollow as a dead tree trunk, he almost fell to his knees.

His bright, curious, brave little Alice; who's voice always reflected what she felt, had a hollow voice; the thought disturbed him to no end. When she was ordered to stand before the queen he pushed his gaze lower to the floor, using his lids to cover his eyes as the queen took out the beautiful sky blue collar.

He hadn't thought he'd be forced to bare witness to Alice's new collar, a collar he'd spent two days making. He wondered if she would feel the cotton lining, or notice that thin stitching of the buttons; would she realize he hadn't forgotten her? Would she know he only remained because there was no other way to free her?

"I said you can go!" Mirana's voice snapped, followed quickly by Iracebeth's dry comments on his sanity. Cursing himself for his thoughts and worried he'd said something condemning he muttered his apologies and gave a departing bow as he back away from the royal witches and escaped the room completely, leaving his poor Alice to their devices for yet another day.

Once the doors shut he turned away from the room and allowed himself a moment to swallow down his hatred and worry; neither feeling would do any good. Walking back to his rooms he opened his doors and stepped inside, shutting them calmly and locking them for 'privacy'. Once he was sure the lock held he stormed towards a thick plush chair and knelt before it, then firmly stuffed his face into the thick cushion and screamed.

Alice wanted to take the collar and smack the queen with it, wanted to snarl as she scratched her eyes out, but she didn't. She held the feelings to herself, refused to bat a lash as the collar buttoned into place and the leash reattached to the silver hoop at the back. She would not allow the horrible woman to see her true feelings, shirked to give the evil witch the satisfaction of knowing she'd gotten to the younger woman.

Instead, she continued to keep her face blank, and even managed to thank the lying treacherous queen for the 'gift', just to spite her. Mirana's enraged glare and a pitiless kick to her stomach was Alice's reward, and she found her nails biting into the tender flesh of her palm from the effort it took her not to fight back.

How could she have trusted the woman so easily? How could she have not gotten even a single whiff of a clue as to the woman's true intention; how was it that nobody had even the inkling of an idea of what she'd actually planned? When she thought back on it, there were hints. Tell-tell signs that there was something not quite right. Pacifists avoided fights no matter the cost, they didn't dabble with a dead man's fingers or have hopeful wishes turned to powder for their potions.

Biting the inside of her cheek to keep herself in check Alice stared resolutely at her spot on the wall again, trying to form a sturdy enough plan to rescue her friends before Mirana decided to use them for her entertainment. However no plan came up, proving her to continue to be the useless, thoughtless little girl; able only to receive help and unable to give it when it mattered.

When Mirana suddenly stood and began to leave the room she felt her leash transferred over to Iracebeth, who took it and wrapped it around her wrist, like she always did. After waiting several minutes for the guard detail to follow the queen Iracebeth finally stood and walked over to Alice, looking down at the blonde without remorse.

"I don't suppose my reminding you that your life would be easier just accepting facts would do any good, would it?" she asked, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at Alice's single shake of the head. With a sigh she waved her hand, bringing a guard forth, "Get the girl some food and water, be quick about it, I'm sure she's had nothing to eat all day." she snapped, ignoring his bow before he left.

Looking at the red head she nodded her thanks; wary of the kindness she kept showing when her sister wasn't around. Though she was only once a day she was thankful for Iracebeth's demand for daily feedings and 'walks' (which were actually a quick jaunt to the lavatory). She didn't ask why Iracebeth did these things and in return Iracebeth didn't offer to let her know; Alice guessed there was something other then generosity spurring the short-tempered woman on, though.

When the guard returned he set a bowl food and water before the blonde, then turned and went back to his position. When Iracebeth produced a fork she took it with another nod and began eating quickly, not wanting to taste the food she was eating, then drained the bowl of water in a small series of gulps to rid herself both of the lingering flavor and her thirst.

Putting the bowl back on the ground she received a surprise when Iracebeth bent to retrieve the bowls and accidentally dropped a small shinny dagger. Blinking at the dagger Alice looked back to Iracebeth, who was taking much to long to pick up the bowls. Reaching out with a trembling hand she took the knife and hid it within her dress, depositing the sheathed knife into her bodice.

Once she finished Iracebeth picked up the bowls and cleared her throat for the same guard, who accepted the dirtied dishes; "You should begin thinking about what you should do, Alice, it would be such a pity for you to make the wrong decision."

Alice couldn't hide her tremble at the foreboding words.

Authors Note: Thus, you have chapter one of my pet project that will receive most of my attention; it's something I couldn't really get out of my head... You know, what with Mirana and her weird spell ingredients, I figured "what if she needed Jabberwocky blood?". Hope you enjoyed chapter one (promise I'll deliver a proper length for chapter two), I know I had fun writing it!