Title: Unknown

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Setting: After they leave in New Moon, When Bella was well on the way to healing, obviously after she knows about the wolves, but before the jump.

Chapter 1

The days pass so slowly, Everything I try to email Alice about is returned, and I feel more alone than I ever have more scared. Stupid thing is, everything scares me but the things that should. I've been spending time with Jacob Black, something im sure none of you would be happy about, but he makes me forget a little. He says Victoria's been around looking for me. The wolves have me protected, so Its fine really. Thing is, I dont care if she finds me. I just want her to leave Charlie and the wolves alone. I dont care what happens to me anymore.
Its like my whole life was torn away from me, and im just waiting for my body to catch up, waiting to go up in flames life everything else did.

I tell myself that im glad he left, but I dont know. I guess I dont like who I was while he was here, but i'd trade every spec of my independence to be blissfully ignorant and with you all again. Suppose I dont get wishes though hey!

Although, I wish I knew if you get these. I dont expect you to write back, it helps just to be able to get something through. Kinda like it wasnt all in my head, like im not that crazy yet. I miss them. Even Edward, although I think i'd have a broken wrist if I ever saw him again...

I miss you too... feel like maybe your the only one who would just listen... dunno why.


Jasper finished reading Bella's latest email, then hid the laptop back inside his desk. She was so sad, and he ached to return to protect her. Edward's stupid attempt to protect her would get her killed just as they had said it would. He wanted to run. Leave everything and run to her as fast as his legs would carry him, but he knew he couldnt. He had obligations to protect the family, and she didnt seem to really need him there. She was doing better than she realised, each email getting slightly more insight into who she is and was.

He ran his hand through his shaggy hair, shaking his head in defeat. In all honesty he knew, the only thing stopping him from going to her was a direct request for him to. He had no right to her, and wouldnt presume to place himself with her unless she ask him too.

Packing up his books he'd been reading, he headed back out to the loungeroom, to his family, reciting various battle scenes in his head to stop edwards probing. They'd been forbidden to make contact. Especially Jasper after the mess that was Bella's birthday party. So he kept Edward out of his head by boring him, flashing him with blood and guts until he was sure edward had stopped looking.

Edward threw him a glare as he sat down to play xbox with Emmett and he supressed a chuckle. He shouldnt be probing through peoples thoughts anyway.

After a few hours of mindless shooting with a few tantrums from Emmett, Rosalie stormed in the room reminding Emmett he was supposed to be helping her fix the jeep and with a shy grin he left the room

"What are you hiding Jasper?" The question came out in an almost growl from Edward and Jasper raised his eyebrow at the fierce emotions coming from the boy infront of him.

"I'm not hiding anything. I dont like you probing in my head. I never have." Jasper was thankful for the ability to stay calm, glad he was the empath and nothing but the thoughts he refused to have could give him away.

"You've never purposely blocked me before." Edward was throwing out curiosity more than anything else now and Jasper knew he had no idea what was really going on, however he couldn't stop the harsh response

"Well, you've never been such a dick before." Jasper inwardly groaned. Why had he said that! It was just inviting trouble...

"This is about Bella? About leaving? You have no idea what your talking about Jasper. I told you to leave it alone." Jasper flinched as he was hit with the full impact of Edwards rage.

"You brought it up. You may be able to steal our thoughts Edward, but you certainly cant control how we feel. Im not the only one who thinks you made a massive mistake, i'm just the only one not willing to sugar coat their feelings for the baby of the family." He knew it was coming, and wasnt at all surprised when Edward crashed full force into him, knocking over Esme's favourite side table with a nasty crunch. They'd pay for that later... It wouldnt be pretty.

Jasper fell into a defensive crouch, waiting for the next blow from edward. They'd fought plenty about this. About Bella. But it'd never got this far, and Jasper was sick of standing around pretending nothing was wrong. Instead of shifting out of Edward's way as he planned, he met him at full force with a deafening roar, Edward was suddenly flying through the kitchen. The room was filled with nothing but roaring as Emmett came in to seperate the pair, but he was knocked on his ass by Edward's swing, and decided to let Jasper tear a chunk or two from him before they were stopped. Everyone knew Edward's fighting skills had nothing on Jaspers.

Suddenly the two boys came to a dead stop. Standing silently in the middle of the room was a very still Alice. She looked briefly at the two of them.

"St-op" Her voice broke at the simple word and she was gone again, her bedroom door slamming as she retreated to her personal sanctuary where she had been for the last few months.

Jaspers heart broke for the pain she felt, if anything it made him angrier at the foolish vampire standing in front of him, but he wasnt willing to cause her more grief.

"Fool" Jasper muttered as he fled to the forest behind the house. Behind him, Edward hung his head and left the house in the other direction. He knew Jasper had only said what everyone had been thinking all this time. And they were right. But he'd made his choice, and he couldnt go back on it now. He'd promised her.

Emmett stood in the now devistated living areas looking around. He sighed out of habit.

"Sure, leave me to face Esme!" He muttered as he began to clean up their mess.