Author's Note:First fic ever. I'm kind of scared. All comments including constructive critisms are welcome.

I watched this movie yesterday and it was astounding. I am still kind of confused about what really happened but hopefully, I'll eventually figure it out.


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She was in that dream again.

Am I even in a dream? She asked herself.

She dug around in her pocket, searching for her reliable friend and company but the chess piece wasn't there. Her hands desperately clasped around the space that was once occupied by the brass pawn that had kept her from becoming lost; kept her safe from situations like right now.

"Goddamn it!" she cursed loudly. Her voice echoed through the darkness. Where was she?


She heard a soft voice, almost a whisper, behind her and spun around to see who had said her name. A figure, almost completely hidden behind the curtain of shadow, stood a few feet away from her. Ariadne tried to make out the person's face but all she could discern were his glistening green eyes, almost like those of a cat. The green pupils glinted and danced as if to lure her. With her hand extended in front of her, Ariadne took a cautious step forward towards the mysterious figure.

Then she started falling.

Ariadne jerked awake, breathing heavily. Furiously throwing the bed sheets off of herself, she rummaged through her sweatpants pocket, turning both inside out. It wasn't there. She got off of her bed and started to search her bed-side table frantically. Unable to find the chess piece even after pulling out all the drawers and spilling their contents on to the floor, she crumbled on to the floor. She wept amidst of the sleeping pills, post-its and other insignificant things that wasn't what she was searching for.

Then she remembered. She slowly lifted the pillow and found the brass totem resting on the bed. It seemed so peaceful and unaware of the frantic search that had happened only minutes ago. Ariadne grasped the pawn tightly and lay down on her bed sheets, her fists close to her face. Her knuckles went white and the pawn's top poked her delicate skin but she didn't care. Its familiar weight and coldness soothed her.

She started crying once more. Ariadne had never been the one to cry; she was the type of girl to yell and throw things when mad and retreat into silence when sad, but tears had never been the resort. But that was before the inception. It had happened just two weeks ago but it felt like years since she was introduced to the job by her professor.

She closed her eyes as fresh tears started to fill her brown eyes. Yusuf, Saito, Eames, Cobb…and Arthur. She felt like she knew them after spending what felt like weeks with them, risking their lives together. But in reality, it had been just a few days and a plane ride and the truth was, she didn't know anything about them. After they had gone their separate ways in the airport, her life had been shifted back to normalcy just as radically it had been jerked into the mission. They never called after that and it felt like losing a family that she never had. The mission had been dangerous but she missed it. Missed them. Missed who she had been.

Inception wasn't the only thing that spurned her tears. The dreams. The damned dreams. Cobb had told her that after using the machine to dream, she wasn't going to be able to dream. But she dreamt as clearly as she had in the past; but this time, she only dreamt one dream. The dream of being in the darkness with a stranger. The cat-eyed stranger only stared at her and did nothing more. But it was enough to trouble her. Always, before she could reveal his identity, she would fall like she was being woken up by a kick. In the dream, Ariadne was weaponless; without her chess piece. Although she had dreamt the dream many times, every time, she couldn't tell for sure if she was really in a dream or not. There was always this uncanny sense of reality that made her doubt her grasp on reality. Ariadne brought the totem to her mouth and traced it's contours with her lips.

It was just a few minutes before three o'clock in the morning and her electric alarm clock dimly lit the room making it eerie and unfamiliar. She felt more awake than ever and even more alone than ever. Ariadne hugged her knees and clasped onto the totem even more tightly. She waited. Waited for the dreamless sleep that she knew was not going to come.