In Naoto's mind that word perfectly captured the atmosphere within Daidara's store, also easily describing the shop owner himself.

What kind of store sold heavy (and possibly illegal) weaponry to high schoolers, anyway?

However, places that are described with the word "shady" are soon followed by another unpleasant adjective: Filthy. If she had passed a man such as Daidara on the street she would never associate him with cleanliness; he always seemed to have some kind of dirt layered on his palms, teaching her early on that sharing handshakes with him would always be uncomfortable and should be avoided.

The man himself wasn't even the worst of his untidiness; one merely needed to take a quick survey of his shop to know such. The items for sale were all kept in excellent condition, but barring that Daidara certainly wasn't doing himself (or his customers) any favors, the fact that the floor hadn't seen a mop in months quite evident.

But this store was also the only location that would sell the required Shadow-slaying weapons to teenagers (again, very shady), so she really wasn't in any place to complain.

She busied herself with examining the high caliber pistol in her hands, focusing her attention on the way its barrel gleamed in the fluorescent lighting in an attempt to shake off the anxiety that danced about her thoughts.

Then she saw it.

There, out of the corner of her eagle-sharp eyes, Naoto saw a creature more filthy and revolting than Daidara could ever hope to be.

A cockroach.

With a cry far more feminine than she would've liked Naoto brandished her pistol, eyes shut tightly as she unleashed rapid fire upon the offending bug.

After seconds that stretched on like minutes she heard the clicking of her empty pistol, all bullets (he kept his wares loaded?) wedged deeply into the wood flooring. Cracking open her eyes she was first greeted with the sight of what she assumed had been a cockroach only moments before, then let her gaze drift upwards to see the reactions of the other store occupants, all completely awestruck save for the unfazed Souji who was always unfazed.

"D-dude, Naoto-kun, what the hell was that?" Yosuke asked in wonder, cutting through the shocked silence.

"Th-there, ah...there was a cockroach. M-my apologies." Naoto quickly went back to examining the pistol in her hands.

The incident was never spoken of again.