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"Be honest Sammie…which one looks better?" Clover asked with an unsure pout on her face. Sam smiled at her friend and shrugged. "Honestly, they are both perfect Clover" she said truthfully. The blonde rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Oh come on Sammie! That isn't helping!" she screamed in frustration as she set down the two pairs of white bridal shoes she had just been holding. "Sorry" Sam mumbled apologetically as she watched her friend pace back and forth and sigh.

"Okay my turn, move over Clover!" Alex said excitedly before standing up and showing Sam her choice. Sam's eyes trailed over the shoes and she smiled. "Wow Alex those are really nice, go for them!" Alex grinned. "Thanks Sam, you are so helpful!" she said gleefully with happiness filled in her amber eyes. Sam smiled at her friends, not being able to help but feel happy for them. There was an excellent reason for that too.

They were getting married.

In just one month from now both Clover and Alex were going to marry on the same day, at the same venue. Clover was marrying her (shockingly) long-time boyfriend Blaine and Alex was marrying a man she met at WOOHP, a secret agent just like her named Darren who was good friends with Blaine.

It was just like they had always decided. Just like they had always planned. Best friends getting married at the same time, together. A small frown touched her lips at the thought of that because she knew it wasn't all the way they had planned. Not really…

She wasn't getting married.

She was the only one not getting married in the trio of friends. She couldn't help but feel bad for ruining something they had decided since grade 1. The dream and promise of getting married on the same day, all of them…it just wasn't going to happen. Sam sighed trying to get her mind of it as she watched her friends laughing and smiling while they fussed over the smallest of details for their upcoming weddings. Something she was here to help them with. "And that's all I need to focus on right now" she told herself while smiling at her excited friends.

"Okay so you are like maid of honour at both our weddings" Clover said with a smile. "Think you can manage it on the same day?" Sam let out a small laugh. "Yea, Of course! How hard is it going to be? Both of you guys are getting married at the same place." Alex bit her lip and nodded. "Yea we are." Clover grinned. "Just like we planned."

Sam's face fell slightly at her words but she struggled to smile instead to cover up her sadness. Clover frowned noting Sam's sudden mood change and she knew exactly what this was about. "Sammie? Are you okay?" she asked, concern all over her face when she looked at the redhead. Sam nodded. "Of course. Why?" she said softly, sounding nervous. "Please, please let her not remember!" Sam mentally prayed over and over in her head.

The blonde frowned. "This sucks" she sighed. "I really wanted us all to marry on the same day, same place like we ALWAYS planned" she said with a small demanding pout. Sam let out a tired sigh and groan, unhappy that Clover had remembered what she had hoped she wouldn't bring up. This was about the hundredth time she had brought it up since Blaine had proposed six months. Alex was cleared because she had a fiancée. That left only her to be picked on. Sam sighed again remembering how stupid the last six months had been with the ridiculous amounts of dates she had been forced to go on by Clover in a sad attempt to make her meet "Mr. Perfect."

Clover had this vision in her head that on one of these dates she was going to meet a guy and fall madly in love on the spot and then he would propose and they would live happily ever after, after getting married on June 30th the same date as Alex and Clover's weddings. It hadn't happened over six months and now with just a month to go Sam had called the dates off. She wasn't about to pick a man to marry in just a month. It was too short to get to know a guy and be friends with him let alone marry and spend the rest of her life with him.

"Clover" Sam said warningly. Clover sighed. "I know, I know. You can't" she said sadly. Alex nodded but looked upset as well. Biting her lip Clover spoke again. "But honestly Sammie, why call off the dates? You never know! Maybe the next guy you meet could be-"

"Absolutely not!" Sam snapped, tired of having this conversation over and over again but it never seemed to settle into Clover's head. She sighed in annoyance. "Look I already said no. I'm sorry…" she bit her lip. "Picking a man to marry isn't like picking shoes to wear-"

"It is! It takes careful consideration and lots of searching!" the blonde protested making Sam groan because she had now realized that had been a bad analogy to use to explain things to Clover. Shoes were her life, well at least a good significant part of it.

Sam sighed again. "That's not what I meant…" she frowned. "I can't pick a man in a month and agree to spend my life with him! It would never work and it's just something I wouldn't do." Seeing Clover's disappointed face Sam was reminded of how persistent Clover could be when she wanted something. It also helped remind her of how different she was from her friends. She had always been extra-picky with the guys she got to know. The boys she dated. That was part of the reason she had yet to even have a lasting boyfriend, let alone a fiancée. It never worked out for her and Clover's constant prodding into her failing love life didn't make things easier. She knew it wasn't the blonde's fault, she just wanted to make their dream of marrying on one day come true.

Something she was to blame for not being able to fulfill. Sighing again Sam smiled sadly. "Look you guys, I love both of you a lot, you are like sisters to me…" she gave them both a warning glance. "But this nonsense about me picking a man in a month to marry? This NEEDS to stop!" She glared slightly. "You both know, that for me to even consider marrying a guy, I would have to know him for at least three years and I would have to know him well. Inside out. A month is just not enough" she said firmly making them both sigh.

"Someone from your past then?" Clover said a little more than a second later making Sam want to rip out her hair. Clover smirked. "Oh I know David! Or hmm…how about Dean?" Sam rolled her eyes knowing David wasn't into her or any girl that she knew and Dean was happily engaged to Britney, and Clover knew it. Putting her hands on her hips Sam gave Clover a pointed look. "Dean is engaged to Britney" she said flatly. Clover waved her hand airily and giggled. "Yea, the key word is engaged Sam."

"CLOVER!" Sam screamed in shock making Clover clear her throat nervously when she realized she had said something wrong. Britney was a good friend, she should not have been thinking of messing up her life like that.

"Sorry" Clover said apologetically while hoping neither Sam nor Alex would mention a word about what she had just said to Britney. She sighed. "It's just I want you to get married too" she said with a sigh and Sam shook her head. "Yes I know. You've only said it a million times, but the answer is no." Clover let out another frustrated sigh.

Sam gave her a small smile. "Thanks for worrying about me but right now that doesn't matter." She smiled harder. "I mean hello? You both are getting married in a month! That's what matters!" she said with joy in her voice.

"Yea!" Alex said with a grin before hugging the redhead, Clover joining in to make it a group hug. Pulling away from her they both smiled. Alex gave Sam a little smirk and Sam raised an eyebrow wondering what was on her mind. "Alex?" she asked a little nervously making her laugh. "Nothing Sammie. I was just thinking." Sam sighed. "As long as it isn't about another guy for me to date, it's cool."

Alex shook her head. "No not that." She bit her lip and smiled while watching the redhead who was just such a good friend. She couldn't believe no man had proposed to her yet. Sam was the smartest and most talented amongst them all. Why didn't anyone see that?

Placing her hand on Sam's shoulder she made her look at her. "You just wait and watch Sammie…" she started with a smile. "One day, and it will be soon, you will find him. You're going to find the man that was made just for you and nothing will stop that from happening…." she smiled encouragingly. "And then you will get married and live happily ever after, forever." She smirked. "Mark my words, he's out there somewhere." Sam stayed silent after Alex's little speech with a small smile on her face as she wondered over her words. Could she be right?

A giggle escaped Clover's mouth making the pleasant silence disappear in a snap. Alex turned to the blonde and raised an eyebrow. "Clover? What's so funny?" she asked in confusion. Clover shook her head, holding up her hand as she kept laughing. "So-sorry!" she giggled again. "It's just that you sounded sooo much like your mom right now!" Sam let out a small giggle at that remembering Carmen and her obsession with weddings and prince charmings. Alex rolled her eyes. "Ha ha. Very funny" she said with a pout.

Sam smiled. "Aww it's okay Alex what you said was sweet" she said softly making Alex smile. Clover rubbed her hands together and eyed the redhead. "Sooo does that mean, it's a yes for another blind date tonight?" she asked slyly. Sam gave her a steel glare letting her know her answer to that question was, and always would be no.

Sam slumped her back and sighed as she closed to door to her home and walked in. She had just spent five hours at a bridal store with her best friends to help them find gowns. Unfortunately none of them had found the "one" yet which meant she was going to have to go through this same torture tomorrow. "Great" She mumbled while trying to make herself happy and ignore her tired, aching legs.

Walking into the living room she smiled when she saw her mom sitting there drinking coffee. "Oh hi honey" she said with a smile. "How did dress hunting go?" Sam smiled while joining her mom on the couch. "Terrible" she sighed. "They didn't find any which means tomorrow we go again" she said leaning back on the couch tiredly.

"Aww" Gaby said. "Sorry Sammie. Good luck for tomorrow then." Sam smiled. "Thanks mom. They need it" she said with a giggle remembering how Clover had been unable to pick just one and had asked if she could get one customized with everything she wanted on it much to the shopkeeper's horror.

Shaking her head at the amusing memory Sam sighed. "I need a shower" she said tiredly before standing up. "Okay Sammie" Gaby said. Sam turned to leave the room only to stop at her mother's call. "Wait Sam." Stopping ,Sam turned around and smiled. "Yes?"

Gaby smiled. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm going out now and won't be back tonight." She sighed. "Carmen and Stella need me to look after some stuff for Clover and Alex's weddings so we are doing that tonight. It's probably going to be an all-nighter" she said with a shrug. Sam nodded knowing how involved her mother was in her friends' weddings. She was after all like an aunt to them and best friends with their mothers.

"Okay mommy, just make sure you get some time to rest, okay?" Gaby smiled at her daughter's concern. "Of course I will" she said. Sam smiled again before turning to leave only to hear her mom calling again. "Wait, one more thing" she said making Sam spin around curiously only to see her mother walking over to her with a bouquet of white lilies and red roses. "These are for you" she said with a smile.

Sam let out a joyful laugh. "Mom! Thank you!" she said holding the flowers and grinning although she had no idea why her mom randomly decided to get her, her favourite flowers. Then again she was the best mother anyone could have.

"Oh no Sammie, they aren't from me!" she said with a small laugh making Sam raise an eyebrow as she looked at the flowers in confusion. "They aren't?" she bit her lip. "Then who are they from?" she asked now lost. Gaby shrugged. "I'm not sure at all actually. Someone delivered them through a mail man an hour ago, the card has your name on it but that's it" she said making Sam's eyes narrow.

"Well this is odd" Sam thought while looking at the bouquet in her hands. Who could they be from? Who else knew these were her favourite flowers? Drawing out the card she noticed her mother was right and all that was written there was the name "Sam" and that was all.

"I think maybe the person was in a hurry and forgot to sign their name" Gaby said and Sam shrugged knowing that was as good of a guess as any she could come up with. "Yea I guess" Sam said not thinking much of it as she smiled and told her mother she was going to put them in a vase before she went to take her shower.

Walking into the kitchen and filling a vase with enough water Sam smiled, not being able to refrain from smelling the beautiful flowers as she set them down in the vase. Still curious about who they were from she studied the writing on the card trying to see if it looked familiar but the only thing she noticed was that the handwriting was very neat. Shrugging she was about to throw the card out but then held onto it just in case, going into her room and putting it on her desk before she went to take her shower.

Sam sighed contently as she stepped out of her extended shower, an hour later with a smile on her face. "That was just what I needed" she said with a smile, feeling refreshed after her shower. She grinned as she wrapped herself up in a towel before moving to use a second towel to pat her hair dry. When she was done she flung her hair over her shoulders and smiled while turning around to grab a brush to comb her hair only to stop when he gaze fell on the large mirror before her.

"What the?-"

Sam's eyes narrowed as she glanced at it in surprise. Wondering if she was hallucinating she walked closer to it only to realize that what she was seeing was actually there. There were two words written in the fog of the mirror. With widened eyes she read the words out loud. "Will you?" she whispered not understanding what was the meaning of this, nor how the words got there.

Biting her lip she held her towel closer to her wondering if somehow someone had gotten into her bathroom. Looking around she felt nervous and couldn't fight the feeling of the goose bumps that were forming on her skin. Seeing no one she glanced back at the mirror, staring at the words. They appeared to be doodled into the fog by a human finger. That's what it looked like to her but….

"There is no one here…" she said while feeling more and more confused by the second. This was the second bizarre incident that had happened since she had gotten home. First the random flowers and now this? What was going on?

Wondering if the two were connected she stared at the writing on the mirror trying to match it with the one on the card. Unfortunately the steam from her shower was disappearing quickly since she turned off the hot tap and the words were now just streaks of water before her eyes. "Damn" Sam muttered then sighed realizing that maybe the words had formed themselves. Strange coincidences did happen after all. Did they not?

Ignoring the mirror Sam quickly brushed her hair, drying it, before leaving the bathroom and missing that the door was already unlocked when she had locked in upon going in.

Going into her room Sam took off her towel letting it fall on a chair as she began to put on her night suit that she had laid out on her bed for after her shower so she could sleep right away. She slightly hummed to herself, being in a good mood after her shower as she moved and that was enough to block out the sound of footsteps walking away from her window right after she finished dressing. Just as she was about to turn the lights off and go to sleep the sound of her doorbell ringing downstairs made her sit up in confusion.

"Who could it be now?" She muttered before standing up. Walking down the stairs with narrowed eyes she knew her mother wasn't going to be coming home tonight and Clover and Alex were too bushed from shopping today to come over at…

She glanced at the clock and raised an eyebrow.

2:00 AM

Sighing she quickly reached the door and bit her lip before wondering whether or not to open it. It was late. Hearing footsteps walking away, her eyes widened and she realized she had been too late to open the door. "Hey wait!" She called, opening the door and sticking just her head outside. A frown touched her lips when she saw no one and whoever it had been was gone. Shaking her head in annoyance she was about to close the door and go back inside to bed when she froze, noticing something sitting at her doorstep.

Her eyes narrowed as she glanced at it, while leaning down to pick it up. It was a small, black, velvet case that looked a lot like a jewellery case. Knowing that made no sense Sam glanced at the silver latch wondering if she should open it and get to the bottom of this. Opening the latch she flicked the case open only to have her eyes widen in shock and surprise a second later as she saw what was inside.

It was a ring.

No, not just any ring. A beautiful diamond ring made of 48 interwoven small diamonds within curving lines and a bigger one at the centre. Her mouth wide in shock and confusion she stared at it not understanding what was going on.

How did this get here? Who did it belong to? Glancing at the case to get a clue her eyes narrowed when she noticed a small card sitting backwards at the top that she hadn't noticed before. Pulling it out with shaky fingers, Sam bit her lip and turned it around.

Her eyes widened to the point of popping when she saw the words written on it, neatly at the centre.

"Marry me."

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