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"No! No! Lemme go!" Sam half screamed, half-growled, trying to sound ferocious but at the same time failing in keeping the fear out of her voice and for good reason seeing who it was that was carrying her away. Realizing her shouting was having no effect on him, Sam struggled in her place on his shoulder and tried kicking him in a painful spot.

But before her foot got even close to her intended target he tightened his grip on her legs so tightly that she could no longer move them at all. Trying to wiggle lose Sam began to panic even more when she couldn't even manage that and she, now full realizing she was in big trouble began screaming at the top of her lungs hoping someone, anyone would hear her and get her out of his demonic clutches.

"Help! Someone help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she called out at the top of her lungs. Scam only let out a chuckle and kept walking. He listened to her screaming for a while before he let out a sigh then spoke to the clearly distressed female in his arms.

"You DO realize what time it is right?" he asked before smirking deeply. "No one in your neighbourhood is ever up this late. They all tend to sleep well around 10 o'clock like good little boys and girls do."

Sam's eyes widened when she heard that but she really should not have been shocked. Of course he had been studying her neighbourhood, watching her like some stalker in order to know just when she'd be all by herself and he could come attack her, come do whatever he wanted to her...

That was what he did, wasn't it? That was his craft, his life's work; learning precisely how to torment people. That was one of the things he was really good at. Her eyes narrowed hatefully. Too damn good at.

Disgusted, Sam wanted to scream at him, do something, anything to unleash her rage on him but all she could do was say the things she wanted to say to him to herself, in her own mind.

Vile. Messed up. Maniac...Those were just a few words that hung at the tip of her tongue wanting desperately to come out and let him hear them but she couldn't bring herself to say them. And she knew just why, even though it made her angrier than anything she knew the only reason she couldn't really call Scam those things was because she was scared, scared to death of setting him off like the deadly ticking time bomb he was.

What he would do to her she didn't really care for, it was what he would do to her friends if he didn't get his way- that scared her. His threat, the same that he had delivered to her when this whole disaster started never left her and she knew he would never hesitate, never once even flinch if he was pushed to kill her friends.

He'd do it in a heartbeat just to make her suffer and it was that which was keeping her from really fighting against him.

And it was that she realized, horrified as she saw his car coming nearer and nearer that she was being taken to against her will...that he would use to get whatever he wanted from her. It was that threat that he'd use to hurt her, drive her crazy and probably use tonight to drag her to whatever godforsaken place he had in mind and finally rape her.

She knew that was what he wanted, at least she knew that was the tip of the iceberg as he had made it more than obvious how he badly he wanted to break her. And whatever else he had in mind to do with her after that…she didn't even want to know.

Her anger began to boil inside of her like a raging sea in a storm and at that moment she realized that she had to stop him. This wasn't right. Her giving up like this due to fear was not right. She was stronger than this and she had to defeat him. She had to at least give it one good try instead of just fall weak at the sight of him and at the knowledge that he was physically stronger than her and a brutal opponent.

Somehow she had to take his power over her away and at the very least try to protect herself instead of just let him get to her as easily as he had been so far. After all he had said to her that she couldn't tell anyone, tell WOOHP about this, because if she did he'd kill her friends but he hadn't said she couldn't make this hard on him herself. She brought the words he had said to her back to mind:

"You have a choice Samantha….you have a choice..."

"Either you let four people die. Four friends that you care for die…."

"Or you marry me…"


"It's your decision…"

Drawing in a shaky breath Sam wondered if she had found a loophole in that. If she fought him she wasn't really saying no to marry him. No she would just be playing hard to get which was something he hadn't said she could not do. If her retaliating against him was too much for him and he was unable to make her his wife and gave up on his own, that was hardly her saying "no" to marry him.

It would be his own failure that he would have to blame for the collapse of his plan, not her and by that reasoning he was not allowed to go after her friends. Of course that was if he was a man of his word which she wasn't really convinced he was but it didn't matter to her because if she did manage to defeat him to that point, to the point where he gave up, he would most likely be locked up in WOOHP by then and hopefully this time in a cell from where he would not get out.

"If he wants to force me to marry him," Sam thought feeling herself shake with the suppressed fury of the last few days, the same fury that she had been pushing down over and over thanks for her undying fear of him. "If he wants to rape me then he's going to have to fight me first," she told herself, seething and fully making up her mind.

She was sick and tired already of trying to lock him out, of trying to hide from him. No she was more than capable of fighting him and even if she lost in the end and he succeeded and got away with whatever the hell he wanted to use her for she wanted to fight him and her reasons for that were simple: One, at the very least she'd have the satisfaction that she had done everything in her power to stop him and second, at least she'd get to kick his ass and make him work for his twisted scheme instead of just hand herself over to him on a silver platter or in this case silver bed to have his way with.

Hearing him softly mutter the words, "Here we are," when he reached his car, Sam asked herself if she was really going to do this before nodding to herself, determined. Ready, she waited until he moved to open the door and lower her so he could put her inside.

She held her breath and when she was sure he thought she had given up and was just going to go with him Sam made her move. Using all her strength and speed Sam turned around in the car's leather seat quickly and lifted her leg.

And in the next second she had kicked Scam in the abdomen so hard that she actually managed to make him stagger back a few steps and emit a surprised grunt. It was clear from his reaction that he had not seen that coming and that knowledge made her feel a rush of power like none other.

For the first time in two days she felt like she had a chance against him. A real chance to escape him, Tim Scam, the man who was known as the Devil in human form, death personified.

It didn't take him long to recover from his shock and soon he was looking at her with dark, warning eyes, a small frown on his lips. "Are you trying to make me angry...Samantha?" he said, uttering her name in a husky whisper that forced a shiver down her spine. Fighting the ice that was settling in her stomach sheerly due to the look of anger on his face, Sam took a deep breath in before putting her plan into motion. It was now or never.

"I have had it with you Scam," she spat icily, her eyes in small slits of rage as she peered at him hatefully. "I have completely HAD it," she growled, but he just stood there watching her with amusement dancing in his eyes, a semi-smirk on his lips which made it more than obvious that he wasn't taking her seriously.


His calm, cool demeanour could only mean that he was laughing at her inside and thinking that she was just talking becuase there was nothing she could do. "Well that's where he's wrong," she thought before a smirk of her own grew on her lips. When Scam saw it his expression began to change to one of curiosity but Sam only fed off that, growing more bold as she reached over and slyly gripped the edge of the car's open door while speaking to him. ""You want me Scam? Why don't you come get me?"

He looked stunned at her words and he watched her carefully for a long moment. Was she inviting him to pounce on her? That was what it sounded like to him. Feeling every nerve, ever inch of his body come alive at that proposal Scam knew if that was what she was asking for he would not hesitate but recalling how she had just kicked him hard enough to nearly knock him off his feet he knew sadly enough that Sam was not giving in. Unless she had been trying to turn him on with violence, something he was sure she knew he got hell of a kick out of by now.

Wanting to make sure which of the two it was, acceptance of her fate or resistance Scam let out a small, deep chuckle before speaking again. "Okay sweetie, now you are just asking to be raped," he said, waiting for her reaction and when he saw her glare he knew she wasn't giving in.

And despite how much more beautiful he always found her when she was giving him her antics and attempting to lay down boundaries on him of all men, he couldn't help but admit to himself that he was a little angry with her right now because he had thought that he had made some progress with her. She seemed to have succumbed to her fear of him which had been weakening her as he had expected but now she was back to fighting him full force again.

A small sigh left his mouth as a drop of rain hit the bridge of his nose and the roar of thunder boomed across the coal-dark sky. But at the same time he couldn't deny that he liked how she looked right now; under the light of the hazy moon and his car's dimmed lights, with the wind making a mess of her already sleep-tangled hair and raindrops landing on her lap which were slowly making the fabric of her nightgown stick to her bare thighs. He watched speechlessly as she sat there, his attention now entirely caught by a large droplet of rain that splashed onto her skin and lazily made it's way down her right thigh diagonally before disappearing into the crevice between her legs. What he wouldn't give to trade places with it right now.

And he found himself caring less and less by the second that she was not willing. Eyes flickering back up to her face Scam slightly licked his lips before speaking in a low growl. "I suppose I can arrange that," he said now more than aroused as her watched her with dark, needful eyes. "In fact..." he said smirking deeply now as he began walking towards her in hasty steps. "I'd be more than happy to."

Scam kept his eyes on her face watching her carefully, waiting for her to freak out at what they both knew was about to happen next but oddly enough Sam didn't move. She just sat there staring at him with that same glare without moving a muscle. And just as he was beginning to wonder if she was up to something as by now she'd be looking for something to throw at him and screaming at him to stay back, Sam suddenly spoke.

"I'm sure you would," she said and Scam couldn't help but be pleased, happy that she knew just who she was dealing with and just how completely capable he was of taking her right here and right now in his car in the middle of her street. But as content as he was with how well Sam knew him he kept wondering why she was now smirking at him instead of shrinking back in fear. And a moment later he got his answer.

"But don't you dare expect me to just lay down for you!" she snapped before moving her hand fast, using her grip on the door's handle where it had been since the beginning and slamming the door shut, A second later he heard the lock click into place effectively shutting him out and he realized that this was what she had been planning all long.

"Shit!" Scam spat under his breath in pure frustration. He really should have seen that coming. Clenching his fists at his sides he looked at Sam who was now safely out of his reach and it was obvious she knew it by what she was doing inside the car. She was now leaned back in the seat comfortably and she was watching him with no lack of satisfaction in her emerald eyes at what she had pulled off.

He watched her look at something inside the black Lamborghini's dim interior with the corner of her eye before smirking harder as she threw him an almost pitying glance. And he knew she had seen the keys on the driver's seat where he had unwittingly left them and that was why she was acting so smug.

Pressing his lips in a thin line Scam took a deep breath in through his nostrils almost resembling an angry bull at this point. If she only knew the things he'd be doing to her right now if he was inside that car, he knew she wouldn't be so happy.

"Smooth manoeuvring there Sam," he drawled loudly, his anger clear in his voice at not having something go the way he planned it, something which he absolutely hated to no end. Watching her continue to smirk through the window he rolled his eyes. "But do you really think that's going to stop me?" he said, louder, making sure she could hear him and the open threat he was giving her clearly.

Sam kept her calm composure even as she heard the note of danger in his words, so strong that despite her trying to not react at all she couldn't stop a lone shudder from rambling down her spine. But she knew she couldn't chicken out now. No that was what he wanted. He wanted her to give up and let him in like some kind of coward. And he was doing that because he had no choice.

He couldn't come inside himself so he was trying to scare her into letting him in. She knew that was true because or else he wouldn't be just standing there angrily. If he could get in, he'd already be inside by now making her pay for locking him out in the first place.

Coming to that logical conclusion she exhaled calmly and shook her head at him in response, letting him know that yes she did think that this time she had stopped him from getting to her and feeling pretty secure right now because while she was sure Scam knew how to break into a car, he had nothing on him at the moment.

This was not going to be as easy as it always was for him to slip into her bedroom time and time again. He had no tools whatsoever, not even a screwdriver and his keys were with her. He could not get in.

Seeing her shake her head at him defiantly, Scam threw his head back and laughed before looking at her in amusement. "I think you're forgetting just who you're dealing with Sam," he hissed as he began walking towards her again. "Do I need to remind you..." he growled. "How many times I have escaped from WOOHP? From a high tech criminal holding facility with nearly every trap imaginable to try and stop me?"

He stopped walking when he was right up against the car's window. Bending down he looked at her through the tinted glass, the moon's glow casting eerie shadows across his face making him look even more demonic than she already knew he was capable of being as he grinned evilly while cocking an eyebrow. "And this is just a car..."

Gulping to moisten her rapidly drying throat, Sam mentally scolded herself to stop being such a coward. "He's all bark, no bite right now," she told herself firmly but found herself sliding back just a little in her seat anyway.

Seeing that, he smiled knowing despite her trying to pull this false act of not being scared of him, she was scared shitless. Which was just the way he needed her to be for things to work out the way he had orchestrated. Smirking again, he began tapping the window with his knuckle slowly. "Open the door," he said demandingly.

Sam heard him but said nothing as she bit her cheek, closed her eyes and counted to ten to calm down her fear before turning her head back towards him and throwing him an acidic glare, letting him know she wasn't going to fulfill his request anytime soon.

"Open it," she heard him say again, and this time she simply ignored him, not even bothering to glare. Eventually he'd have to accept defeat and leave her alone...right?

"Right," Sam thought, pushing down her doubts and keeping them from weakening her. For a few moments he kept doing that, standing right outside the car and telling her, over and over to open the door and with each time he said it his voice became rougher and more menacing and his knuckles rapped on the glass harder and harder. But just as she felt she was about to break he suddenly let out an annoyed growl and took a step back from the car.

Then he took another and another and Sam slowly let out the breath she had been holding now for quite some time.

"Is he...giving up?" she whispered under her breath, biting her lip in nervousness because as much as she wished that was true she highly doubted Tim Scam would ever give up on anything, least of all on something he had been after for some time now.

Taking in a deep breath Sam carefully lifted her gaze and looked for him. She could see him standing there now a good distance from the car. His annoyance was easy to see on his face despite the now heavy downpour that was slapping down on the window blurring everything.

Unable to help herself, her lip upturned into a smirk at the sight. She could not stop herself from enjoying that he was frustrated, that he was out there in the cold because for once the tables were turned and he was the one agitated instead of her. She liked the feeling, the feeling of watching him out there defeated and her being the reason for it, even though in the back of her mind she knew she should be driving away instead of just sitting here. But she just couldn't help it.

Her eyes remained glued on him in interest as he stood there becoming soaked to the bone and a moment later she saw him running his hand through his hair as if wanting to release some of his rage but it didn't seem to help him.

All he managed to do was slick it back fully revealing his eyes that were burning with vexation and soon he started to pace back and forth while breathing deeply. His eyes however, remained on her, never once losing their focus and he currently reminded her of a hungry lion that had gotten just a taste of his prey's blood on his tongue before it dashed away and left him starving worse than before. It was safe to say that he was furious.

"Open the door Sam!" she heard him shout this time and she jumped in her seat when his voice boomed into her eardrums abruptly. Biting her lip she closed her eyes and shook her head tiredly. He was back at it again. He was trying to get to her.

"And here I thought that he was actually quitting," she thought, shaking her head harder at her own lack of thought. Tim Scam wasn't, and never would be a quitter no matter how bad she wanted him to be.

"Open the damn door!"

Hearing his voice again, this time even louder and more terrifying Sam bit her lip harder, her fear starting to grow back inside her despite all efforts like a stubborn weed that came back no matter how many times it was uprooted.

Glancing at him shakily, she found it hard to believe that he could be scary. The way he acted most of the time made her think of those dangerous crime lords from history that could terrify anyone with the records of their deeds, of the power of life and death they held over the common man because they knew how to take lives and they weren't afraid of death.

He made her think of those fearsome, dark, evil men whose cruelty showed in every part of their demeanour and especially on their hardened faces.

But Scam? He was different.

Moving her eyes back to where he stood she frowned watching how despite the vicious look on his face he failed to look any less handsome than he always did. And despite how his fists where bunched at his sides revealing how badly he wanted to kill her right now, the way he was standing being showered in the rainfall glued his clothes to his frame and showed off the muscular planes of his chest, his defined abdomen and the rest of his powerful form. Instantly she was reminded of finding him in her shower just this morning.

The face of an angel, the body of a Greek god, the aura of the devil. That was how she saw him.

He didn't look like them, those dark, evil men you knew to watch out for, those that you knew to be afraid of.

No Scam's darkness was captured in his heart, or lack thereof. Anyone who caught a single glance of him would never be able to tell what a threat he was, like the grim reaper in the body of a living man. If he was going after any other girl like this, demanding her to marry him she suspected that she'd be flattered, maybe it would take her a little time to process things but then she'd agree because she'd never know just who she was gladly agreeing to give herself to.

But she knew it. She knew just what he was capable of and that was why ,despite making herself agree to really retaliate against him this time she was, just some time after now having second thoughts.

Sealing her eyes in agony, Sam took a deep breath, then another and then another as she told herself to shake off her jitters and relax. As much as he scared her, all he was doing was screaming and nothing else. He was still outside and had not been able to get in. And it had been quite some time now.

Opening her eyes and feeling a little more confident, Sam was about to open her mouth and scream at him to stop shouting because she wasn't going to let him in even if her life depended on it when she let out a scream instead at finding him right against the window again, his eyes looking straight at her without even blinking.

And the way he was looking at her made her feel like there was no glass in between them. It felt like at any second he could just reach out and grab her.

Gulping dryly as shudders began to rattle her body again, Sam started to move back, trying to get into the driver's seat so she could be as far away from him as possible. He saw that and smirked before lifting his right hand.

And for a moment Sam winced, her state of horror making her actually believe that the barrier of glass really wasn't there before she realized that it was and Scam was currently writing on it.

With her eyes peeled wide Sam stopped moving and read the words, the message he was writing backwards on the frosty glass so she could read it while her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She was actually hoping, stupidly she'd admit, that he was writing "I give up".

But the message was much longer than those three words she was praying for and when he was done, the words she saw neatly etched onto the window nearly made her heart stop in her chest:


She saw him add on one more word at the end:


Shakily, she looked back up and into his eyes to find him smirking from ear to ear, the look on his face practically screaming it out to her that he knew how terrified she was of him right now. It disgusted her.

"Open the door," she heard him say and she began to furiously shake her head. She was not going to let him win now.

"No," she said firmly.

"Open it now," he ordered but she just shook her head again, harder this time while struggling to keep her courage from faltering which it rapidly was with every passing second. And then she started screaming as loud as she could in a desperate attempt to scare him off.

"No! No! No!"

She kept screaming until her throat started to hurt and only then did she stop. Taking in deep breaths to recover from her shouting, Sam raised her eyes in his direction again to see if that had done anything and was shocked to find him actually looking slightly overcome.

Her state of shock grew even more when he slowly raised his hand and used his palm to wipe the words he had written to her off the window erasing them entirely.

Blinking her eyes in confusion Sam kept watching him knowing better than to think he was going to leave her alone. But she couldn't tell what he was up to as he threw her a blank look and took a step back from the car and then another and then some more.

He kept walking backwards while looking at her with that same empty stare and for some reason it made her skin crawl even more than when he was openly smirking at her. Because when he was doing that she knew to brace herself for attack but right now...she couldn't tell what he was about to do.

"What's he planning now?" Sam thought, nervous and afraid and wanting this to end. It was pure agony just watching him standing there doing nothing and waiting to see what was next.

Suddenly Sam's eyes narrowed when she saw him reach into his jacket's pockets and pull out something. Squinting her eyes she tried her best to see what it was, part of her fearing that maybe she had been wrong all this time and he did have some kind of weapon on him or a tool that would allow him entry to the car.

But she was left speechless when she saw what he had taken out.

A pair of black, leather gloves.

He was currently putting them on.

"What...what's he doing?" she asked herself, wondering why he was suddenly putting on a pair of gloves for no apparent reason. But something told her, something in the pit of her gut told her there was a reason...

A reason she wasn't going to like.

And as she sat there trying to get a grip on her panging instincts and figure out just what he was planning to do now, all at once everything became clear to her.

In the next moment, he had raced back towards the car with blinding speed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sam screamed, at the top of her lungs when she heard it, the shattering of glass when his fist came flying through the window.

He had broken it.

The cold air from the night zipped in making a mess of her hair and chilling her to the bone. With the knowledge that he had access to her now she knew she was in trouble. Sam scrambled to drive away, mentally cursing herself for being an idiot and not having done so sooner.

But before she could even get the key in the car's ignition she heard the door open and shut with a thud and then Scam's voice whispering darkly in her ear. "Too late, sweetheart..."

His hand lashed out, his strong fingers wrapping around her upper arm tightly, grabbing it and using it to pull her onto his lap aggressively. With his other hand he snatched the key from her shaking hands and tossed it somewhere on the floor.

It made a sound, just a small one before it vanished from sight and Sam gulped down a very dry throat as she felt like she was trapped in a cage with a hungry lion, the very lion that she had been toying with in the first place...

His hands appeared before her face as he took off his gloves in front of her while his arms kept her trapped against his form. When the right one came off her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open when she saw the cuts and the blood on it obviously there from his having broken the window.

And as she stared at it she couldn't bring herself to believe that he had done that, broken a glass window with his bare hands, hurt himself JUST to get to her. What was he anyway? A man? A monster? A machine?

A jitter rushed down her spine when she heard him speak from behind her in a voice raw with pure arousal.

"A few scratches, a little blood..." he let out a dry chuckle and continued huskily. "Small price to pay to get to you..."

Hearing her gasp loudly at his words he chuckled harder and shook his head at how naive she was, truly thinking that anything could keep him away from her before he moved his hands back to her waist, gripping her hips before slowly moving his mouth to the crook of her neck and breathing over it.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Sam…" he said, tightening his grip around her and pressing her back deeper into his chest while Sam sat frozen in her place, too shocked and mortified to move.

What was she going to do now? WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO DO?!

"I warned you..." he drawled, fisting his fingers in her hair and pushing it away from her shoulder, placing a kiss there and reaching for the flimsy strap of her nightgown.

He played with it for a moment, coiling the lace around his fingers while kissing the sweat-coated skin of her neck caught under his lips deeper, harder, rougher making her pant and shudder before finally bringing it down to her elbow.

Feeling the strap come down and her chest start to become exposed to what she knew would be his hungry gaze, Sam finally found her voice.

"No..." she whimpered, strain and fear clear in her voice before she let out a small cry. "N-no!"

But he didn't hear her as he simply smirked into the back of her neck making the small hairs there stand on end before moving his head down to her back and pulling her zipper down all the way with his teeth.

With the cloth out of the way he eyed her white skin for a moment before leaving her biting her lip hard enough to make it bleed as he trailed his mouth up and down against it, licking and kissing her vulnerable flesh, touching her in untouched places leaving her warm, dizzy and disoriented.

Only one glance at her face in the car's rear-view mirror would show anyone how distressed she was right now as he ravaged her body endlessly, her lower lip stuck between her teeth, her neck arched to the side and her eyes squeezed shut tightly while fast, rushing puffs left her mouth.

But when she felt his hands move again and start to push the fabric of her nightgown up her thighs she resumed struggling like a mad-woman knowing just what he was about to do to her.

"No! Let me Go! Scam, leave me!' she screamed violently, her screams echoing in the darkness as she used her hands, her feet, any part of her that she could move to hit him.

But he only let out a small chuckle, never once stopping touching her.


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