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Hearing his clear dismissal of her multitudinous screams for him to release her, Sam felt the panic button in her head go off. Desperate to get away from him she began screaming even louder, ignoring what he'd said about everyone in her neighbourhood being asleep by this time even if she knew it was true so that she could keep that dim and rapidly flickering flame of hope that someone, anyone would hear her cries for help and do something alive because right now, as she sat there, forcefully planted in his lap and suffering the never-ending assault from his hands, from his lustfully intentful tone and his lips, there was nothing else she could do.

Starting to feel his head pounding from Sam's shouts of protest, Scam couldn't help but grimace because as much as he didn't mind hearing her reacting to his touch with such fervour, she was screaming pretty loud and his car wasn't sound proof. If someone did happen to pass by it, they may hear her and then their lovely, romantic, under the moonlight tête-à-tête would sadly have to come to an end.

Displeased at that thought Scam kept Sam distracted by pressing a neat, open-mouthed line of feverish kisses down the back of her neck, leaving her screaming even more while he bent down and grabbed his car key off the floor.

Inserting it in the key's ignition he began to drive to a better location with a lot more privacy while thinking in the back of his mind how useful a sound-proof car would be in the future, a smirk tugging at his lips while dark and tempting ideas popped into his head all revolving around the redhead still squirming and thrashing in his arms.

Sam faintly felt that the car was now in motion but she was much too busy trying to slap Scam's right hand off her thigh to really care about that. But that was until the car came to a halt some time later and she noticed where she had been driven to.

In an instant, her eyes went wide and a gasp escaped her as she realized again that he had had to have spent a lot of time studying her neighbourhood to know this, to know that this place even existed.

Feeling her tense, Scam smirked deeply into her ear while one of his hands moved up and down her bare, sweaty arm. "A much better location for love-making…isn't it love?"

Sam said nothing as her eyes remained dead ahead on her current surroundings. It was large stretch of trees, basically a forest that extended for miles. There once used to be a bridge over it high above, but it had long been demolished after too many suicides had occurred from people jumping to their deaths from the staggering height of the bridge into the bottomless pit below.

It was now locally famous for being the "point of no return" and many believed the souls of people who had died here still haunted the vicinity.

Only a man as evil as Tim Scam, Sam knew, would find such a place romantic. But then again it wasn't romance he was into her for, it was revenge, revenge with a capital "R" and he had found himself the perfect place where he could rape her without a care in the world about getting caught or interrupted.

Fear hammered though her entire being and her need to escape grew to the absolute limit. Thinking she may be able to break free she tried to move off his lap only to have the gentle touch of his hand on her arm turn into an iron grip right before he pulled her right back against his chest.

"Now, where were we?" he uttered huskily, his free hand doodling his name onto her trembling knee with his index finger. "Oh wait… " he chuckled, "I remember."

And with that he was back to touching her all over the place. Feeling her head spin around inside herself, Sam struggled to breathe as she felt his mouth, hot and fast, shifting up and down her back, feasting on her vulnerable flesh as if it were his favourite meal that he hadn't had in a long, long time.

A staggering hiss shot out of her lips as her eyelids blinked open and shut, while her teeth started to nibble on her lower lip, trying, fighting like mad to stop them from parting and letting out another moan in case he'd get the idea that she was enjoying this.

Trying to ignore him entirely, Sam struggled to come up with a way out of his arms. She'd gotten as far as thinking of somehow getting into the glove compartment to find something she could use to fight him off like a knife when he interrupted with his right hand which had left her waist and was now in between in her legs. And as he teased and groped her inner thigh Sam found herself thinking that a gun would really be a blessing right now.

Opening one eye she looked straight at the slightly open compartment, hoping to see black metal but instead seeing a glimmer of silver, one that she knew from all her years as an international agent that could only be from a pair of handcuffs.

Feeling sick to her stomach, Sam knew Tim Scam was no cop and so there was only one logical reason as to why he would have a pair of handcuffs, a pair of heavy duty handcuffs she realized when she saw the doubled chains they were attached to, in his car tonight…the same night when he had abducted her to assault. And Scam…he didn't do anything without planning it out a hundred times first which also meant that this was no coincidence.

Stomach lurching, she found herself fearfully worrying over what else he had hidden within this very car that he intended to use on her tonight.

Several disturbing images flooded into her mind over that thought, her brain going into overdrive over her upcoming fate as she fought to repel them. But her quest to do so was futile as she felt Scam's hand move again, letting her know he had no intention of stopping.

This time they went to the straps of her dress which were barely hanging onto her elbows. He took his time, tearing them off and letting them fall somewhere on the floor of his car.

And Sam watched in horror, watched herself becoming more and more naked in the car's rear-view mirror as she sat there transfixed in terror. As he'd already unzipped her dress before, without the straps to hold it up now it was practically slipping off her body. Soon her bra was revealed and in the mirror she saw Scam slightly lick his lips while he moved his head to glance over her shoulder. And she didn't need to keep looking into the mirror to know just what he was looking at with so much focus, with so much hunger.

A quick moment later she felt his fingertips brushing the underside of her breast as if trying to push up the flimsy fabric and reach it, while his other hand grabbed her torn dress and began pulling it down her frame entirely. It drifted down her chest, then her stomach, then her waist before settling in a pool at her waist. And when Sam saw the beginnings of her underwear come into view, she found herself springing into motion.

The realization that she was about a millisecond away from being taken right here by her enemy, of losing her virginity gripped her full force and she knew she had to do something.

"I have to fight," she thought. She did have to fight, not just tell him to stop or failingly try to scratch and slap his hands away from her form. No, she had to fight him like the super spy that she was, face him like the villain that he was and put him in his place. That was the only way out of this nightmare.

But her eyes helplessly glanced around at her cramped surroundings. There was no way she could fight him within the confines of this car, it was impossible. He wasn't even letting her move off his lap, there was a fad chance he'd ever let her go enough to get into a position where she could attack him.

"But if I somehow get out…."

Her eyes narrowed suddenly as an idea came to her.

With speed, she moved her arm and sent her elbow ramming straight into his stomach. And because he wasn't expecting a retaliation at this point after she had been sitting there frozen solid for quite some time, it worked.

Scam let out a loud, surprised grunt, his hold on her loosening immediately.

But no more than five seconds later his hand reached out to grab her again. Seeing it coming towards her through her peripheral vision, Sam ducked before reaching out, unlocking the door closest to her and throwing herself against it.

The door swung open and seizing her chance, Sam jumped out of the car. She hit the dirt with a thud and quickly rolled away before springing to her feet and breaking into a run hoping to put enough distance between her and Scam so that when he did catch up to her, she'd be ready for him.

It took him a moment to realize what had just happened and how she had stolen away from him yet again. Closing his eyes for a second with the taste of her skin still hanging on his tongue, Scam muttered a curse under his breath through clenched teeth before he shook his head in frustration and slammed his palm against the steering wheel in rage hard enough to make the inside of his car tremor like a magnitude 8.0 earthquake from the impact.

Hearing the horn go off from a short distance away, Sam thanked God that he was still in the car. But she knew she only had some time before he came upon her like a hungry wolf ready to kill.

Keeping up her run despite how hard it was not to slip and fall flat on her face on the wet forest floor which was like a pool of Quick Slick thanks to the slippery mud, and the pain she felt at the way the rubble and lightening-snapped twigs from the trees hanging above pierced her bare feet, she reached behind her and found the zipper of her dress. Thankful to find it not broken and still usable, she pulled it up and hid her body the best she could under her wrecked dress.

That was as far as she got before she heard his footsteps coming, running, hurrying to catch up with her. The sound of his shoes crunching over fallen leaves and snapping twigs as he came closer sent a shudder tumbling down her spine. He was moving at an alarming rate, at least twice as fast as her and she knew it wouldn't be long before he reached her

And just a moment after that, he did.

"Did you really think you could outrun me?!" his voice, loud and rough, blasting into her eardrums through the whipping wind and rainy downpour, like the unsheathed blade of a sword in motion announced his arrival as she stood facing away from him.

Preparing herself for what she knew would not be an easy fight as Scam was a strong man and he was more than pissed off with how she'd eluded him yet again when he'd thought he had her in a corner, Sam said nothing as she took in deep breaths and tried to calm herself. She could beat him, she told herself. She just had to throw everything she had at him. She had to give it her very best shot.

"Are you deaf Samantha?!" he roared angrily, this time sounding like an angry lion two seconds away from pouncing and ripping her flesh from her skeleton as he stood there with his eyes glued to her rain-soaked form while she continued to say nothing.

The nerve of this girl, really, he thought as he took shallow breaths to restore his oxygen level while running his hands through his hair and slicking it back to keep the bangs that were sticking to his forehead, starting to fall into his eyes and obstruct his view of his redheaded prey, back.

Constantly turning him on and then dashing away right when he thought she was going to let him have her. Right when he thought she was done playing games and he could move on with his plans.

Breathing deeply, he attempted to calm himself, telling himself that this was just another minor interruption. She couldn't stop him, he knew she knew as much by now that no one could halt what was going to happen to her. She was going to marry him, there was no fighting that. She was going to be his wife, Mrs. Samantha Scam. It was her destiny.

Was she going to be foolish enough to try and change that? Again?

His eyes widened in surprise when she finally turned around to face him in complete battle stance. And he realized, aggravated beyond words, that yes, yes she was going to try and change that. Unfortunately for her though, he was more stubborn than her and he had set his sights on her.

And when he did that, when he, Timothy Scam did THAT, there was no going back. He'd have her, or he'd die trying. A small smirk tugged at his lips at that last thought because a guy like him, honestly, was practically invincible. And that meant, as he already knew, that he wouldn't be dying anytime soon.

He would have her. Period, there was no ifs, ands or buts about it. He would have her no matter what.

No matter what.

Glancing at her as she stood there glaring at him with nothing but determination set on her beautiful face, Scam soon threw his head back let out a laugh, a long, pitying laugh.

Hearing it, Sam felt her glare grow deeper. He wasn't taking her seriously, was he? No he wasn't taking her seriously at all. Wanting him to get it through his stone skull that she was fully serious about fighting him and putting a final end to this, Sam took a step closer to him while staying in her battle stance.

"I'm through messing around, Scam!" she spat, fury rolling off her voice in waves. "Fight me!" she screamed, demanding him to stop laughing and prepare for attack like an opponent on a battlefield should.

But he only shook his head from side to side, laughing for a moment longer before he lifted his head and looked straight at her with nothing but pure ridicule all over his face. "Seriously, Sam?" he asked, disbelief in his tone as he watched her in amusement. "You can't be THIS stupid," he said, raising his hands dramatically and letting out another chuckle. "You have to know this is a bad idea."

But she didn't move a muscle as he'd hoped, she persistently stayed in her position instead of dropping it and giving up as he wanted her to. A small sigh left him. She really was determined to waste this night with fighting wasn't she? When there was a much more pleasurable activity it could be used for…

The annoyance in his eyes made way for fascination as he just stared at her; her hair, once slightly tangled from tossing and turning in her sleep now fully in knots from his fingers playing with it, her eyes darkened and focused on him, her lips a little swollen and fully unglossed, her dress now just a scrap of silk on her curvaceous form after he had torn it to pieces to get to her luscious body.

This licentious picture could fool even him into thinking they had spent the last hour or so viciously making out instead of playing cat and mouse...something which she was no doubt, hell bent on continuing on with.

Sighing, he had to admit he wasn't enjoying how much of a colossal bore she was being and his displeasure only got worse when he heard her shout at him again.

"Fight me," she hissed, her arms slightly shaking now from impatience. "I told you to fight me!"

Scam signed tiredly and looked at her with longing eyes. "Don't do this Samantha," he rasped out, saying her name in such a way that it sounded almost like a pleading groan. "You're going to regret it." Lifting his arms, he held them out to her. "Come in my arms, it's where you're going to end up no matter how much you struggle and deep down you know that."

He gave her a knowing glance and continued smugly, "No, you're much too smart not to know that you belong to me." Scam's lips pulled into a taunting smirk as he eyed her darkly, darkly and demeaningly. "I own you Sam. You hear me?" His smirk widened as his voice turned grim. "I own you and there is nothing, not a damn thing you can do about it."

"Shut up!" Sam growled, nostrils flaring as her entire form shook with rage at his words and before she could stop herself, she had sent a flying kick in his direction.

Her foot hit him square in the stomach and Scam skidded back half a step before lifting his head and giving her a nonchalant stare as if to tell her that her kick had done absolutely nothing to him and letting out a "tsk." Shaking his head he whispered her name a few times, sounding disappointed.

"Sam, Sam, Sam…" he said before his voice turned into a low growl. "I'm getting angry," Scam said warningly, expecting her to come to her senses and surrender herself to his embrace while he was still calm.

But she did no such thing and instead aimed another kick flying into his stomach. "Tell someone who cares!" she screamed disregarding his warning altogether.

This time, he caught her foot before it could make contact with his body. Glaring at it, he looked up at her again and cocked an eyebrow. "Last chance," he muttered and Sam didn't have to think twice to know that he was talking about his oh so kind suggestion for her to hand herself over to him for her own good.

"Over my dead body," Sam thought, glaring vehemently as she yanked her foot out of his hold and once again launched another kick at him.

Reading the kick before it could even get close enough to hit him, Scam moved to the side and dodged it with ease. Snarling at his evasion of her attack, Sam tried again. But this time, instead of telling her to stop or quietly escaping her attacks, Scam let out a growl of the words "you asked for it" before lunging at her and answering her attack with one of his own.

He shifted so fast, she couldn't even see him coming. One second ago he had been standing there talking to her harmlessly and within the next he had transformed into a fighting machine that was intent on tearing her to pieces.

She had expected him to be good at this based on the brief fight they'd had back when this whole thing had began but she'd never expected him to be this good. Heck it seemed as if even the WOOHP combat robot, had it been in her place, would not be able to beat him. And she quickly realized that she was in serious trouble.

Caught off guard, Sam took a few steps back and tried to counter his moves but he kept them coming tirelessly. Catching the surprise in her eyes, Scam paused for a moment and smirked while he caught his breath.

"Speechless?" he asked, smirking wider as he nodded towards her as she stood there slightly wincing from the pain she already felt from his kicks and punches.

And he was just getting started.

"Can't believe how good I am at defeating you?" Letting out a small chuckle, he nodded at her again before speaking. "Go ahead darling, say it," he ordered. "Say you were wrong to think you could EVER take me down."

"Never!" Sam screamed, moving to wipe that smirk off his face only to be left hissing when he caught her arm and twisted it behind her back while his other arm forced her into a headlock which left her gasping loudly for air.

Listening to her cough and pant, Scam lowered down and smirked right into her ear, letting her feel his enjoyment of her failure as he whispered, "Didn't your mother ever teach you to never say never?" Ignoring her sounds of defiance and useless attempts at trying to free herself from him, Scam only tightened his hold on her.

"I think you need to be taught some respect Samantha…." he muttered, heavy amounts of dissatisfaction in his tone. Tracing her earlobe with his lips he mumbled. "This is no way to treat your future husband…."

His voice trailed off as his lips stopped tracing her ear and instead began to kiss it. He left a semi-circle of butterfly kisses against the helix, slowly moving towards the root. Unconsciously, Sam's eyelids began to flutter and slowly her shoulders slumped in relaxation leaving her back to sway back and rest against his chest. She could feel his chin nuzzling her cheek with every kiss he planted, and the part of his jaw which was gliding against the side of hers felt like it was made of chiselled stone. The subtle brush of stubble there tickled her as it touched her cheek and he had a slight cleft in his chin, just a tiny one she realized distractedly, as his mouth remained on her ear.

Her eyes slowly squeezed shut when his tongue crawled out and stroked the path of kisses he'd laid before starting up again. She could pick up his scent now, as she stood there in his arms. It was a…a…

There was no other word for it but a "masculine" scent of wood, sea breeze and spice. And his breath was warm, like the first smoky mist of heat which rose from a freshly lit fire and left a cool wash on her skin as it contrasted with the cold raindrops which were still raining down on her. And suddenly she found she was at peace, complete and utter peace like she'd never felt before.

But that was only until she felt him smirk which snapped her out of her trance. But not in time enough to avoid the pain.

Suddenly the lips which had been caressing her gently, parted and his teeth bit down hard into her flesh leaving her to let out a small cry in surprise.

Letting it fuel him, he growled threateningly. "I won't tolerate disrespect or resistance, believe me Sammie," he bit again into the same place at her lobe, making it hurt more and eliciting a whimper out of her before another growl erupted from the pit of his throat, one that sounded like it came from an animal, a tiger, or from the depths of hell from the black lips of the devil himself.

"When I lose my temper, I do horrible things," he whispered, teeth still grazing at her and she had to bite her cheek hard not to let out another sound. "When someone pushes my buttons, I lose it, and tonight you've pushed all of them and for that…" he spat, gripping her even more fiercely and she felt as if she was losing all blood circulation.

But she had no time to worry about that or tell him to stop as she heard his next words. "…You need to be taught a lesson.. Heh, you need to be shown good."

Sam felt a glacier of ice settle into her stomach as her throat went completely dry. Just what did he mean by that? What horrendous thing was he planning on doing to her now?

Unfortunately for her, she didn't get much time to ponder over the answer to that as he soon pushed her away from himself and went back to fighting her. His foot hitting her back, Sam nearly toppled off balance and hit the ground. With great effort she managed in steadying herself, but just as she was about to get back on her feet another kick sent her flying.

A staggering gasp left her as she saw herself about to collide into a tree. Thrusting her arms out she saved herself from the impact and turned around, pressing her back against it and taking deep, shallow breaths. It seemed all she could do right now was try and defend herself; attempting to attack him right now while he was more than furious was proving to be impossible.

The idea of fighting him face to face and getting this over with, she unhappily realized, didn't seem so realistic in retrospect.

But what were the odds of keeping up defending herself until she wore him out? Scam didn't seem to be getting tired and didn't look like he would be any time soon. Then how was she ever going to beat him? How was ever going to stop him? Or did this mean that…she couldn't? Did it mean he was right? That she was powerless?

Her eyes widened in dread.

That… he owned her?

"You're done for…" came his voice and Sam untangled from her inner turmoil just in time to see his fist coming flying towards her face on a path directly headed to breaking her nose, possibly her face in half in one blow.

Knowing she was far too late to even attempt avoiding it now, she closed her eyes tightly, preparing for the hit and the throbbing pain that would follow.

Only it never came. A moment later, she heard him growl and felt him reach out and grab her by her shoulders, pull her away from the tree that she was plastered against and push her down to the floor. Not willing to down without a fight even if it was futile Sam hooked her foot on his ankle as she fell and forced him to join her.

She fell on her back with a thud while he landed next to her after succeeding in putting his arms out fast enough to avoid falling flat on his face. Grunting, Scam rolled over onto her. His hands moved up against her, using various parts of her to latch onto while he dragged himself up her body until he was finally looking into her eyes.

"You don't have the slightest idea how much, how badly I want to rip you apart right now," he said breathlessly when he got there, looking down at her with burning eyes. A drop of water drifted off his soaked forehead and landed on her lower lip.

Frowning and licking it away, Sam shot him a glare. "Then why don't you?" she spat, staring into his eyes with venom, daring him almost to do it, kill her, get it over with. She'd rather die than be his pawn in his dastardly scheme. Whatever that was.

But he only chuckled, remaining eerily calm the whole time as he kept looking at her endlessly. "Because baby…" he drawled, lowering down to her even more until she could feel his nose brushing against hers. A playful smirk pulled at his lips as he winked, "I need you in one piece for our wedding night."

Easily catching her hand when it flew up to slap him at his crude statement Scam smirked, bringing it up to his lips and slowly kissing each fingertip before he laced their fingers together and pressed her hand back down on the ground near the side of her head.

Twisting her hand under his and failing in getting it freed, Sam glowered and screamed at him instead of attempting another slap. "You bastard! I hate your guts!"

"Hate me, do you?" Scam whispered quietly, bringing his head back down and pressing his nose against hers. "Up until now, I honestly didn't know that," he said sarcastically before giving her another smirk which worried her as to what he was going to say next. "In fact I thought you passionately, desperately, helplessly loved me."

Sam somehow contained the urge to roll her eyes at that and sent him a glare. "I could never love a creep like you," she snapped.

"Good thing I don't care about that minor detail," he retorted in response sounding every bit like he couldn't care less about her consent once more.

Unhappy at yet again not being taken seriously by him, Sam spat at him loudly, "I told you, I will NEVER marry you!"

The moment she said that, it was easy to tell that she'd made him angry again. In fact the transformation in his mood was as obvious as Jekyll and Hyde.

"What did I tell you about never saying never, hmm?" he hissed while moving his mouth closer to her face. "Not a very good listener…" biting into her other ear this time and leaving her to gasp, he smirked whispering, "Are you Sammie?"

Wanting to get him off of her and make him pay for everything he had been saying and doing to her, Sam said nothing and instead attempted to move her leg enough so she could jab her knee in a painful spot.

But before she could even move he had pinned her down harder and was looking back at her with rage-tinted, coal-dark eyes which told her that he had figured out exactly where her knee had been headed before he caught on.

"I'm getting sick and tired of this nonsense Sam," he growled. "I've had enough with you trying to stop me."

As if she honestly gave a shit about him being tired, Sam thought starting up at him with nothing but annoyance in her eyes. And before she could stop herself, she said the words that were hanging on the tip of her tongue without weighing them nor thinking of the impact that they might have.

"Good thing I don't care about that minor detail."


Nothing but the sounds of the wing swivelling and rain falling could be heard after she'd spoken. On top of her he didn't move and inch, not even to breathe. It almost seemed as if he'd turned to stone; a troll of middle-earth at the first ray of dawn, but it was easy to tell that he hadn't liked what she'd said. He hadn't liked her throwing his own words back in his face like that. He had not liked it at all.

A quiet chill passed through her at his complete and total lack of a reaction. It almost seemed as if he hadn't registered her words even though she knew that he had heard them.

But then, in an instant, his face shifted. It was as if he was transforming into a whole other creature, a deadly beast. His eyes nearly flashed red with fury and his jaw twitched visibly as he clenched his teeth. And before she knew it, he had thrown her across the forest floor. She skidded across the muddy ground with a scream, almost smashing head first into a tree.

Gasping Sam turned to find him glaring at her like he never had before and another chill passed through her, this time all the way down to her skeleton. She almost jumped at the sound of his voice.

"So you want a fight? Fine!" he barked. "I'll give you a real fight, the likes of which you've never had before. And I promise you…" he hissed, his voice growing even rougher, even more inhuman. "By the time I'm done every, single part of you will be screaming out in pain. Heh, I'm going to make it so bad you'll find yourself wishing, you little bitch," he spat, smirking now. "That you had just settled for screaming out my name while I made a real woman out of you."

A cold sweat broke out all over her form as she listened to his damning words and their unquestionable intent. In the back of her mind, she realized that he knew she was a virgin, that much was obvious by now. As that thought sank in, fear also started to sink into her every pore.

He said he was going to give her a fight. He said he was going to give her a real fight. Which meant up until now…he hadn't even been trying to hurt her.

No, he had just been playing with her, humouring her. But even in doing that, just doing that little, he had broken her. He had broken her, he had made her feel pain and there were areas of her of her body on which imprints of bruises were already in progress. And she asked herself, terrified. If he really was aiming to hurt her now…would she even survive?

That was the last thought that went though her mind as his leg came flying towards her and she tried to dodge it last minute only to be kicked harshly in the side.

With a heavy groan she felt the start of another bruise begin to form where she was now throbbing; the first of many more painful ones that she knew she'd be getting tonight.

Her teeth dug deep into her lower lip, trying like crazy to keep herself from yelling out at all the pain she was feeling right now. Her arms ached, her legs ached, her head ached, she hurt all over as she lay there on the floor curled up in a ball panting, completely spent. She knew for sure now after throwing everything she had at him, the painful fact that she couldn't just take Tim Scam on in a fight and get this over with. She had tried, tried so hard that it made her nearly cry from disappointment at her failure. But there was no denying it.

After she had finally managed to match pace with him tonight in his brutal attacks, she was able to fight back. She knew with all her effort she had rattled him too, it wasn't like he had gotten off with nothing but deep down she knew she hadn't managed to do any real damage to him. All her hits, kicks and punches were like forming temporary scratches on a wild tiger. She knew it wouldn't hold him back for long if at all, and any doubt she had over that was confirmed immediately when she heard him moving from his place on the ground a few feet away from where she was.

Rolling over with a low grunt, Scam raised a hand and pushed back his hair from his eyes before landing his gaze on the girl who had put him in this state. His anger was gone now, shed in their physical fight and he found himself staring at her a different emotion. When he looked at her, he couldn't help but be enthralled by her.

This woman made him feel alive in so many ways, it was crazy. She could push him and shove him and kick him and even manage to cause him, HIM, pain. No matter how little it was and how fast he'd heal, it was still pain that he felt which made it an achievement and he held that it in the highest regard.

Sam was no weak woman. No, she was capable of giving him hell and unbeknownst to her that made him want her even more. She was not a deadbeat, she was just like embers and all that had to be done to make her come back roaring was for someone to stoke the flames and he did that.

He couldn't help but grin at that because nothing could be more true. He fired her up just like she lit a firestorm inside him. How much he wanted her? No one, not even he had the words to describe it.

Biting his cheek as he felt a wave of dull pain pass through his abdomen where she had kicked him a couple of times, Scam smirked knowing any other guy would quit or at the very least take a break from pursuing a woman capable of causing him injury. But not him. For him this, all of this was a turn on of the uppermost degree. Yes he did hurt a bit all over but that was not going to stop him from taking his prize. He had clearly won their little sparring match and she was his to claim.

A few seconds later, he pushed himself up on his feet and went over to her. Hearing his footsteps, Sam opened her eyes and felt his shadow looming over her in the dim moonlight. Still in pain but unwilling to quit, she started to crawl back from him despite how much it ached.

And watching her do that, Scam couldn't help but smirk in approval. Before he had gotten back up, she hadn't moved in at least ten minutes and had simply laid there like a corpse. He absolutely loved how her fear of him and what he could do to her, animated her even when she had had no energy left, even if she wouldn't move an inch for any other thing.

If he was coming to get her, Sam would always run because she was scared of him even if she'd never say it with her own mouth for the sake of her pride...

And that was what made this plan so damn perfect. So damn foolproof.

Watching her shakily climb to her feet and weakly raise an arm to resume their long finished battle, Scam let out a small scoff before grabbing her wrist and drawing her up against his chest.

"Give it up already," he whispered firmly. "You damn well know this fight is over." With that he used his grip on her to spin her body away from himself so that she landed on the hood of his car. Sam let out a gasp and turned around, trying to get away only to be trapped there by his body.

He was leaning over her, his arms at her sides pinning her into place. Water droplets from his bangs were dripping onto her face and she could feel him breathing unevenly while his eyes, shadowy and heady were fixed on her face. She could feel him against her as he left no distance between their bodies. She could feel every bit of him digging into her, his chest, his thighs…and his erection.

Instantly she fell completely limp on the spot, her heart booming inside her as her mouth failed to form words out of trepidation. Scam just watched her for a moment as she stood there gaping at him and he let out a low chuckle before speaking to her.

"You know Sam…" he whispered, tracing the outline of her face with his lips. "All I wanted to do tonight was show you my home, the place you'll be living after becoming my wife in a few short weeks." His lips roamed along her forehead, down her cheek, then across her jaw as he tasted her skin. Sweat mixed with rain water, salty and arousing. He liked it.

"Wh-what?" Sam stuttered out, wide-eyed and disoriented. It was really hard to focus on his words when he was doing that to her with his lips. He hadn't been planning on raping her tonight? That wasn't why he had abducted her from her bed?

Dragging his mouth over to her lips he talked right into them. "Mmhmm…" he purred in a lazy drawl. "But now…I'm not in the mood for any tours. In fact, I'm only in the mood for one thing." She felt him smirk against her mouth. "I bet you know that that is, don't you Sammie?"

As if his very obvious state of arousal left anything to guesswork, Sam thought and she was left rapidly sucking in her breath when he moved and pressed himself into her even harder.

And if it wasn't for the thin veil of their clothes between them which was practically nonexistent as the silk of her dress was torn and the soaked material clung to her skin as if it were part of it. Suddenly she felt moisture forming inside her, spreading through her like a wildfire and her blood rushed straight to her head.

"No…" she pleaded feebly trying to appeal to him.

But he just shook his head to tell her it wouldn't work. "You can't stop me, " he said dismissively as he moved his mouth to the hollow of her neck. He breathed over it before licking it, preparing her flesh before starting to suck and bite down the side again in insidious assault.

He couldn't help but laugh when he felt her tense and how her arms, although trapped by his to her sides, were trying to escape so she could push him off.

She never gave up, did she? They were like two sides of the same coin both of them, one and the same.

Feeling her still attempting to wiggle free, Scam let out a "tsk."

"…Or maybe you'd like to try fighting me again so you become fully paralyzed instead of just finding it hard to move an inch like you are right now…" His eyes met hers challengingly as he cocked an eyebrow and smirked. "Go ahead, make my night."

Throat going dry, Sam couldn't help but imagine herself laying completely helpless in his bed. And she just knew that he would have much more fun with that, with a prey that couldn't put up a fight. An easy kill…just like any other predator.

"Heh, I'm going to make it so bad you'll find yourself wishing, you little bitch…That you had just settled for screaming out my name while I made a real woman out of you."

Sealing her eyes in agony, she stopped struggling. Something he noticed and smirked at, knowing this proved just how much power he had over her.

"Good choice," he whispered to her, still smirking as he released her for a moment and went over to his car. He opened the door and placed his knee on the driver's seat as he bent his head while opening a compartment.

Watching him from the corner of her eye Sam wondered if she should use this chance to try and escape as he was distracted by something in his car. But within a split second he was back. And when she saw what he was holding, her eyes widened in alarm.

Enjoying her face and the look that was on it, Scam only chuckled under his breath as he reached out and took her limp, bruised arms, one at a time, gently running his fingers down each until he reached her forearms. He caressed her wrists before finally cuffing them together with the handcuffs. When he was done he put her, now bound arms around his neck, locking her into place right against his body.

Uncomfortable in her new position, Sam tried to make peace with the terrifying fact that she was now literally stuck to him and she could no longer use her hands to fight him. Even if she was far too washed out right now to fight anyway, she shot him a spiteful glare knowing he was taking full advantage of her weakness.

Noting her glare, Scam rolled his eyes. "Oh come on," he drawled. "You've put me in these many, many times in the past and I didn't throw a hissy fit, did I?"

"That's what he thinks this is?" Sam thought, even more angered. Her trying to save her virginity was a hissy fit? He was Trivializing her pain. AGAIN. Just like the super villain he was. She'd like to see how calm and willing he would be if someone put him in chains with the clear and unequivocal intent to take advantage of him. Of course HE would never end up in that condition.

"You deserved it!" she found herself screaming in outrage. "You were being arrested for committing crimes and escaping from WOOHP! You are a prisoner!"

Listening to her, Scam just shook his head. Silly woman, she didn't get it did she? By that logic, she was equally as deserving to put into chains by him.

"And you deserve it for trying to escape me, Sam," he retorted coolly. "You are MY prisoner." Lowering down and looking her straight in the eyes, he smirked, "My prisoner for life."

Sam couldn't help but fall silent at the subtext in that statement. His prisoner for life…as his wife. Marriage….that was why he was marrying her.

In gloom, she imagined herself literally being cuffed to him for not just this life, but all eternity. Like Hades and Persephone. At his point she wouldn't be shocked if he turned out to actually be some immortal demon or the Devil whose sole purpose for existing now was to ruin her in every way.

"Will I never be rid of him? Ever?" She asked herself, feeling she knew the answer to that and she didn't like it. Sam bowed her head to not have to look at him, aggravated beyond words. But what he said next forced her to look back up at him in a flash.

"Kiss me," he urged, huskily.

Sam looked at him with her eyes ready to pop out of her sockets. Was he actually, seriously suggesting that she…no, no it couldn't be right. Why would he ever say that she should k-

"Kiss me," he repeated, letting her know that no, she wasn't imagining it in her advanced state of mental and physical stress and that he really was saying those words. Shocked, she remained silent and just stared at him in total disbelief.

"I can see it in your eyes how badly you want to," he coaxed.

Eyes widening even more at his ridiculous assumption, Sam shook her head rapidly and spoke to him in a voice filled with nothing but certainty. "...You're out of your mind. I already told you, I hate-"

"We both know you can't fight me Sam, you tried and failed miserably." He shrugged, watching her expression calmly which looked as if someone had slapped her in the face. "At least I'm giving you an option to release some of that frustration."


"Before it eats you up alive."


"Go on," he whispered. "Show me how much you hate me in the only way that you can manage."


"…That is, if you are capable of even that much," he mocked, smirking away. "Which to be honest you probably aren't seeing that you're just a straight-laced, do-gooder, little miss perfect, golden girl, who doesn't know the first thing about taking reveng-

Suddenly he was cut off mid-sentence when the girl he had been making fun of endlessly let out a vociferous growl of rage and without warning, pushed herself forward towards him while using her grip around his neck to bring his head down to hers bridging the tiny gap which had been hanging between their lips…

In a vicious kiss.




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