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Nagi: I liked it. What about you Amu-chan?

Amu: Hai *blushes*

Ikuto: Now is Amulet Lynx, where Yoru & I come in.

ANKH: But there are no definite couples in the series remember?

Ikuto: But I will get a moment right?

ANKH: Maybe….

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*wakes up from a bad dream*


"What do you want Yoru? Let me sleep…"

"I had a bad dream-nya…"

"So? Just go back to sleep, if you can't then don't bother me, go play or something."

*Ikuto went back to sleep*

How come he doesn't care? *tears in his eyes*


Yoru floated out through Ikuto's window and Ikuto being the uncaring chara bearer he is now is still sleeping…

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