Amu: We got 3 reviews! Thanks you!

Suteneko: Yes Thanks!

Ikuto: Again why are you up at 5 in the morning?

Amu: And today is a Thursday.

Suteneko: I only start getting ready for school at 5.50am you know. I have time.

Ikuto: You should be sleeping more.

Suteneko: I can't, once I wake up, I can't go back to sleep.

Ikuto: Use painkillers.

Suteneko: I don't like them, they get me dizzy.

Ikuto: Whatever

Amu: Do you ever sleep in class or drink coffee?

Suteneko: Nope. Now Amu please do the disclaimer.

Amu: Sure. AmuKuroNekoHime does not own Shugo Chara or its characters

Amu's POV


Utau kept a blank face.

"We put a video of you in your chara changes with Yoru & Kiseki on Youtube"

Yaya began reading comments about the video. The video actually scored 10,000 hits!

"That pink chick is pretty violent; I'll hate to get her mad"

"I loved her being a cat!"

"The guy with the blue hair must have been a perverted friend right? So she beat him up and then she flirted with him and bit him on the ear as payback right?"

I put my finger on my temple again. "Yoru"


"Chara-change with me"

"Control your feelings-nya. If not your feelings will make you fall your instinct-nya."

"I got it"


Narrator's POV

Amu was in her chara-change with Yoru again and when she looked at Utau & Kukai, they sweatdropped.

"Concho Neko!"

Amu whipped her Concho belt on the ground and Utau & Kukai looked at each other and chara transformed with their charas & flew off together.


Amu jumped up and landed on a street lamp post and jumped to another & another, trying to whip them with her belt. Amu's charas flew off behind her, trying desperately to catch up with her.

Tadase's POV

"Ikuto-nissan, should we interfere?"

"Nah, Kukai & Utau deserves it. And Amu can bend all her frustrations out on them. Anyway I'm going home."

He waved and jumped onto a roof of the building and took off.

Yoru floating behind him

Why didn't he chara-change like he usually does?


Amu-chan is in a chara-change with Yoru right now she can't chara change either.

Wait…then how is Amu-chan able to keep that form if Yoru is not near her?

Before I could ponder more about this, Yuikki-san started jumping up & down

"Let's go shopping!"

I nodded.

"Sure Yaya chan"

"I have nothing else better to do."

Amu's POV

My chara change ended but I was satisfied with what I was seeing.

I tied Utau & Kukai up with some rope I found conveniently lying around and taped their mouths with duct tape.

They were hanging from a street lamp post outside of Ikuto's house.

" Bye guys"

I waved to them; chara transformed with Ran and flew off, making my way home now.

Dia looked at me "Ne, Amu-chan you seem pretty stressed."

"I am"

Suu smiled at me.

"Maybe a nice hot bath and some herbal tea will make you feel better-deschu."

"Thanks girls"

Suteneko: The End!

Amu: So who am I paired up with in the next one-shot?

Kairi: Me.

Amu: Inchiou! *Blushes madly and runs away*

Kairi: Is she okay?

Suteneko: Yeah she's just embarrassed that's all.

Kairi: About what?

Suteneko: She remembered your confession that's all.

Kairi: Oh I see. Isn't Singapore's National Day coming up by the way?

Suteneko: Yup. We're celebrating it in school tomorrow. And we have no school on Monday & Tuesday but we have a lot of homework.

Kairi: I see

Suteneko: Watch out for my one-shot 'Love under a Thunderstorm'

Everyone: Ja Ne!