ANKH: Yo! Today I have with me, Utau Hoshina & her charas Il & El!

Utau: You sound like a talk show host

Il: *laughs*

ANKH: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

El: ANKH-chan wants to thank all of the people who reviewed this story

ANKH: Yeah! Thanks so much! Its only 5 chapters and I already have 15 reviews! Thank you!

Utau: And you're a beginner too

Il: Yeah, BTW can I ask a question?

ANKH: What?

Il: If your name is AmuKuroNekoHime then why is your nickname A-N-K-H?

*utter silence*

Author: God how could I not notice this until now!

Utau: Because you're an idiot?

Il: *laughs*

Author: Fine from now on my nickname is Suteneko ok?

Utau: Since when are you a stray?

Suteneko: Shut up will you? God you're almost as annoying as your brother.

Utau: I'll take that as a compliment

El: Where is Ikuto & Amu anyway?

Amu: Ikuto! Get the hell of me!

Ikuto: But Amu….* Ikuto had pinned Amu on the ground*

Suteneko: Leave Amu alone you hentai

Ikuto: No

Suteneko: Fine. Takes a bat and hits Ikuto with it.

Ikuto: *Unconscious*

Amu: Thank you

Suteneko: El do the disclaimer

El: Hai!AmuKuroNekoHime does not own Shugo Chara or its characters.

Amu's POV

Yoru pointed to the X Egg

"There it is-nya!"

I chara transformed with Ran

"My Heart-Unlock!"

"Amulet Heart!"

The X Egg saw us.

It aimed and flared its energy at…Yoru.

"Yoru! No!"

I ran in front of Yoru and protected Yoru & myself from the X Energy with my pom-poms.


"Yoru are you okay?"

My eyes were still on the X Egg.

I can't hold on…much…longer…

My legs gave in & I fell backwards

My chara-nari ended which left Ran and me on the ground. I looked over to Ran to see she was sleeping.

My body feels numb; I think there was so much X Energy that it even tired out Ran and now I'm on the ground staring at the sky above me.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Yoru fly over towards me.

"Amu are you hurt-nya?"

"I'm okay"

Miki and the others tended to Ran.

I can feel Yoru's eyes on me. He must be really worried.

"I'm sorry Yoru. You don't have to worry about me"

"I want to-nya. I like you-nya. I love you as much as I love Ikuto-nya"


At that moment, the Humpty Lock & Yoru's Cross started to glow.

Ikuto's POV

I can't believe this, one moment; I was relaxed and calm, now I'm tense and frantic with worry.

I stopped running when I felt a strange power running through me.

I took out the Dumpty Key; it was glowing like the time Kiseki and Amu transformed.

Is she going to chara-nari with Yoru?

I looked up when I heard purplehead shout.

"There she is!"

I ran to catch up with them and then there was a large flash of light that blinded us for a moment.

When it died out Amu had chara transformed with Yoru.

Very nice, very very nice

Amu's POV

"Amulet Lynx!"

I looked down at my outfit and yelled out frustrated.

"Why the hell am I dressed like this? First Kiseki, now you Yoru!"

"Calm down Amu-nya, I think you look great-nya"

I sighed

"Thanks Yoru"

"At least Ikuto isn't here-nya"


I would rather die than let him see me like this!

Suteneko: Cliffy!

Amu: So my outfit is pretty revealing huh?

Suteneko: Yup!

Amu: You said it wasn't all that sexy in Amulet Royal!

Suteneko: Oh sorry, what I meant to say was that it won't be as sexy as Amulet Neko

Amu: I hate you

Utau: So what will Amu look like?

Suteneko: You'll find out in the next chapter

Il: I want to know now damn it!

El: Me too

Suteneko: Too bad, too sad.

Utau: Please review.