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Author's Note: This is my first ever fic! Well, first ever completed, posted on a website one, at least. It's a short little one shot, made for my friend, because she asked for something.

I wasn't sure what I should put as the rating, since there are some suggestive actions, but it's not really shown. I'm putting it in M, just in case, but if someone thinks it's safe enough for it to be in T, I'll gladly take in the input. Please be gentle!

In the darkness, something stirred. It was only a breeze of wind to the untrained eye, but for the one who was watching and waiting for it, it was obvious. He was coming.

Breathing in deeply and exhaling completely, Izuru kept his gaze on his sliding door, awaiting the visitor. He always came at this time, without fail. He would come through the door and take him to the brink of pleasure.

And leave him hanging. Never finishing. Izuru moaned slightly just thinking of it. The amazing feeling of his skin, his lips, his tongue.

Izuru shivered. The wind was picking up. He would be here soon. Closing his eyes, he thought back to the last time.

Last time, he had come into the room already half undressed, as if he had impatiently started stripping himself on the way to Izuru's room, leaving articles of clothing behind. He had walked painfully slow to Izuru's bed, and climbed in under the sheets, pressing his cold body to the warm one already in the bed. Izuru had shivered at the contact, both because of the freezing touch and anticipation.

Without warning, he had pulled himself on top of Izuru, and clashed their lips together. It was soft, but pressing, as if he had needed, longed for the feeling. He brought his hand down to Izuru's chest and gave his nipple a slight yank, making Izuru gasp, just long enough for him to slip a tongue into the near-excited Vice Captain. He rocked his hips into Izuru's, eliciting more and more moans from the man below, and he felt himself getting harder. He wanted to press into him, and to take him. Enough with this foreplay.

Izuru sighed at the memory. He had been quite passionate to Izuru that night. Perhaps he had done something to please him, or perhaps he wasn't in the dominating mood. But whatever the reason, he had brought Izuru close to his breaking point without tearing anything that time.

It was always "close to". As if he was afraid of what it would mean if they had climaxed together. He always pulled out before Izuru could come. And he always left, swiftly, with the wind, leaving Izuru to finish the job himself. And that wasn't the same as having him there.

Slowly, the sliding door opened. This time, he was still fully dressed, but just as wonderful, lustful. He looked at Izuru with his glazed over eyes, and licked his lips. Izuru looked at him hopefully. Perhaps this would be the night. Perhaps this time...

"Izuru, let me see you."

At his voice, Izuru shivered, the sensational feeling jolting up his spine. He removed his nightrobe, so he was stark naked before the man he loved so very much. He smiled.

"Izuru," he moaned, as he came closer to the bed. "I think I can't hold myself back any longer."

Izuru closed his eyes and his heart skipped a beat. Finally. He was finally going to let him come with him inside. He opened his eyes slowly, his eyebrows scrunching up, like they usually did when he couldn't find the right words. A small smile spread across his face. He couldn't wait.

"Izuru..." He leaned in for the kiss.