Rating: PG-13/T

Genre: General
Summary: Just a quick drabble from a year or two ago. Daniella really hates Fiona. Implied one-sided Daniella/Riccardo and Riccardo/Fiona.
Author's Note: Honestly, it's been a while since I've played Haunting Ground, so go easy on me if there's one or two discrepancies in the details.

Disclaimer: I don't own Haunting Ground/Demento. It belongs to Capcom.

She hated this.

Well- If she was capable of hate she would hate this.

This… This… girl. This little, pale brat with a truckload of Azoth comes dropping from the sky and immediately she's Riccardo's favorite?

Daniella couldn't feel emotion. Not hate, no anger, no jealousy. It's the drawback of being a homunculus. Instead, she based her behavior on careful study and observation of others (However limited her pool of people was).

What she was supposed to feel was jealousy, frustration: Frustration that she couldn't give him what he wanted and needed, jealousy because he'd finally found someone who could.

Daniella understood that women who, like her, served their masters with such devotion and perfection over the years naturally felt bitter and threatened by the appearance of young, stupid twits that stole their masters' attention.

And what a stupid girl this Fiona was! Allowing Debilitas to chase her like that. He was feeble-minded enough to respond to the sort of scolding one might give a small child. It had certainly worked for Daniella.

Riccardo was a recluse by nature, but he was even more so now in preparation for his plans for Fiona. Daniella went about her typical duties completely and utterly uninterrupted by him. Had she been human, this may have hurt. But she wasn't, and so she assessed the situation and logically decided what her reaction would be.

Girl distracted Riccardo.

Hence, Riccardo ignored servants.

Thus, he ignored Daniella.

As a result, in an attempt at human mimicry, Daniella responded like any other human female would in this situation to the best of her understanding:

Directed violent rages at the source of the problem.

Even if she were capable of empathy or compassion, Daniella was uncertain as to whether or not she'd pity Fiona or feel badly about her actions towards the girl.

Another thing to take into consideration was that chasing Fiona, terrified, with a red-hot poker was about as close to 'fun' as Daniella was going to get. As well as getting revenge, this was an opportunity to feel almost-humor, which never happened. And since physical pain didn't happen for Fiona either, she could do it as much as she wanted in spite of Fiona's feeble retaliations or her stupid mutt's defense.

In time, however, Riccardo learned of these enchanting little outbursts. Suffice to say, he was not pleased with Daniella's erratic behavior; She'd been known to take a swipe at Debilitas now and then when it suited her, but this treatment of Fiona was on another level entirely.

It wasn't entirely correct to say that Riccardo was abusive towards Daniella.

As stated before, Daniella could not feel. Period. No emotions, no physical pain or pleasure. Therefore, whenever Riccardo struck her, he was not technically hurting her. She was tough as nails as it was, and a few smacks to the face didn't have the grandest effect.

He did it anyway, though, because it made him happy.

Unintentionally, this became a source of great negative attention for Daniella. When Riccardo was chewing her out, he wasn't paying heed to Fiona. When he was whacking her around, he wasn't concerned about his plans with Fiona.

It was hollow.

It was childish.

It was relatively pointless.

But it was something.