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"You've been spending a lot of time with Hiruma-sempai Monta," Sena commented one day after practice as the two walked home together.

Bright baby blues immediately looked over at Sena before nodding hesitantly.

"Yeah, the teamwork hasn't exactly been great between us," Monta replied, just a tiny bit nervous, but it wasn't very noticeably.

Sena arched a brow, a little confused.

"Hiruma-sempai said you were doing great yesterday," the running back replied allowing his confusion to show.

"Practice before that had been bad, remember?"

Thinking back to that day, Sena nodded. Monta had been doing pretty badly.

"I, uhm, I saw you guys at Supreme Burgers though afterwards."

Monta's eyes widened as he stopped walking and immediately began blushing. Sena had seen them!

The small running back arched a brow as he stopped walking as well, his own eyes widening a bit when he managed to put two and two together.

"Monta, were you guys on a date?" The receiver was blushing!


That voice...!


Making his way across the street was none other than Hiruma who had his large, ever present gun with him as usual.

"You can't keep your mouth shut can you fucking monkey?"

The wide receiver was immediately shot at as Hiruma's cackle sounded.

"Mukyaa, I didn't say anything Hiruma-sempai!"

The gun was then turned on Sena.

"Fucking shrimp, stop asking so many questions!"


We're playing a dangerous game here, having romance on the team, but it doesn't fucking matter, Hiruma thought, pulling Monta along by the collar of his jacket. Fucking manager can go die!

Sena gave Monta a pitying smile as the pair moved further and further away.

He didn't know whether they were good for each other not, but by the way they had interacted (even though it had seemed normal enough) something had definitely changed between them.