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For The Love Of Lugia!

Narrator: The vasting waters hold it's secrets and the northern winds tell their stories, but none are so enchanting as the tale of a powerful pokemon and his wish... to experience life as a human.

Chapter 1

Well, it certainly sounds crazy enough A huge cat like figure said as he swallowed down the last bite of his mango.

But it's not as bad as most would think A psychic voice replied.

You're right, it's worse! Mewtwo argued back as he reached for another Mango and bit into distastefully. He looked at the under ripened fruit and threw it out over the ocean. Suddenly a huge vortex of water ripped up through the ocean and caught the flying fruit. The Vortex quickly stopped and it let the creature within free fall into the waters below. The creature surfaced his head and looked at the cat with a fair bit of annoyance then burst out of the ocean and found a nice perch on a rock across from Mewtwo.

Mewtwo raised an eyebrow as he watched the water bound bird hit a mango tree with his tail and catch the load of falling fruit into its mouth. He cocked it's head in question as he chewed on the fruit thoughtfully. Come on, be honest! Lugia said as he swallowed the mouthful of fruit.

Mewtwo frowned and replied Buddy you're nuts! That's what I think

But even for a few days, a week even! Lugia insisted.

Mewtwo turned to his friend Listen Lugia, Great Water Guardian or not, humans are a very dangerous thing to mess with. What if the other Legendaries find out what you want to do. They'll throw a fit!

A week tops! Lugia said.

Mewtwo shook his head in disbelief Lugia, in my whole life I've never known a pokemon that wanted to become a human

Your point? Lugia asked bluntly.

My point is that you should think the same way the rest of us do; that humans are dangerous, destructive, habitat wrecking creatures and no self respecting pokemon in their right mind would ever want to become one.

And that's why I want to do this, to prove them all wrong. Humans aren't as bad as we think.

Well, I'll have no part in it. Just be lucky I don't tell the others Mewtwo said as he started to walk away.

If you were a true friend you would help me Lugia sent.

Mewtwo paused for only a mere moment before he flew off.

Lugia just moaned in frustration at his friend before he too disappeared under the waves.

The sea was calm and silent, the way it always was except for that one time when Lawrence the III tried to capture him and the other legendary birds Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Luckily the chosen one had arrived and was able to set things right.

Ever since that day Lugia wondered what it would be like to be human, even for just a short little while. What harm could come of it? He surfed along the current to see where it would take him, it was his only form of entertainment at the moment. Being under the sea was boring enough, but for eternity was just to much! Even a pokemon like him could use a little more excitement and what better way to do it then to see how humans commute in their everyday lives. Surely their lives must be filled with adventure, Lugia thought.

Lugia sighed as he thought back to the talk And that's why I want to do this, to prove them all wrong. Humans aren't as bad as we think That was only half of it. He wanted to see what the humans had to offer at their peak! What kind of exciting things that would await an anxious pokemon willing to learn their ways. He would be human for a week or two tops! not long enough to be discovered by the other legendaires. Besides, what could happen within a week or two? If something did happen then he would just change back to regular old Lugia no problem.

Regular old Lugia he thought to himself sadly, Something I wish I wasn't right now


A young girl looked in at her father's work shop sadly as she watched him tinker away at his new little pet project. She had been standing there for the past hour and a half waiting to get noticed. She tried making coughing noises, clearing her throat loudly from time to time, she even called his name once or twice. She had even tried making outrageous statements.

Dad, I'm going to the mall she'd claim, but he didn't answer.
Dad, I'm having a party tonight still no answer.
Dad, I'm being abducted by aliens from another planet still nothing.
Dad, Team Rocket's stealing everything we own including me but he still didn't flinch.

The girl rolled her eyes, she knew what would get his attention. Dad... LUGIA!

At that instant he shot up out of his chair, dropping the mater at hand and yelled "WHA!? WHERE?

The girl sighed in self pity, and looked at him. He looked at her with question Oh, Katerina. I didn't see you there

The girl angered and her voice raised Of course you didn't see me dad I've only been standing there for the past hour and a half!

The father looked at her plainly Well why didn't you say something?

Katerina grew frustrated and sarcastically said I did dad, only several hundred times but you've been so engrossed with catching that bird you never pay any attention to me anymore, you don't even spend quality time with me like you used to

Katerina turned away from her father and sighed You know, I'm starting to think that you love that pokemon more than you love me. I'm outta here and she left.

was all the father said and he returned to his work at hand.

Now to see if it turns on he gruffed as he pushed a button on a small hand held device he was currently making.

Almost instantly the small device came alive with little peeps and chirps. The man laughed aloud as he proclaimed to himself Lawerence the third, you are a genius!

To be continued...

What has Lawerence discovered? Will Lugia ever get his wish? What's going to happen to Katerina? Find out next time in chapter 2 on For The Love of Lugia!

AN: this is my next big thing next to the Mewtwo and Ashley series even though I'm still tryin g to work one Evolution the killer.