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~Chapter 8~

Luke slowly opened his eyes and moved his gaze downwards but he dared not move his head because it was resting on top of Katerina's. The young girl's sleeping form was peacefully resting against his. Her long golden brown hair was still damp from last nights hasty retreat from the others.

Lugia sighed to himself. Life as he knew it right now, was perfect and he would find a way so that nothing would change it. Stroking Kat's back once and pleasant thoughts playing through his mind, Lugia fell back into soft slumber.


Lawrence scanned the four large land masses that made up Whirl Island Lugia's home. You can only hide from me for so long Lugia.' Lawrence thought in a deadly tone. Holding a pair of binoculars up he continued to look over the four Islands from the boat he and Giovanni where currently on.

Giovanni joined lawrence at his side I've sent three teams of my students to scan three of the islands for Lugia and your daughter. You, myself and a few more of my men will take the forth island. he explained.

Lawrence kept his gaze on the islands as he spoke. Good. The quicker I get this bird the happier I'll be and finally tearing his gaze from the islands, he went below deck to prepare for his journey. Giovanni smirked in his usual sly manner as though he was keeping a secret from her dear friend and who's to say that he wasn't?

It wasn't long before their vessel docked and Giovanni's team escorted both men to the entrance of the island's entrance. It was dark with the exception of the morning sunlight that shone in through the entrance and beamed off pools of water that created a glassy rippled effect on the ceiling. Together Lawrence, Giovanni and four of his men wondered through corridors of the island being careful to scan and search every room, every nook and cranny for any signs of Lugia.

They entered the main chamber to the island and it was huge. Not even the lights of their flashlights could reach the upper corners of the chamber. A roaring waterfall descended down on side of the chamber walls and pooled out into a massive lake within the room that was easily hundreds of feet deep.

It's pitch back in here. This room is so huge we could easily get lost. Lawrence said, the roaring of the falls nearly drowning out his voice. Suddenly, as if on cue, a strong beam of sunlight shot down through a small hole in the ceiling and hit a crystalized stalagmite. Before their very eyes, the sun beam seemed to ricochet off of a few more of the crystal rocks, lighting them up from the inside and then the beam shot out and hit one last crystal rock and caused the beam to split like a prism and created rainbow colored light which shot up into the ceiling and spread quickly, creating a gorgeous array of swirling pastelic rainbow colors that lit the ceiling, floor and lake bottom.

The whole cavern seemed to be putting on a natural light show just for them and indeed the sight was breath taking. Well at least we can see now. Lawrence said in astonishment.

Giovanni signaled to his men to start a search of the chamber.


Luke stirred slightly as a slight chill crossed over his body, he snuggled closer to Katerina's warm body but he could feel it. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at the spot where Katerina had been sleeping beside him. Indeed it had seemed the girl was gone. A sudden muffled squeak caught his attention and Lugia shot his eyes towards a group of people standing mere feet in front of him. One he recognized as Katerina's father, Lawrence, another, he knew as Giovanni, even though they had never met, Mewtwo had shown him mental images and memories of this horrid man and knew plenty well to stay away from this man.

Lugia finally caught sight of Katerina, one of the strangers were holding her captive. He looked at the two men obviously in charge of this whole set up. Let Katerina go this instant! Lugia commanded as he stood tall and firm against his enemies. He could feel his power rage from within. He would blast them to an oblivion and be done with it once and for all.

Giovanni smirked wickedly and snapped his fingers. Instantly and effortlessly, Katerina was pushed into his grasp and Giovanni walked to the ledge where the waterfall started it's drop. He paused and looked back at the human formed pokemon and chuckled. I suggest you don't try that Areo Blast attack of yours again or your pretty little girlfriend dies.

Something clicked inside Lawrence. please unhand my daughter. there are other ways to go about_ at that very second Giovanni's men seized Lawrence and restrained him. Lawrence glared at his friend' By God, what is the meaning of this? Tell these boys to release me this instant!Lawrence demanded. At this moment only one thing ran through Lawrence's mind, one word that could describe this whole situation betrayal.

Giovanni chuckled. Sorry you old fool but as you can see, I only used you to find this powerful creature. You are of no use to me, and frankly you just don't seem to care much about your offspring anyway , so if I kill her it might as well be a blessing to you.

At this point Lugia cut in, giving a deadly glare to Giovanni. You wouldn't dare he hissed.

Wouldn't I? he retorted and took the exhausted Katerina by her neck and hung her over the edge of the falls. Come with me Lugia and I won't let you suffer much the Rocket leader whispered.

I'd rather die ten thousand excruciating deaths then become a slave to you. I am not easily tricked by such foolish and irrational tactics like my friend, the infamous Mewtwo. Lugia stated as slightly mockery dripped from his words.

Giovanni growled at the memory of his creation and absent mindedly tightened his grip on Katerina's throat. The girl winced and gave a small cry before beginning to choke, not only by Giovanni's grip, but by her own tears as well.

Lugia and Lawrence's attention was caught by the girl's cry. Giovanni please, leave my daughter out of this! Lawrence pleaded.

Giovanni stole a glance at the girl that was hanging over her death by his very grip then back at Lawrence. And what is stopping me from doing so. Why do you care so much as of now? Before, your obsession and want with Lugia was greater than any I had ever seen. You wanted nothing to do with anyone, let alone your own child. I bet you've been like this for so long that you have probably forgotten your own daughter's birthday. he laughed. So dumping her over this fall would just be ridding you a burden.

Lawrence's eyes practically glazed over as he realized what Giovanni was saying was right. His want for a pokemon had completely blinded him to what his true purpose was. To love and care for his daughter. Katerina, his life, his child, and the only one he had left in this world after his wife had died. He had ignored her all these years and completely dismissed it as a burden. How could he have been so dense? and as for her birth date. He would at least prove that he knew that.

October 23rd. Lawrence answered in a quite mutter but loud enough for all of them to hear. Lawrence glanced over to his daughter something seemed wrong besides her about to die. She seemed to be looked at him in pity.

That's your birthday. she choked in a whisper.

Lawrence lowered his head, unable to handle the shame and being able to face his daughter. Giovanni laughed maliciously as his choking grip suddenly began to slowly loosen. Katerina felt herself begin to slip and instantly panic set in. Fresh tears started streaking down her cheeks as she cried out and struggled against Giovanni's will to kill her and stay alive but it was futile, and realizing this she made one last attempt. A very sad and vocal one. She looked at her father who refused to even share half a seconds glance at her and she cried out to him. Daddy please, I loved you no matter what, I always have, and will even when you ignored me I still did. I don't care if you didn't get my birthday right, I don't care if don't love me she sobbed.

Lawrence whispered as he looked over to his helpless daughter as her words bore into him like a pack of wild hungry houndour.

Her cries growing harder and stronger, she added, I'm sorry I've been a pain, I'm sorry haven't been the perfect daughter but I still love you and I will. Always and forever.

Lawrence looked at his daughter with tear filled eyes. Giovanni, however was taking no such pity. Aww, how sweet. he joked and loosened his grip even further. Now Katerina was in even more of a panic as she rushed her speech. Daddy, daddy, please! I don't want to die, please don't let him kill me. Please Daddy, I don't wanna die, don''t make me go. Please Daddy, Please! Katerina wailed over her heart wrenching sobs and choked pleas for help.

Daddy?' Did Katerina just call him daddy? How long had it been since he had heard her call him by such a childish entitle? the truth hit him hard it had been far to long. Years. Yes she called him father but he knew she held no respect in saying it. It was then he felt his soul practically being stabbed and torn apart in two. How! How could he have been so uncaring, so selfish as to forget his own daughter till only know was he realizing her this very moment. Even though he had ignored her for years, never leant a comforting shoulder to cry on, or given a slight piece of advice to her. Heck! he had been a horrible father to her and wouldn't deny it, yet here was his daughter, holding on for all she was worth, calling out for her Daddy to save her, to rescue her in her most dire time of need, to hold her and tell her that she would be safe forever and to tell her that he loved her.

But I'm trapped.' Lawrence thought. He looked at his daughter in desperation. Katerina. My baby girl. He muttered. I'm sorry Lawrence quickly made a desperate attempt to release himself from the grip of Giovanni's henchmen but it was useless. Giovanni, please! Leave my daughter be. She's all that I have left. Destroying her will gain you nothing! Lawrence argued.

Giovanni smirked. Oh but I will gain something from all this. The pleasure of another's pain and suffering and not only that but by killing young Katerina here, I will have broken not only you my friend' but Lugia as well and with weakened and broken he won't be able to resist capture and I'll have a powerful pokemon to do my bidding. Giovanni bellowed out a menacing laugh that echoed through out the chamber.

Lugia's rage was soaring by now, he couldn't keep quiet any longer. Release her this instant! Lugia demanded while taking a threatening step forward.

Grinned almost sadistically at Lugia. Very well! he snapped and threw the girl over the edge of the falls!

Katerina shrieked as she made a desperate attempt to grab Giovanni's arm but she was thrown to far out and began to descend rapidly down into the misty falls.

KATERINA, NO! Lawrence yelled in angst as he made a final desperate attempt to get free.

Lugia yelled and without a second thought he bolted for the edge of the falls, past Giovanni and leapt over the rocky edge and dived down into the mist. Giovanni, his men and Lawrence watched the daring act in astonishment and utter shock and then a brilliant flash lit up the entire cavern but vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

A harmonious sound echoed through the chamber's depths, one that Lawrence knew all the well. It was the song of Lugia. Lawrence felt a strange sensation wash over him at that instant. Giovanni's men gave a sudden gasp that caused the Team Rocket Leader to look around at his next victim only to watch him be teleported away.

DAMN IT! NO! Giovanni cursed.


The calm rippling waves of the ocean broke and spread along the sandy shores of a quiet and desolate beach. Then, a few feet out, the waters' surface was parted as though air had gained a strength all its own and was bending the water element to it's will. A light aurora emitted from the parted water and the head of a large white and blue creature emerged. Clasped within it's strong jaw and with collar of a tee shirt that a young girl's body gently dangled by. Once the pokemon was sure that the human's head was out of the water's reach, he allowed his psychic shield to fade and the parted water rushed quickly over it's body and the girl's.

Gently Lugia broke Katerina to the shore and gently he laid her down on the soft wet beach sand. He looked at her with sorrow filled eyes as she lay there unconscious, but thankfully, still breathing. He nuzzled her cheek softly, trying to get her to arouse but Katerina lay still. He thought back to wait he had just done hours before. Once Giovanni had thrown Katerina off the cliff he had jumped off after her to save her. He had just barely caught her but realized that he had no way to save himself so he did the only thing that he could do change back and they took off under the water, Lugia putting up a psychic field to force the water apart to Katerina wouldn't drown. As a human he wasn't strong enough to rely on most of his powers. It still amazed him that he was able to use his most powerful attack back in on Ice Island.

I'm so sorry it had to be this way. Lugia said to the resting girl.

A deep voice addressed calmly. Lugia looked to see a very clam and casual Lawrence. Lugia lowered his head next to Katerina sadly and seemed to almost pout. Lawrence shook his head in recognition and smiled at him as he approached. Lugia, I can't thank you enough for saving my daughter's life. No longer to I wish to capture you. It seems that my daughter already has. Lugia raised his head slightly with an eyebrow. Lawrence chuckled and looked up at the bird. She has captured you heart.

Lugia frowned by this knowing that Lawrence was right. Lawrence bent down and lifted his cold wet child into his arms. Katerina, instinctively reacting to the warmth she now sought, snuggled in closed to her father while shivering slightly and making a small verbal protest to the cold.

She needs rest and warmth. Lugia stated calmly.

Lawrence looked up at the pokemon. Lugia. Thank you once again for all you have done. You've made me realize what is truly important in my life and have made me see that I was dreadfully wrong. Thank you. A silent moment passed between the two and then Lawrence said Lugia, you are free to go now. No more will you be bothered by me.

Lugia looked away almost shamefully as though he were regretting something or not.


Bright green eyes opened slightly to meet dark amethyst ones. A silent respect passed between them before the purple eyed keeper, Lawrence, spoke softly. Katerina, sweetheart. How are feeling?

Katerina had finally woke up after three days since the incident and now she had found herself to be in her own bedroom, in her pj's and safely tucked in her bed. Katerina's voice seemed weak as she looked back up at her Father and gave him a curious look. Am I dead? she asked and blinked innocently.

Lawrence chuckled and brushed his hand along Katerina's soft auburn hair. No sweetie, you're not dead. Lugia saved you again. And me as well' he added thoughtfully. Lawrence gathered his daughter in a gentle hug and was surprised when Katerina return the embrace despite her weakness. I'm so sorry, Katerina. Will you ever forgive me?

Yes Daddy always. Katerina whispered.

Lawrence pulled back and smiled. He was on the verge of crying tears of happiness when he remembered something far more important. He reached over to Katerina's night stand and picked up a pokeball then placed it in Katerina's hands. She looked up at him cluelessly. What's this? she asked.

Lawrence sighed and looked into his daughter's eyes. He said he made a promise to you. Lawrence whispered. Katerina's response was a gasp.

No matter what, I will protect you, No matter what, I will love you, and No matter what, I will be with you

Forever and always. Katerina repeated the last of Lugia's words to herself. Lawrence could see the internal struggle going on and thought it best to leave but not before kissed her on the forehead and left her with some words of wisdom.

Do what feel right, Katerina. Right here. and he gestured a hand over her chest and taped her where her heart was, then he quietly left the room.

Katerina's gaze was clued to the pokeball in her hands.' How can I let my heart decide if it is as confused as my mind.' she thought.


The hushed sound of the sea rippling in the chilled night air, the moon casting it's silver glow onto the tiny waves that beat against the shoreline, but time there was no creature arising from the ocean's depths, instead A young shadowed figure made its way down to the beach and stopped mere feet before the shoreline. Katerina's glimmering green eyes shone off the moon's light as she felt her heart plead and protest against what was right and wrong with what she was about to do. Clutched tightly in one hand was a pokeball, in the other, her flute. A stray tear fell down her cheek and she gathered up the rest of her strength and threw the pokeball.

In a brilliant flash of light, Lugia's figure appeared before her. He observed Katerina for a mere moment. She had come down here in her pajamas, her quickly chilling form shivered slightly and her face showed signs of tried tears that stained her cheeks. Katerina, you should be resting, not out here! Lugia protested.

Katerina shook her head. And you shouldn't be in this pokeball! Katerina retorted more harshly then she would've liked. Lugia looked away sadly. Katerina could only looked at him as new tears began to fall from her eyes. Luke. she whispered. Lugia looked back at the girl and lowered his head to her eye level. she asked simply.

Lugia nuzzled his head into Katerina and held onto him lovingly. I made a promise to you. Do you not remember? he asked.

I do. Katerina answered softly, She held the pokemon's head and his dark blue eyes gazed into her green ones. He could see truth, honesty and love within them as she spoke. You promised to love and protect me, and you've kept that promise. You protected me form Giovanni and death many times over. And it would take several life times to repay you for what you've done for me.

But I also promised to be with you Lugia started,

Always and forever.
the two finished in unison.

And you will be. You'll always be with me, always and forever in my heart and that's where you shall stay spiritually. Lugia, I don't want to be the cost of your freedom. I could never bring myself around to keeping you as a captive. She paused as she thought how much she'd regret saying this. she choked quietly, This can never work. Maybe under different circumstances it could, but not now.

I know Lugia whispered.

Katerina smiled sadly at him. Maybe one day in a different time and a different place we will meet again and be together.

Lugia said.

Tears began to fall from his eyes now as he nuzzled Katerina's cheek one last time. Katerina threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

Remember me. she whispered as she let go and looked up at the grand legendary pokemon. And thank you. she added.

As Lugia walked into the surf he looked back to see Katerina smiling at him, her emotions mixed with sadness and happiness at the same time. We walked out a bit more then dived into the waters depths. Katerina watched, with a broken heart as memories of their first meet flashed by her.

Katerina stop a few inches away from him and smiled. You okay sport.? she asked with little concern but more humorish.

Oh yeah, yeah. I'm fine now thanks to you. Lugia answered. He straightened up and looked down at the girl who was smirking at him. The two stared into each others eyes and for a brief moment something passed between them. A sort of urge that neither of them could explain but it felt wonderful none the less.


Lugia smiled and was about to thank her once more when she asked So what's your name sport?

Without thinking Lugia said Wait a sec, I can't tell her my real name! OhwhatdoIdo,whatdoIdo? He thought quickly then it came to him, he answered, My name is Luke and he finished it off with one of his most goofy smiles.

Katerina chuckled Well Luke, I'm Katerina and it's a pleasure to meet you and she curtsied which was expected of her since she was upper class. Lugia bowed to her and graciously took her hand and gave it a slight kiss then released it. He smiled to her The pleasure's all mine Lugia replied.


Reality came back to her and it felt like a knife had been stabbed through her heart. All that had been done and said between the two was now ending and no more could Katerina see of Lugia he was gone.

I love you she whispered into the night.

Play for me, your heart's song
She felt a voice echo through her soul.

She had forgotten about her flute but now as she slowly raised the instrument to her lips only one tune longed to be played. The Guardian's Song. Slowly, the melody started out soft but continued to grow and stretch far out over the ocean and into the night. A silhouette, small in the distance, raised it's head towards the moon and sang along with it's haunting orca like voice to the melancholy tune that was Lugia's song. His song.

And so it was, two hearts bound together by love, torn apart by destiny and reason, sang long into the night a song of sadness and regret but also hinted with hope that one day in another time and place they would meet again.

The End

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