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Chapter 1- The Mysterious Girls

(Girls POV)

Jessica of Daylight was putting up her pastries from her stand. She had sold more than usual, but not as much as her dad wanted her to. He was going to scream at her again. It was her fault that all the boys wouldn't buy bread from her, they all got a scared look in their eyes when they looked at her. Why? What had she done to scare them? From what she could tell she had done nothing.

Her own Da called her ugly, was that why none of the guys would buy her food? Even though after he had left her ma had been quick to reassure her that she wasn't ugly she still wondered if it was true or not.

She envied one of her best friends Becca of Moreza (short for Rebecca). Her parents were constantly calling pretty and beautiful, even if it was just for fun at least they said it. She loved staying with them, they were always so nice to her. She wished her dad could be more like Becca's dad, she wished that just even once he would say in a joking voice 'would my wonderfully pretty daughter bring me a glass of water.' But her dad drank and got drunk and was always rude to her and her mother.

Even right then Jessica could see her friend flirting with a customer. Becca had a figure court ladies would die for. She might even compare to the old queen Thayet. Her friend was right then flirtatiously twirling her auburn hair at the young man who was buying bread from her. He was flirting back, so Jessica knew that Becca would have a date at the Dancing Dove today. She was always with a different guy, never the same guy twice. The day she went out with the same guy again the world would end!

Becca had seen Jessica watching her and winked her emerald green eyes. Jessica couldn't help it she started laughing, her other best friend Tillie of Lapaz just sighed, "It seems like somebody has a date for tonight, like usual."

"Why do you care, you have a boyfriend!" Jessica retorted.

"Ah yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you. We broke up." So that's why Tillie hadn't looked as cheerful as she usually did this morning.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Do you want me to tell Becca to cancel the date and make it a girls' night out?" Jessica knew Becca wouldn't mind too much, she cared about Tillie just as much as Jessica did.

"No, let her have fun. It doesn't really matter anyways." Tillie rubbed her forehead as if she had a headache.

"Are you alright, do you want me to close the stand for you?" It wouldn't be that hard, Tillie just sold different types of writing equipment. It was easy to clean up.

"No, it's not hard and we can walk home with Becca as well, she is putting up her stuff right now."

"Ok." A comfortable silence spread between the two girls as they waited for their friend.

"Hey guys, thanks for waiting." Becca said chirpy as usual.

No problem, I wanted to talk to you anyways." Tillie said exactly when Jessica started to say "What are friends for, of course we waited."

As the girls turned around to walk home, four members of the Kings Own Fourth Company were watching them…

(Boys POV)

"I wonder why those girls are carrying baskets," Quentin of Mooresville mused. He was one of Ethan's friends in the King's Own, and it was partly because of him that the fourth company now had the title of the pranksters. It was also because Raoul of Goldenlake had retired and put Domitan of Masbolle in charge of the whole King's Own.

"The girl with the auburn hair is my type, I think I have met her before," said Ethan of Daylight.

"Please Ethan, don't use that line on her," laughed the sergeant of the Fourth Company of the King's own, David of Contour. "It's so old and over used! Anyways I like the one with black hair better."

"Yeah Ethan, I thought you were here to visit your parents and your some kind of sister whom we have heard so much about, not look at pretty girls." Ethan's best friend Fred of Ebon commented.

"You couldn't shut up about her before, and now you are just wasting time looking at girls," Quentin teased."Though you guys seriously have to admit that blonde is cute.

"You guys, I wasn't going to ask her out. I seriously think I've met her before, same with the other two. And she isn't my some kind of sister, we did a blood tie when we were younger and now we are siblings. Her mother sort of adopted me because I'm and orphan, so I go visit them when I can." Ethan exploded.

"Oh," said David subdued.

"Well unlike all of you losers, I don't like any of them." Quentin grinned.

Immediately David, Ethan, and Fred hit Quentin. Fred looked at Quentin like he was crazy, "of course you don't. You have a girlfriend at the Palace waiting for you."

"You guys, they're going down that alley." Ethan had been watching the girls, ignoring his friends were talking about. "I have a bad feeling about this."

The boys followed the girls into the alley, now that Ethan had mentioned it. They were all getting bad vibes from the alley the girls had disappeared into.

Jessica whispered to her friends, "why are we going through this alley, it's dark, creepy, and doesn't look safe"

"Because it's a shortcut to your house," the only 'brave' one Becca said.

"I don't like it," Tillie whispered. This wasn't the type of place you talk loudly in.

The girls heard a foot step as a man walked out from the shadows of the alley. "What are three pretty girls like you doing in this alley?" He drawled.

"We need to get out of here now, I think he is drunk. Jessica warned her friends. But the man was too quick he had them cornered against one of the walls.

"Augh, I didn't want to do this." Jessica mumbled.

"Yeah, I know. I hate getting dirty." Tillie complained.

"Well, I'm all for it!" Becca quietly cheered. Jessica and Tillie just sighed at her and dropped into the fighting stance Jessica's brother had taught them.

The boys walked into the alley just in time to see the girls in a fighting position. The redhead pulled out a knife from her basket. She slashed at the guy, not trying to kill him, but to get him out of the girls' way. They didn't hear the black haired girl mutter to her friends, "This is going to be kind of hard, because we don't want to kill him. Becca, just distract him. Tillie and I will figure out a way to knock him out."

The two other girls nodded their heads, and the boys were momentarily stunned by the auburn girls knife work. She was doing a good job distracting him so the blonde managed to get behind him to hit him on the head, there was one problem though. The man was too tall for her to be able to reach his head. The black haired girl saw the problem and stuck her foot out to trip him. The blonde took the chance and knocked him out.

"Wow," Quentin was shocked. "I think I will stay on their good side."

"I swear I have seen those fighting moves before. I just can't remember where." Ethan was mumbling to himself.

"I think I will stick to safer people than those girls," said Fred, "well unless they use those puppy eyes. I cannot resist the puppy eyes."

"Now that we are assured that those girls can take care of themselves, let's go to your family's house Ethan," David suggested.

"Ok, actually now that I think about it. This is a shortcut to my house." Ethan said confused. His mind was in turmoil, there was something he wasn't remembering and it had to do with those girls. What had he forgotten in those four years he had been gone? Oh well maybe when he got home his little sister could help him out. He could vividly remember his little sister. She was cute and a lot shorter than him. She hated wearing dresses and loved playing games. Her freckled face was always beaming up at him waiting for him to play with her.

He couldn't wait to see her and tell her all of his adventures in the King's Own. The others noticed his silence and were quiet as well. Soon they reached his house. He was still reminiscing about his sister when he put his key into the lock. He turned the key and the door swung open and was given a big shock by what he saw and heard inside.