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There would be time for love later, he decided as he held her. Once she was ready, they would repair their broken lives. After all, the Templar threat, at least for the moment, was finally over.

He gasped as he exited the memory, motionless as he was unhooked from the Animus 5.32. His auburn hair stuck to his forehead, sticky with sweat, and he rolled off of the chair-like device, falling hard on the floor. "Easy, Nathan," his sister Arianna said, lifting him to his feet. She was his twin in every way; same auburn hair, same aquiline nose, blue eyes and strong chin. At forty minutes his senior, she was the eldest of the two twins.

"You need to sit down," his wife, Rosa, told him, kissing his cheek lightly. She had black hair that hung to the small of her back, framing her voluptuous body. One hand rested on her swollen abdomen, the proof of her pregnancy, while the other rested on the small of her back.

"No," he told her, shaking his head. "Outside. Take me outside." The two women gave each other a strained glance, but they obeyed the Master Assassin, supporting him as his legs slowly regained their strength. They strode through crumbling hallways, covered with peeling red paint and cracked monitors. As they reached the atrium, Nathan's sharp eyes etched out every burn mark in the wood and steel, the fallen masonry and skeletons, some still impaled with rusty knives. The most grotesque skeleton was the one still seated in the receptionist's seat; half of the skull was blown away, the fragments of bone still stuck in the wall behind.

The land outside of the building was a mass of weeds, ivy, trees, and the crumbled remains of buildings. His hover-cycle was a dozen feet away, parked next to the hover-van, but he stared only at the six faces carved in stone on the nearby cliff. The stone was pitted with age, weathered by a hundred and fifty years of storms and flames. "Hard to believe that this is all that's left of the Leaf Village," Arianna said as he strode forward, leaving them behind. "On the screen, it looked so beautiful."

"I've not seen all of Naruto's story," Nathan said, staring at the Assassin's head, next to his surrogate grandmother and father. "There's more to tell…"

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