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045: Legend

Alphonse stared at his brother. Edward was nose deep in an new book from the store. Every now and then his nose would scrunch up and he'd give the book a paint-stripping scowl.

But Alphonse didn't think it had anything to do with the quality of the writing or any holes in the theories it presented. In fact, Edward hadn't turned the page in a full three minutes—millennia compared to his normal reading speed.

Instead, he believed his brother was perturbed by the suitcases sitting next to the kitchen door.

The Curtises told the brothers they would be going to South City for a week. At first, Edward was excited. The bubble popped when Izumi told him no children would be coming. Well, it popped when Edward realized he was being called a child.

Alphonse could read his brother's face like the book in Edward's hands.

The three wrinkles carved between his furrowed brows meant he was peeved.

The occasional twitch in his left cheek meant Alphonse would be hearing a rant soon.

The clenched jaw meant he was jealous.

Overall, Alphonse was surprised Edward's book hadn't burst into flames from the strength of the boy's ire.

Edward huffed.

Alphonse let out a long-suffering sigh and put his pen down to drop any pretense of paying attention to his journal.

Edward huffed.

Alphonse rubbed the bridge of his nose. This had to stop.

"What's the matter, brother?"

"I can't believe they're leaving us!"

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