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Dear diary

'Tis certainly the worst day I've ever experienced before, I can't believe such terrifying things could happen to Ringford.

I can hardly write it here but... Mother has died. She returned from the battlefield earlier this day badly injured, I could hardly breathe when I saw her enter the big hall with just a few of her soldiers left, also they were injured.

How could this have happened? Mother had so many soldiers with her, she had Ringford's guardian-dragon, even Melvin was with her, yet this was how things was all of a sudden, I felt my world collide knowing this actually was true.

I did cry, I couldn't let myself do anything but that. I knew my tears wouldn't help a single thing, but I kept crying, Mother tried to comfort me, her voice almost faint and whispery talking to me.

She told me to not look down, as I kept crying, "raise your head high, and survey the path ahead", this made me stop crying for a short moment and look into her deep brown eyes, they seemed just as gentle as ever, I could've cried my heart out back then, instead I kept snuffling and hiccupping as she spoke further.

"You are... the next Fairy Queen" she spoke, I hadn't even thought about that all the times I went frog-hunting or when I took Mother's bow with me, I just wished to be free for the rest of my life, but now I realized I wasn't able to.

"Ringford will soon be in danger. If the magical kettle, the Cauldron... If it draws in all the Phozons, our forest and our people cannot live.

The land needs a leader. You will need to revive the country and get the Cauldron back from the Demon Lord.

If you respect my words, you will need to choose the path of royalty over revenge... Be a Queen.

'Tis difficult to place such a burden on one so young... But, I know you can do it... Mother believes in you".

Those were the last words I heard Mother speak, I could not bear to even look at her anymore, as I realized the time was soon up for her, I held my hands before my eyes and bowed my neck as I screamed "Mother!".

I felt her body leave the entire room, not only her body but also her soul and spirit, I felt the Phozons from her now gone body drift around me for a short time, before they disappeared wholly.

Mother was completely gone, she had returned to the heavens. The soldiers around us showed the most respect and remained silent, as they probably also looked down, not wanting to interfere. I guess they did not want to touch me, afraid of my reaction.

But before Mother left fully I thought I heard another last word from her, I'm not quite sure myself but I sounded like her voice, but like an echo from far, far away. I heard it say "Fimbulvetr", I didn't think of it back then, but now that I remember, I wonder if that might've been Mother's true name.

(True names are special, but quite common to the Fairy Kingdom, every fairy is granted a name when they're being born, just like any other person in this world, but we get yet another name, our True Name, which only we know, we know even before we're able to talk or fly, and only when we die we're able to reveal our True Name. Just as Mother had one, I do too and so does all the other fairies in Ringford).