Okay. So right now I've been thinking. I don't have a Bella/Jasper story. And I just love that pairing. So this is going to be a Bella/Jasper story =]



It's 1861. My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I live in Huston, Texas. At the moment I was at my boyfriends house. His name, Jasper Whitlock. He joined the Confederate Army. And today he was leaving. I was sitting on their couch with his mother. We were both crying. Jasper was knelling in front of us telling us he would be back in a couple if months.

"Isabella, you know I love you. I promise, I swear on my life I will be back." he said while giving me a hug.

"But -sob- I-if something -sob- go-oes wrong."I whispered.

"I promise nothing will go wrong." he smiled at me. I tried to smile back but I couldn't. he kissed me and then went over to his mother. He told her he would be back. Kissed her cheek and walked out the door. We followed him out and we stopped on the porch. He put his stuff in the carriage and jumped in himself. He waved good- bye to us. Saying: "I'll see ya'll in a few months."

Little did we know. That this was the last time we would see him.

Two months later

Yesterday my mother died. My father had died in battle a few years ago. So I decided I would go stay with Mary, Jaspers mom.

We got letters from Jasper every week. We told him about my mom. He said he would be back to help me through it.

A year after Jasper went to war

Today Jasper was supposed to come back. Me and Mary were happy. We were sitting out on the porch swing when a carriage pulled up. A man from the army got off and walked towards us. But this man was not our Jasper.

"Are you Mary Whitlock and Isabella Swan?" he asked. We nodded.

"I am sorry to announce that Major Whitlock is MIA. Here is his sack." he said and I broke down crying. He handed us the sack and left. To go tell more families there husbands, dads, brothers, or son was dead. We walked inside, still crying. We went through his sack.

There was his dog tags, some of his other stuff he had taken with him and two letters. One addressed to me and one to Mary. We each grabbed ours and read them.

Mine said:

Dearest Isabella,

If you are getting this letter that means I have either dies or have gone MIA. I wanted to tell you I love you one last time. I'm sorry I did not come home. There is nothing else I can say. Just know that I love you with all my heart. You will always be with me.

Inside this envelope is a ring. It is an engagement ring. It's what kept me going. I would wear it along with my dog tags during battle. I would think of you and I kept going whenever I thought I wouldn't make it. I was going to propose to you the second I got home. I want you to keep it no matter what.

Your forever,


I cried after I read this.

After a week or two Mary passed from the stress. I buried her with Jasper's sack and her letters from him to her. I kept his dog tags and all my letters. I wear the engagement ring with the dog tags.

One night I went out to the cemetery where Jasper's stone was. Along with Mary's and my parents'. I was sitting on the ground leaning against Jasper's stone looking up into the sky. There was a rustling in the woods behind the grave yard. I didn't pay much attention to it. I just closed my eyes and listened to the breeze. After a minute there was a very fast breeze. I opened my eyes to see a man. With red eyes. Staring down at me.

"Ummmmm… who are you?" I asked.

"My name is not important. But what I am is. I am a vampire. And you will be one too." he said and bent down picked me up and ran to the woods. He sat me down and bit my neck, wrists, and ankles.

I had screamed and burned for three days. Nobody would help with the burning. I woke up still in the woods. My dress had been ripped from all the animals trying to eat me. I remembered everything the man said. He had been a vampire and now so am I.

I stood up and went back to my house and got changed. I went out back and learned everything I could about a vampire. I figured out we sparkle in the sun, are incredibly strong and fast, and we drink blood. After I thought that, my throat burned. I thought I should wait until night to feed. I went and stayed in the house all day. When I got dark I went and ran. I looked for someone who smelled good. I found a couple walking down the street and I grabbed them and pulled them in an alley and sucked them dry.

End Flashback.

That was how I was changed. a little under two hundred years ago. I still wear his dog tags and my engagement ring around my neck. Every so often I would have to get the chain fixed. But I had them never clean it. I usually just roam the world but that got boring. So I decided to settle down for awhile and actually go to school. I was changed when I was 18 but I looked about 17.

I decided to settle in Washington. Forks to be exact.

I hope you like it, :D

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