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God bless everyone who tried to help 9/11 9 years ago.


After spending my whole night with Jasper, the next day we decided to go to his house with his family and maybe play baseball later. So I went to my room and changed into some black skinny jeans, a blue tank top with two guns that had roses and said 'Love is the answer' grey UGGS, red feather earrings, and a red ring. I straightened my hair and walked out of my room. He was leaning against the door with his eyes closed and his arms crossed over his chest. I walked over and kissed his cheek. He opened his eyes and smiled, pulled me over to the bike and we hopped on. He drove to his house and we got there in under five minutes. Emmett was again playing Wii but alone this time. I frowned a bit at this.

I saw Rose she was wearing dark skinny jeans, a white tank, blue flats and a blue and gold bracelet. I went over and sat with Rosalie who was looking at shoes online. Carlisle and Esme were upstairs on the phone with somebody. Jasper went over and played with Em.

About a half hour later Esme and Carlisle down.

"Emmett, turn the TV off." Carlisle said. We all looked up at him. Esme and him had straight faces. Emmett turned it off still looking at them. He came over and sat by Rose. Jasper went and sat on the arm chair. Carlisle and Esme walked and sat on the couch opposite of us.

"We just got off the phone with Elzear. Alice and Edward were with them for a week. Elzear told me that Alice had been wearing a engagment and wedding ring and Edward had been wearing a matching wedding ring. Alice had told Kate that they got married in Vegas two weeks ago. And that they were coming back down. Elzear also called the Volturi and talked to Marcus. He said he had seen there tie the last time they were there. He said it was immensely strong. Nothing could break it. And they knew they were true soul mates from the begging." Carlisle explained. We all just kind of sat there. None of us knew how to respond. Well I did really care about it I was just kind of sitting there. I didn't know them then. But the thing is Alice cheated on Jasper at that point in time. (I don't remember if I put Bellas powers in cause im blonde and I forget things. So she can have any power and is a sponge ya…)

After a few minutes of silence I had a vision.


Were all sitting here. Theres a knock on the door. Carlisle gets up, answers the door and comes back with Edward and Alice holding hands. We all just stare after thinking it wasn't true.

End of vision.

"They're coming." I whispered looking at the door. Jasper ran over to me and pulled me onto his lap. "Carlisle they'll be here three…two…one" they knocked on the door and Carlisle got up he came back with them just like in my vision. They went and stood by the arm chair Jasper had recently occupied. Carlisle went and sat with Esme.

"So when did you decide to get married?" I asked, breaking the silence. I smiled and wiggled my eyebrows.

Me: ummmm I think you all have been waiting for this. -smiles evilly, while looking at Emmett-

Emmett: what did I do?

Rose: I don't care. Just as long as it has nothing to do with my car.

Jasper: Carly here are the things you need. -throws bottle-

Me: -catches it but drops it and then picks it up.- Emmett come here I need to tell you something.

Emmett -walks overly slowly-

Me: -pours pills into hand-

Emmett -finally is standing by Carly-

Me: -shoves pills in Emmett's throat.

Jasper and me: YES WE DID IT -high five-

Emmett: LALALALALLALALALLA im a beautiful fairy! And you all should reviewewewewewewewewewewewe!

Me: YES! Mission accomplished.