Author: Field Innocence
A love so Right
All she wanted was someone to love her back, but instead was fool like every desperate girl. Hinata had no other option but to face her cruel heartless father about the truth of her unplanned pregnancy. Hiashi could no longer take his childish daughter's ignorant mistake, instead he agrees to accept Hinata's child in the Hyuga family for exchange for her to marry the man of his choosing, without hesitation or question. Hinata agree.
T (might change)
Drama and Hurt/Comfort
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One sunny day, in a moderate high school called 'Konoha High', students mingled after the bell for break. One after another, girls with their friends and guys with theirs hung out amongst each other, every now and then a few couples mixing in with these groups. The people talked amongst themselves about the day or what best caught their interest. But, our attention is not involved among the happy normal students, today, our eyes follow one person in particular with one of the most intriguing of problems.

"Please, you have to," cried a young teenaged girl. She wore her strict high school's assigned uniform consisting of a simple green skirt just three inches above the knee and a rather see through white button up blouse, her black cotton sweater only buttoned half way up. The best description of this desperate girl would be unique with high rank in class, though she is not one to show her elite standard.

."... How can you be sure?" The boy she spoke to sighed heavily in agitation as he ran his hand through his light brown hair. Nothing special could be said about her companion. He was fairly average, hardhead, only partially handsome, and a liar. The latter which of his sneaky character is what got him in a heap of trouble with this desperate girl before him.

"Y-You c-can't do this to me... You said you would be there for me!" She was close to tears, she pressed her lips together tightly, restraining herself so she wouldn't cry. She couldn't believe she was actually pleading with this person, and the audacity of his rejection was causing her to shake uncontrollable.

"Agh," he growled, jerking away from her pleading cries. "I don't know if I'm ready, Hinata!" He was stressed by her constant questioning of him.

"Y-You must, Donta... I-I c-can't f-face my father alone-"

"Then abort it!" he exclaimed with aggressive annoyance. She gaped at the eyes that had fooled Hinata so easily before, taken aback by his outburst.

"...H-How can y-you say that?" She gulped while still maintaining as much composure as her body allowed, though her tears were on the verge of spilling. Hinata didn't know how long she could take this. She approached him, extending her arm. "..Y-You s-said… Y-you l-loved me-"

She gasped at his heinous stare, "...Look at me Hinata," he demanded with a growl as he grabbed both of her thin arms and pulled her closer to his serious gaze. "Does it look like I'm ready to get married and have the responsibility as a teen father," he spat before chuckling at her."No, Hinata," he freed her arms.

"Donta, please-"

"And besides," he started, ignoring her plea, "we aren't even sure it is actually mine." Hinata was shocked.

"W-What i-is t-that s-suppose to mean?" She shook at the thought of her boyfriend's accusation.

."What I mean is that I'm not the only guy you slept with."

"What?" For a second, she felt as though the wind had been knocked out of her.

There was silence for a moment. Hinata was about to ask again, wanting to make sure she heard correctly, when he continued.

"That's it. I'm through with you," he said carelessly. Not caring to look into her lavender eyes as he walked away from her, and she desperately caught his arm. The same arm that had been used to caress her slim body on that night that had turned her life around.


He ripped himself away from her grasp. "No, Hinata. I won't be with you, it was fun but not like this. Bye," His tone was cold. Donta held no remorse of his behavior as he walked away from her forever.

His word's held no sympathy despite he being the one partly to blame on her tragic situation. He simply rejected her and left her to figure this out on her own. Every boy had known what Donta wanted from Hinata. He had only gone out with her because he just wanted sex. Of course, in the beginning, he had been hoping for a little more, but that would not happen now. Donta refused to have Hinata, now that she was watched him leave with tears gliding down her face, chilled by a sudden gust of wind. She stood like a soulless statue her expression only holding one thing. Fear.

Little did she know there was someone who had been watching, waiting for that perfect opportunity to have her all to themselves. A person who had been there, even before ,when her heart had not belonged to Donta but to someone completely different.

"Hey, Hin-" The voice halted at the sight of Hinata's tears.

Hinata gasped at the sudden intruder, bringing her back down to reality. She turned around, hiding her shameful tears. "Y-Yes...," she sniffed.

"Sorry if I bothered you, I guess I'll talk to you later," he said not asking about her situation. He solemly walked away.

Hinata did not think, she only acted, "Wait, Sasuke!"

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