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Author: Field Innocence
A love so Right
All she wanted was someone to love her back, but instead was fool like every desperate girl. Hinata had no other option but to face her cruel heartless father about the truth of her unplanned pregnancy. Hiashi could no longer take his childish daughter's ignorant mistake, instead he agrees to accept Hinata's child in the Hyuga family for exchange for her to marry the man of his choosing, without hesitation or question. Hinata agree.
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Drama and Hurt/Comfort
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Later that quiet night with no stars and moon dancing with each other to indicate a peaceful sleep for anyone who stare at them Hinata skipped dinner because of her obvious predicament between her and her unreasonable father at the dinner table with her only sister and ungrateful cousin watching in silance. Hanabi is the youngest out of the three sibling and the favorite to their father's perspective, but her loyalty still remain undecided. The young girl cares for her kind father and loves Hinata but sometimes she defend Hinata whenever their father becomes obviously unreasonable with her. As for Neji, the eldest sibling out of the three, he side with his uncle but without any evidence to support his uncle's statement, he than side against him. Neji is usually emotionless and stern with anyone he meets, mainly with Hinata but that changed years ago. Now he's quiet and a little caring to everyone, even with his uncle.

Hinata avoid being detected from her sister and cousin as she quietly walk through the hallway and straight to her father's private room, which use to be a spare room but awhile back he decided to move his old private chamber into another clean and refreshing room. He usually does it every year since the devastating day that left a unforgettable scar on the family. Hinata approach the door shyly and took a nice and smooth breath to prepare her confrontation with her dear father.

Hiashi sat silently as his thought focus deeply on his paper work. The man works until it's finish and there are no excuses for not having a simple task unfinished, very degrading to himself if that ever happen.

Knock Knock

His instinct stop him but his mind wants to shoot the person who disturbed his work. Nevertheless though he maintain a straight face and allowed the interrupter access.

"F-Father..." Hinata quietly enter the room with a weak expression that made her father angry and disgusted at her.

"What is it that you want?" he asked harshly which made Hinata regretting her risky decision, but it was too late to back down now since her father has his full hawk eyes at her and expect a good explanation for her disturbance or receive an awful punishment.

"Uh...umm" she began to twirl with her finger and face down "I-I... I-I need t-to t-tell y-you s-something" her shyly words drift off from Hiashi's ears and turn into an annoying drought.

Hinata immidately stop once she caught a glance of anger and impatience from her soulless father. She tried to ignored his malicious stare that weakens her inner self but the man before her wasn't the man she dream of having as a true father but more as Satan himself. She automatically became scare and was about to back out but Hiashi wouldn't let her slip out that easy.

"Sit" he strictly commanded and she nervously obey as his hand fully connect and lay on top of his paper that he was working on but was rudely interrupted by Hinata. "You understand the position as a mindless unpredictable child you can be" he stated but she stared down to face her shaky hands on her lap. His words reminded her what a failure she is than and now but she made no effort to stop him only prove him right, which she is about to do in about few more minutes. "Regardless your fortune, background or talent" he chuckled in disgrace of hers worthless excuses as a high class residence in Hyuga Mansion. "You seem to drag down every ounce of power I have given you. You, my first offspring, the future Boss of my Cooperation is poisoning the families future as it slowly began to realize their potential of higher degree than just a building that eyes stares by" he slowly rose his voice as he did to his body and narrow his eyes into Hinata's widen eyes. "If not enough to success than fail the other to give more chances to make you greater. Get that in your thick head, Hinata. You may show weakness but at least have the decency to perform as a Hyuga!" he slap loudly on his table and scowl down at his weeping daughter.

"Your appearance tells all but it's your action that demonstrate your true self" he said softly before sitting back on his chain than sigh.

Hinata sniff noticeably. Hiashi shook his head "I see now you have nothing else to say. Leave or receive another brutal truth," he glared.

Hinata got up and turn around but did not move after that, instead she stop her tears and maintain herself for a minute to have control. "F-Father"

Hiashi stare at her back emotionless and awake for her to finish whatever she has to say. Hinata inhale and wipe off her tears before turning around to stare at her father with a straight face and body in attention. She stood quietly with the kind of confident position that her father never seen before, even her eyes showed no fear or weakness, just the sigh of true strength and Hyuga material.

"I, Hinata Hyuga, thank you, but y-your words does little d-damage. I am a Hyuga... and human. I a-am not perfect nor anyone in this w-world"

"So what your saying is that I'm imperfect?"

Hinata gulp but still held her ground, "Y-Yes... b-but I'm not perfect either. Y-You j-just c-cant... see that" she mumbled as Hiashi's interest slide away from his brief cocky daughter. For a second he thought she had something to say boldly to prove something but he was wrong. He slightly smirk with a chuckle and than sigh, "If your finish, please excuse yourself, I have unthinkable paper work to sign and files of client to analyze. Now leave me be," he stare down at his black and white color paper and began to write ignoring his unhappy daughter.

Once he went back to his important work than the desire attention of his crying daughter, Hinata frown as her hands form a fits on her sides to show frustration and pain. She tried to explain but he wouldn't listen, instead he insult her continuously with no slight of care for her self-esteem or identity. Her heart raced uncontrollably like wildfire in a dark forest as her mind kept throbbing painfully of inner scream and rage of her weak self. She couldn't take her angry-self, she couldn't take the loud subconscious cry that was telling her. 'Tell him. You must tell him. He deserve to know how low you can drag this despicable family down to'

'I can't. It will- It will-'

'He insults you. Decreed you none stop and for what? To make you his puppet. Well darling, I have news for you; we will not have ourselves being string down just to be in his show, dancing. This is our life and I refuse to let that bastard ruin it!'

'B-But-But-But... t-the consequences'

'Life is a risk, Hinata. Every obstacle can be consequence, we just need to figure a way thru it and move on. Now tell him'

'I can't'

'Tell him!'

'I can't'

'Do it. Do it. Do it! Just tell him!'

"Father," she alerted softly.

Hiashi didn't bother to even glance at his anxious daughter but he was all ears. "I'm pregnant".

His eyes abruptly open evilly with fire of fear and rage but the businessman maintain his semi-balance emotions that was overwhelming him.

He glared at her with unclear thoughts that Hinata couldn't describe. She couldn't tell if he was mad or just holding his frustration for later after his lecture again, but she was defiantly afraid of him. Slowly and calmly he rose with his robust chest and shoulders high but his eyes were the only ones gave hits of his uncontrolled anger.


He maybe a severe teen with lack of enthusiastic interest but Sasuke is still a male teen with high hormone. Satisfying yet degrading to jerk yourself in your own room in the night on the bed and think about all the hot and sexy girls that caught his eyes. He thought so many girls in his classes but none of them really lasted in his thought after he came.

"...Hinata.." he whispered once he was finish. So sad of him to say her name in a disgusting situation as fulfilling your urges to get your fantasy off your thoughts while sleeping. But what really sadden his soul was the fact that he thought of all those girls instead of the one girl he likes. Hinata.

Sasuke groan with his hand on his sweaty face and sheets covering his shaky body. "Why...Why damn it?" he growl feeling awful and dirty.

He walk out of his bed and open his window to let some fresh air in than left into his restroom to clean his white fluid in disgrace.


Hinata gulp in fright as her father quietly walk to the left end of the room. The silences was crazy and intense for her as he stood in front of his expensive hard glass cups and liquors. Those are only used to calm his frustration and disappointment about a lot of things; Incomplete work, complaints, arguments, unexpressed emotions and Hinata. It's usually about her because she noticed his stench around when she was young. It felt shameful for Hinata for making him the way he is now instead of the man she wants him to be.


He opened one of the glass cabinet and grabbed one cylinder shape cup with one half full bottle of hard liquor. Hinata watched in sorrow as her father drank a sip of his vodka than breathed heavily after his inside felt hot moist of strong hollow air.

She sniffed and sniffed until the silences drove her out and said, "Dad please. Talk to meeeee," than began to cry as her knees began to shake unwillingly. Hearing his daughter cry snapped him because he was squeezing his cup, close to cracking it, with venomous strength and gaze.

"Get out" he snap but she did not move. "P-Please d-dad, le-let-"

"I said GET OUT!" he roar viciously with the cup slam harshly on the floor purposely on his own command of overwhelm anger. Hinata was taken back in shock as the cry vanish and the silences continue in the room. It became awkward for her to stay when he commanded her to leave in a terrorizing way. She wanted to stay and explain herself but the look he gave her made her body weak again. This was it, she didn't want to be near his presences anymore, so she ran out still holding her tears.

After she was gone Hiashi walk back to his desk to make a call, "In my room and bring someone to clean up a mess" he instructed than hung up.


Sasuke returned from his cleaning and was about to slam down his window until his heart stop reluctantly which force his lung tight and hard to breath. He suddenly cough to try to catch his breath but his heart and lungs became difficult to work on his will. 'What's happening to me... My heart. My heart, I can't breathe right. What's wrong with me?' he cough and inhaled dramatically to get some oxygen from the open window he did not close. It got hard at first but once he put his head out to the clean breeze and inhaled powerfully, his lungs expand back to normal.

After a few second of recovery he rest on the floor in confusion, "What was that about? Why did it happen?" he grip his hand on his heart and panic a little. He never experience a brutal pain like it before. Not only he felt physics pain, spiritual also, but uncertain of the resource and the cause. This scare Sasuke, especially his empty heart that never experience physical dramatic pain, it frighten him but he covers his fears and drop it. 'It's probably temporary' he tells himself before walking to his empty bed for some comfort sleep.


After the maid clean-up on Hiashi's glass mess, Kurenai stood uncomfortably before the disappointed Hiashi, "Now are you going to tell me what happen here?" she ask with a slight control she had inside.

"Are you aware of my daughter's-"

"Surprise you're using those words," she cut him off but he straightly glare making her regret her interruption. "Sorry" she cough, "continue."

"She's pregnant"


In her organized room Hinata cried on her wet bed that she produce from her tears. 'He hates me. He doesn't love. Why?'. Her face was on the side kneeling as if she was praying for forgiveness. The poor thing she was, trying and trying as hard as she could but no matter the strength, she will always be crush down, especially from the tyrant himself.

'Why? Why doesn't father love me? Why can't he love me for me?' she sobbed hard until she caught the hiccup.

'Aw. Come on sweetie. Don't feel that bad,' her subconscious spirit sat next to her and gently rubbed her hair as a real person.

'Yes. It hurts. He will never love me and my baby' she answered with more tears pouring out.

'What else can we do? He will never change. Not like mom'.

Hinata's eyes jerk up and stared thru her subconscious spirit to stare at her mother's photo that was display by the mirror, "Mom. I t-think I s-should l-leave," she told herself with her eyes on her mother's smily portrait.



"Dispose of her! Sir, you can't do that. She's the family's heir and your daughter," Kurenai was shock to her Hiashi think of a rubbish idea about his beautiful daughter.

Hiashi groan in annoyance about Kurenai facts, "Than have her live in another estate. I will buy her a new home to stay-"

"That won't resolve anything!"

"Her ignorance had led her to her demise. Have her face the consequences that she bestow in this noble family!"

"And than what?" she glared at him seriously just as he did to her with high power and aggression. "What will happen to her then? You'll think she'll be cure from her deception that you build in your head. She's only a teen-"

"A pregnant teen Kurenai! She is carrying a pointless child in her womb..." he slowly stop from her thought and steadily gazed away from her eyes. Kurenai opened her mouth to speak but close it back with her eyes strangely staring at Hiash's new expression.

Again she open her mouth to ask "Hiashi?...".


Hinata couldn't stare away from her mother's picture. It brought too many happy memories and sad ones.

"M-Mommyyyyyyyy..." five-year-old Hinata walked around in the dark, crying. The tiny thing had cried for more than half an hour around the long hall way but all she found were moon-light thru the giant window on the side. She rubbed off the tears but they were still there, over floating her young lavender eyes. She also had a stuff animal that her kind mother gave on her four birthday, and it was a white baby tiger with grey strips and blue eyes. Hinata loved the fluffy creature but with her mother's unknown whereabout the stuff animal felt cold.

"M-M-Mommmmmyyyyyyyy!" she cried and cried until her legs gave up support. She sat down and cried viciously on her tiger.

"Hinata?" a familiar approach the scene to help little Hinata but she ignored the call because it wasn't the voice she wanted to hear. She wanted her mother not someone else.

"Hinata. Oh, you small thing," Kurenai kneel before her and rubbed her head softly, "Why are you out here? Alone"

"I-I w-want m-my m-m-mommy. W-W-Where i-is m-my m-m-mmommy?" she sniffed and stuttered crazy that it was hard for Kurenai to understand but she managed.

"Your mother is-" but she was interrupted by another cruelly with no care or kindness to the innocence child.

"-Is dead". Both girls stare at him in shock, especially Hinata who looked speechless and stabbed on the heart.

Kurenai got up angrily "Hiashi, she's only a child. You have no idea how upsetting she will be when she finds out her mother is gone."

"She is not a child. She is a Hyuga, and it shame me that my ignorant wife could not see it, but since she's officially out of Hinata's sight I can finally restore the damage she caused. Literally" he said with shadowy eyes.

"What?" Kurenai opened her mouth but close it after Hiashi walked pass her and straight to his crushed daughter. Hinata remembered vividly how her father took the one thing she had from her dead mother and he did it ungratefully with heinous matter that she will never forget.

"Hinata. Unhand the childish toy" he stood coldly with his hawk eyes stared down at her for the first time. Sobbed and shook her head no. "Hinata! I am not going to repeat myself. Either you unhand that despicable thing or I will force it out" he threaten her. Her own dear father, the one she thought that was nice to her when she was around her mother shouted at her and threaten her. Again she shook her head no.

This anger Hiash, so he did what he promised her he will do, he force the stuff animal away from her weak arms and walked away with it. "NOOOOOO! D-Daddddddyyyyy! G-Give h-her back! Da-Daddy!" Hinata ran after but Kurenai grabbed her and held her tight.

"Shhhh. I know. I know."

That was the first night Hinata slept coldly with no comfort of her warm animal or her mother beside her. For the first time, she was actually alone and slowly lost hope.

Hinata couldn't believe what he did to her on that day, and all the other days he had done to her, but that was the worse he ever done to her. Taking away a child's most cherish item really crushed her. No. It scar her. Cause all her hopes and dreams be taken away from her when he said her mother died and than took her animal away. Both were taken. Gone and disposed of.

So why stay?

Hinata doesn't even understand herself anymore. She doesn't even understand why she slept with Donte in the first place. Was it really for love? Or was it a way of getting back at her devious father. So unsure of everything but determine for no reason.

"Oh m-mom. P-Please h-help me. H-Help me f-find my purpose..." she began to cry next to her picture before falling asleep obliviously.


The next morning Hinata did not wake up so well. She felt terrible and drowsy all thru her warm shower and breakfast. Hanabi asked if she was capable of attending school in her weary state, and she respond with a simple nod. They both excuse the matter and move on to their day by finishing their well-cooked meal. Neji looked worry but did not show his concerns directly, instead he suggested her to take everything easy and extra cautious.

Once the three delightful children left to their assign institution Hiashi had his special visitor meet him secretly in his normal room size library.

"Please, have a seat, Sarutobi Hiruzen," Hiashi smirked gesturing a comfortable chair for the old wise man.

Sarutobi sigh suspiciously but dismiss it before accepting Hiashi's politeness and sat quietly.


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