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Don't Press The Button on The Plot Device!

Chapter 1- Pushing the Button

It was a quiet saturday in the beginning of summer at Gakuen Alice. Which of course was undoubtedly boring, especially if you were an energetic young girl named Mikan Sakura, which by the way, if translated into english, would mean Mandarin Orange Cherry Blossom.

Mikan Sakura was incredibly bored, so she decided to go bug her friend Hotaru. Hotaru was working on an invention.

"What'cha doin?" Mikan asked in an annoyingly irritating tone.

Hotaru ignored Mikan and continued working on her invention.

Suddenly, a random singing voice came out of nowhere.

"Mikan and Hotaru are gonna do it all! 'Cause Mikan and Hotaru are gonna DO IT ALLLLLLLL!"

"Hey, Hotaru-chan," asked Mikan (again, because she loved to ask irritating questions), "Where's Pengy?"

Pengy was wearing a fedora hat. He headed to an evil lair with a large sign on top that said "Personaschmirtz Evil Incorporated".

The random narrator voice sun "Personaschmirtz Evil In-corp-o-ra-ted!"

Pengy continued into the building.

"Ah, Pengy the Penguin Robot," cackled (Dr.) Persona(schmirtz) with an oddly German-souding accent, "How nice it is to see you. I was expecting you to arrive just... about... NOW! MWA HA HA HA!"

"Mikan-chan! You baka!" Hotaru shouted "Don't you remember? Pengy fell of a cliff AND DIED! More than six months ago!"

"Riiiiiiight," mumbled Mikan "But don't remind me, Hotaru-chan!" Mikan's eyes started watering up.

"Shoot!" shouted Pengy in an uncharacteristically manly voice. "I should be dead right now!"

Pengy keeled over and died.

"I'VE WON! I'VE WON!" (Dr.) Persona(schmirtz) yelled "Happy dance time!"

(Dr.) Persona(schmirtz) did a really dumb dance that was undescribably dumb.

"So, Hotaru-chan," Mikan asked for the second time, "What actually are you doing?" She completely forgot about Pengy because he wasn't actually that important, anyways.

"I'm building a machine called the 'Plot Device'. If you turn it on, waves of horrendous fanfiction plot energy are emitted and infect the minds of many innocent people around wherever you turn it on." Hotaru stoically answered.

"What's 'fanfiction'? Well, I guess that isn't important, but exactly why are you building this so-called 'Plot Device'?"

"It is sometimes a bit difficult to control my alice. It wanted to build this, so I ended up building it."

"Oh, I see. Hotaru-chan, can I press the red button?" said Mikan, pointing to a red button.

"Mikan-chan..." Hotaru tried to explain, but Mikan didn't seem to be listening.

"You see, Hotaru-chan, I will press the red button, because I know that you are so smart that you would probably make the red button a decoy, since people are always tempted to press the red button, and the actual button that turns the Plot Device on, or does something bad is the green button, like the one over there," Mikan points to a green button on the machine. "So I will press the red button."

Mikan's arm moved in slowmo towards the Red Button.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Hotaru shouted, also in slowmo.

But Hotaru was too late. Mikan's hand slammed down on the red button. The Plot Device turned on. It started emitting multicoloured rays of fanfiction energy.

"You baka!" screamed Hotaru angrily, "The Red Button WAS the one that turned on The Plot Device! I'm not as smart as you think I am!"

"Oopsy daisy!" blurted Mikan innocently, "Though, I must say, Hotaru-chan, I find it interesting that you could insult the both of us in three sentences."

Unfortunately, neither of them knew actually what to do. For you see, Hotaru hadn't finished building The Plot Device. She hadn't made an off button.


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