Don't Press The Button On The Plot Device!

Epilogue: The Epilogue... I mean... EPIC-logue

Since everything was returned to as normal as it could ever be after The Plot Device Fiasco, the only thing left is the EPIC-logue, since it isn't just a normal epilogue.

Anyhow, for a long time, Mikan wondered how that one saturday afternoon with The Plot Device Incident could feel like three months, one week and six days. When she started dating Natsume in high school, she asked him:

"Do you know how one saturday afternoon feel like three months, one week and six days?"

He broke up with her immediately afterwards because of her stupidity, much to the chagrin of some seven-digit-number of NatsuMikan fangirls. Said event caused the extinction of many NatsuMikan fangirls worldwide.

Ruka stopped reading Fruits Basket, not because he wanted too, but because he was pressured by his peers to conform to the supposed gender norms of our society. He eventually married Hotaru, against her will and his, so that the author wouldn't accidentally cause the extinction of RukaHotaru fangirls. Unfortunately, little did the author know that 99% of RukaHotaru fangirls were the NatsuMikan fangirls she made extinct.

Hotaru and Ruka eventually divorced, to the chagrin of many RukaHotaru fangirls, but to the pleasure of Hayate Matsudaira. Obviously, or maybe not so obviously, Hotaru became famous for inventing a robot that can gather evidence about anyone and blackmail them. She is currently planning to find a way to use it on the author of this fanfic.

Yuu Tobita stopped planning to sue the X-men, after he realized that he had more important things to do with his life, like collect bobbleheads. He eventually married Nonoko, who, believe it or not, was actually a bit yandere when it came to him.

Nonoko works for various fast food chains, like MacDonalds, KFC, and Burger King, creating the arguably toxic chemicals that you find in your fried chicken.

Persona legally changed his name to Dr. Personaschmirtz. He currently lives in Kiribati, and is hiding from Dr. Doofenschmirtz's lawyers.

Penguin died again to make this fic a bit more "canon".

The Dangerous Abilities Class (sans Natsume), after getting cured from the Plot Device rays, they formed a band. It's called "The Dangerous Abilities Class (sans Natsume)", with Rui on banjo, Hajime on electric bass, Youichi on drums, Hayate on sousaphone (that's how he makes use of his wind alice) and Nobara as lead vocals. Their first hit was "Baa Baa Black Sheep".

After one day of being a magical girl, Sumire decided that she'd rather lead a normal life. So, she opened up a hair salon ... for cats.

Koko is busy trying to sue Hotaru, because her blackmailing robot renders his mind-reading abilities obsolete. Kitsuneme is trying to sue the Wright Brothers, but unfortunately, has yet to find a lawyer that can speak to the dead.

Mochu, tried to tell Jinno-sensei about Mikan and Hotaru's troublemaking (in a manner similar to Candace from Phineas and Ferb). Since this was after The Plot Device was destroyed by The Plot Device Destroyinator, Jinno spazzed at Mochu for wasting his good time (which could've been spent watching reruns of Seinfeld) and zapped him fifteen times with lightning, beating the world record of seven.

Anna became renowned chef, famous for creating dishes that people would have to eat on show like Fear Factor. Her fame is only rivalled by that of Chef Hatchet on Total Drama Island.

Mr. Bear went on to have famous horror film roles, such as Night Of The Living Teddy Bear and The Bear Witch Project. Kaname became his agent, but after some shady dealings, changed his name to Rozen and created seven living dolls who now are fighting the Alice Game.

Piyo was put in the Genetically Mutated Animal Hall of Fame (in Squirrelfish, Nunavut), after beating the Big Red Chicken from Dora the Explorer in a rock-paper-scissors match, even though neither of them have fingers.

As for the author, she still had places to go, things to do and more fanfiction to write. And all her readers lived happily ever after.

That's all for now folks!

The End

*Unless this story suffers from immense sequelitis.

(A/N: (Un)fortunately, there will not be a sequel. In no way did I intend to offend many NatsuMikan fangirls that are out there. I know a made many Phineas and Ferb allusions, but I'm actually not a fan of that show. It just somehow made its way into this fic. Anyways, thanks for reading this fic! I really appreciated all your reviews!)