"I'm sorry, Luv." I whispered quietly to her as I stroked Her. I whispered quietly enough for only the two of us to hear. It was a private matter. One that the few remaining crew members need not know about. This was between me and Her.

She is my beauty.

She is my darling.

Of course she'd be the death of me. My Da probably would've found my situation very interesting, before lecturing me about it. Calling me a stupid worthless excuse for a man, if I were lucky. I still had yet to inform him of it...

I looked around, knowing that I couldn't leave Her now. I left her before, which is what I was apologizing for. I tried to get as far away from the danger as I could. But I couldn't stand to see my sweetheart in distress. Not after everything I went through to get her back. So I came back as quickly as I could. There was no way I'd leave Her again.

She is my life.

She is my freedom.

I loved her more than anything. I sold my soul to save Her and I'm more than willing to do it again, if I had to. 'I'd die for Her'. That is exactly how I feel about Her. She knew everything about me without saying a word. She loved me unconditionally. I hope.

I certainly hope She didn't start hating me when Elizabeth kissed me. I swear I heard Her groan in disapproval...

I stood there, stunned that I was tricked. Then I looked up at Her. This was not the way a Captain should go. I tried to free myself from the shackle. She must've seen my distress, for then I noticed a lantern with oil. I used my sword to lift it and smashed it against Her, getting the oil on my trapped wrist.

Once free, I felt like I was no longer alone with Her. I turned around, and there was my Dear's tormentor. He roared at me, covering me in his mucus. It was slimy and smelled horrible, though not as bad as I imagined. Could've been much worse.

I looked down at my slime-covered jacket, and saw it. My hat! I picked it up, before unsuccessfully trying to shake the slime off. It squished onto my head, and I could've sworn She laughed at me. I smiled at the monster before me. "Hello Beastie."

And with that, I drew my sword, feeling stronger because of the power of my beloved one. She was my reason for living. My reason for dying.

She is my one true love.

She is my Black Pearl...

I thought of this while I was trying to sleep last night. When I thought of this, I jumped out of bed, ran down stairs-half awake- and typed this as quickly as I possibly could...

With the way Jack treats the Black Pearl, I can imagine him thinking of the ship like a person...