Hi I'm Lilian Knight. But you can call me Lily.I'm your average teenager. I have problems like everyone, just bigger. As egotisticle as that may sound, it's true. I've been trained to fight werewolves. And i'm a half-vampire.
Okay so I'm not exactly normal. But then again, who is?
Vampires aren't evil. We're actually the good guys. We only look evil with our red eyes and feeding habits. People don't ever bother to talk to vampires and get a bad impression when we try to stop you from alerting the world to our existance.
The real danger of the night are werewolves. they're always fighting other Eternals for the right to become one.
Eternals are an order of beings that live forever, Meaning vampires, shape-shifters, angels, gifteds(people with powers), and dragons.
Werewolves usually target vampires because we're spread all over the world and travel alone or in pairs. And vampires are the protecters of all Eternals.
The mangy mutts themselves can change at any given time. In human form they look, well, human with yellowed teeth and eyes. They're wolf form is basically a large wolf with a short snout and huge eyes. They also have five-inch fangs with a venom that can kill an Eternal and change a human into one of them.
I was born a half-vampire, My dad is a vampire and my mother was a human. Unfortunately, my mother died when I was born. My dad's still alive though. I have a half-brother now!
My uncle, Twi, takes care of me and teaches me how to control my abilities. I've lived with him for sixteen years. Since my dad left me there that day.
Twi owns a huge mansion a few miles out of Paris, France We all live there. As in me, the team, and Dawn.
The team is amixture of young Eternals with elemental powers. There's me, Danny, Sam, and Luna. Danny's been away on a mission while Sam, Luna, and I have been stuck in school.
Danny has always been at my side for as long as we can remember. Now he's gone and I'm alone.
There'll be more time to talk about the emotions of a teenage girl later. Now I must Begin my story. Now I must take you to Poland.