Unfortunately, we have to start here or nothing will make sense. I hate it too. Trust me.
Here, by the way, is a small village in Poland. On a street, walking home from... somewhere, I'm not sure where but it's Saturday, so it wasn't school, is a fifteen-year-old girl. Her name, Elizabeth Day.
Elizabeth Day was average height and had long blond hair. Her skin was smooth and almost flawless. Totally average. Everything about her was average. Her friends, appearance,grades. All ordinary.
She soon arrived at the orphanage where she lived. Every day of her fifteen boring years, Elizabeth had been one of the orphans that lived there.
"Eliabeth, could you please take care of James? I need to concentrate," Mrs. Karren said. She took care of the orphans and anyone who needed it. She has been helping my family for fifteen years!
The one-year-old orphan, James, was the youngest and newest orphan at the orphanage.
"Of course," Elizabeth answered. She moved down the hall. The nursery was the second door on the right.
It was a fairly small room. The wall opposite of the door had clean, clear windows. The cribs lined the walls to the sides, giving the toddlers room to play.
James was the only infant there and had the entire room to himself. He had jet black hair and light brown eyes.
"Why do you cry so much?" Elizabeth had been crying all just smiled at her.
"Lizzy! Help us! We're dying of bordom!"
She turned to find the other eight occupants of the orphanage. Their ages varied from six to ten.
"Lizzy we're going to play outside!" Emily, an eight-year-old red head girl, said.
"It's muddy out there. You'll get covered in mud," Elizabeth said, setting down James.
"So?" Ethan cut in.
"So you'll have to take a bath when you come back in," Elizabeth answered.
The horrified look on they're faces made Elizabeth laugh.
"how 'bout we play hide'n'seek instead?" Ethan said.
"But that's boring!" Emily said.
"What about a puppet show?"Ron asked.
"Yeah!" tom his, identical twin immediately agreed. "I was thinking the same thing."
The rest of the children agreed quickly.
"Lizzy, could you help us?" Emily asked.
"Might as well. I have nothing better to do(yes you do!)," Elizabeth said.
"Yipee!" they cheered.

An hour later, Elizabeth was informing each orphan to go the nursery for the puppet show.
After gathering all the children, she lit a candle behind the stage, if you can call a blanket covered crib a stage. The candle gave it an omnious look with the lights off.
Elizabeth got the kids quiet and gave the twins the que.
A bright red sock puppet popped up from behind the stage. It wasn't the best sock puppet in the world or even good, but after forty-five minutes of searching through drawers for the hot glue gun for forty-five minutes, only to find it was on top of the desk, it didn't look half bad, to Elizabeth's eyes.
"Hiya!' it said in a voice very similar to Ron's.
A green puppet then popped up and said, in a voice suspiciously like Tom's, "Good evening."
"Who are you?" said the red puppet.
"I am me," the green puppet answered.
"Okay. Hi me!"
"Aaargh! My name isn't actually said a very fustrated green puppet. "Honestly! Don't you know who I am?"
"No, you won't tell me.
At this point, Ms. Karren stepped into the room. She leaned against the back wall.
The show went on without a problem. The kids were yawning by the end and James was snoozing in his crib.
"Come on! Time for bed." Ms. Karren said, herding the children to their rooms.
"Good night," Elizabeth said.
"Good night, Ms. Karren answered sadly. It souded like a good bye.
Elizabeth, slightly confused, walked down the hall and climbed up the ladder to her attic bedroom.
The bright, breezy room always made her more comfortable. The white walls had posters and pictures decorating them. She had a white dresser. Her bed sat beneath the large windows.
Elizabeth movedtoward he4r desk. An envelope with her name on it sat there. It hadn't been there this morning when she had gone to that mysterious place.
Thinking nothing of it, she opened it and pulled out the letter inside. It read:
The time has come.
Elizabeth put the letter down. This wasn't the first letter to come but she was sure it was the last.
And this was her last night she would be here.