E/O Drabble Challenge, challenge word: rock

Word count: 100 each

Set: Somewhere around season 3

Rating: K

Summary: Sometimes it's annoying to hunt with a person who knows your every habit...

"Nnh, no way", Sam hissed, his eyes erring around the moonlit graveyard, every dark shadow and weathered tombstone a possible hideout.
"I played bait for the walking dead last time—'twas no fun."

"Why, it worked perfectly" Dean snickered.

"Maybe for you. I had a cast for weeks."

"Yeah, but you got plenty of phone numbers, remember?"

"Sure, cuz you called all the cute ones for a date" Sam growled.

"Ok, killjoy—let's do the rock-paper-scissors."

"Awesome. Go, take the gun and piss him off. I'll wait right here with the stake."


"Did you ever win against me?"