So this is like, part 2 to Disguise. I've decided to turn it into a series of missions that are all related to each other.

"Just… a little… closer!" Naruto urged. He had a stick in his hand pointing it in the direction of a cat that was stuck rather high on top of a branch in a tree. He was sitting atop the shoulders of Sakura, who was looking more and more irritated with the situation as time went on. "Will you just… GET IT?" She yelled in exasperation. How long had they honestly been standing here like this?

Naruto leaned upward, and swung the stick. He just barely missed the cat whom hissed in response.

"Oh, you almost had it on that swing." Sasuke spoke somewhere off to the side in a mocking tone. He had his hands leisurely stuck in the pockets of his shorts just watching the spectacle. Naruto growled before pointing the stick in Sasuke's direction. "You know, you could help!" Sasuke tsk'd.

"Now why would I do that? You're making quite the fool of yourself so well without my help. And besides, I'm the one who dared you not to use any tricks to finish this mission. I'm not suppose to help." Naruto furrowed his eyebrows in frustration at Sasuke's display of mockery. Sakura inwardly sighed to herself. 'Well… why do I have to participate in this?' Her face etched with barely suppressed humiliation. Naruto mumbled under his breath before trying again at using the stick on the petrified feline. The stick missed the cat for what seemed like the millionth time. "Oh… so close and yet so far."

Naruto threw the stick at Sasuke's still form. "Ya know, I could really deal without your commentary!" Sasuke dodged the stick by merely sidestepping to the right. "It's not my fault you were complaining about getting assigned a D rank genin mission. I just wanted to spice things up a bit. Give you a bit of a challenge, but by the looks of it however, it seems it might've been too much for you." Naruto looked like he was on the verge of either ripping his hair out, or hulk smashing Sasuke. He was seriously considering the latter.

Sakura then proceeded to throw Naruto off her shoulders; leaving the blonde haired ninja to fall unceremoniously on the ground below. With her uncanny chakra control, she easily walked up the tree without even having to concentrate on it at all. Naruto hauled himself up into a sitting position. "No Sakura! We were suppose to get it without using ninja skills!" Sakura stood in place, and glared down at Naruto. "I wasn't dared to do anything, and this is getting ridiculous." Naruto sat there with his arms crossed pouting as Sakura effectively got the cat out of the tree.

Sasuke nonchalantly strolled up to Naruto. He squatted down to his level, never taking his hands out of his pockets. "I guess this means you don't get to eat ramen for a week." Naruto flailed his arms around in anger. "That's not fair! She wasn't part of the dare!" Sasuke gave another series of tsks. "Doesn't matter. You failed to complete the mission without the use of skills." Naruto returned to his pouting.

"Hello my wonderful students! How are you all on this fine morning?" The voice of Kakashi was heard approaching the three who weren't all that surprised at their teacher's sudden appearance. Naruto stood up and turned to his silver haired teacher. "Kakashi… why aren't there any real missions we can take… We're not genin anymore!" Kakashi chuckled. He raised his hand to his chin and scratched it in thought. "Well, now that I think about it, there is one mission that you three could do." He spoke as if he had had the idea of giving them this assignment from the very beginning.

Sasuke glared at Kakashi who didn't seem fazed at all. "Let me just walk away now before I'm forced into a dress again."

"It's not a simple recon mission like before. It's actually a very dangerous mission, or so the client explains." Sasuke had stood up from his position on the ground, and was now crossing his arms with a serious expression on his stoic face. Naruto looked intensely interested in what Kakashi was explaining. Sakura just rolled her eyes at the change in their teacher's tone of voice to add a scary and endearing effect to the mission. What was more eye rolling worthy however, was that it was going to work on the two boys standing in front of her.

"No one has even dared to take this assignment… yet. It's even been classified as an A rank mission." Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Kakashi, never the patient type. "Well, what kind of mission is it then?" Kakashi smiled deviously behind his mask. "You have to find, and return an artifact. According to the client, this particular item gives immortality to whoever uses it, and everlasting youth."

Naruto's face lit up in awe, even Sasuke looked genuinely interested. "It's actually not too far from here, only a few hours trip to a village near the Land of Waves." Naruto jumped up and down in renewed enthusiasm. "What are we waiting for then? Let's go!" Kakashi raised his hands up to calm Naruto. "Wait a second, you have to hear what it looks like, don't you?" Naruto momentarily ceased his jumping to listen to Kakashi.

"The artifact is a very intricately designed box. The client instructs us to not, under any circumstances, open the box. When you arrive at the village, you'll find the artifact with a merchant. All you have to do is tell him the password, Everlasting, and he'll give it to you without question." Naruto nodded eagerly. He then proceeded to run in the direction of the land of waves along with Sasuke who was equally as eager. Sakura sighed audibly before walking at a normal pace behind them. "Here we go again…"

Kakashi placed his hands on his hips looking thoroughly satisfied with himself. He wasn't at all startled when he heard Iruka's voice behind him. "Did you just send… those three to do your assigned mission?" Kakashi merely shrugged off the accusation. "No, they obviously volunteered." Iruka walked up to stand beside Kakashi. "That was an S ranked mission… not an A. Are you trying to get your students killed?" Iruka glared at Kakashi whom gave another shrug. "They'll be fine."

"You lazy, irresponsible, son of a bi-"

It wasn't that long of a trip for the three ninja to get to the village. Reason being because Naruto had challenged Sasuke to a race to make up for the dare he lost so he could have another shot at getting his ramen back.

Sasuke and Naruto were sucking in much needed oxygen with their hands rested on their knees. "So… I guess that's two weeks without ramen." Naruto glared at Sasuke. Sasuke smirked back at him, but with much difficulty. "Man, fucker, can you ever fly." Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Naruto whose face changed from annoyance, to a face splitting grin. Sakura then ran up behind them; completely out of breath.

"Why must everything be a challenge between you two?" She asked between pants. It was more a rhetorical question than anything. Sakura just felt it needed to be asked regardless. Naruto regained his composure and pointed at Sasuke. "If he wasn't such a prick, I wouldn't have to dare him so much!" Sasuke scoffed. "If he wasn't such a dumb ass, I wouldn't have to watch him lose so much." Naruto was back to glaring at his long time rival. Sakura sighed. "Let's just hurry up and find this guy before you both start killing each other." She started ahead of them with an air of clear annoyance around her.

Sasuke and Naruto followed close behind her. The village they were now in was actually quite lively. Everyone they passed was cheerful and inviting. The three received a lot of hey's as they walked through.

"Do you think they're all so cheerful because of the artifact Kakashi mentioned?" Naruto asked his two companions. "Possibly. Whose to say?" Sasuke spoke while waving at an enthusiastic merchant. Everything was bright with such a sunny disposition. The three of them looked around at all the smiling faces of the residents. It was actually kind of creepy.

"Damn… even I don't smile this much." Naruto said hiding behind Sakura. Sasuke snorted. "Don't be such a pansy. They're just people." Naruto shot Sasuke a look of disdain. "People who look a little too damn happy about doing daily chores." Sasuke scoffed at Naruto's ridiculous behavior. "What? These people aren't allowed to be happier than you?" Naruto huffed before looking away from Sasuke and back to hiding behind Sakura. "Yes… just… anyone who actually is happier than me warrants being called creepy." Sasuke looked at a woman who waved at him vigorously. He attempted to smile and wave back, but it was awkward and half-assed.

"Point… taken."

Sakura then spotted a shady looking man cloaked in dark layers of clothing behind a few stands. He stood out quite obviously from the rest of the people around the village. He wasn't selling anything like food, or merchandise; just a lone box sitting atop his stand. She stopped, letting Sasuke and Naruto bump into her. "I think that's the guy we're looking for." She said pointing at the man who seemed to be looking around for someone. They both nodded in silent agreement.

The three of them approached the guy warily. He noticed them immediately, scanning over them for something. He seemed quite tense, for he grabbed the box and moved it closer to himself. "Um… we're here to pick something up… We're Konoha ninjas." Sakura spoke first, unsure if this was even where they were suppose to be or not. The man seemed to relax considerably, but still seemed to not entirely trust the three standing before him. "Password." Was all he said behind the darkness of his cloak.

"Everylasting!" Naruto exclaimed excitedly. Sasuke punched him in the side. "Everlasting, you moron." Naruto rubbed at his injured kidney giving Sasuke a heated glare. Nothing else was said as the man slid the box across the table over to the three Konoha ninja. They didn't even get to properly see the man's face as he walked away from the stand. They watched the box in anticipation as if it would suddenly spring to life or something.

"…That's it? We just… take it?" Naruto asked leaning over Sakura's shoulder to peer down at the seemingly innocent artifact below. The only female in the group shrugged. "I guess so." With that, she picked it up and held it close to herself. They began walking back in the direction of Konoha feeling somewhat… unsatisfied.

"What… no cool fight scene or… randomly appearing dragons… or…"

"Shut up Naruto."

"No YOU shut up, Sasuke!"

Even as Sasuke verbally fought with Naruto, he too felt that this mission was rather… anti-climactic.

"How long is it going to take for them to get back?" Iruka asked his silver haired friend. "Not too much longer. You shouldn't take the clients so seriously Iruka, that mission barely qualified as a D rank. It probably only has some necklace in it." Iruka gave Kakashi a confused look.

"I thought you said it had some mythical power inside." Kakashi chuckled before reaching into the pouch on his back pocket to pull out a small orange book. "I made that up of course, and it kind of matched the password the man gave me. Pretty cool, huh?"

Iruka grunted in distaste. "No, now I just think you're an irresponsible asshole."

They walked back much slower than the "run" to the village. They were in the forest now, not really speaking to each other. Naruto was beginning to miss the bustling village they had just left. "I guess those people really were just… really happy." The blonde haired ninja attempted to break the silence as he kicked a stray rock out of the path they were walking along. The other two beside him nodded silently. Naruto sighed, and looked upward toward the sky. After that, he rolled his shoulders, and stuck his hands in his pockets. Then kicked more rocks.

Yep… he was bored.

"Man… Kakashi lied to us…" Naruto whined running a hand through his blonde hair. "Wouldn't be the first time." Sakura replied. She wasn't quite sure if she was happy he had lied, or if she wanted to kick his ass for giving them a mission he was probably sent to do. Sasuke chose not to speak on the matter, and walked a bit ahead of the other two.

Naruto eyed the box that was nestled in Sakura's hands. It looked like some ordinary jewelry box or something… everlasting youth my foot. "Let's open it." He suddenly said. Sakura glared at him. "No way… Kakashi said we weren't to open it under any circumstances." Naruto returned the glare with equal force. "I thought we already established that Kakashi was lying to us…" Sakura seemed to mull it over in her head for a moment. Naruto decided she was taking way too long to decide whether or not they should open a damn box, so he made a move to grab at it.

Sakura tried to move away, "Cut it out Naruto!" Naruto grabbed the other end. "Come on! Just a peek!" They struggled for the box before it slipped out of both of their hands. Sasuke stopped to turn around and yell at the two childish moron's behind him, when he felt the object of their trivial bout hit his foot. The two watched as the box opened and engulfed Sasuke in a puff of smoke.

"S-Sasuke?" Sakura stuttered, watching as the smoke still had yet to dissipate. Naruto blinked inquisitively before walking up slowly toward the smoke. Once he approached, the fog lifted suddenly, revealing only clothes.

"EH?" Sakura squeaked in miffed disbelief. She looked around wildly for any signs of a naked Sasuke, and as much as that thought pleased her, she was still quite worried. "This is ALL YOUR FAULT NARUTO! We shouldn't have opened the box! DAMN IT!" Naruto wasn't really listening to her shouts, as he was more intent on staring at the small bundle Sakura had overlooked during her freak out session. He kneeled down slowly when said bundle started to move.

Sakura had yet to stop her screams of anguish. "Sakura… be quiet for a second." Naruto muttered never looking over his shoulder at her. Sakura fumed.

"Be quiet! Oh, I'll be qui-" She stopped when she finally noticed something moving under Sasuke's clothes.

A small head of black hair finally surfaced through the opening of the black shirt Sasuke had been wearing. Two large, ebony eyes scanned the area before looking up into sapphire and emerald ones.

Sakura's face began to twitch uncontrollably. A smile formed on her lips as she fought the urge to squeal. Unfortunately for the small boy sitting inside the clothes, she had lost the fight.

"HOW CUTE!" Sakura picked up Sasuke and his clothes and squeezed him in a Sakura style bear hug. Naruto managed to get the small boy away and sat him back on the ground, stretching an arm out in front of Sakura to make sure she didn't attempt another grab and squeeze. Sasuke looked breathless for a moment before he glared up at the two in front of him, but the effect kind of died due to his now puffy cheeks and big, round eyes. Even Naruto looked to be resisting the urge not to hug him.

"What deh hewell just happened?" Sasuke asked at a much higher pitch. He looked around and saw the box laying completely opened and empty a few feet away from him. "It seems it did have some kind of magical power inside it!" Naruto said sounding positively thrilled at their discovery.

Sasuke attempted to bore holes through Naruto's head, but only succeeded in making himself look like he was pouting. "I don't cawre, just figuwre out how to fix this!" Sasuke exclaimed in anger. Naruto snickered. "Having trouble pronouncing R's?"


Sakura shook herself out of "squish it because it's cute" mode. "Oh great… what are we going to tell Kakashi now that we've opened it?" Sasuke tried his best to pick up his clothes. He managed to get some of them in his tiny hands, and waddled away from the two. "YOU both did it, not me."

Naruto hm'd to himself. "Well… we have to go back. The guy who we were suppose to give this box to is our only lead on how to change Sasuke back to normal." Sakura nodded in agreement. "Unusually shawrp dere blondie." Sasuke said from where he was sitting turned away from the two. Naruto was about to yell a comeback at Sasuke, when another idea crossed his mind. He smiled evilly before getting up and kneeling in front of Sasuke.

"Whose a cute little boy, Sasuke's a cute little boy." He spoke in a high pitched manner. He continued to speak to Sasuke in a way that parents talked to their babies or pets. Sasuke puffed his cheeks out at Naruto. "Why do I find yew speaking so preposterously to me so endearing?" Naruto grinned widely at Sasuke before attempting to pick the seemingly five-year-old up. "Pick me up and I'll gut yew, yew blonde haiwred, wramen swilling, son of a bitch." Naruto looked momentarily stunned before letting out a laugh.

"And here I thought your vocabulary only consisted of the words "Fuck" and "You." Sasuke scoffed cutely at Naruto's amused face. "Dat goes to show yew how much of an unperceptive dumb ass yew awre." Naruto smirked even though he just lost in a verbal fight with a five year old.

"Fine. Suit yourself. Well, let's go Sakura." He said while continuing on the path leading to the village. Sakura stared from Naruto, to a pouting, defiant Sasuke. "B-but…" Sasuke eyed Naruto's back in disdain before looking up toward Sakura who was pulling off a wonderful imitation of a fish out of water. He looked down at his clothes and automatically noted that he wasn't going to be able to get very far before his now tiny body would get exhausted from having to carry his oversized clothes. Out of the both of them, Sasuke hated to admit that he would much prefer Naruto carrying him than a bubbly Sakura, who would probably find the endeavor to be much too enjoyable.

Sasuke suddenly had the urge to cry and throw a fit at not having his way, which… was a weird sensation. He found it increasingly difficult to stop his eyes from glassing over with barely suppressed tears of aguish. Which, in turn, frustrated him more; adding to the already overwhelming urge to cry from his previous dilemma. When Sasuke did start to cry, and really cry, it startled Naruto enough to stop and turn around. Sakura's fish imitation became increasingly more realistic when Sasuke started wailing and screaming like the five year old that didn't get his favorite candy bar while in the supermarket.

Sasuke wiped at his eyes that were already starting to redden and become swollen from tears. He stopped long enough to be able to get out a couple of sentences. "You can't leave me here like this! You did it to me!" Naruto looked utterly flabbergasted at Sasuke's temper tantrum, but he did have a point.

The blonde haired ninja walked over to the small, weeping Sasuke. "All right, all right. I'm sorry. Stop crying, it's weird." He bent down and lifted the small child up by his underarms, also making sure to pick up Sasuke's clothes as well so he would have something to wrap him up in. Walking out of Konoha with three teenagers and coming back with two, some clothes, and a naked kid would certainly raise some questions.

Sasuke's wailing was reduced to the occasional sniffle as he was placed on Naruto's hip. When he rested his head on the blonde's shoulder however, Naruto found it difficult not to squish the little brunette. He was just so damn cute.

Naruto cleared his throat after that little dramatic scene was over. He turned toward Sakura who was cooing at Sasuke's cuteness. Said raven haired teenager turned five year old was reflexively sucking on his middle, and index finger. Must be a thing he use to do when he was upset at that age.

"I think… that it would be wise if we… thought of a plan. Now that this has happened, I don't think we should just, walk up in there and say, "Oops! The box just opened up and attacked him on its own, I swear." Naruto explained in all seriousness. Sakura didn't appear to be listening, so Naruto cleared his throat again.

"Oh sorry, did you say something?" Naruto sighed. This was going to be a difficult walk home. He looked down at the small bundle on his hip. "Do you have any ideas Sasuke?" Sasuke proceeded to sniffle before looking up into Naruto's sky blue eyes. "I'm cold… and I want a tomato." The orange clad ninja gave Sasuke a disheveled look.

"I think we should stop by the Land of Waves and get Sasuke something to wear for now, and maybe get some lunch. It's not too far from where we are now anyway." Sakura suggested. Naruto nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I suppose it would be better than going back to that other village who just saw Sasuke as a fifteen year old." Sakura gave a curt nod of affirmation. "My thoughts exactly." Naruto looked down at the child in his arms. "Is that all right with you Sasuke?" He didn't receive a response.

"Sasuke?" He shook the boy gently who furrowed his eyebrows in mild protest and groaned cutely. Naruto then noticed that Sasuke had fallen asleep on his shoulder, and cracked a grin. Sakura also noticed and raised her finger over her lips to quiet the loud teen.

They walked carefully to their destination making sure not to step on any leaves as they went.

The trip to the Land of Waves was short. They had already been really close due to their last excursion to the other village high off something Naruto wished he had asked what it was, so he could possibly invest in some himself. But aside from that, they had arrived, and the town was the same as they had last left it.

"I hope Kakashi won't mind us taking a detour. I have a feeling this was a mission he was previously planned to take." Sakura voiced her slight concern. She was walking alongside the side of Naruto that Sasuke wasn't occupying. Naruto shrugged. "I don't think he'll care. Besides, with the amount of excuses he can come up with to give us for reasons why he's late all the time, I'm sure he has enough left to keep the client entertained." Sakura snorted in amusement before giving Naruto a soft smile. "Yeah, I suppose you're right."

At that moment, Sasuke decided that it was a good time to wake up. He yawned wide, and blinked half-lidded, ebony eyes at his surroundings. Naruto looked down at him. "Well, good morning to you. Bet you felt good not having to walk and being able to sleep." Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows in distaste at hearing Naruto's voice when he just woke up.

"Shaddap. You'wre too loud." Naruto rolled his eyes before averting his attention back to Sakura. "So where's a good place to go buy Sasuke some diapers?" The child in his arms growled vehemently. Sakura glared pointedly at her blonde haired companion. "Don't antagonize him, Naruto." He shrugged in response. "Fine. But really, where are we going?" Sakura looked around at the shops in the immediate vicinity. She spotted a clothing store not too far from where they were currently standing. Surely that one would have something for young children.

"That store, over there. Let's see what they have." Naruto followed behind Sakura who led the way into the clothing store labeled Wave's Emporium. The pink haired member of the trio suddenly felt her girlish giddy glee creep upon her again at the opportunity to dress Sasuke up for a second time. She ran off into a random direction of the store leaving behind a startled Naruto to stand near the entrance in silent shock.

Sasuke began to feel restless in Naruto's arms. He started to struggle, which caught Naruto off guard. "Hey! Stop moving!" Sasuke didn't adhere to the demand, and continued struggling against Naruto's hold on him. The blonde growled.

He placed Sasuke on the floor and shook him slightly, but firmly. "I said stop." He spoke in an eerily demanding tone.

The look Naruto was giving him, plus his tone of voice had ceased Sasuke's movements. And, dare he admit it to himself, that he felt intimidated… by Naruto? Of all people… The thought disturbed the onyx haired boy to no end. So, Sasuke did the only natural thing to do when someone much larger than yourself was looming over you dangerously. He started crying.

Naruto's eyes widened comically large. He looked around and noticed he was getting odd looks from the people around him. Most were probably wondering why there was a child wrapped in clothes obviously too big for him crying in front of someone, who, they could only assume was the guardian. Naruto hugged the wailing boy close in an act of comfort. "Damn it Sasuke! Don't start now… I'll buy you all the tomatoes you can eat if you stop right now!" Sasuke was back to sniffling as he leaned his head down on Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto faintly heard the word, "promise?" and couldn't possibly contain the smile that forced it's way to his lips. "I promise." Damn if Sasuke wasn't one hell of an adorable kid. Said kid rubbed his face into the fabric of Naruto's shirt.

Naruto then moved his hands to Sasuke's sides and tickled them. The action caused a series of high pitch giggles to erupt from Sasuke's small form.

So. Fucking. Cute. How did his parents not fucking eat him for crying out loud?

Sakura then came bounding back toward the two. Naruto looked up to see she had multiple sets of outfits in her hands. "I didn't know which one I liked more, so I grabbed them all so you guys could pick." Sasuke looked upward, saw pink, looked back down and muttered, "No." Unfortunately for him however, the pinkette hadn't heard him over her own mutterings.

"Oh, I can't decide. We'll just have to get them all." Naruto felt his eye begin a steady twitch.

"Oh, and Naruto, give me your wallet. I don't have enough to pay for all of these." Naruto didn't even bother fighting her as he reached into his back pocket to pull out a sum of money. He sighed before handing the girl all of it. I guess I won't be eating tonight.

The trio were now walking down a street of the land of Waves towards the exit of the small village. Sasuke glaring furiously at the sidewalk. Not only was he forced into a miniature sailor suit, but he didn't even get to have ONE of his promised tomatoes.

"Oh, come on Sasuke. It's not like I had a choice. She stole all my money!" Naruto tried to console the angry brunette. Sakura glared at him, "don't blame this all on me." Sasuke continued to growl at the ground.

The three Konoha ninjas were stopped by a middle aged looking woman. She had walked up to them with a look that clearly stated she had something to say about the used-to-be-teen. She stood with a sophisticated air about her. Standing up so straight that they wondered if her back would just spontaneously snap in two. She looked down at the blonde haired Chunin in nothing short of disgust.

"Excuse me boy, but is that your child?" Her voice was just as posh as her overly flamboyant choice in clothing.

The boy in question answered with the best thing he knew to say in this situation.


"Of course he is. He just favors his mother in looks." Sakura exclaimed in his stead. The woman looked at Sasuke with his little sailor hat, then back up at Sakura and Naruto. "He doesn't look like either of you."

Naruto bent down to Sasuke's level and hugged him. "Of course he's my kid. I mean, look at him, he loves me!"

"I'll kill you."

The woman's eyes widened in surprise. Naruto laughed sheepishly while letting go of the irritated brunette.

"He just gets like this when he's… tired. Yes, tired. It happens all the time."

"In your sleep."

There was a momentary silence before Sakura took it upon herself to say something. "Yes, well, we better get home." She laughed lightly. The woman looked at her and nodded slowly.

"Get him to bed…" she continued. "Before he kills someone…" Sakura bent down and quickly picked Sasuke up. She walked swiftly passed the woman. Naruto followed closely behind her.

"And that's how it happened!" Exclaimed Naruto. The three were now in front of Iruka and Kakashi. The two exchanged bewildered looks before looking down at Sasuke who still had the same sour look upon his small face. They looked back up at Naruto who looked positively proud of his exclamation. Iruka cleared his throat while Kakashi scratched awkwardly at the back of his neck.

"Uh, Naruto, all you did was walk up to us and say, "and that's how it happened."" Kakashi spoke. His attention was drawn back to the child standing in a little sailor suit.

"Oh, really? Aw… it sounded really cool in my head then."

Sakura elbowed Naruto harshly in the side before attempting to explain the situation to the two very confused adults. "We… opened the box on accident. It was all Naruto's fault by the way."

Kakashi sighed before rubbing at his temples. "I thought I specifically told you not to open the box under any circumstances." Naruto rubbed at his wound before looking up at their teacher.

"Well, to be fair, we technically didn't open the box. It kinda just fell, and opened on its own."

Kakashi looked to be in deep contemplation as he stared down at Sasuke. "Kind of funny how I made that story up, and it kind of held some truth to what was inside the box." Naruto and Sakura's attention was diverted to the silver haired closet pervert.

"YOU MADE THAT UP?" They both simultaneously shouted.

Kakashi rubbed at his abused ear after they were finished shouting. "It's not like I knew this was going to happen. I figured I'd just give you guys something to do with your time since you were complaining about the D rank mission."

The two didn't seem satisfied with the justification, but remained silent.

"Anyway, I guess we should just go back to the client and ask him if there's a cure." Sasuke seemed to finally snap out of pouting silently to himself. "IF there's a cure?" Kakashi was back to awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"Ah, so you did open the box." A withered, old voice sounded somewhere behind the group of ninjas. They spun around to see an old man limping his way over to them on an equally old cane.

He chuckled as he stood before them. "Luckily enough for you," he looked down at Sasuke, who was staring at the old man skeptically. "I DO in fact have a cure." Sasuke looked up hopefully. "Well, give it to me!"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny vial. He handed it to Sasuke who took off the cap eagerly. "Careful young man. Only one sip will do. Drink too much, and it could kill you." Sasuke stared warily at the bottle. He sniffed it for good measure before bringing the rim to his lips. He took one small sip.

Everyone stood back from Sasuke as he then was engulfed with a familiar puff of smoke. It seemed to take forever before it all completely cleared, and what they saw, had them all shocked.

Naruto brought his hand up to cover his mouth. Small giggles were already escaping. Sakura looked so utterly appalled that she was reduced to tears. Kakashi was torn between laughing, or covering his eyes, while Iruka quickly averted his eyes in shock.

"Oh dear. It seems there might have been a small flaw in the antidote." The old man muttered to himself.

There was Sasuke, standing there a bit smaller than he originally was. He had gained a few curves, large breasts, an enlarged backside, and longer hair. And most of all, he (or she) was naked.

"What the hell…"

The old man began to back away slowly. "Well, I'll have to do some more testing. I'll get back to you once I've found the cure." He bolted from the ninjas at a much faster pace without the use of his cane.

Sasuke looked like he was about to murder something. Naruto walked up to him with a grin holding a familiar piece of fabric.

"Here Sasuke." Sasuke turned to Naruto with a glare that promised a slow and painful demise. "You can wear this till we find a cure for you." Sasuke looked down at the blue kimono the blonde haired ninja held up to him. His angry mood plummeted down to a defeated one.

"I hate my life."

Mission complete.

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