'F (pause) B (pause) I (pause), FBI,' Sheldon stood practicing his best Fox Mulder voice in their bathroom mirror as he waited for Penny to arrive in costume, 'stop or I'll shoot,' he pointed his fingers at the mirror in the shape of a gun.

Penny was scratching her head again when she entered the apartment to search for Sheldon. Although, she looked the part of Scully with a suit taken right out of the first X-files movie, Sheldon had include a realistic badge and FBI ID; but her red wig with driving her crazy. The wig was the perfect color and cut and did make her look like Scully, just what Sheldon want but there was one bad point it make her head itch like crazy. Penny once again lifted her red wig to reach under and scratch her ponytail clad blonde hair before Sheldon saw her.

She pulled the wig back down on her head before she shouted, 'Sheldon, I'm ready to go when you are?'

Sheldon emerged from the bathroom still holding his right hand in a 007 finger pose and greeted Penny with, 'Who's Sheldon? My name is Fox Mulder, FBI.'

Penny nodded her head, 'alright spooky, we better get going if we're not going to miss the 3rd X-files movie panel.'

Sheldon crossed his arms, 'I'm not going anywhere with you until I find my sister.'

Penny grabbed his arm and yanked him towards the door, 'she's in Texas where you left her hostessing at Fuddruckers. Now come on let's get this over with this wig is making my head itch like crazy.'