a/n: SPOLIER ALERT: This thing has sooooo many spoilers! So if your extremely queasy about them, turn back now!

This is angsty. Or at least this chapter is. I promise to put humour in it!

Brennan was sitting at her computer working on the outline for her next novel when she was startled out of her muse by Parker's running footsteps through the lab and his shout of " Dr. Bones!" She immediately knew she wouldn't get much more work done, so she managed to save the work she had already done and close her laptop just as Parker had bounded through her door, shutting and turning the bolt as quickly as he could after him. She quickly grabbed her keys and locked door just before pulling all the blinds across the glass wall closed. Parker had already turned on her table lamp and was working his way over to the bigger lamps when she stopped him.

"We don't want anyone to see the light through the blinds, plus it's light enough right now. Grab your backpack and head over to our secret hiding spot while I send Angela a text." Brennan said. Parker willingly obeyed and grabbed his bag before going over to the far corner of the room, slipping between two bookcases into the part of her office that only Brennan, Parker, Angela, and Hodgins knew about. She had purposely moved the bookcases up by about 4 feet when she first started working at the Jeffersonian, making her office seem perfectly square instead of the strange octagon it was. She sent a text to Angela saying 'if booth asks, I went to lunch' before stuffing her phone into her pocket and joining Parker behind the bookcases. Before Brennan could even say anything, Parker had answered her unspoken question.

"They brought me here because they thought I would like to see the space exhibit. But then Dad got a phone call from Mom and left me with Vanessa, so I slipped away while she was trying to read me something from a plaque about the moon. I wonder how long it will be before she realizes I'm gone and panics?"

At the mention of Vanessa, Brennan wrapped her arms around herself. 7 months after she left for Maluku, Booth left for Afghanistan, and Hodgins left for Paris with Angela for a year, they all had to return to D.C. to help Cam save her job from the media. She had a controversial body to examine and the media almost ripped her to pieces for information and the body itself before she sent an SOS out to the team calling everyone back. They managed to save her, but instead of everyone going back to their respective corners of the world for 5 more months, they decided to stay put in D.C. But then Booth revealed to everyone that he met someone, a reporter he said, who had signed onto his regiment. She would join him in D.C. because they wanted to give a relationship between them a chance. Shortly after her arrival, Gormogon's apprentice, the one who actually did kill the man everyone thought Zack killed, resurfaced and made his presence known to the team by killing one of their beloved interns. But in this act, Zack was found to be innocent of murder so he was set free from the looney bin and got his job as a forensic anthropologist back at the Jeffersonian. That was Brennan's one joy these days, besides her growing relationship with Parker.
Parker and Brennan hated Vanessa. She was mean and unfeeling to Parker, and constantly tried to get the 'inside scoop' from Brennan. Brennan, unlike Booth, wouldn't let her have it, which set her on bad terms with Vanessa. And that only doubled when Parker revealed to Brennan on how he dreaded spending time with his dad because he knew Vanessa would be there.

'Vanessa takes the fun from everything,' Parker had told her one day. 'All she wants to do is spend alone time with Dad, and she doesn't let me ever get to spend time with him! Mom even noticed, and she said something to Vanessa about it but Vanessa pulled her to somewhere where they could talk privately. Mom then took me away and almost didn't let me be able to see Dad anymore, but he begged to be able to see me.'

Brennan knew this was a slight exaggeration, Sundays were reserved for Booth and Parker as well as most of the moments when Vanessa was at work. But as for not being able to go to his Dad's house, that was actually just being able to go to his Dad's once a month. Little did Parker know that Booth actually had no part in his being able to be with his Dad more than 12 times a year, Brennan had met with Rebecca one day to discuss a college savings account for Parker when she had learned of Parker not going to his dad's house as often as usual. Rebecca agreed to let Parker come over more often just so that Parker could sneak out from Booth's apartment and take a public bus to the Jeffersonian where he would hang out with Brennan until about 3 in the morning. That's when Brennan showed Parker the hidden space and they agreed to use that area incase Parker ever came to the Jeffersonian with his dad and wanted to get away. Parker began to look forward to going to his dad's house just so that he could visit Brennan. Not that Parker didn't still like his dad, he just didn't get to have fun with him anymore. Brennan let him have fun.

Soon enough Brennan's phone was ringing with a frantic call from Booth explaining how Parker was lost in the Jeffersonian again. Brennan told him she was at lunch and that Parker knew the Jeffersonian well, he couldn't get lost and probably just wandered off. She told him to check with a nice security guard who made friends with Parker over a dinosaur exhibit one day before hanging up and urging Parker downstairs to the dinosaur exhibit and security guard before his father got there.