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It was about a month after Vanessa disappeared off the face of the planet. No one knew where she went (although there were rumours of her being kidnapped. Pfft right, like someone would want to kidnap her?) , but the world seemed just that much more peaceful.

So that extra peacefulness was one of the reasons why Brennan was outside, away from work, drinking some coffee on one of the most beautiful mornings she could remember. Sitting on a bench staring at the water, she wasn't surprised when she noticed someone sit next to her.

It was a month after Vanessa disappeared, and exactly 1 year after Brennan and Booth had to say goodbye at the airport. Which was exactly why Booth was also outside, getting a coffee from the coffee cart at the mall. He wasn't surprised when he turned around to see Brennan sitting at their bench beside the reflecting pool. So he snuck around behind her without her noticing and sat down beside her.

Smiling when she turned around to see him, he said, "Hey Bones, nice day huh?"

"Yes, it's very beautiful. I even took off of work because of it."

"*GASP* THE Temperance Brennan took off work?" he said, mocking shock. Then he nudged her with his elbow and said, "I bet you took off for a different reason. Am I right, Bones?"

"Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Who knows." At this point they were both laughing. "So, did you take off of work too?"

"Yeah. Cause you know what day it is, Bones."

"Yeah, I know. And you remember what we agreed upon around that time?"

"Changes, right? That we wouldn't stay the same, that coming back from our trips our relationship would be different." Booth said while looking into Brennan's eyes with her looking right back at his.

"Right. But my question is; how will we be different?"

"Well I guess we will just have to find out," he said as he stood up from the bench and held his hand out to her. She took it and he pulled her up off the bench, but didn't let go of her hand. They left the serene reflecting pool that way, but the reflecting pool didn't remain serene. 5 minutes later, the Japanese man from the café was seen streaking along the reflecting pool with his Samurai sword yelling, "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!"

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