'Hey Leonard, pause it,' Penny said sticking her arms out and rising off the sofa slightly.

Leonard did as he was told and hit the pause button on the remote.

Sheldon, who until now had been wrapped up in his work and had been ignoring the couple glanced over at the blonde neighbor giving her an annoyed look.

Penny stood up and pointed towards the TV screen, 'that old guy wasn't he in Spiderman 3? He looks familiar.'

Leonard opened his mouth to answer but before he could Sheldon piped in, 'the old guy you are referring to is the figurehead and public face for Marvel Comics, the legendary Stan Lee.'

Penny stood up and faced Sheldon while motioning towards the TV, 'well if he's so important, why is he playing a mail man in the Fantastic Four?'

Sheldon shook his head at the girl's silly statement, 'of course, he makes appearances in Marvel's movies, Stan Lee helped create most of those characters. He plays bit parts in Marvel films as a joke or Easter egg for true fans to find him.'

Penny rolled her eyes, 'well I spotted him not you or Leonard, and so by your definition I must be the 'true fan' of his work.'

Sheldon shook his head, 'I knew Stan Lee was on screen. I have seen the Fantastic Four multiple times; I just do not feel the need to ruin other people's viewing arrangements to show I am a true fan. I attend his public appearances and have his autograph to prove that.'

Penny rolled her eyes for a second time before collapsing back into her spot on the couch, 'Leonard, go ahead and push play.'

Sheldon shook his head one last time while muttering to him self, 'you'd think she would remember taking me to Stan Lee's house to get my autograph.'