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Innocence's True Form

It was a normal morning for the Black Order. Komui had already annoyed half of the order in the cafeteria about leaving his darling Lenalee alone. Lavi, who had destroyed Jerry's room again, made yet another failed breakfast for himself and was sulking while eating. Kanda stumbled into the room and slowly made his groggy body move towards Jerry's window. When Chaoji rushed up to him with his normal perky morning self, Kanda scowled at him and collapsed onto the poor guy's shoulder.

"Poor Kanda with his low morning blood sugar…" Lavi grinned.

At that moment was when Krory would walk in and yawn, spooking whatever new finder was near him. Miranda was next. She would slowly sneak in and fret over what she would get for breakfast. Eventually, Jerry just placed a plate of waffles in front of her and sent her to eat. She trotted over and sat next to Marie who had just started his morning meal. Finally, Lenalee would trot into the room, still half asleep, and order herself something to eat. Everyone in the room always came in early in fear that Allen Walker would accidentally eat all the food. It didn't matter how early they came though. Allen would always beat them there. However, he was always kind enough to only eat a plate at a time so to be sure that everyone got something to eat.

Lavi was the first to notice something different. For whatever reason, Allen hadn't shown up yet. Also, there was another thing that was bugging him. There was a new man sitting in the corner dress in neither the finder nor scientist outfit. The only explanation was that he was a new exorcist but why hadn't he introduced himself. He found it just a little bizarre.

"Hey, has anyone seen Allen this morning?" Lavi finally voiced, turning his attention back to his friends.

Everyone quickly looked around and gasped. Allen never had missed a meal. N-E-V-E-R.

"I'll go check his room!" Lenalee nearly shouted, jumping up.

At that moment, the most painful and horrifying scream filled the entire order. All of the order froze. Where they under attack again? Did a Noah slip in and kill someone? Did someone accidentally activate Sir Komlin the nth? While everyone was worrying about the many possibilities, Allen made his appearance. Quickly making his way over to his friends' table, Allen grabbed Kanda by his collar with his right hand.

"Why'd you do it, Bakanda!" the young boy shouted in Kanda's face.

"What are you accusing me of?" Kanda snapped.

"Don't play freaking dumb, Bakanda! I know you did it!" Allen shouted even louder.

"Whoa! Calm down Allen!" everyone else yelled.

Lenalee rushed to all and, without looking, reached out to grab his left hand. But her hand never touched it. His arm was gone. His tattoos from his innocence were even gone.

"Allen! Where's you're arm!" Lenalee shrieked.

"That's what I'm trying to find out!" Allen yelled.

"I didn't cut it off if that's what you're thinking, Moyashi!" Kanda spat back.

"Allen, I'm pretty sure that he's telling the truth!" Lavi interjected.

Reluctantly, Allen let go of Kanda and slumped into a chair. He placed his only arm on the table and stared down at the ground. Lenalee kneeled in front of the frightened boy.

"Tell what happened this morning," Lenalee said gently.

"I don't know," Allen whispered, "I woke up late. I-I remember thinking to myself that it was weird that I didn't wake up on time. Then when I sat up, I didn't feel that hungry. Like a piece of toast was enough to fill me up. Then I went to rub my left arm and it wasn't there."

"Maybe," Chaoji thought out loud, "Komui had something to do with this."

Every head turned to Komui who froze.

"D-don't look at me! I can't remove a parasitic type's innocence no matter how much I want to! All I can do is repair them!" Komui defended.

Allen slowly stood up causing Komui to instantly to freak out. The armless boy slowly made his way passed the shrieking science chief and out the door.

"Where are you going, Allen?" Miranda asked.

"To go see Hevlaska. Maybe this is a sign of some sort," Allen said, pausing in the doorway, "or maybe I'm not the right accommodator for the Crown Clown…"

Lenalee was the first to run after him. Everyone else, including Kanda, followed at a distance. They were all worried. This very well have been a sign that the worst possible thing was about to happen. The group shivered. That couldn't happen. If it ever did… They all looked at Allen. What if…What if he truly was changing in a Noah? What if they lost him? Allen was such a powerful exorcist even though he was only 15. He and his cursed eye helped so much on the battlefield. His innocence could take out 15-20 akuma in a single attack plus his eye could detect all akuma within a 5 mile radius. Those two things helped out so much that they all agreed that they couldn't lose him. Of course, there were others in the order who wanted him for the things that were condemning him. Howard Link and Malcolm C. Leverrier from the Central Agency were two of such people. They only wanted to keep him as an exorcist because Allen was the pianist for the Ark that they stole from the Millennium Earl. They knew that there was a chance that he would turn into a Noah but only cared about the fact that they could use the Ark until that day happened. Then they were going to kill him.

Lavi suddenly felt heaviness on his chest. Bookman, who was out recording a different war for a while, had always told him to never get to close to humans but unfortunately that advice could never be followed. Lavi smiled for a second. He had completely given up on his fellow humans thinking that the only thing that they knew how to do was to fight with each other. But after spending the past years at the Order, Lavi finally realized something he had long forgotten. He too was human so like a human Lavi sought out several things. He sought at to fill the need of hunger, thirst, and of course companions. All humans needed some other people in there lives. If that need wasn't fulfilled, a human would go crazy. Lavi was no different. He needed these people in his life. They were his friends. Lavi almost laughed. If Bookman was there he'd probably would have beat Lavi senseless then dragged him out of the Order.

The group of young people finally made it to Hevlaska's chamber. Kanda sighed. Why was he following that Moyashi? Kanda looked up at the young boy and noticed that he seemed to be limping. That occurred as strange to him. Moyashi and he had been "training" together the night before and the Moyashi had been jumping around constantly with no problem. If he had pulled a muscle, Moyashi would have said something while they were "training". The boy wasn't one to continue to work his body when he was in pain unless he had to like trying to regain his innocence or fight akuma…okay…training was the only time he didn't. Kanda stared at the young exorcist. Maybe this was more serious than they all thought.

Allen leaned on the railing next to Hevlaska to catch his breath. This wasn't right. There was no reason that he should have been winded already. The last time he lost his arm, he could do just as much if not more exorcise wise. So why was he so tired from just walking from the cafeteria to Hevlaska's chamber. Allen looked up at Hevlaska who just stared down at all of her visitors.

"What brings you all here so early in the morning?" Hevlaska asked the group.

"Hevlaska, when I awoke this morning, my left arm was gone. Please, can you tell me why that is?" Allen questioned.

Slowly, Allen was lifted up by Hevlaska. He felt what he had felt the first day at the Order. With him being a parasitic type exorcist, Hevlaska had to probe his body to determine what was wrong. It had felt weird and a little bit painful that first time and it felt the same way this time. But something was different. His heart was pounding so hard. It hadn't done that the first time. All of the sudden, his body screamed out in pain in rejection to Hevlaska's probing. Allen couldn't help but let out a bloody curdling scream. It was so painful. His mind raced. Was he truly becoming a Noah? Did the Noah inside of him want out? Was that the reason that his innocence left his body! Allen screamed out louder as Hevlaska's probing got closer to his heart. Was he going to die? After all he had suffered through, was he going to actually die? Allen closed his eyes to try to keep his tears from flowing. This wasn't fair…

"Hevlaska! Put him down!" yelled out a new voice.

Hevlaska turned her head to face the entrance of her chamber. Everyone else followed her line of sight and saw a man with thick brown hair walking up to them. He wore almost exactly what Allen wore only a little better. He was apparently very fit and wore a sense of pride.

"That's the guy I noticed this morning," Lavi whispered to himself.

"Hevlaska, you need to put that boy down." the man stated.

He hid most of his face from view of the rest of them. Hevlaska paused for a moment then slowly and gently put Allen on the ground. The second his body was on the ground, Allen gasped and grasped his chest. The pain was still racing through his body. What was this pain? Why did the probing hurt so much? The man knelt next to Allen and placed his right hand over his.

"You okay, baka?" he asked.

Allen shook his head no. His body felt painful and heavy. His mind and heart were racing. Allen was scared beyond belief. He wasn't scared of death but of becoming a Noah.

"Hey, calm down, baka," the man said, "Relax. You're not changing into a Noah. Trust me on that."

"H-How do you know that!" Allen snapped, instantly regretting it when his throat burned.

The man just smirked and rolled up his left sleeve. Everyone gasped. There on that man was Allen's arm. What was going on? Why had his arm joined up with a different man? Was Allen no longer the Crown Clown's accommodator?

"Relax baka. This arm is still your arm," the man stated.

"How is that?" Lavi snapped, "His arm is on your body!"

The man just smirked and stood up to face all of Allen's friends.

"Take a good look at my face," the man smirked.

They all were thoroughly confused but did as they were told. When they looked at him, they all couldn't help but feel like they had seen his face before but none could figure it out. Lenalee gasped and pointed a shaky hand at the man.

"Y-You look like Allen!" she gasped.

"Huh?" the rest gasped and looked closer at the man, "You're right!"

"Of course I look like that baka," the man chuckled, "I'm his innocence."

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