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Innocence's True Form

Chapter Fifteen- Not an Enemy…

Later, back at the Order…


"You foul, disgusting, heartless bastard!" Lenalee's voice echoed through the halls of the Order.

"L-Lenale-" Chaoji started to say.

A hard resounding slap filled everyone's ears as Chaoji stumbled away from the enraged woman.

"You damn close minded man!" Lenalee shouted, tears filling her eyes, "How could you just let him fall like that! You were right there dammit!"

Nobody said a word as the Chinese exorcist crumbled to her knees.

"You were right there," she cried.

One hour earlier…


"So much for leading them away," Lavi grumbled as he destroyed several akuma at once.

"Drop it Lavi!" Allen snapped, brushing a few blood soaked bangs from his face, "You can complain to me later!"

"Complaining? I'm not complaining! I'm merely voicing my displeasure of the current situation!" Lavi snapped.

"It's not that bad Lavi!" Allen shouted back as C.C. pulled him out of the way of an attack, "At least you can still use your innocence fully!"

"Oi, leave me out of this!" O.K. chuckled.

"I swear that as soon as we get through this, I'm putting you through so much training," C.C. snapped.

Th group of exorcists and their innocence cursed as another wave of akuma came rushing towards them. Allen had been right with his assumption of the akuma's actions once the barrier was gone. The second the gate closed, every single akuma came racing in towards the town. Thankfully, Bull had been correct that the level four had left for the time being, however they did not trust the idea that it would stay away for long. All three exorcists jumped into the hoard of the akuma, praying to finish everything up quickly.

That had been a good hour ago. Now they were fighting off what they hoped to be the final wave. The street that they fought on was dyed in blood. Carcasses of akuma covered the ground. Each exorcist held a single basic position as they fought. C.C. and Allen stuck to the roofs using their agility to evade the high level akuma that targeted them. Lavi placed himself in between the akuma and the houses, fighting mainly level twos foolish to think they could beat the one eyed man. That left Chaoji on the street taking care of the low flyers and low levels. It also put the man in charge of keeping the general public safe.

"How many more is that fat bastard going to send just for one piece of innocence?!" C.C. growled, both he and Allen breathing heavily.

"Dunno and don't care!" O.K. shouted as Lavi slammed him down on the ground to summon a fire seal, "Why did I ever think being a hammer would be awesome!"

"I'm pretty sure it had to do with one of your sexual innuendos," C.C. chuckled as Lavi paled and nearly dropped O.K.

"Okay…Waaaay too much information on my part," Allen shuddered.

"You're one to talk, White Virgin," O.K. grumbled as Lavi chuckled at how Allen's face flushed slightly.

"Yeah but I didn't pick it," C.C. smirked.

'Do those two ever shut up?' Chaoi groaned as he fought off a few akuma.

'Unfortunately no,' his innocence grumbled, 'Hm? Hey kid. Don't look now but that woman from earlier and her snot nose brats are getting pretty close to the fighting.'

'Should we go stop them?' Chaoji asked.

'No…let them see why we had to take that stupid vase,' Arm of Baptism said, 'Besides, the Noah traitor seems quite fond of them for some reason. Let him find them screaming for help.'

'B-But they're human!' Chaoji gaped.

'I didn't say that we wouldn't save them. I just want that Noah bastard to suffer as much as possible,' A.B. growled.

They didn't have to wait long for Allen to notice the three rushing towards them.

"C.C.!" Allen shouted, trying to pull C.C.'s attention.

"What baka? A little busy keeping us alive right now," C.C. growled, fighting against a level three as he and Allen fought their exhaustion.

"They're here!" Allen shouted, sliding down the side of the roof.

"Who's here?" C.C. questioned, nervous to where his wielder was going.

"My family!" Allen snapped, groaning as weakened legs hit the ground.

"What!?" C.C. gasped, barely blocking an attack.

'Chaoji, what are you doing?' Allen questioned as he hurried towards the terrified family, 'I know that you're nearby and can see them.'

"Mister Walker!" Clover cried from where they were huddled together.

"What are you doing here?" Allen asked, worry overcoming him.

"W-We wanted to try and stop you from taking b-big br-brother's vase," Iris stuttered.

Allen let out a heavy sigh as he tried to keep an eye on the action. Without C.C. by his side and being too weak to call him back and use his weapon form, the exorcist was nearly as helpless as the three civilians in front of him. The only difference was that they akuma's virus wouldn't kill him, "Look. That vase is made out of this super rare material, the only material in the world that his strong enough to kill all of these monsters that you see here. We took it not only to use against these monsters but because these monsters also hunt for it. They want to limit us in their fight against us. They were going to kill you to get it if we hadn't taken it.

"So please," Allen pleaded, picking up one of the girls, "Please understand and get inside so that all of what we've done won't be in vain."

Praying that the woman would follow quickly, Allen weaved through the streets, the other twin following close behind him, towards a rose of houses far enough away from the fighting so that he could return to the fighting without as much worry. He cursed as he stumbled, wishing that he had his other arm now more than ever. Running up the steps, Allen leaned back and kicked at the door.

"Open up! Please! I've got two kids and their mother with me!" Allen called out, "Please! Please let them in!"

The door slowly cracked open to reveal an old woman, "Q-Quickly…get inside little ones."

"Thank you," Allen let out a relieved sigh as he sat the girl down.

"And the mother?" the woman asked as Clover and Iris ran inside.

Allen turned in time to see the woman stumble as a stray level two chased after her, "Shit!"

The woman let out a blood curdling scream as the akuma started to fire at her. She closed her eyes and waited for death as tears slipped down her cheeks. She heard a loud yell of pain and a pained grunt. Slowly, she peeked open an eye. The mother gasped at what she saw before her. There in front of her was the boy from earlier. The one that she had allowed in her house and watched as his comrade stabbed his eye. The one that laughed and instantly cared about her like no other. The one who's eye held such pain and, unlike the others, did not truly want to steal her only connection to her son. The boy that appeared out of nowhere and tried to lead her foolish self to safety.

The boy had fallen to a knee as his single arm grasped at his chest. His skin had black stars that seemed to be multiplying quickly. Harsh breathing echoed in the woman's ears. A deep gash ran down his left thigh. A bone protruded from the skin of his right leg. The black stars no longer multiplied. Rather, the boy's skin had now completely turned to black.

"F-Fuck," Allen groaned, clenching at his chest, "N-Never thought I'd be thankful to Tyki for this hole…"

"Mr. Walker?" Cecilia whimpered, "A-are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine," Allen weakly smiled as the darkness of his skin began to recede towards the inverted pentagram on his forehead, "J-Just taking a little longer amount of time to cleanse my body of this virus."

"Virus?" the mother asked nervously.

Allen nodded slightly, "It's their primary killing weapon. Once you get hit with it, you've got less than a minute left to live."

"B-But you said-!" Cecilia exclaimed.

"I am a parasitic type exorcist," Allen said, cutting the woman off, "I have the ability to purify myself of the virus."

Through the link to C.C., a certain, rather irritably upset voice roared, 'Of all the half brained martyr attempts you've made so far, this one has got to be the outright dumbest of all! I swear when I get there I'm going to beat the martyr out of you so bad that you'll think Tyki ripping a hole through your heart was pleasurable!'

'Love you too, C.C.' Allen chuckled slightly.

C.C. stammered for a moment before growling, 'Just stay there. I'm coming your way.'

'Good cause,' Allen nervously laughed, 'um…I don't think I'll be going anywhere by myself for a while…'

'…What happened?' C.C. asked.

'I broke my leg on the akuma's head…?'

'See! This is the side of you that the others don't see! This is why I call you baka!' C.C. fumed.

"Exorcists?" Cecilia asked, pieces clicking together in her mind.

"Yeah. That's how I work for the church," Allen said, voice trembling slightly with exhaustion, "But never mind that. You need to get inside."

"What about you?" she asked.

"Don't worry about me," Allen smiled, "this is what I do every day."

'You break your leg every day?' C.C. snorted, 'Or you risk your life being a martyr every day?'

The woman still seemed hesitant but soon her fear over the situation spurred her towards the haven that held her daughters.

"Chaoji," Allen said, not tuning to the man approaching from behind him, "Thank you for finishing off that akuma."

Chaoji stayed silent as he stared at the one-armed exorcist. When he had finally noticed the danger the woman had been in, Allen had already acted. He sprung on the monster, ignoring being shot and slashed at. Chaoji had barely taken a step towards them when Allen kicked the akuma in the face as hard as he could. The force of the kick had broken his leg but it had also sent the akuma flying straight towards Chaoji. The Chinese exorcist quickly disposed of the Earl's pawn. When he turned again, he watched as Allen cleansed his body of the virus. Regardless of what he thought of the Noah that resided within the boy's body, even Chaoji had to admit the boy himself was amazing.

"Let's just hurry up and finish here so we can go home," Chaoji sighed.

"Right," Allen sighed as he used a broken sign post near him as a crutch to stand, "There doesn't seem to be many more akuma left."

Before Chaoji could respond, a scream drew both of their attention. The street below them had started to quake violently. Cracks raced through the ground. The two exorcists looked to each other before they turned back to Cecilia. The woman was stuck on the shifting ground as a deep hole quickly appeared beneath her.

"Shit!" both cursed before racing towards the woman.

Chaoji was almost to the woman when a new level two blindsided him and carried him off. Allen cursed as he tried to reach the woman in time. Pain coursed through his veins with every forced step he took. The ground beneath the mother was quickly disappearing. Fear gripped the cursed teen's heart.

"C.C.!" Allen screamed as he kept working towards his mother, "C.C.! Hurry!"

"Allen!" Lavi's voice sounded in the not too far off distance.

'Hang on baka!' C.C. shouted through their link.

"Mother!" the twins cried from the door of the old woman's home.

"No young ones! You must stay here!" the old woman cried as she struggled to hold back the girls.

"Help me!" Cecilia screamed just as the ground beneath her finally gave out.

"No!" Allen screamed, diving for her with everything in his body screaming out along with him.

Screams echoed through the streets followed by a resounding smack of a hand quickly catching the falling woman's...

"A-Are you okay?" Allen asked weakly.

The woman stared up at her savior. Sweat and blood rolled off his body quickly. Exhaustion was clearly written in his eyes. His breathing was even more ragged than earlier. All of his muscles were completely tense. The muscles in his right arm twitched rapidly and his knuckles were white with his grip on the side of the hole. A dark, reddish black, rough hand held onto her own. Said hand traveled up to become the boy's missing left arm.

'O-Oi! Are you okay?!' C.C. exclaimed through their link.

"S-Sorry," Allen apologized seemingly to no one, "I-I know that doing th-this is going to drain me completely and mess up my inner timeline…But I just couldn't let her fall."

'I know baka,' C.C. sighed as Allen struggled to pulled the woman up to his chest.

"D-Don't worry ma'am…I won't let you fall," Allen smiled as his whole body trembled from the stress and pain.

"Allen!" Lavi yelled out again.

"L-Lavi! Hurry! I don't know how long I can hold-"

Suddenly, the rock that he was holding onto fell away from the wall of the hole. Time froze for everyone at that moment. Allen tried his hardest to activate C.C. but to no avail. He didn't have enough energy to fuel the activation. He didn't even have enough to allow C.C. his human form. Everyone's screams echoed in his ears. Falling back into the dark hole, Allen still desperately tried to reach for something, anything that would save them. Just as suddenly as their fall had started, gloved hands clasped Allen's right hand before they had gotten too far.

"Chaoji!" Lavi cheered in the background.

Allen gritted his teeth as he looked up to his fellow exorcist. Sweat dripped from the Chinese's face, indicating he had had his innocence active for too long. His body couldn't handle it any longer and he was quickly losing his strength. Still, he tried to flare his innocence to bring back his strength to save the two of them. Allen didn't want to admit it but it hurt. Chaoji kept flaring his innocence, sending pulses of it through his hand. He could literally feel the Noah within him thrashing around in pain. Biting his lip to keep from screaming out with him, Allen fought to keep the Noah down.

"Allen!" Lavi exclaimed happily as he finally reached the hole.

"T-Take her first," Allen struggled to get out, "I-I can climb out afterwards."

"Right," Lavi nodded, setting O.K. down just for a moment as he pulled the woman free of the hole.

"Th-Thank you," Cecilia whispered as she was lifted out.

Allen let out a sigh before trying to lift his left arm to climb out himself. Instantly, he found something wrong. C.C.'s arm felt heavy, too heavy to lift. It felt just like it had years ago, years before he became an exorcist. It felt useless.

'C-C.C.!' Allen screamed through his link.

'I know, I know!' C.C. snapped back, 'I'm trying to run damage control right now, baka. We don't have any energy to spare to reconnect nerves to this arm for you to use. That is unless you'd rather die of blood loss.'

'N-Not really,' Allen shuddered.

"S-Sorry Chaoji but I can't move my arm," Allen weakly chuckled, "Can you help me up?"

'This is our chance Chaoji!' A.B. shouted, 'We can finally get rid of the Noah right here and now!'

Chaoji and Allen locked eyes for a brief moment before Chaoji flared his innocence strongly. Allen let out a blood curdling scream as pain shot down his arm. He no longer gripped the hands that held his wrist firmly. The skin of his right arm decending to his body quickly changed to a charcoal coloration.

'Fuck!' C.C. cured as he tried to clear out Allen's system with a surge of power, doing nothing more but adding to his wielder's pain, 'Stop it you bastard! You're causing the Noah to stir!'

Chaoji watched in a strange sense of awe as Allen's skin slowly changed color. Slowly, he began to loosen his grip on the boy's wrist. Pained and terrified silver searched the Chinese's face in desperation.

"I don't help traitors," Chaoji whispered just loud enough for the curse teen to hear.

Then he let go…

It was completely dark. The ground was a mess of jagged rocks and random body parts of akuma. Water from somewhere above trickled down at a constant slow, annoying pace. A seemingly lifeless body of a white haired teen laid in the middle of it all.

'Come on baka! Wake up!' C.C. pleaded through the link, 'You've got to wake up to summon a gate so we can get you out of here.'

The cursed teen didn't even twitch. His breathing was light and shallow, barely even there. Precious blood flowed out of too many wounds for C.C. to patch.

'Allen! Come on, you're too stubborn to let this be the thing that does you in!' C.C. shouted, desperately reaching out to other pieces, 'You've got to hang on!'

'He's very weak,' a new, deep voice sounded through the link, 'All those akuma and your so called "comrade" did quite a number on him, didn't they?'

'Neah!' C.C. gasped, 'I don't know if I should be happy that I can hear you or not right now.'

'Depends,' Neah sighed, 'Did you want that pineapple haired jerk to kill me?'

'You know that I don't,' C.C. growled, 'I haven't forgotten our agreement. Why would I try to kill you when that would mean killing Allen as well?'

'Just double checking,' Neah stated, 'Doesn't look too good for the idiot, does it?'

'I can't get him to wake up,' C.C. stated, 'And there's too many wounds. I can't seal them all.'

'It doesn't help that his energy reserves are completely gone otherwise you might have been able to change into your human form, or at the very least activated yourself and pulled us out of here,' Neah sighed again, 'We're in quite a pickle.'

C.C. sighed as well, 'I've done all I can do. Right now, if I take any more of my concentration off of baka to try and reach other pieces, some of the wounds might reopen and he might bleed out faster.'

'So what are you suggesting?' Neah asked, a little on edge.

'I'm asking what can you do to save Allen,' C.C. nearly growled, 'I can't do anything but I know that you can.'

Neah was silent for a moment, '…If I allow my power to fill his body fully, but do it slowly so it doesn't shock his system anymore or cause your powers to try and reject me, I might be able to summon a gate.'

'How slow is "slowly"?' C.C. asked.

'It'll take me about an hour if I don't want to kill the kid,' Neah explained, 'Two if you want me to be able to easily dissipate my power the second we get back to the Order. Even then, it'll take me at least an hour to rid his system of most my power. A day for his body to get over the strain of it being there.'

'How long would it take to get rid of it if you just took an hour?' C.C. questioned.

'That would take me at the very least four hours to do so without hurting the kid any more than he already is,' Neah said, 'No matter what I do, as soon as we get to the Order, the kid's going to be put under lock down for a while.'

'Why?' C.C. demanded.

'Why do you think, idiot?' Neah growled, 'If I fill his weakened body with my power, he's going to show some signs of it. And what do you think those idiots at the Order will do if they see that?'

'Damn it all…man I hate Central…' C.C. grumbled, '…What if you opened the gate above his bed? If you do it there, he can hide out until he doesn't look like one of your kind.'

'I can try but there's no guarantee that I'll be able to do so,' Neah stated, doubt clear in his voice, 'Once I fill him with enough of my power, I only have a five second window to open and close the gate. If I take any longer, that piece of you in his heart will act up and really cause problems.'

'True,' C.C. sighed, 'You and I really need to rethink our agreement one of these days, you know? I never thought that if it got out that Allen was your host while being my wielder at the same time that there would be people like Chaoji who refuse to see him for who he is instead of what he is…'

'There will always be people like that,' Neah said, tone sounding as if he were shaking his head, 'But it doesn't help that Chaoji has a pretty closed mind already. Even before all of this got out, he didn't like the kid because he thought that he was a traitor anyway for wanting to help Tyki. Heck, even I was stunned that the kid's heart was so big that he wanted to save the guy that nearly killed him.'

'Yeah…Good thing he did though because without it, we would have lost BaKanda, as he calls him, and vampire boy along with the use of the ark,' C.C. chuckled, 'Not to mention he would have never broken passed critical point either.'

'Back to the situation at hand though, there's one other problem that we need to solve before we actually go through with it,' Neah said.

'What?' C.C. asked.

'If I do manage to get him to his room, after the hour passes and we don't have to worry so much about everyone seeing the signs of my power in him, how do we get him out to get treatment?' Neah asked, knowing that the innocence had forgotten that they had yet to successfully awaken Allen.

'Um…Timcampy maybe?' C.C. tried.

'No, Timcampy stayed back this time, surprisingly enough,' Neah sighed.

C.C. sighed, 'I guess I won't have much else of a choice but to reach out for help. Hopefully O.K. or Mugen will be close enough I won't have to reach out too far.'

'Well, I better get started then. You just keep the kid alive for the next three hours and we should be good,' Neah chuckled.

'We should be good he says,' C.C. snorted, turning his attention fully back to trying to stop his wielder's bleeding, 'I really hope that you don't get an infection because of this. If you do, boy are you going to develop a hate for hospitals.'

Slowly, the seconds molded into minutes and the minutes passed into an hour. Time passed so incredibly slow that C.C. almost thought that Miranda and T.R. had shown up. For the full first hour, C.C. held out hope that someone would find them, praying that it would be Lavi or at least like someone that wouldn't think the worse if they saw the charcoal color changing skin. But after thirty minutes of waiting, even the innocence gave up holding onto that shred of hope. By this time, he had finally managed to close all the wounds on Allen's body, at least the major ones. Now all he had to do was to try and keep the boy's heart beat under control as Neah's powers slowly filled him. It was during this time that C.C. found out that Neah, despite being known as the musician of the Noah family, did not appreciate music.

'My bonnie lies over the ocean; My bonnie lies over the sea~!' C.C. sang, rather badly…or actually, extremely bad, 'My bonnie lies over the ocean-'

'Stop it! Just stop it already!' Neah cried out, 'I swear if I hear anything coming out of your end of this damn link that I will stop what I'm doing and say to heck with it!'

'What do you expect me to do! Baka here isn't in immediate danger anymore, I'm so completely stressed out that it's putting a strain on me, and you're not saying anything!' C.C. complained, 'I'm sorry if I want to try and pass the time!'

'I have no problem with you trying to keep your short attention span entertained but for the love of all that is right in this world, leave my poor ears out of it!' Neah snapped.

After that little outburst, both remained quiet for the last hour as they waited to return to the Order. Well, quiet for the most part. Neah was grumbling, rather irritated while C.C. just pouted on his end.

'Well, here goes nothing,' Neah suddenly said, startling C.C. from his sulking session.

'Wha?' C.C. sounded just before a bright white gate opened beneath the boy.

With a somewhat painful thump, the three in one body landed on Allen's bed with the exception of the boy's left leg which hung over limply. The gate above their head quickly disappeared as C.C. began to notice the strain put on his wielder's heart due to the colliding powers. With the gate gone, Neah began to pull back his power.

'We did it!' C.C. cheered, 'We're back safely…well, as safely as this baka will allow.'

'Now here's to hoping that nobody noticed the sound of us crash landing in here,' Neah grumbled.

'They're probably too worried about finding us by using the actual gate that Allen left to get to that town to be worried about checking up here,' C.C. sighed, 'But anyway, now we wait.'

Fast forward an hour…


"I swear when I get my hands on that little pineapple head, I'm going to rip him to shreds!" Mugen fumed as she and her wielder stalked down the hallways, "I can't believe that he just let Allen fall like that!"

"Che," Kanda sounded, though it should be mentioned that even he was a little worried about the resident Moyashi.

"Then poor Lavi got knocked out by one of the stray level twos as they were finishing them up so that they could go look for him," Mugen grumbled, "O.K. barely managed to transform back into his human form beforehand to keep his idiot from falling off a roof…"

Kanda's scowl deepened. Lavi had been carried in an hour earlier with the news of what had happened to Allen. O.K. had been carrying Lavi with one arm while dragging Chaoji with the other. The second they stepped into the Order, the redheaded innocence tossed Chaoji in the middle of the group of exorcists that had been gathered to go out and help them. He didn't even watch as the faces of the other exorcists grew more and more angry at the Chinese man as he retold them what he did. Then he simply headed off to the medical wing with Lavi in hand as Lenalee proceeded to slap one of her many "fans".

"Dammit C.C.! Where are you!" Mugen snapped for the nth time since O.K.'s abrupt return, "Why can't I find our link?!"

"Maybe he's busy doing something," Kanda pointed out.

"That's more than likely the case," Mugen sighed, "If Allen's badly hurt, then he would have to focus more on caring for him than trying to keep his link up."

"…Baka Moyashi," Kanda growled as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, "If it isn't one thing, it's another."

"Yeah…" Mugen nodded in agreement before she suddenly stiffened.

"What is it?" Kanda questioned, instantly on guard.

"I don't believe it," Mugen whispered to herself.

"Don't believe what?" Kanda asked before Mugen dragged him through the corridors by his ponytail, "Oi! Tell me what's going on!"

"I swear that man is going to be the death of me one of these days," Mugen growled, releasing Kanda's hair in favor of knocking down a familiar Moyashi's bedroom door.

"What are you doi-" Kanda started to yell before his eyes settled on what lied on the bed, "Moyashi!"

"Dear lord child," Mugen whispered as she rushed to his side, "No wonder C.C. couldn't reach anyone through a link. He was too busy trying keep you alive."

"How the hell did he get here?" Kanda asked as he hurried inside.

"Allen must have summoned a gate sometime while he was conscious," Mugen responded, gently rubbing his left cheek, "What happened to your eye child?"

Kanda stared at the figure on the bed. Had he ever seen the Moyashi in such a pitiful state? Blood, both his and many akuma's, soaked through his shredded clothing and snow white hair. Dozens of cuts covered any uncovered skin. His right leg was obviously broken and his right arm didn't look much better. The gash on his left thigh was sickening to look at, even for Kanda. The boy's boots looked as if they had been stabbed all the way through, by what, the stoic samurai didn't want to know. His pale skin was nearly as white as his hair should have been. Growling, the older exorcist turned back for the door and glared down the halls, spotting several scientists and finders moping about.

"Oi! Go get the Head Nurse!" Kanda snapped.

"H-huh?" the group blinked.

"I said go get the Head Nurse! And one of you go find Komui!" Kanda ordered.

"Wh-Why?" one of the finders asked.

"Because Allen Walker is in here, idiot!" Kanda shouted before returning to his innocence's side.

"Be careful Kanda," Mugen giggled slightly, "Someone might think that you actually cared about Allen."

"Shut up," Kanda growled, running over what little medical treatments he knew that would help his fellow exorcist, "We can't afford to lose any more exorcists, you know this."

"Whatever you say Kanda," Mugen smirked a little, "Whatever you say."

It wasn't long before Komui, Reever, and Johnny came crashing into the room followed by a distraught Lenalee. Komui and Reever were instantly at Allen's side, trying to determine what they could do to help move him to the hospital wing while the other two merely stood in the doorway crying. Kanda truly wanted to yell at them to man up. Tears wasn't what the Moyashi needed at the moment. What he needed was everyone to get their butts in gear and actually get him the care he needed. Mugen held onto the boy's left arm, obviously trying to help C.C. keep calm now that Allen was in a new sort of danger. C.C. had been what was keeping Allen alive up until then. The second he went into surgery to stitch up and fix his body, C.C. was going to have to pull back, putting the cursed teen's live in danger all over again.

Finally, the Head Nurse came rushing in with a stretcher followed by several other doctors and nurses. With a quick shuffle, the many hands lifted the limb body from the bed and onto the stretcher. As quickly as they came, the medical crew was out racing through the halls, leaving the rest to let reality soak in.

Allen Walker was back but at the brink of death. And this time, it wasn't because of an enemy attack.

Mizu: Chaoji really does have the kind of close-minded personality that I love to hate. I mean, come on! Everyone in the Order knew of Allen's hatred of harming humans! They knew that he had a hard to with the Noah just because of that part of him. It really isn't that difficult to see him wanting to save one because he knows that that Noah has a life outside of tormenting them. And if that wasn't enough for you, think of all the good that came from Allen not going through Road's gate that day.

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