Naruto summary: What would have happened if Naruto stumbled upon the tomb of the Six Path Sage? How would this change the events in the story?

This is the story that I have created, since I deleted my last Naruto Rinnegan story. I decided to think of something better and this is it. Hope you like it.

Naruto Chapter 1 start:

Naruto a young blonde boy of the age eight was running through the forest outside of Konoha. He was a nice young boy, full of energy, and happiness. He did a lot of pranks, and those pranks usually consisted of pranking the villagers, of the village. This time he over did it, and the villagers were now chasing him, through the forest. He loved this; this is the only time where he would get any attention.

He loved attention, and he would do anything to get it. He smiled as he looked back to see the villagers, no where in sight behind him. He suddenly stopped and hid in a bush. He looked back to where he just came from, and still saw no villagers.

'I got away from them. HAHAHAHA I finally got away from them.' Naruto thought. He stayed in the bush for the next couple of minutes, just to make sure that none of the villagers were there waiting for him. When he saw that there were definitely no villagers, he began to back up on his hands and knees, out of the bush. He slid on his hands and knees, about five feet away from the bush, until he stopped, and got up. He brushed himself off, and a big toothy smiled, graced his face.

"Those villagers are never going to catch me." Naruto said smiling, and rubbing the back of his neck. Suddenly there was a cracking sound under him. He looked down to see what it was, and saw that there was a big crack, in the ground, right below him.

"What the hell is that?" Naruto asked. Since he had been around the villagers, a lot he had gotten a bad language vocabulary. He didn't know the words he said were wrong, and just said them because he thought they were good to say. There was another cracking sound, and Naruto turned around to see another crack appeared behind him.

"I got to get out of here." Naruto said. He then began to walk towards the bush, where he just came from, but when he took his first step, the ground gave way, and he fell through a big hole in the ground.

Naruto screamed, for a second, but then his screamed could no longer be heard, from the entrance of the hole. He slid through the tunnel that went like a slide, which looped around, and went different ways.

"Whoop, yeah this is fun." Naruto said. He put his hands up, and was now having fun, with this. He looked forward, and saw what seemed like light.

'That must be the exit.' Naruto thought. He was sad that what he thought was a ride, was over. Naruto got closer, and closer to the light, until suddenly the light came upon him, and he was thrown out of the tunnel, and unto the ground.

"Ouch that hurt." Naruto said. He rubbed his now hurt butt, which took the force of the impact. He jumped up to his feet, and brushed himself off again. After he was done brushing himself off, he looked around.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked himself. He looked around the room, and saw many things. He looked to his right, and saw clothes, that looked like they have been sitting there for awhile, and when he turned to his left, he saw, what looked like metal rods. He then looked in front of him, and saw a coffin, of some sorts.

"Is that a coffin?" Naruto asked. He then walked up to the coffin, and looked down, at the base of it. He saw a lot of dust, so he took his hand down, and brushed most of the dust off. When he did this he noticed, that there was words. He bent down, and began to read.

"Here lies the Sage of the Six Paths, the Savior, and Creator, of the New World. By defeating the monster, with ten tails, he now rest here, waiting for the chosen one, to come and be one with him." Naruto read. There was some more text, but Naruto couldn't make it out.

'What the crap does that mean?' Naruto thought. He got curious, and so he began to push the top off the stone coffin.

"Let's see whose inside shall we." Naruto said. He then pushed the top of the coffin, unto the floor, which when it hit, broke into many pieces. What he saw amazed him. He saw a skeleton, which was covered in, what looked like an old piece of cloth.

"Whoever this guy is must have been famous, to be said to be Savior of the new world, whatever that means." Naruto said. Naruto looked at the skeleton's skull face, and looked down. He saw what looked like a diamond necklace.

"That must be worth a fortune." Naruto said. He then grabbed it and pulled it off the skeleton's neck. He held it above. His head, and looked at it from there. Suddenly the necklace began to glow, a bright light.

"What the crap is going on?" Naruto asked himself. Suddenly the whole room was filled with the light coming from the necklace.

"You have come." A voice said. Naruto turned, and looked around the room, to see who said that.

"Whose there?" Naruto said. The light from the necklace engulfed the room, and you could see nothing. Naruto closed his eyes, and waited for the light to die down. Suddenly through his eyelids, he could see that the light was gone. He slowly began to open his eyes. When he opened them he was amazed, to see nothing, but black empty space.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked. He looked around, and saw that he could see nothing. One second there is a bright light, and the next, you can't see anything. Naruto looked behind him, and saw a light. Wanting to be able to see, he began to run towards the light.

"Come child." The voice said again.

"Who are you?" Naruto said while he was running towards the light. Once he got to the light, he saw the light was coming off a man. He got closer, to the man, and saw that he was wrapped in the old clothes, he saw sitting on the ground, in the tomb.

The man looked down, at Naruto. Naruto suddenly noticed the man's eyes. They were a light purple, with orange rings, in them.

"I am the Sage of the Six Paths." The man said. Naruto confused, remembered that he was supposed to be dead, in the coffin.

"How can that be, I saw your skeleton, you were dead?" Naruto asked. The man smiled, and bent down to Naruto's height.

"I am the spirit of the Sage. I have been waiting a long time, for my chosen one to come." The spirit said. Naruto then remembered what he read, on the stone coffin.

"You mean I'm the chosen one?" Naruto said pointing to himself.

"Yes you are the chosen one, who the text spoke of on the coffin." The spirit said.

"Then if you don't mind me asking, what did that mean?" Naruto asked.

"I am the Six Path Sage, the one who created ninjutsu, and taught the first people how to use chakra. I am the one who defeated the Jubi, and saved the New World. I am the holder of the Rinnegan." The spirit said.

"The Rinnegan?" Naruto asked confused.

"You will find out soon enough. You have come here, because you are the chosen one, the one who I am to become one with." The Spirit said.

Naruto looked confused at the Spirit," What does that mean?"

"A great evil is coming to this world. A person with evil eyes, shall come, and try to rule the world. But you as the chosen one, will become one with me, and shall stop the evil one." The spirit said.

"So you're telling me I'm supposed to stop something, called the Evil One?" Naruto asked. The spirit nodded his head yes.

"But you cannot do it alone, you need me. We will now become one." The spirit said. The spirit reached his hand out, and touched Naruto's head. Suddenly like the light from before, encased the darkness and Naruto closed his eyes. He suddenly felt weird and tingly all over.

'What's happening to me?' Naruto thought.

"We are now one." The spirit said. The light suddenly got brighter, but then disappeared.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes, as he did this he pushed himself up with his hands, and he sat up. He looked around the room, to find himself back in the tomb. Suddenly memories began to flood his mind, and he began to know things he had not known before. He remembered the battle, with the Jubi. He remembered teaching the monks, how to use chakra, and the he remembered dying. He remembered becoming one with the Six Path Sage, which he was. He then remembered the doujutsu, Rinnegan.

He held his head; this was a lot to take in. He was a new person now; he didn't feel the need to prank anyone anymore, or be the center of attention. He now had the power, of the creator of ninjutsu, his knowledge and skill.

Naruto got up, and looked around his tomb. Now that he had the memories, of the Six Path Sage, he knew what everything was. He looked down, and saw that he was naked. He quickly remembered the clothes he saw earlier, and grabbed them. He brushed the dust off of them, and put them on. They were big on him, until suddenly they became smaller, to fit his eight year old size.

"I remember now, I created these, so I could wear them no matter, how much bigger I got." Naruto said. He walked over to the other side of the coffin, which he didn't see before. He looked down, and saw a scroll.

"My summoning scroll, which has all of the summoning animals, on it, I remember begging for the animals, to let me summon them." Naruto said, and he put the scroll on his back. He then walked over to wear the metal poles were.

"My chakra poles, I used to control my bodies, with these." Naruto said. He grabbed them, and then sealed them into a scroll, he found beside them. He looked around the room, and saw that there was nothing else there, and he began to leave. Through the tunnel, that he came from, using chakra in his feet, so he could go up it.

"Wow this is weird. Even though I have the memories, and powers, of the Sage, this is all new to me." Naruto said. He began to run up the tunnel, until he realized something.

"I have an idea." Naruto said. He then ran back to the tomb, where his old body was still in the tomb. He put his hand over the skeleton.

"I might not be able to revive myself, which would be weird, but I can put my other body to good use, if I can get it to look better." Naruto said. Suddenly the skeleton began to grow skin, and hair. The skeleton did this until it looked exactly like it did when, it was young. Naruto looked at the skeleton, and wondered something. Not caring about it right now, he just unsealed some poles, and began to pierce the body, of his former self.

"This is weird, looking at my old body." After he was done with that, he got a chakra earring, and pierced his own ear.

"Now I'll have to try that out later, for right now, I just need to get used to controlling bodies again." Naruto said. Naruto sent his own chakra through his chakra earring to the piercings, in the Sage's old body, and the body jumped out of the coffin.

"This is so awesome." Naruto said, still having his old self, in there somewhere. Naruto then turned around and ran up the tunnel once more with the body following him.

"I now have a Deva path, now I need to find some more bodies." Naruto said. Naruto then remembered the Hokage's tombs. He had tried to play a prank on the Hokage, by painting, their graves, but it was quickly ended, and he was put in detention at school.

"Let's pay a visit to the dead Hokage's shall we." Naruto said. He then jumped out of the tunnel, now above ground, where he was earlier. He then began to run towards Konoha, with the Deva path behind him. Suddenly the Deva path began to go a separate way than him.

"I don't need to draw to much attention." Naruto said. Naruto already knowing that he would draw a lot of attention, with his new eyes, and since he didn't have a mirror, he had no idea, what he looked like. Naruto thought had plans, and they would not be ruined. He quickly came upon the gates of Konoha. He quickly sped through the gate, without the guards seeing him, and made his way towards the Hokage's graves. Once he got there. He began his work, on changing the Hokages into his Paths.

When he was done he looked upon his new bodies. Suddenly the Deva path showed up beside the other ones. Naruto looked at the first one, being the First Hokage.

"You are now my Animal path." He then pointed to the Second Hokage,"You are now my Human Path." He then looked at the last one the Fourth Hokage," You are my new Preta Path." He looked over his new bodies, and smiled.

"Since you guys can use the same abilities when you were alive, plus the ability that I have given you through my Rinnegan, I'll be able to beat the Evil one hopefully. Now all I need is two more bodies. Then if it works I can have more bodies." He said looking at his Deva path.

Suddenly he felt chakra surging, and going uncontrollably. He turned around, and saw it was coming from the Uchiha district.

'What is that awful chakra? It is coming from the Uchiha district. I might want to go check it out.' Naruto thought. Suddenly him, and his bodies, were on the move, towards the Uchiha district. Him, and his bodies, had to move sneakily over the tops of the houses, so not to disturb anyone. When he arrived there, he was met by something he did not want to see.

He saw bodies, and blood everywhere, on the ground of the district. Him, and his bodies, jumped down from the roof top, and landed on the bloodied ground.

'What had happened here?' Naruto thought. His bodies began to move, into the houses, searching for survivors. Since he could see through their eyes, he saw that there were none. Suddenly he felt the evil chakra again. He ran towards the chakra, with his bodies in toe.

"Itachi what are you doing?" A voice said in house. Suddenly there was a scream, and Naruto rushed in the house. He went to where he heard the scream, and saw a young boy, around thirteen standing over an older man.

"I'm sorry father, but I had to do this." The boy known as Itachi said. There was a woman in the corner of the room, where they were out just cowering in the corner.

"Itachi my son, why did you do this?" The woman asked.

'That must be his mother, and father. If I remember right, he is Itachi Uchiha. He is part of anbu, if he is the killer, than he just killed his entire clan.' Naruto thought.

Itachi then ran at his mother with his sword drawn about to kill her.

'I can't let this happen.' Naruto thought. Suddenly his Deva path appeared in front of Itachi.

Before Itachi could think the Deva path said," Shinra Tensei." Suddenly Itachi was sent through the ceiling of the house, and through the roof. He then landed on the street outside. Naruto ran up to Itachi's mother, and looked into her eyes.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked. In shock the woman just shook her head. Naruto seeing that she was okay jumped through the hole that Itachi left on his exit, and landed on the road, a couple feet, from where Itachi landed. His bodies then came behind him, and stood there looking, at the Uchiha.

Itachi got up, and brushed himself off, and looked at Naruto with his Mangekyou Sharingan eyes.

"Who are you, and how did you do that?" Itachi asked. Naruto just stared at the Uchiha with hate in his eyes.

"Why have you killed your clan, answer me now before I kill you?" Naruto said. Not feeling threatened Itachi smirked," To gain power."

Naruto's blood began to boil, from hearing the Uchiha's reason. Without saying anything, Naruto just went on the attack. Suddenly his Animal Path, went through hand seals," Wood Release: Wood tentacles." The Animal path said. Suddenly roots flew out of the ground, at Itachi, trying to pierce him. Itachi not being able to dodge because of the shock just stood there. Before the roots could reach Itachi, Itachi was sucked in to what looked like a vortex.

Naruto then felt the foul chakra again,' Where is it coming from, and what just happened.' Naruto thought. Then his thoughts were answered, a man appeared with an orange mask on where Itachi stood.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"I never thought I would see the day, where the chosen one would come out and play." The man rhymed. Naruto now knowing who this man was, he was the Evil one.

"You can rhyme, that is nice, but I have other things, I need to take care of, like killing you." Naruto said. The man with the mask laughed.

"Not today, but I'll see you again." The man said. Suddenly he disappeared in the same way Itachi did.

"What was that?" Naruto thought.

"Who are you?" Naruto heard from behind him. Naruto turned to see a boy that he went to the academy with, Sasuke Uchiha.

Just Naruto looking at the boy, Naruto sent the paths away from the district, and outside of Konoha.

'I must have changed, if he can't recognize me.' Naruto thought.

"Did you kill my family?" Sasuke asked in tears. Suddenly the woman that he saved earlier came out of the house, and grabbed Sasuke, and hugged him.

"Sasuke, oh thank God he didn't get you too." She said.

"Who didn't get me?" Sasuke asked.

"It doesn't matter right now, but he saved us." She said looking to where Naruto was, except now he was gone. She looked around, and he could not be found.

Naruto crouched on top of the house, where he sent Itachi flying through the roof, looked down on the mother and son. He then looked ahead and saw anbu was coming this way.

'I have to get out of here, before they come, and fine me.' Naruto thought. He looked down at them once again, and he disappeared.

He then reappeared outside of Konoha, where his paths were waiting for him. He looked at them, and saw what he looked like. He saw that he grew about four inches, and his face looked more like his old one except there were traits of the Sage's face. His blonde hair was still blonde, except that it had purple highlights in it. It was also longer, going down to his shoulders.

"I can't go back to Konoha since all this just happened. People would ask too many questions. I guess I'll have to travel for now, until I find the right time to come back." Naruto said. He then looked back at his paths, and began to run, in the opposite way of Konoha.

Naruto now a ten year old young boy was walking with his Paths, along the road, going to Amegakure. He had his paths dressed in robes, like samurais wearing straw hats, so no one could see their faces. He also dressed this way, except his samurai robe was a different color. He had been walking for days on end, trying to get to this place, he had heard of from an innkeeper. Supposedly this village was ruled by a tyrant, by the name of Hanzo. Naruto being the curious one asked a lot of questions, about Hanzo. He had heard that Hanzo had defeated the Sannin, all by himself. Being a very big feat, Naruto thought he would add Hanzo to his collection of Paths.

The problem was that Hanzo was a Kage, and was probably protected by many ninja. Naruto saw this opportunity to test his skill, and he would take it.

Over the two years, Naruto had been traveling around the elemental nations, looking for powerful ninja to complete his collection of paths, but no one was powerful enough in his eyes, until he heard of Hanzo.

Naruto also discovered over his travels, that his Deva path, which was the sage, could use all the powers of the Rinnegan just like he could, since he used them when he was alive. This was exciting to realize, especially seeing how he would have to face someone, which was probably more powerful than him.

Naruto looked up from his straw hat to see the buildings of Amegakure. They were just like the innkeeper had told him; they were tall, and made out of metal. Naruto gaped at the height of the buildings, and admired them. He looked ahead of himself, and saw the gate to the village. He hoped that the papers he stole from the Iwa ninja that were supposed to come here would work. He made sure that he got their headbands, and put them on each of his paths arms.

He walked up to the gate, and was stopped immediately by a guard. Naruto showed him his papers, and they opened the gates to let him in. When he and his paths were inside, they could see people just flowing through the streets, of this Metropolis.

'This city is so cool.' Naruto thought. Naruto asking for directions from the gate guard began heading towards the Kage's tower, which was the tallest building. Naruto and his paths made their way through the village of buildings, trying not to bring any attention to them. They finally made it to the Kage's tower, and had to go through another security check, but Naruto just showed him the papers, and went inside to meet Hanzo himself.

Naruto still being a child, still gaped at how big the village was. Naruto seeing he was closing in on Hanzo's office began to get serious. He walked through the door of the office, with his Paths close behind.

Hanzo looked up from his desk, and smiled at them," Welcome to Amegakure. I hope that you were treated nicely on the way up here. Now let's begin the treaty signing."

"I have come here to add you to my collection Hanzo, and end your reign on this village." Naruto said before he and the others took off their straw hats. Hanzo being confused looked upon the blonde, and his paths. Hanzo stood up from his desk, and walked in front of it.

"Who are you, and how do you idiots plan to kill me?" Hanzo asked getting ready for a battle.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, the one who will end your reign of terror." Naruto said. At this Hanzo began to laugh. This kid actually thought he could kill him. Naruto not laughing at all just stood there.

"Kid you think that just because you have your friends here with you, that you can beat me. Well forget it ill just end this quickly." Hanzo said, as he took out an explosive tag, and threw it at Naruto.

Naruto put out his hand, and said," Shinra Tensei." Suddenly an invisible force pushed everything in the room, except for Naruto, and his paths outwards. This invisible force hit the explosive tag, and Hanzo sending them flying out the window. The explosive tag went off when it got near Hanzo, and instead of falling down to the ground he was sent to the next building's roof.

Naruto and the paths, jumped from the office, down unto the buildings roof. Hanzo not being affected by the blast, got up, and brushed himself off. He then looked at Naruto.

"I don't know how you did that, but I know I better finish this quickly." Hanzo said. He then bit his thumb, so blood came out. He then slams his hand to the ground, and says," Summoning Jutsu."

Suddenly smoke goes all over the place, and when the smoke clears, Hanzo is on the back of a huge salamander. Naruto just stands there looking at Hanzo on his salamander.

Deciding to make the first move Hanzo ordered his salamander to run towards Naruto. Naruto put his hand up again, and said" Shinra Tensei." Hanzo's salamander was sent flying, but then poofed into smoke, along with Hanzo.

Hanzo then appeared behind Naruto, and was about to stab him with a kunai, until Naruto's Preta Path grabbed Hanzo's hand. Hanzo then felt his chakra begin to be drained from his body. Realizing the Preta path was doing it, he punched the path in the gut, making him curl over. Hanzo then jumped back away from the Paths, and Naruto.

'Why didn't he use that jutsu again? He could have sent me flying, but he didn't. He might be only able to use it, every couple of seconds or so. I'll have to keep tabs on that through out the battle. I might be able to use that to my advantage.' Hanzo thought.

'What is he thinking?' Naruto thought. Naruto then thought he would make the next move, so his Animal Path, summoned a large Dog with the Rinnegan eyes. Hanzo getting ready for an attack just stared at them. The dog then barked, and began to attack Hanzo. The dog got close, and Hanzo went through some hand seals, and cried out," Water style: Water bullet." Hanzo then sucked in a lot of air, and then breathed outward which made huge water bullets, come out. The summoned dog could not dodge fast enough, and was hit, and dispelled.

Naruto taking this time to attack sent forth his Deva path, to try and end this quickly. The Deva path appeared behind Hanzo, and threw a punch at his face. Hanzo blocked the punch, and hit the Path with a counter punch, sending the path through the air, into another building. Hanzo looked down on the building, and saw it began to crumble. The path got up, and looked through the hole, that he had made coming into the building, up at Hanzo. The building began to break apart and fall around the Path. The path then jumped from the building unto the building it was just on, and began to run up the walls, using chakra.

Hanzo seeing he would have to take on the people one on one, decided to try and take this one out first. He summoned a salamander, and jumped on it. The salamander then crawled over the edge, and used its feet, to stick to the walls. The salamander then began to run downwards towards the path, as the path ran upwards.

"Die." Hanzo said as he sent many explosive tags at the Path.

The path held out his hand, and said," Shinra Tensei." The explosive tags were then sent back flying towards Hanzo. Hanzo ordered his salamander to jump over the tags which it did, and latched back on to the walls of the building. Hanzo then began to count to see if he was right. Hanzo then jumped off his salamander, and flew towards the path.

'1…2…..3…..4.' Hanzo said as he headed towards the path. He got closer, and closer to the path.

'….5.' Hanzo thought, and suddenly he was sent upwards, by another Shinra Tensei. Hanzo flew all the way back up to the top of the building, on to the roof. He looked down, and saw the building which collapsed, and he then saw the path come up over the side of the building, onto the roof.

'So he must have to wait five seconds before he can do it again.' Hanzo thought.

'I have to end this quickly before, the ninja come.' Naruto thought. Suddenly all the paths, ran at Hanzo at once. Still on the ground Hanzo got up quickly seeing them coming at him he had to think fast.

He ran through some hand seals, and said," Wind Style: Wind Swords." Suddenly the wind around the Paths, and Naruto turned into invisible sharp razorblades. The wind razorblades, shot forth towards Naruto and his Paths. They could not dodge, so all of them were hit, and got major cuts all over them. They all fell down on the ground, from the hit.

'That hurt.' Naruto thought while he was on the ground. He could see the eyes of his paths, that they were heavily injured too. He looked down on himself, and saw he was bleeding from a big gash in his chest. Him and all the Paths got up slowly, and looked at Hanzo.

"How could you guys get up, after that?" Hanzo said. Naruto needed a quick way to end this fight because it was starting to get out of hand. Suddenly he got an idea. The paths then began to charge Hanzo again. Hanzo not ready for this could only wait. When the paths got there, the Animal path threw the first punch which was blocked; Hanzo then kneed it in the face, which sent it to the ground. Then the Preta Path tried to kick Hanzo which was dodged. Hanzo jumped out of the way of the other attacks, away from the Paths.

Naruto seeing what had happened looked down at his Animal Path. The animal path got back up, and wiped its bloody face. Hanzo smirked. He was winning this battle.

Naruto sensed chakras getting closer to their locating. He knew that it was the Ame ninjas. He quickly went over things that he could do in his head. He then began to think about the different things that his paths could do, before they died. He then got a wonderful plan. His human path suddenly went through hand seals.

"Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique." It said. Suddenly water droplets formed out of nowhere. Hanzo looked at this in amazement. The water droplets then began to form into a dragon. When they were done, there was a huge dragon made of water in front of Hanzo. The dragon then began its attack; the dragon made its way towards Hanzo, faster than Hanzo could dodge. The dragon hit Hanzo head on and picked him up, and carried him to the next building. When it hit the wall of the next building, it pinned Hanzo up against the wall until the water was done moving towards him. When the water was gone, Hanzo began his descent towards the ground.

Hanzo being knocked out now just kept falling, until he woke up, and summoned a salamander. The salamander landed on the ground, with grace. Hanzo looked up to the building he was just on. The Salamander suddenly jumped into the air. It jumped so high he made it to the roof, of the building, and landed on it.

'Great he's back.' Naruto thought. Hanzo smiled, even though he was worn out he still made it seem like he wasn't.

"Come on now, you don't think ill go down that easy." Hanzo said. The Ame ninjas' chakra was getting closer and closer.

Hanzo suddenly attacked Naruto, by throwing an explosive kunai at him. Naruto thinking quickly on his feet ran threw some hand seals, and said," Water Release: Water Encampment Wall." Suddenly water that was left over from the dragon, formed around Naruto to make a wall of water. The explosive tag hit the wall, and blew up, but caused no harm to Naruto. The wall then disappeared.

Naruto looked at Hanzo with an impassive look. He was running low on chakra, and he knew that he had to finish this soon. He looked around, and then thought of a plan. He and his Deva path both ran at Hanzo.

'What is he planning?' Hanzo thought. Naruto jumped behind Hanzo, while his Deva path was in front of him. They both put their hands out and said," Shinra Tensei."

Suddenly invisible forces came from both sides of Hanzo. His salamander was quickly dispersed, and Hanzo was being pushed on both sides of himself, from the force. HE was being squished, and it hurt like hell. Suddenly the bone in his arm popped out of the skin, and he let out a scream. The invisible forces were gone now. Hanzo landed on the ground with a thud. Naruto looked at Hanzo.

'It's over now.' Naruto thought.

Hanzo then slowly began to get up to his feet. He made one handed hand seals, and said, "Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique." Suddenly he spit out of his mouth a huge fireball which was heading for Naruto. Naruto wasn't fast enough, and he was hit by the fireball. It scorched him from head to toe, and his clothes were almost gone. The flames were gone, and Naruto's body laid there.

'Even though I'm done doesn't mean I can't finish this.' Naruto thought in pain.

Hanzo summoned another Salamander, and was on top of it. Naruto slowly began to get up. The Paths crowded around him, blocking him from all sides.

'They are almost here, I have to finish this.' Naruto thought. Suddenly the Preta path through a weird looking kunai at Naruto, which Naruto caught, the Preta path then began to run full force at Hanzo. Hanzo not seeing this coming tried to get the salamander to jump out of the way, but it was too late. The Preta path jumped, and knocked Hanzo off his salamander, and they both went over the edge of the building. They both began to fall, towards the ground. The Preta path quickly grabbed Hanzo from behind, and locked him in his grip, so he couldn't get out. Hanzo tried to get out, but he was quickly stopped.

Hanzo then began to feel his chakra draining from him, like it was earlier, and his chakra was going fast. He looked and saw the ground was getting closer. Hanzo could no longer fight back, so he just gave into the Preta path. The Preta drained enough chakra out of Hanzo to knock him out. The Preta path looked and saw the ground was near. Suddenly he disappeared with Hanzo in his arms.

Naruto stood three pronged kunai in hand waiting. Suddenly there was a yellow flash of light, and the Preta path appeared with a knocked out Hanzo in his arms. The Preta path laid Hanzo down on the ground.

"It is finally over." Naruto said. Naruto even though he didn't show it was almost out of chakra himself. If it wasn't for Hanzo not being able to move fast enough at the end, then he would have lost. Naruto suddenly threw the three pronged kunai in his hand at Hanzo, which hit him in the throat, spewing blood everywhere.

Hanzo the tyrant was dead, and Naruto killed him. Suddenly Naruto felt a presence near him. He looked up, and saw a man with orange hair, and piercings all over his face. He then noticed something that surprised him the most. He had the Rinnegan eyes, and he wasn't one of his bodies.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked. He was getting ready for another fight. He knew that if he was right, and that was the Rinnegan he wouldn't win, being in the shape he is in now. His body was burnt all over.

"I knew I heard the stories about you. You are the original Six Path Sage. I am glad to meet you." The person said.

"I asked who you are." Naruto said.

"I am your descendant, that one that will kill you, and take your eyes, to be mine, so I may bring peace to this world." The man said.

Naruto looked at the man, and then felt the Ame ninja chakras there; he disappeared, as well as the paths. The man with the orange hair looked at where Naruto was at.

"In time, I will bring peace to the world." The orange haired man said. Suddenly the Ame ninja came onto the roof. When they didn't see Hanzo, they looked at the man.

"What happened to Hanzo-sama?" They asked.

"I have obliterated him, and sent him from this Earth." The man said.

With Naruto

Naruto appeared out of the village in the forest, he quickly fell down on the ground. He was almost out of chakra, and needed to rest. The paths appeared with the Preta path holding Hanzo. His paths quickly made camp, and put Naruto in a tent, and left Hanzo outside. They then also went into separate tents, and lay down. Naruto with whatever chakra he had left made a clone to watch the camp. When Naruto fell asleep so did the paths.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto woke up in what seemed like a sewer. He got up and looked around to see if there was anything around, but there wasn't. He saw there was a hallway, and began to travel the hallway. He felt a grimacing evil come from down one of the corridors, and so he followed it. When he found the source he was amazed. There was a huge gate, like a cage, and there was a tag on it.

He suddenly noticed what it was. It was the seal that he had used when he sealed the Jubi inside of him. He noticed though that it was different, than the one he used, but all Naruto knew was that a demon was behind this door. He went closer towards the cage when finally the demon that was behind the gate showed itself.

Naruto noticed that it was a fox, with red fur. He then noticed that it had nine-tails behind it. He then remembered when he died he put a fail safe, on the seal. So when he died the Jubi would be split into different parts, separating its power.

'This must be one of the forms it took, when I separated its power.' Naruto thought.

"I see you have come and visited me Sage." The fox said. Taken back that the fox could actually talk, Naruto just stood there.

"How did you know?" Naruto asked. The fox then let out an evil laughter, which sent shivers down Naruto's spine.

"I am not an imbecile; I know you are the fusion of the Six Path Sage, and that little flesh bag Naruto." The Fox said.

"So you are not dumb after all. I realized that you must be one of the forms Jubi took, when I separated his power." Naruto said.

"Yes I am. I am also the most powerful of the forms." The fox said. Naruto laughed. The fox just smiled.

"I noticed that there is a seal on the gate you are behind, why must I ask?" Naruto said.

"I'm glad you noticed the humans created a seal just like yours, except not as well, and I was sealed inside of the original flesh bag, when I attacked Konoha, by the Fourth Hokage." The fox said. Naruto hearing this information before took it in.

'So the Fourth which is now one of my paths sealed the fox inside of me.' Naruto thought.

"Why did you attack?" Naruto asked.

"I was tricked, and controlled by another flesh bag. He had red eyes, and somehow could control me. He had evil chakra just rolling off of him." The fox said.

'That must be the Evil one. He must have sent fox to attack.' Naruto thought.

"Now let me out of here, and I'll be nice." The fox said. Naruto smiled, and shook his head.

"Ill make a deal with you. If I ever need to use your chakra, because I am low on mine, you'll give it to me. In return, I won't kill you." Naruto said.

"You think you can just order me to give you my chakra?" The fox asked.

"Do you remember who you are talking to? If you don't I can just take it from you painfully. It'll be your choice when the time comes, for now heal my wounds." Naruto said.

"I like you flesh bag." The fox said.

"Just do what I want." Naruto said.

Real World

Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in his tent. Suddenly red chakra engulfed his body, and healed all the burns, and such that he had gotten from the battle with Hanzo He got out of the tent, and had the paths take down the tents, and cook breakfast. Once they were done eating, Naruto began to work on Hanzo.

"He is going to be my Asura path, so I need to work on him a lot more, since he is going to be pretty much a machine." Naruto said. He sent his paths out across the land to go and find different things he could use to make his mechanical friend. When they came back with a lot of things, Naruto began his building. Not to long later he was done building his new friend.

He then realized, he needed to heal his paths, so he got each one of them to come near him, so the fox's chakra could heal them.

After that he went back to work building his new Asura Path. It did not take long for Naruto to build the Asura path since he had done it once before.

A year later

Naruto had been traveling with his paths across the elemental nations. Every since he had left Amegakure, he had heard of a person who had killed Hanzo, and became the new Kage. Naruto already knew who it was. It was the person with the Rinnegan. Naruto could not wrap his mind around the fact that someone else had the Rinnegan.

'He said he as a descendant of mine. That explains why he has the Rinnegan, but I wonder if he knows how to use it.' Naruto thought. He decided to worry about it later, but for now he would just eat. He and his paths were enjoying a great meal, at a restaurant. Naruto gained money, by hunting down missing Nin and turning them in for their bounty. He had gained a lot of money off of that, and he liked it. Now he ended up here in a small restaurant, outside of the Suna.

He had been training hard ever since he was almost beaten by Hanzo. He knew now that he could beat Hanzo without been in such bad shape, like last time. He looked at his paths and smiled. He was glad all this happened to him. He then felt a chakra that he had felt three years ago. He turned in the restaurant to see Itachi, and he was with someone, someone that looked like a fish, and they had a really big sword on their back.

'What the hell are they doing here?' Naruto thought.

Itachi and his partner went and sat down, at a table. Naruto noticed that they were wearing matching uniforms. They both had robes, which was black, and had clouds on them. He finished his meal, and him and the other paths disappeared from the Restaurant. Itachi looked over to where Naruto just was, and turned to Kisame. They both gave each other a nod, and got up and left the Restaurant.

Naruto watched them go out of the restaurant from a distance," I guess I'll have to take them both. This is going to be tricky. I don't know if I can take them both. I don't even know what the shark guys powers are."

Naruto followed them through the woods, outside of town until they reached a field. They then stopped in the middle of the field.

'They knew I was following them.' Naruto said as he and his paths jumped out of hiding. Itachi and his partner then turned to face Naruto.

"Long time no see. We have been waiting for you to make your move." Itachi said.

"Why are you here?" Naruto asked.

"We have been on your trail for awhile, and we have finally found you." The partner said.

"What do you want with me?" Naruto asked.

"My friend Kisame and I are here because we want what's sealed inside of you." Itachi said.

"How do you know about that?" Naruto asked,

"Our leader knows a lot about you Naruto." Itachi said.

"I can't let you guys go on from here, I am sorry, but I must kill you both." Naruto said. Kisame began to laugh.

"You actually think that you can take us both? I'll take you by myself." Kisame said. Naruto smirked, just what he wanted, for them to fight one on one with him.

"Kisame I don't think that is wise, considering his power. We should fight him together." Itachi said.

"Nonsense Itachi, I got him. He won't be alive for long." Kisame said. Kisame then stepped out in front of Itachi. He took his sword off his back, and unwrapped it. There now in front of Naruto was a sword that looked like sea urchin skin.

"Fine I'll take you on." Naruto said. The paths behind him got ready.

Next time on Naruto: Six Path Sage, Naruto vs. Kisame. Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it.