Naruto chapter Start:

Naruto looked up at the moon and stars above him. He saw the moon slowly peep over the clouds, and look down upon himself and Mizo, sitting there together under the midnight moon. Naruto quickly breathed a quick breathe and looked at Mizo. He nudged her with his shoulder to wake her up. Mizo slowly opened her eyes, to look into Naruto's eyes. They had decided to leave their masks off since it was only causing them trouble. They left the mask on the paths to not bring trouble, to them if anyone recognized them.

"It's time Mizo." Naruto said. Mizo just looked into Naruto's eyes and smiled, "Well isn't this something to wake up to."

Mizo slowly got off of Naruto and stood up, and brushed herself off. Naruto followed behind her and brushed himself off also. They then began to head towards the Konoha group. They finally arrived where the Konoha group was at, and woke Kakashi and the other jonin. The jonin woke the genin up and begin to go over the plan once more.

"Ok now we need to complete this mission as fast as possible. We are going up against Orochimaru, one of the strongest ninjas of our time. H is very good with making traps, so everyone needs to watch out." Kakashi said. The genin nodded.

Kakashi then showed everyone their positions in entering the base, on a map.

"Ok Naruto you, my genin team, and Mizo will go in the front entrance. Your paths and Kurenai's, and Asuma's teams will go in the back entrance." Kakashi said. Everyone nodded knowing the plan.

"Do you have any words about your experience with Orochimaru's bases Naruto?" Kurenai asked. Naruto tried to think of other things that he needed to tell them about Orochimaru and his bases. He then remembered the cursed seal people that were at the last base.

"Yes, there is one thing. Ok Orochimaru has a lot of people who have the cursed seal under his leadership. So be ready for an army of cursed seal people when we get in there." Naruto said.

"Ok then time to move out." Kakashi said. Everyone nodded and sped towards Orochimaru's hideout, Naruto, Mizo, and his paths together, and everyone else following behind them. When Naruto saw the entrance to Orochimaru's base, he sent his paths down to it, while he and Mizo went towards the hidden back entrance. They arrived at the hidden back entrance, and waited for the others to arrive. Kakashi and his team finally arrived, and they waited for the other group to contact them saying they are ready. Naruto pushed on his microphone, so everyone even in the other group could hear him.

"Remember genin, you cannot be scared to kill. There are going to be a lot of things that are going to want to kill you in there. You are going to have to kill them before they kill you or your team." Naruto said, and then went back to radio silence. The genin in both groups new he was right, and got ready.

"Ok is everyone ready?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes, let's go." Asuma answered through the microphone.

"1….2…..3…go." Kakashi said. Suddenly both teams shot through the door, to meet complete darkness.

With Kurenai and Asuma's Team

"Ok everyone eyes sharp." Kurenai said. Everyone nodded, and looked around to see nothing but darkness.

"It seems like he knew we were coming. Ok everyone stay close, and do not wander off more than a couple feet from the group." Asuma said. Asuma then took out a torch and lit it, showing the corridor they were in.

"Ok everyone circle around Asuma, and we will go down the corridor slowly but surely." Kurenai said. Everyone now being able to see circled up around Asuma as they began to go down the corridor. Kurenai took the front, while the genin to the sides and the back. Kurenai and the genin took out a kunai, and were ready for anything that could happen.

The paths walked behind the group also being ready for anything.

5 Hours Earlier

Kabuto looked at the genin group in front of him. He had noticed them, when one of his genjutsu was disrupted. He looked and saw Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma. He then looked to his right to see something he was afraid of. He saw the kid that had fought with Sarutobi and Orochimaru. Kabuto suddenly puffed into smoke.

Naruto looked to where he just saw a puff of smoke and frowned.

'They know we are coming.' Naruto thought.

Back with Kurenai and Asuma's Team

Asuma got a kunai out, and held the torch out in front of him, so everyone could see down the corridor.

"Now everyone it seems like he knew we were coming, so watch out for anything." Asuma said.

'This is really dangerous for some genin to be in.' Kurenai thought. Kurenai stepped forward and suddenly fell through a hole in the ground. Ino, Chouji, and Shino followed her into the hole. Asuma was able to stop the rest of the genin, before they fell in. Asuma thinking that they were gone looked down into the hole.

"Kurenai are you guys alright?" Asuma asked hoping that they weren't dead. There was no answer. Asuma began to start to mourn for the loss of his teammates.

"Asuma, we are fine. It seems like he used this trap to separate us. Keep going down the corridor. We will go down the one we are down now." Kurenai said. Asuma and the other genin hearing Kurenai's voice were happy knowing they were all ok.

"Ok Kurenai be safe." Asuma said. Three of Naruto's paths walked up to the hole. The Deva path turned to Asuma.

"We will go down there and help them. The other paths will stay here with you." The Deva path said. Asuma nodded and the paths that were at the hole jumped down to see Kurenai and the other genin. Kurenai had already taken out a torch.

With Kakashi's team, Naruto, and Mizo

'So they do know we are here.' Naruto thought. He stuck his hand out to stop the group from moving any further.

"As I suspected, he knows we are here. Everyone be ready for anything that could happen." Naruto said. Everyone nodded and began to look around for anything that could be a trap, in the torch filled corridor.

"He is going to try to separate us." Naruto said. Suddenly as he said this the walls began to move. The walls moved so quickly Naruto was not quick enough to move to get back with the group. Naruto, Sakura, and Sai were on one side of the wall, while Kakashi and Mizo were on the other side.

Mizo banged on the wall," Naruto are you ok?"

Naruto walked over the wall," Mizo I am ok. We need to keep moving. Most likely now that he has split us up, he will send ninja to attack us."

"We see a corridor; hopefully we can meet up if we go down it." Mizo said.

Naruto looked around, but could see nothing but darkness. Suddenly the lights came on and he could see the corridor he was in.

"It seems like the fun is about to begin. We will meet up with you guys when we can. Good luck Mizo." Naruto said. Naruto turned and looked at the genin in front of him.

"What do we do now?" Sai asked.

"We need to keep moving." Naruto said.

"I am not leaving without Kakashi-sensei." Sakura said. Naruto grabbed her and put her up against the wall.

"We don't have time for this nonsense. Kakashi will be ok; it's yourself you should be worried about. Bad things are about to come this way, and you need to be ready for them." Naruto said.

Sakura looked into his light purple eyes. Naruto could see that she was scared, and afraid for what was about to happen. Naruto let her down from the wall, he had pinned her against.

"There is no need to be afraid. Kakashi is a very powerful person. So is Mizo." Naruto said. Sakura nodded. Naruto then began to walk down the now lit corridor.

"What about you? How powerful are you?" Sakura asked.

Naruto turned around so they could see him smiling," Me well, I'm more powerful than both of them." Sakura and Sai looked at him like her was crazy. Naruto turned around again, and began to walk down the corridor once again.

With Kurenai, Ino, Chouji, and Shino

"Kurenai-sensei, what's going on? Why did the lights just come back on?" Shino asked. Kurenai got rid of her torch, and looked at the genin.

"It seems like we are about to meet by the enemy. Everyone be on their guard." Kurenai said as she began to walk down the corridor. The paths looked at the genin, and then began to follow Kurenai. The genin not wanting to be left behind ran up to Kurenai.

Suddenly the lights were cut off once more. Everyone got close to each other. Suddenly the Deva path felt evil chakra in front of them. Suddenly the lights were turned back on to show thirty ninja in front of them, with their cursed seals running wild.

"Ok everyone this is it. Stay close, and protect each other." Kurenai said. The Deva, Human, and Animal path began to run at the enemy ninja. Kurenai started to run right behind them. Ino scared stiff stayed where she was. Chouji was like Ino and was fear struck. Shino quickly raised his arms, and sent his bugs toward the enemy ninja.

The Deva path held out its hand," Shinra Tensei." The invisible force raced towards the ninja. It hit them, but they did not go flying. The paths stopped seeing this. They then looked at the ninja's feet, and saw they were sticking to the ground with chakra.

'Orochimaru has studied.' The Deva Path thought. The paths then began to run at the ninja again. The enemy ninja not standing there also began to run.

One of the ninja took out a kunai and threw it at the Deva Path. The Deva Path jumped forward like he was diving into a pool. He soared right over the kunai. He landed on the ground, and rolled. Suddenly he held his arm backwards," Banshō Ten'in." the kunai he just soared over was then pulled back towards him. He threw his arm forward, and the kunai soared past his head. The kunai like lighting went into the enemy ninja's head. Kurenai seeing this stopped for a second in amazement, but quickly attacked a ninja with a kunai in hand. Bugs flew past her head and quickly attached to a ninja, covering his whole body. The ninja quickly fell down seeing as all his chakra was out of his body. With Asuma, Shikamaru, Hinata, and Kiba "Let's go Akamaru. Double Piercing Fang." Suddenly Kiba and his dog jumped up into the air. The then began to spin in the air to make many tornados. The tornados then headed for one of the ninjas. The tornados hit the ninja, and sent him back flying into the wall torn to pieces. Asuma quickly added chakra to his blades, which made the blades grow longer, and sharper. Asuma jumped at the enemy ninja, and cut the neck of one of the assailants. Blood sprayed over Asuma, but unfazed he went to the next ninja. Shikamaru went through hand signs," Shadow Imitation Technique." Suddenly Shikamaru's shadow spread out and grabbed the shadow of the ninja in front of Asuma, making them unable to move. Asuma seeing this quickly cut down the ninja that could not move. A ninja snuck up behind Asuma, and brought his kunai up about to stab Asuma. Suddenly the ninja stopped and fell to the ground. Asuma turned around to see the ninja fall down. Asuma turned to see Hinata palms blue. "Thanks Hinata." Asuma said. "You're welcome Asuma-sensei." Hinata said. "Behind you." Asuma said. He pushed Hinata's head down and threw a kunai at the ninja behind her. The kunai hit the ninja in the throat killing her. With Kakashi and Mizo Kakashi ran through hand signs, and brought his arm to his side. Suddenly his arm was encased In lighting. He quickly ran at the ninja in front of him, and stuck his hand through the ninja's chest, killing him instantly. Mizo ran from behind Kakashi and jumped off his shoulder to soar above the now dead ninja, and land on another enemy ninja. She brought him to the ground, and stomped on his face crushing it. A ninja threw a punch at Mizo's face but she blocked it and sent a counter to the ninja's stomach. The ninja curled over in pain, and Mizo brought her knee up to the ninja's face sending him flying upward. Kakashi brought his hand out of the dead ninja, and twirled around to hit a ninja behind him in the face. Kakashi seeing five ninja in front of him ran through hand signs," Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique." Kakashi took a deep breath, and exhaled it sending a huge fireball towards the five ninja. The ninja could not move fast enough to evade the fireball so they were all engulfed in it. "Amaterasu." Mizo said. Suddenly black flames came out of nowhere and soared at the enemy ninja. Some of the ninja jumped out of the way, but the others were burned and dropped dead. With Naruto, Sakura, and Sai

Naruto jumped over one of the ninja's heads, and threw a kunai down. The kunai hit the ninja on the top of the head, and impaled his brain, sending blood everywhere. Sakura stood back and watched this happen, and she gaped at the blood. She was not ready for this, and she knew it. She was not strong enough to contend with these ninja.

While she was standing there a ninja snuck up behind her. He turned her around and held her by the throat. Picking her off the ground he looked in her eyes. Sai turned from his battle with one of the ninjas, and saw this. He quickly cut down the ninja with his sword, and unwrapped a scroll. He quickly took out his paintbrush and drew as fast as he could. When he was done three ink tigers jumped off the page, and ran at the man holding Sakura. One of the tigers bit the man on the leg, making him drop Sakura. The other two tigers quickly pounced on him after he dropped her and killed him.

"Sakura get up. You have to fight. You are going to die if you don't." Sai said. Naruto looked back at this scene, and then went back to his fighting.

'She's going to die if she does not fight.' Naruto thought. He ran through hand signs," Earth Release: Earth Compression Box." Suddenly earth surrounded most of the enemy ninja in a room of earth. Naruto held out his hand, and then slammed it to the ground. Suddenly the room of earth came down squishing and killing everyone inside.

Sai quickly killed off the rest of the ninja, while Sakura sat there in fear. Naruto looked back at Sakura and frowned," Come on we have to rally up with everyone else."

Sai nodded, but Sakura just stood there looking at all the dead bodies on the ground. Sai went over to Sakura," Sakura come on. Snap out of it."

Sakura snapping out of her daze looked at Sai. She then shook her head to get all of the fear of disappointing everyone, and began to follow Naruto and Sai down the corridor.

In a room inside the base

Orochimaru sat there looking at his cameras. He saw his ninja easily getting defeated by the Konoha ninja. He had bandages all over his body. He had completed the procedure, and the attack on his base was about to mess everything up again. Kabuto beside him looked at Orochimaru.

"Orochimaru-sama, what do we do now?" Kabuto asked.

"We must get out of here. I cannot defeat them all. They are looking for Sasuke, someone we no longer have. Soon they will find out I do not have him, and I don't want to be here, when they find out." Orochimaru said. Orochimaru pressed a button.

"Yes Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto said. Orochimaru got up and Kabuto followed him out of the room, Orochimaru's blonde hair showing through his bandages.

With Naruto, Sakura, and Sai

Naruto, Sakura, and Sai had been running down the same corridor for the last couple of minutes, and were growing tired of running. Suddenly out of nowhere when they came across and intersection into corridors, they ran into people. They were quickly knocked down off their feet. Naruto quickly getting back up saw that it was the rest of the Konoha ninja.

"Thank God we found you guys." Kiba said. Suddenly and alarm went off. The corridors then began to close off section, by section, until they were enclosed, and couldn't go anywhere.

"What is that noise?" Kakashi asked. Naruto and Mizo being in this situation before knew what it meant.

"This place is going to self-destruct." Naruto said.

Hey everyone this is my first chapter in awhile. It is a short one, and I know not as good as my others, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Hope you liked it.