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Gillian stared in the mirror. She was stood in the ladies toilets at the Lightman Group studying the bruises she had acquired when she'd been attacked in her own home. She had been trying to protect the younger Torres sister when masked robbers had beaten them both up. A large bruise was forming on her cheek causing her eye to swell slightly. She felt numb. It wasn't the first time her home had been broken in to in a bid to intimidate her. It wasn't the first time it had worked. Sighing heavily she turned away from the mirror to see Cal stood in the doorway.

"Cal" She sighed as he watched her.

"You ok luv?" He was concerned. She was tired. It was clear she had been scared, even if she tried to hide it from Ria and the others. Gill nodded as he stepped closer.

"Cal, this is the ladies' bathroom. You shouldn't be in here" She smiled slightly as he stepped towards her.

"Yeah, I do things I'm not supposed to very often. Dunno if you noticed" He was inches away from her as she closed her eyes.

"That's true" She was aware Cal was so close she could feel his breath on her face. She smiled slightly. "And here you are, breaking the rules and being reckless again"

Cal sighed. It was true he had a reputation of being slightly wild, especially in his younger days, before Emily was born. He placed a hand on her arm, while the other hand reached her chin, forcing her to look at him.

"I told you Foster" Her eyes were on his in an instant. "Never when it comes to you. No risks at all when it comes to you" He pulled her in to his arms as the tears finally fell. It was then Cal decided that no matter what he would find the people responsible for the break in. Not the kids. Kids were just kids and he was certain these kids had been put up to it but the person who had put them up to it. No one was going to hurt Foster and get away with it. He held Gillian tighter as she fought to gain control of her tears.

"It's ok luv" he whispered before kissing her hair. "It's ok". Gillian tightened her hold on him as he kissed her. London seemed a long time ago but it still scared her that she had nearly lost him.

"Cal?" She pulled back as he cupped her face in his hands.

"You should have gone up the hospital. Reckon that needs an x-ray luv. Bloody big bruise" He avoided her eyes, instead concentrating on her bruises. Gill shook her head, aware that he was deflecting what he felt. He didn't want her to see how scared she was.

"No, it's ok. I've got some Advil" She tried to smile as Heidi walked into the bathroom.

"Oh!" Heidi yelped at the sight of Cal in the ladies' toilets. "Oh! Sorry" She turned on her heel before walking out the room. Cal looked aghast, as if he had just realised where he was. Gillian couldn't help but laugh as shock then embarrassment passed over his features.

"Cal Lightman" She shook her head "I believe you are embarrassed. That's something I never thought I'd see. Come on, lets get you out of here" She turned him by the shoulders and began walking him towards the door.

"Gill, I think there's plenty I could go that could surprise you" He waggled his eyebrows as she shook her head and laughed.

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