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Chapter 12: The Fellowship Splits Ways

The next day, the day the Fellowship was to set out both Aragorn and Harry were quiet and seemed to avoid each other. Remus went over to talk to Aragorn while Legolas went to Harry, each having an idea of what happened.

####With Aragorn and Remus####

Aragorn sat on the tree roots reprimanding himself for kissing Harry, 'He probably hates you now!' he shouted at himself angrily. He wanted to hate the feeling of the kiss but couldn't get it out of his mind or forget the feel of Harry's lips on his own. Now the love of his life hated him! 'Wait! Love of my life? I do love him!' Aragorn discovered his grey blue eyes widening at his discovery.

"I take it you've finally discovered you love my cub," a smooth voice said behind him.

Aragorn jumped in surprise and turned around his sword drawn only to see that it was Remus, 'Oh, great he's probably here to tell me to leave his son alone and never go near him again,' Aragorn thought, his heart falling to his toes.

"I'm sorry, I'll leave him alone and you won't have to worry about me again," Aragorn said his voice soft and sad as he turned back to sit on the root he had been on before.

Remus walked over and smacked him upside the head, "Did I say anything about leaving him alone, you do that, you hurt my son, you hurt my son, and I have to kill you," Remus told him calmly before sitting next to him.

Aragorn held the back of his head and looked at him in surprise and confusion, Remus seeing this began to speak, "The first time Harry thought he was in love was with a girl named Cho Chang, and she only used him to remember the boy she was in love with. Harry soon found that he only liked her because she was beautiful and stayed single until he went out with one of his best friend's younger sister named Ginny Weasley. He found he only liked her as a sister, and finally one day he met a boy from America, his name was Michael. He was so in love with him that he gave the boy his innocence, only to be betrayed by the same boy. Michael, it turned out, was a Death Eater from the American branch," Remus told him.

Aragorn became infuriated, how could anyone do such a thing to Harry? Remus seeing his infuriated look chuckled, "By your look I can tell that you truly do love him, and I will let you pursue him," Remus said.

Aragorn turned surprised eyes onto the honey haired wolf, "Is that not what you Men do here when you want to court someone? Don't you always go to the person's father?" Remus asked chuckling at the Ranger's surprised look.

"Well, yes, but why are you letting me pursue your son? I'm not worthy of him!" Aragorn shouted jumping up angrily.

"And by thinking that way, I know you are perfect for my cub," Remus said, Aragorn turned questioning eyes on the wolf and Remus continued, "You know how precious Harry is and you will treat him as such, that's why I let you court my son," Remus said putting a calming hand on Aragorn's shoulder.

He then leaned forward and mock whispered, "But don't tell Harry I had to give you permission, he's quite scary when he's angry," this caused Aragorn to burst out laughing, "I'll be sure to remember that when I speak with Harry," he laughed.

####With Harry and Legolas####

Harry sat in the woods where he first met Lily thinking about the night before. 'He probably regrets kissing me, I can't blame him. After all I'm only a little freak,' he thought sadly. He knew this but he couldn't help but remember how safe he felt when Aragorn had kissed him or the warmth that had filled him when Aragorn's hand touched his cheek. He shook his head trying his best to forget.

"Finally discover that you are truly in love with Estel?" a smooth voice came from behind him.

Harry jumped and drew his sword, unaware that he was doing the exact same as Aragorn was at that very moment. When he saw Legolas he relaxed and sheathed his sword before sitting back down and leaning back against the tree. Legolas came forward and sat next to him, they sat in silence for a while, neither breaking it.

"You didn't answer my questions ai toror', do you love Estel?" Legolas asked turning his clear blue eyes onto the young Man.

Harry sighed and tears filled his eyes, "Yes, but he doesn't return my feelings," Harry declared closing his eyes in pain.

"Why do you think that?" Legolas asked calmly, willing to be patient, after all he had lived 2931 years on Middle Earth.

"Last night he kissed me and then he ran away, he was disgusted I just know it!" Harry said tears falling from his eyes.

Seeing the tears falling down Harry's cheeks Legolas felt his heart break, if Aragorn hurt this beautiful creature he was going to send him to the Void!, "Harry, did you think that maybe Aragorn might think you would be disgusted with him for kissing you?" he asked wrapping a comforting arm around the emerald golden eyed wolf.

"Why would he think that?" Harry asked surprised, it did make sense though, but why would Aragorn like a freak like him, it didn't make any sense!

"I don't know ai toror', why do you think he's disgusted with you?" Legolas asked leaning his head on top of Harry's.

"Because I'm a miserable freak and no one in their right mind would fall in love with me," Harry said automatically before slapping a hand over his mouth.

Legolas felt anger fill him, his blue eyes glinted dangerously, "Who told you such things Harry?" he asked, his voice deadly.

"My uncle and Voldemort," Harry muttered looking down into his lap tears falling faster down his cheeks.

Legolas pulled Harry closer to him and said, "And you believed those bastards? Your uncle was a jealous fool who feared you and what you could do, and Voldemort was a-well you don't need me to explain about Voldemort do you? He was your enemy and would say anything to get your spirits down," Legolas told him thinking of multiple ways to kill this uncle Harry was talking about, he may not be able to get at Voldemort because he was dead, but Harry had said nothing of this uncle person dying.

"Really? I'm not a freak?" Harry asked, looking every bit the innocent child, though he was about to be twenty.

"You could never be a freak, if anything you're an angel fallen to Middle Earth," Legolas said with conviction and love, kissing Harry on the forehead.

"Thank you Legolas," Harry whispered before snuggling into Legolas's chest feeling safe like he did when Remus held him and then a thought hit him, "Then why did Aragorn run after he kissed me?" he asked.

"Harry, he was probably afraid you would hate him and would never speak to him again. And if what I think is true, he wouldn't be able to handle you not speaking with him," Legolas told him calmly, running his long fingers through Harry's hair.

"Then why didn't he just say something?" Harry asked even more confused.

"I don't know Harry, why didn't you? Don't you understand, he has the same insecurities that you have and doesn't want to hurt you? He'll come to you when he's ready, you just have to be patient and hold out for him," Legolas told him gently kissing him on the forehead when Harry turned his green eyes onto the Elf.

"M'kay, thanks for talking to me Legolas, it really helped me feel better," Harry told him before leaning forward and hugging him close.

"It was no problem ai toror'," Legolas said smiling at the young Man and hugging him warmly.

"What does that mean? You've been calling me that lately," Harry asked him.

"Ai toror' means little brother," Legolas said smiling down at him.

"Oh," Harry said blushing a bit, "I'm glad you're my older brother Legolas, I'm gonna need one throughout this whole journey," Harry told him giving him a hesitant smile.

"You have more than me as an older brother, Harry, you have Boromir and Gimli as well," Legolas told him smiling at his younger brother's blush.

"Did you just say something about Gimli that isn't an insult?" Harry asked him in mock astonishment.

"Don't tell him it might go to his head, or even worse his beard!" Legolas told him whispering and winking before giving a fake shudder.

Harry was left laughing deeply, and that's how the Fellowship came upon them. They all smiled, happy to see their innocent brother laughing and happy again.

Not long after they were all packing their knap sacks and supplies into the small canoes, there came a cry from the crowd of gathered Elves and Lily broke through them and ran toward Harry, tears falling down her small cheeks. Harry caught her and swung her up into his arms and held her close whispering soothing words into her ear. She gripped onto his tunic burying her face into his neck.

"Hush my cub, remember what I sad about hugging your wolf," Harry whispered to her kissing her on the forehead.

"Yes, if I feel lonely and I hug it you'll feel it and be hugging me back no matter how far away you are," she sniffled, "but what about nightmares, they'll come back when you're gone!" she said slowly calming down.

"I promise that if you sleep with your wolf, you won't have one nightmare. When I was little he chased away all my nightmares and protected me for the rest of the night. He'll do the same for you because you are my cub," Harry whispered reassuringly.

"You promise?" she sniffled out, looking up at him through her lashes innocently.

"No, I swear cub, you will not have one nightmare as long as you keep my wolf with you," Harry told her kissing her on the cheek and finally setting her down.

Her feet hit the ground, but she found herself scooped up into a warm hug from her Papa Remus, she snuggled in and gave him a kiss telling him to be safe and come back soon. She was passed around for hugs and got plenty of them as well as loving kisses and promises to come back soon and get her, each giving her a little something to remember them by.

As they were all about to get into the canoes they stopped when she called out, "Wait! I almost forgot, Lady Galadriel helped me make these and said they would keep you safe," she whispered tears falling down her cheeks again as she pulled out a small draw string sack and pulled out beaded bracelets.

She went to Harry first and slipped it on his wrist, its beads were red, gold, green, and silver. She went over to Remus next, his beads were yellow, black, blue, and bronze, at his surprised look she merely said, "Like your swords." She then went to Legolas; his beads were gold, green, and brown. Beside him was Gimli and he gained his next, his beads, grey, silver, and black. Next came the four Hobbits, Frodo's beads were gold and green, Sam's yellow and green, Merry's orange and gold, and Pippin's were red and gold. Finally she came over to Boromir and Aragorn, Boromir's beads were black and silver, Aragorn's the same colors as Harry's.

She finally stepped back, tears still streaming down her cheeks, and as they rowed away she waved vigorously after them. Harry seeing this handed the oar to Remus and waved back to her calling out, "I love you cub, raise hell while I'm gone!"

Soon they could no longer see the shores of Lorien and it was getting steadily colder, Harry pulled the cloak Galadriel had gifted them tighter around his shoulders. He and Remus were in one canoe on their own, Aragorn was with Sam and Frodo, Boromir with Pippin and Merry, and Legolas and Gimli shared a canoe. They rode in a heavy silence that seemed to weigh down on them like a large quilt. Harry broke this silence by humming quietly to himself.

"Harry, can you sing us another song?" Pippin asked shyly across the way.

"Yes Harry, now that we know you can sing!" Merry called out jokingly.

Harry looked like a deer caught in the headlights, "But-I-and you-," he stuttered causing the whole Fellowship to start laughing.

"You might as well Sketch, they won't let it drop now that they know you can sing well," Remus told him still chuckling at his son's look.

"But Remus, I hate singing in front of people, it took all I had to sing when we were still near Moria!" Harry exclaimed slowly panicking.

"Please Harry, can you sing, I would like to hear your voice again, it was beautiful," Aragorn asked.

A blush crossed Harry's cheeks and he reluctantly nodded, "What should I sing?" he whispered to Remus.

"Just think of a song that would fit the mood, it'll come to you Harry," Remus said unhelpfully, continuing to row.

Harry sent him a glare and a sarcastic "Thanks a lot," before he thought of a song. After a while it came to him and he began to sing:

I must've dreamed a thousand dreams

Been haunted by a million screams

But I can hear the marching feet

They're moving into the street

Now did you read the news today

They say the dangers gone away

But I can see the fires still alight

They're burning into the night

There's too many men

Too many people

Making too many problems

And not much love to go round

Can't you see

This is the land of confusion

This is the world we live in

And these are the hands we're given

Use them and let's start trying t

To make it a place worth living in

Ooh superman where are you now

When everything's gone wrong somehow

The men of steel, the men of power

Are losing control by the hour

This is the time

This is the place

So we look for the future

But there's not much love to go round

Tell me why, this is the land of confusion

This is the world we live in

And these are the hands we're given

Use them and let's start trying to make it a place worth living in

I remember long ago-

Ooh when the sun was shining

Yes and the stars were bright

All through the night

And the sound of your laughter

As I held you tight

So long ago-

I won't be coming home tonight

My generation will put it right

We're not just making promises

That we know, we'll never keep

Too many men

There's too many people

Making too many problems

And not much love to go round

Can't you see

This is the land of confusion

Now this is the world we live in

And these are the hands we're given

Use them and let's start trying

To make it a place worth fighting for

This is the world we live in

And these are the names we're given

Stand up and let's start showing

Just where our lives are going to

As the last note died the Fellowship stared at him in awe, Harry looked down at his hands blushing slightly. Slowly Frodo began clapping his hands and Sam, Merry, and Pippin joined him closely followed by Gimli and Boromir. Finally Legolas and Aragorn joined, Remus let out a shrill whistle, all of this making him blush even harder. They all began to laugh at his resemblance to a cherry, and he only glared at them. His eyes met Aragorn's own grey blue, he was given the most beautiful smile he had ever seen and his breath was taken away.

He quickly looked down at his hands again, trying to hide the fact he had been staring as well as the emotions he knew were swimming in his eyes. Aragorn sent a questioning look to Remus who had begun rowing again, Remus mouthed the words, 'Trying to hide his feelings,' and 'embarrassed' before Remus turned away and looked ahead. After a while of silent rowing they came upon a pass that was guarded by to humungous statues of Men, each wearing armor and one of his hands out toward them, palm up. Harry heard Aragorn telling Frodo and Sam they were his ancestors.

Harry stared up at them in awe and then felt the power buzzing around them, this was a sacred place. He quickly bowed his head and whispered a few words before he turned back and took the oar from Remus's hands so that he could do the same. The Fellowship looked on, curious as to what they were doing. Harry only shook his head so they turned away. They reached the shore and began to set camp, Harry smelt something that was familiar yet different at the same time. He went into a daze and he was assaulted by pictures of ugly beings that resembled orcs, but his mind told him they were very different, smarter. The word Uruk-Hai flashed into his mind before he collapsed as if all his energy had left him.

Aragorn had been pulling sacks onto the shore thinking of how he would ask Harry to court him. He glanced over at the Man who overtook his thoughts and noticed he had a glazed look on his face and grew worried. He dropped the two bags in his hands and ran over to the Man, just as he reached the ebony haired wolf's side he collapsed. Aragorn quickly caught him and held him close, gold flaked emerald eyes fluttered open and met his and he felt a shock go through him, he had to fight with everything he had not to lean down and kiss the unsuspecting Animagus.

As Aragorn had been fighting not to kiss Harry Remus had come over and knelt before him. Harry's eyes turned to Remus and the honey haired wolf asked, "What did you see cub?"

"We're being followed by orc-like beings, but they're not orcs, they're stronger, have more stamina, and are much smarter! They are Uruk-Hai," he whispered, that's when he noticed he was being held by Aragorn and he began to blush.

His embarrassment was forgotten when Merry came back to the camp carrying sticks for the fire and asked, "Where's Frodo?" he asked.

Harry's head shot up and he looked around the camp and then he saw Boromir's things but no Boromir, he felt dread filling him, 'FRODO!' he shouted out with his mind.

'Harry! I had to put on the ring! It took Boromir, he's alone in the woods,' Frodo's voice came back to him filled with fear.

'Where are you Prongslet?' Harry asked jumping to his feet quickly and transforming before running into the woods.

'By some ruins, I don't know where specifically. Wait, I see something it AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!' he heard Frodo scream and saw him tumble down off of this large tower like ruin and then he got a flash of a great cat like eye, lidless and wreathed in flame.

'FRODO!' he heard Remus scream as he ran up beside him also in his wolf form.

'I'm fine, just a little sore from falling, and the eye scared me,' Frodo's weak voice came to them.

They both gave a relieved sigh and began reading faster, they reached the ruins Frodo was at and found him lying on his back on the floor and were glad he had taken off the Ring, but saw he held it in his hand. Both transformed, not before Harry told Remus to stay back and he would handle it, he had noticed the crazed look in Frodo's eyes and the glinting Ring in his hand.

"Frodo," Harry said walking toward him, at that moment Aragorn burst into the clearing.

Remus held him back as Harry came forward, "Stay away!" Frodo screamed scooting backwards on the ground before getting to his feet quickly.

Harry felt a stab at his heart but knew Frodo was remembering what happened with Boromir, "Frodo, Prongslet, I swore to protect you and give you anything you needed, and I keep my promises," Harry whispered to him.

Frodo gave him a suspicious look and held out the Ring palm up to him, "Would you destroy the Ring?" he asked staring Harry in the eyes.

Harry heard the Ring whispering his name trying to seduce him into taking it and putting it on, Harry stepped forward staring at the Ring captivated. When he reached Frodo, he knelt before him and closed Frodo's fingers, "Do you remember when I showed you that vision before we came to Moria and you asked when you would have to go alone?" he asked Frodo placing a gentle hand on his cheek.

"You said I had to go when the time was right," Frodo replied quietly, tears falling down his cheeks.

"Now is the right time Prongslet, but just because the Fellowship cannot come with you doesn't mean you must go alone," Harry told him giving him a gentle smile.

"Really?" Frodo asked turning his matching eyes to meet Harry's eyes.

"Really, really," Harry told him grinning, at this moment Remus stepped forward, "I'll be coming with you my little cub, I know that Harry can take care of the rest of my cubs," Remus told Frodo kissing him on the forehead.

"You can't come with me?" Frodo asked looking at Harry, Harry shook his head and said, "My place is here protecting the rest of the Fellowship," he told Frodo wiping away the tears that were now falling down Frodo's cheeks.

"I'm scared big brother," Frodo whispered burying his face in Harry's neck.

Harry gave a silent sigh and then an idea hit him, he whispered in Frodo's ear, "No need to be afraid, you'll have Papa and Sam with you. Besides don't you remember the ring I gave you before we went to Rivendell? Remember what I told you when I gave it to you?" he asked gently.

He felt Frodo nod and so he whispered, "Frodo I want you to give me my godfather's ring."

Frodo misunderstanding him began to sob, but slowly removed the ring from his pocket where he kept it. Harry took it from him and pulled out the drawstring sack once again from around his neck. He reached inside and pulled out a long, black leather strap with a onyx wolf dangling down. He untied it and slipped the ring onto it, he then turned Frodo around and slipped the leather strap around his neck before tying it there.

He then turned Frodo around again, "There now you carry two of my things, and whenever you feel the Ring calling to you, you can wear mine instead," Harry told him kissing him on the forehead and pulling him close for a warm hug.

"But it won't fit, I tried," Frodo whispered the tears slowing when he knew Harry wasn't going to take the Black ring from him.

"If you think of me when you put it on it'll shrink to fit your finger, this way you're already wearing a ring, and the One Ring won't be able to manipulate you," Harry told him smiling lovingly.

Frodo smiled back, but then he was distracted by something over his shoulder, Harry turned to see Aragorn standing there. Harry stood and allowed Aragorn to kneel before Frodo to say his good-byes.

"I would have followed you to Mordor," Aragorn told him seriously pulling Frodo in for a hug.

"I know, take care of my brothers for me Aragorn, there's no telling what trouble they'll get into with Sketch as the ringleader," Frodo said giving a watery chuckle.

It turned into full blown laughter when Harry gave him a mock affronted look, this made Harry smile before he turned to Remus and hugged him tightly.

"I love you Papa, keep Frodo, Sam, and yourself safe," he whispered.

Remus gave him a smile and kissed him on the forehead, both cheeks and finally his nose, "You too cub, if I hear you died again, I'm going down to hell to drag you out so I can send you back myself," he declared giving him a mock stern look.

Harry laughed and kissed Remus on the cheek, "Good luck, I told Sam to wait for you two on the shore by one of the canoes, don't worry its loaded with the supplies you'll need," he whispered.

He heard Aragorn draw his sword behind him and turned in time to see Sting glowing blue, "Go!" he told his two family members, "Tell Sam I love him, and to be the brave Gryffindor I know he is!" he called after them as he drew Gryffindor's sword.

'Finallysome action!' he heard Naur shout enthusiastically.

He gave a snort at the same time Slytherin's sword did, 'Finally wake up Alu?' Harry asked his Slytherin sword.

'It's quite difficult to sleep when you've got this dimwit shouting next to you,' came Alu's sarcastic reply, 'So what I miss?' he asked curiously as he and Aragorn began to slay, Harry doing so almost absent mindedly.

'Nothing much, lots of fighting though, I didn't you use you so much so you didn't wake up,' Harry explained.

'You mean to tell me you used this nimrod while I was asleep? How are you still alive?' Alu asked in mock amazement and terror.

'Hey! I can kick your ass any time any place!' Naur shouted angrily at Alu.

'Both of you shut up, it's hard to fight with you two bickering like an old married couple,' Harry told them angrily decapitating one of the Uruk-Hai.

'We are an old married couple,' they both told him as if he was stupid.

Harry groaned as he stabbed another Uruk-Hai, 'Don't remind me! It took me forever to get those pictures out of my head!' Harry said giving a shudder before doing a roundhouse kick sending one of the Uruk-Hai into a tree and knocking him out.

They heard a horn in the distance, Harry heard Aragorn call out, "Gondor's horn."

'Boromir! I won't let that vision come true dammit!' Harry exclaimed unaware that he was sending out these thoughts to all the members of the Fellowship, all but Frodo, Sam, and Remus saw Boromir falling with arrows protruding from his chest, blood dribbling from his lips and then the image flashed to Merry and Pippin being carried away by one of the Uruk-Hai.

Boromir, seeing the last image, fought with even more vigor keeping as many of the ugly creatures away from the two Hobbits behind him that he was protecting. He knew he could die, in fact Harry had seen it, but that didn't mean he was going to let Merry and Pippin be taken! He fought as best he could, Harry came onto this scene and saw what appeared to be the leader of this band of Uruk-Hai notch and arrow and let it fly. It was heading straight for Boromir, he knew he wouldn't reach the Gondorian in time but he had to try. He transformed and sprinted toward the unsuspecting Gondorian, he was amazed when he reached him in time and caught the arrow in his mouth.

Boromir stared at him in amazement before stabbing over his head, when Harry turned he saw an orc with an ax raised to kill him. He sent Boromir a thankful look before he began to tear as many orcs as possible. When he turned back to Boromir he watched in horror as he was hit by two arrows in the chest. He saw Boromir turn to look at his youngest brothers and begin fighting anew, though his wounds were bleeding and the arrows stuck out from his chest he continued to fight. Harry admired his spunk and continued to fight as well. He was caught around the waist by one of the orcs and watched in horror as his brothers were lifted and saw them being carried away by the running Uruk-Hai. Tears filled his eyes when arrows hit Boromir and the fearsome, strong Gondorian fell to his knees.

Seeing his vision coming true brought out a power he never knew he had, he transformed into his human form, the orcs arms still around his waist. He grabbed the orcs head and pulled, flipping the orc over his head. He stabbed him in the back with Naur, and stared at him in awe, Naur was now wreathed in flame and was glowing a pure white. He looked at Alu and saw that he was surrounded in water and glowing the same blue as Sting. He saw the leader stand over the fallen Gondorian and aim the bow at him, an arrow aimed for between his eyes. He let out a growl that reverberated throughout the forest and caused the leader to freeze in fear, the leader slowly turning. He turned just in time to have his head chopped off by Naur.

He knelt by Boromir's side and carefully lowered him to the ground, "Where's Frodo?" his voice was panicked and blood began dribbling down his chin.

"Sh, he has gone to destroy the Ring with Sam and Remus," Harry told him gently, he pulled out the arrows as gently as he could.

"Then you did what I could not, I tried to take if from him even after you told me what it would do," tears began to fall from his eyes as he lay blood everywhere.

"I know but you are forgiven big brother," Harry whispered kissing him on the forehead.

Boromir close his eyes and breathed his last breath before he died. Tears coursed down his cheeks as Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli ran into the clearing. They froze and looked down sadly at the sight before them. As he cried he began to heal Boromir's wounds the Muggle way before he sealed them magically. He then placed his hands on Boromir's chest and rested his forehead against Boromir's. The three Fellowship members looked up when they saw a glow reaching for their feet they looked up and gasped when they saw both Boromir and Harry glowing.

They watched in amazement as Boromir began breathing and slowly opened his eyes, "Harry?" he asked his voice quiet.

"Yes," Harry told him giving him a watery smile.

"I thought I died," Boromir whispered amazed.

"You did, but you've risen from the ashes like a phoenix reborn. You have another chance at life, live it right and learn from your mistakes in the past life," Harry whispered before he collapsed on Boromir's chest sobbing.

Boromir wrapped his arms around the distraught Animagus making soothing noises in his ear, "I'm so sorry I couldn't protect the little ones little brother," he whispered ashamed.

When Harry didn't reply he looked down to see that the Man was unconscious, obviously exhausted from bringing him back to life. He slowly lifted himself and was amazed when he felt no pain from his previous arrow wounds. He looked down at the Man in his arms with love and amazement, he slowly stood with his little brother in his arms. Aragorn came over and took Harry from his arms and cradled him close, Boromir could see his love for his little brother and gave a smile.

'Hurt him and I'll be sure to kill you Aragorn, King of Gondor or not,' Boromir swore to himself.

They all headed back to their original camp and rested for a while, waiting for Harry to wake. He soon did, his golden flaked emerald eyes met those of the man he loved, he gave a warm smile. This smile turned into a grin when he saw Boromir alive and well beside him. He launched himself at the Gondorian giving a cry of happiness. Boromir grinned and hugged Harry tightly to him, he would keep his little brother safe no matter what!

"We have to reach the Eastern shore! Frodo, Sam, and Remus already have a head start!" Legolas cried going over to one of the canoes and beginning to push it into the water.

He was stopped when Harry put a restraining hand on his shoulder, "Frodo is meant to go on without the Fellowship, but not alone, he has the protection of my Papa and our brother," Harry told him softly.

"So the Fellowship has failed," Gimli said downtrodden.

"No, we will not leave Merry and Pippin to suffer at the hands of the Uruk-Hai!" Aragorn spoke up, Harry sent him a huge smile.

Gimli and Legolas got a glint of hope in their eyes again and nodded, "Let's hunt some orc!" Boromir shouted.

"They better pray to Valar that I don't reach them anytime soon without time to cool off, otherwise they will learn the true meaning of suffering!" Harry said, his voice full of malice, his eyes glowing gold.

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