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I tried again and again. No answer. Static was my only reply.

I nearly screamed before settling on picking up a good sized rock and hurtling it away. It hit a large boulder and shattered to pieces.

It's been so long. So long since I've seen another living human being. The only reminders of what they act like are the videos and pictures stored in my HUD. Ones of when I and my friends were small, young and naive, to when our numbers depleted to when we nearly reached adulthood. Many survived, but one of my closest friends had not. He had died on the table; no one could have done anything to save him. I still blame them from time to time, but I mostly blame myself. Why? I'm still not quiet sure- it's a human thing probably; to blame someone else for your own mistakes, and yourself for something you could not prevent. I blame myself for many things, but of all things, I blame myself for my lost brothers and sisters.

I believe the rest are still out there; fighting for the human race, killing the enemy for our cause. I know the war is still going on. I mean, if it wasn't; they would take time and try to find me. Right?

They wouldn't just leave me here, would they? I mean, they know I had still been frozen for all this time, they wouldn't just… forget about me right?

The gravel and debris crunched under my boots as I traveled on, looking for other survivors. I've only seen two, but they were far too long gone by the time I had the chance to come up to them. I had to leave them; one wished to leave the world the same way she came in it, alone, as the other believed I was one of the strange creatures that made the world like this. The harsh words he screamed at me made no difference as I just walked passed his battle worn body.

Bodies lay in the streets, both bones and rotting corpses lying on top of blood stained grounds. Half crushed buildings around me deteriorating, lifeless eyes seemingly watch every movement I make, the cries and wails echoing in the dead city I'm currently traveling through.

Strangely enough, I never saw a body of the creatures that had invaded this planet.

Scattered reports from long ago said that the planet only got half

glassed, but the other half was lifeless all the same. The people who

weren't gunned down got evacuated, only to have those ships blown

apart before they reached the atmosphere. Few took the risk of

staying, hiding in theirs and others homes. Either being found and

killed by the enemy, or simply dying from running out of supplies, no one was

around anymore.

By the time I had thawed out no one was left.

It must have been so long ago when it happened, but it only seemed just the other day to me back then.

Hands gripped my struggling limbs, many more joining their brotheren as they tried to tame the wrestling being.

"Calm down!" The shout was only drowned out by another eardrum bursting scream.

"Let me go Let Me Go LET ME GO!" I let out another scream, feeling the people holding onto me cringe as I made their ears ring.

"Soldier, cease at once!" Someone barked out, making everyone freeze and cutting me off, only to start back up again.

"Sir you can't do this to me- You can't!" I roared, glaring daggers into the older man's head. His usual bright eyes hardened, causing me to shut my mouth before he spoke in a low, angry voice. Luckily the anger was not directed at me.

"I know, soldier. But UNSC made it clear that someone had to be put in cyro for when the time of need comes."

"But why ME? You and everyone else knows that I cannot stand cyro!" I glared at him, shaking off my live restraints before walking closer to my superior, not having to look down that much at him like so many of my siblings could. I was only a few inches shorter than my family, so I had to look down less than my siblings had to. He stared up at me, not intimidated like so many others would have if in his position.

"I know, but it wasn't my choice. Your talents will be needed in the future, the ONI see that as well. Don't worry; it'll be over before you know it." He stated calmly before hands restricted my movements again, two pricks in either arm told me they brought out the tranquilizers. It didn't put me out though, as a normal human would have been put into a coma at the double dose. No, it only made me drowsy and helped the marines get me over to a room without much fuss. People filled the room, full of sad faces. Some even tried to cover it up with half hearted smiles when I walked in the door.

I looked around, calm as the medication started wearing off already. Tears pricked my eyes when I even saw my siblings who hadn't passed the argumentation and lived to tell of it. I looked around at my siblings, my family, as I paused in the doorway.

Many clapped at my volenteerless order, as others closest to me came up and hugged me, sadness in their eyes but smiles plastered on for other's sake. My sake.

After the eighth fake smile I saw I broke down. I wasn't supposed to. I wasn't TRAINED to behave this way. But no one corrected me as tears appeared in others eyes as few of my closest siblings kneeled and hugged me close.

I got the courage to look around at my family again.

Kylie, Tom and Tim, Jake and Mathew, Kelly... and everyone else who had survived this far was here. As I looked around, there wasn't one dry eyed face in this room. Except one.

My eyes locked with his. After what seemed like minutes when only seconds passed, I nodded only once at the solemn face.

He was the only one to crack a smile at my efforts to lighten the mood in dark times. He was the only one I didn't normally speak to. I only knew what our silent relationship showed. He was an excellent leader, even when he was the one taking the orders. He wasn't talkative like his closest friends, Kelly and Sam, were, or as outgoing as even the shyest sibling we had. No, he was not shy; he just didn't have to communicate with words like normal human beings had to. He spoke without words, only his siblings and the few outsiders lucky enough to know him personally knew what he was saying. He didn't have any talents that stood out abnormally, no; he was one of the best by being himself, no special talents needed. Though he did have something no one else had in our family, something every human longs for; and it wasn't good cooking. And I have no idea what it was. The only thing I would have wanted, before I got the last minute "mission", was to find out what that hidden specialty of his was. That, and not be put in the fucking cyro tube!

Our father, the man who stood by us and trained us to the soldiers we are today, stood behind me; putting a hand on my shoulder.

It was time.

I took my eyes away from our unofficial leader and sent a nod to our father-like figure.

I stood with the help of my brothers and sisters, thanking them and individually thanking everyone in the room, fresh tears for each individual that have been part of my family for all these years.

I got around to that man again. I stood in front of him and stared, before I nodded to him as more tears fell from my face. I had on a small smile on my features before I had to turn away from them all; towards my one-way ticket to my own personal hell.

They had me dawn on my armor before going in, saying it'll lessen the chance of freezer burn. I smiled at the small joke. I swept the room full of somber faces before I put my helmet on.

I stepped back into the open tube before I could think twice, clenching my eyes tight as the cover slowly defended over my front. I opened my eyes again, face relaxed with a sad smile. As the tube began to cool and fog up the glass, I flashed everyone a Spartan smile before placing the hand on the glass. I froze like that.

That was so long ago, and now, after thawing out after so long, I seem to have been reborn into this war battered world. The battery on the cyro tube had been spent, after the faculty finally had run out of backup power, and it took a complete day to thaw completely. And guess what? Freezer burn.

Yup, right foot. The freezer burn had infected the top of my foot, somehow missing my toes in a strange design as it had crawled up my leg, stopping just below the knee. Looking at it from my angle, I couldn't tell what the design reminded me of, just that it was freezer burn and that I would have to get it fixed when I get rescued. If I get rescued.

No, bad. Bad bad bad. Think positive thoughts.

It's been so long since the Covenant left and glassed most of the planet. A year or two probably. The only way I know I'm alone is the static on the radio. It has been like that since the glassing. No one has used it, I haven't seen a ship fly by in the sky, and I feel alone. Deathly alone.

Yup those thoughts are positive. Pfft.

For a while I had wondered if I eventually died in cyro, forgotten as the active Spartans saved the human race from extinction without me, letting me walk the world that would have been the future if the human race hadn't been saved. But that soon died as time went on. Being in Hell would mean I couldn't be able to die from starvation or dehydration. Being in Hell would mean I wouldn't have any happiness. Though half of it is already true, the chance of me dying from either of those is still out there. I'm painfully reminded of that fact when my rations get dangerously low, causing me to only eat every other three days until I find another food source to take and live off on until it happens all over again.

I have not stopped traveling since two months after thawing out. The first month was spent wondering where the fuck I was; the next was trying to figure out what time it was and where my family could be.

No one was there. Only bodies.

I cried when I found some remains of my brothers and sisters, long dead after the fight on this planet. There were many few that I had found, and everyone of them I recognized; not a day goes by when I don't think of them. I only read the numbers stenciled on their armor, not daring to take off their helmets to see their faces, frozen to the expression when they were brought to an end.

I tried the radio in my helmet again. It was fruitless. No one sane or strong enough would still be on this planet, not for this long.

I found out last year that I had been frozen for ten years. Ten long years since I have seen a living family member; ten long years since I had been frozen in that damned tube.

I shouldered the backpack over my shoulder, making it seem small on my armor's large back. It was half full of rations and water; I will need to find another water source soon. My armor ran on solar power, so that was one less problem to worry about. Even though the endless clouds from the glassing never let any sun shine through, the suit was able to be slowly powered from the UV rays that managed to get through.

Within a few more moments, I spotted a machine. I immediately perked up and made my weary feet go faster. Soon I was at a slow jog, a run for a normal human, and got to the vehicle in no time. I put my backpack in the passenger seat and eagerly sat myself down in the driver's. Quick fingers toyed with some buttons before putting my hands beneath the wheel and connecting a few wires.

The engine spat, then died. I deflated before got out and opened the lid, waving away the cloud of dust that formed in the compartment. I looked it over before going to work. In a few short moments, I tried it again, the engine roaring to life.

Slamming the lid down with more force than intended, I jumped into the driver's seat again, only to have the engine suddenly die.

I sat there for what seemed like forever before slamming my head into the wheel, the horn blaring before slowly leaving with the engine with a low whine.

God damn it.