By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O Challenge. 100 word drabble. Word - Rock. Hurt Sam. Caring Dean.

Always, fun! Thank you for the challenge and for reading!




There was nothing. No air, no sunlight. Everything distant, wet and cold.

"Sam!" Someone screamed his name.

Hands pounded his chest, a mouth pressing to his, repeatedly.

"Gaaahhh." Sam bucked, saltwater erupting from his throat.

"You got it." He was turned onto his side.

"Happen?" Sam hacked water onto the slab of rock where he lay.

"Shut up and breathe."

Sam did as he was told, riding out the coughing fit.

"Easy. Just," Arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, "Easy."

Sam blinked up. "Dean?"

Dean nodded. "You ever pull that again, dude, mark my words I'll drown you myself."