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Writer's Block 6: Visiting Hours

"He's okay," was the only thought that went through Eli's mind. Adam wasn't dying and now he could breathe. He and Clare had raced to the hospital in Morty as soon as the interrogator was done with them. The man had asked both of them really annoyingly personal questions:

"What is Clare to you?"
"Did you see the perpatrators' faces?"
"How do you know Ms. Torres?"

All of which he answered with as little truth as he could; who doesn't hate the cops? Now, he paced back and forth.

Drew was in Adam's hospital room along with the rest of their family. Clare was sitting next to Alli, whispering something he didn't care about right then, dried tears on her cheeks. Eli just kept pacing and, to make it worse, he just couldn't get the interrogator's slip-up out of his head. Miss Torres? Adam was a guy, but police always got their facts straight. It was probably nothing; just the nerves getting to him, but there was still a nagging suspicion in the back of his head...

Drew and two older ladies walked out of the room, each looking a bit more relieved than before they walked in. "Drew, Nanna and I are going to go down to the cafateria." He assumed that was the infamous Mrs. Torrres. From what Drew had told Eli about her she cared waaaay too much about what others thought about her. In public she was strict and ran away from her troubles but as soon as the curtains closed she was laid back and loved her sons. He'd also recently found out that Drew and Adam were step-brothers. Kind of hard to believe since Drew was a star athlete and ladies man while Adam...wasn't.

Step. Step. Step.

"If you keep that up you're going to wear a path into the floor." Clare warned him half-heartedly. She grabbed his hand, squeezing it softly. "It's going to be okay." Eli attempted a smile, but only managed a screwed up grimace. He couldn't and wouldn't be comforted until he saw Adam in one piece, safe and sound.

"Uh, guys?" Eli stopped mid-step; left foot pivoting so that he could turn around. Drew looked from each of their faces and then to the ground in turn.

"Yeah Drew?" Clare asked in a small voice since Eli couldn't manage to find his. Alli, sensing Drew's discomfort, stood up and walked over to her boyfriend, holding his hand tight in her own.

"Um, there's something I need to tell you. It isn't really my secret to share, but I thought you two especially-" Drew looked at Eli and Clare, then to their still twined hands, "should know." Clare and Adam were actually pretty good friends. Since they were in the same grade they had a few classes together and sometimes even hung out during lunch. Eli didn't know him too well, but he'd talked to him a few times. The Dead Hand concert they had won tickets to a while back was what really got them to be somewhat friends but Eli never got a name before the locker incident. The three teens waited silently, urging him on. Somehow, Eli knew this wasn't going to be the good news he was looking for. Drew sighed heavily, running his long fingers through his hair in exasperation.

"Have you ever noticed anything...odd... about Adam?" He started hesitantly, attempting to ease into the news. Each of them shook their head yes, all for different reasons. Whether it be his lack of guy knowledge, or his feminine looks, or even the way he flinched when rough-housing with the rest of the guys, there was definitely something off about Adam Torres. "Well, that's because he isn't exactly who you think he is." Eli's eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. "He's still the same person only...not a...guy."

At first none of them responded. The information went in, floating around in their head. They looked like picture books; their expressions changing from confused, to contemplative, to aghast, then even more confused exactly in turn.

"Wait, so you mean that Adam's a..."

"Girl. Yeah." It got really awkward really fast. The GUY they'd all come to know was a girl. It's like their whole outlook on him changed. All of the wierd responses, baggy clothes, and girlish characteristics suddenly took on a whole new meanining.

Eli felt the world beginning to spin, so he sat down, clutching Clare's hand as if for dear life. There weren't many people he trusted in life. That he truly sincerely believed in. It took a while to worm your way into his life, let alone become anything remotely similar to friends with him, but once you did, it was pretty solid. His only friend (sorta) was a girl. Okay, he could deal with that. Adam was still Adam no matter what. He'd never believed in judging people anyway.

"Her name used to be Gracie, but when she...switched...she changed it to Adam. It was so long ago that all of it doesn't even matter to me anymore, but when I found out that some bastard threw my baby sister into a glass wall-" Drew stopped, hands clenched. "I want to kill them. So bad right now. If I ever find out who did it-" He trailed off, not even needing to finish that sentence. Clare and Eli exchanged a look. He swallowed uncomfortably. Eli knew who did it and the scary thing was that he had no obligations when it came to handing that information over. Heck! He'd help Drew kick the crap out of them! Anyone who beat up girls for entertainment had it coming to them, but was it really the right thing to do?

"So, did you tell Eli yet?" Alli asked somewhat casually as they walked down to the cafateria. Clare grimaced.

"No. I haven't had a chance. Plus I'm still trying to talk to my mom about all of this." Alli nodded her head, a small smile on her face. Clare would know that look on her face anywhere. "Okay, spill. What do you know that I don't?" Clare said playfully. Alli just continued to skip down the halls, a huge smile on her face.

"Weeeeeellll, I sorta talked to my brother's new girlfriend about you moving, who in turn talked to her best friend about it. Then she said that if you wanted to you could stay with her at her ginormous condo." Alli stated in her 'too good to be true' gossip voice. Clare, however, was still stuck on sorting out the information.

"Wait, so Sav's girlfriend is Holly J right?" Alli nodded. It's crazy how much you miss in a week. Wasn't she just with Declan? "So you told her I was moving and she talked to her best friend named...?" Alli sighed.

"Fiona Coyne! Sheesh! Keep up Clare!" Her eyes widened.

"Declan's sister Fiona! She said I could live with her? I hardly know her! Why would she-" she asked disbelieving.

"Fiona told me that she would be honored if Prop Master Clare would live with her and that Declan would probably get a good laugh out of it." At that Clare had to smile. She decided to just enjoy the high she was flying on right now. Home problems would come later but right now she was okay. Adam was okay, Eli hadn't passed out from an aneurism yet, and she was hanging out with her best friend for the first time in weeks. Things were okay.

Visiting hours were over.

Eli had sat next to the unconcious Adam for what seemed like hours. Adam had only suffered a slight concussion, though he had lots of cuts, so he was supposed to wake up within a day or two. Almost all of his cuts needed stitches. Just a constant reminder of why they were here. It was still a bit of a shock when he looked down at Adam and saw breasts where there used to be a flat chest. Then he's think to himself "Oh yeah, Adam's a girl." It would certainly take some getting used to. did he treat him like a guy or a girl? Was he allowed to let one rip in front of him or was he supposed to hold it in? Everything was so confusing now.

Eli rose from his chair steadily. Drew and the rest of his family had already gone home, along with Alli. A few hours after that Clare mentioned something about talking to Fiona Coyne and then left as well. Eli left the quiet room, slowly shutting the door behind him. He walked the now silent halls of the hospital, reliving his worst fears and nightmares.

Abby had spent a few hours in a hospital. Of course, she was already dead by that point, but they needed to 'confirm' what they already knew. She had killed herself and there was absolutely nothing anyone could do to change that.

The next time he came was two years later. There had been a car crash. He and his girlfriend, Julia, were fighting. The sun had been shining, the sky was blue, and the road was clear. The perfect day. She had decided on her own that it was okay to go and meet his parents. It was the worst idea ever and, naturally, he argued against it, but she was deadset on going. To make a very very long story short, he wasn't paying enough attention to the road, so when the big rig next to them blew a few tires he noticed too many seconds too late. Eli lived and she didn't. It was as simple as that. The last thing he ever said to her was, "You're such an idiot."

The most recent time he'd been inside a hospital was ninth grade. Someone at school had been stabbed with a knife. The bully had it coming but obviously it didn't make a difference to anyone else. After that, Eli's hands were painted red, his clothes dark. He'd done something bad. He had hurt his bully, but now he was even more alone than before. No one found out it was him but he knew. That was all that mattered. His concience was slowly eating him alive. One day he figured, 'If I give something of even value back, maybe I'd stop feeling so guilty.' And so began the cutting. He cut and cut and cut. The scars were all along his arms to prove it, but the grief and guilt still weighed him down, slowly becoming heavier and heavier each day. If he hadn't found Clare at Degrassi he didn't know for sure if he'd still be alive to walk the cold halls of the place he dreaded so much.

Eli got into Morty slowly. That was all in the past now. He was over it. At least, as much as he'd ever be. The car went into drive and he pulled out of the parking lot. For once, he wasn't blasting and music and a smirk wasn't on his face. He was just... mellow, for lack of better description. The calm before the storm. The trees blurred as he drove by but finally, he entered familiar, more calming, territory. The narrow strip of road expertly winded through the hills and hills of tombstones. After a few more tediously long minutes his grandparents' home eventually came into view.

"Home sweet home, right?" Eli whispered to himself. He knew the routine. Smile, converse, and retreat to the solitude of your room. Whatever it takes to assure them that you're okay. He didn't know where home was. Either way right now he wanted to sleep which required coming to this house. He went to turn into the driveway but stopped, shocked. Where he usually parked was a black M3 BMW. His grandma drove a golf cart everywhere and his grandpa had an old beat up Lexus. He'd know that car anywhere though. Eli hopped out of his car, disbelieving. How could he have forgotten about something so life-shatteringly important!

"Surprise!" He spun around frantically. There, at the bottom of the walkway, were his overbearing, cookie cutter, home-wrecking parents.

'Could this day get any worse?'

"So, I can stay?" Clare asked hopefully. She had talked it over with Fiona, who whole-heartedly welcomed her, and decided that it might be fun to live with the fashionista. She'd dealt with Alli so how much worse could Fiona really be?

"I guess," Clare squealed. Totally out of character, no matter how fitting it was to the conversation. "but you have to call and e-mail me! I'll check in on you once a month, so make sure to behave yourself! It was very nice of this Fiona girl to open her home to you." So true. If it weren't for Fiona, Clare would be forced to move all the way to British Columbia with her mother.

"Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!" Clare said happily, practically jumping up and down. She hadn't been sure her mom would say yes. Now she could stay with all of her friends and Eli. Plus, she wouldn't have to tell him that she was moving to another province. That would have sucked. Bad.

"I'll still pay all of your bills and send money for food and clothes, okay?" she nodded checked the time. Visiting hours had to be over by now. She really needed to share the news with someone. All of her friends were busy though. She, however, was on cloud nine. A rumor was going around school that K.C knocked up Jenna and wasn't staying with her. It was sad, but at the same time she felt a sense of victory. K.C got what he deserved and Jenna now knew what it felt like to be abandoned. All was right with the world. Alli's relationship was going well with Drew, meaning she would be blowing off Clare for him until they broke up; probably in the near future. Then since Adam wasn't exactly able to talk at the moment that only left Eli. A while ago, when she still lived with her dad, he gave her his headphones, phone number and address in case she ever needed to talk.

Well, she really needed to talk.

Clare pulled on a jacket, quickly pulling on some shoes better suited for walking. "I'll be back soon Mom!" Then she was out the door. It took forever to find Eli's house on foot. She backtracked at least five times. She had harbored some suspicions about him being the type to live at a cemetary but she never seriously considered it. Obviously he did; the mansion was huge. Hands down the largest property she'd ever seen. There were three cars in the driveway; one of them a hearse so she knew it had to be his house. It wasn't exactly a common vehicle. She drew in an unsteady breath, a bit nervous about the whole thing. She was coming to his house unannounced. Somehow she knew this was going to end in awkward silence.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

She wrung her hands nervously. Hopefully Eli would spare her some embarrassment and open the door himself. She heard someone walk up to the intricate cherrywood door and her heartbeat sped up. Slowly, it opened wide. A lady with piercing green eyes and curly black hair stared back at her, sizing her up. Apparently Clare passed the test, because the intimidating lady replaced her harsh glare with a curious smile.

"Who are you?" Clare opened her mouth to answer, only to be beat to the punch.


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