Written for the Surprise Pairing Challenge

Pairing: Cedric/Cho

Prompt: I'm sorry

He had promised her "forever" without knowing what forever meant. He had promised her a lifetime of happiness and warmth, without knowing what his future held. He had promised contact after Hogwarts, without knowing what waited for him after the Triwizard Tournament.

And in his obliviousness, he had broken all the promises. She cried, wept, and broke down, but no Harry Potter could repair her. There were just too many pieces to collect, too many pieces to be glued, just too many. Cedric wished he could take her in his arms, and kiss those tears away, but he was too far and there was no forever in the real world. So he watched her weep, bleed and shatter, and waited for the right person to come along and repair her because it's easy to break and weep yourself, but difficult to watch the one you love smash to smithereens and cry.

Cho, I am sorry. If it was in my hands, I would have never broken my promises, never broken your heart, never left you alone.

Very short, but I kind of like it, so do let me know what you think :)