Michelle and her dragon, Leapdra has return to Dragon City to enter street races and to see friend and family again. However, for what they didn't excepted change their lives however... "blah" means talking, /blah/ means thoughts, and {blah} means dragons talking.

Sparklie-the-Tiger (4/3/2016): I've decide to edited and fix the chapters a bit. I mean, when I've started this, I had a very bad grammar, but I did improve a bit. I'm still continuing the story, but I'm trying to make sure it's going well before writing the next chapter and I will be busy this month. So, it's unknown when it'll be posted up... Sorry, but I am trying.

A New Hero of Legends

...3,000 years ago, there was a legendary war between Dragons and Humans, the Dragon-Human War. Each different empires of the Draconiums had formed alliances, conquered each other and brought the planet to the brink of total annihilation. At some point the Dragons realized they had been duped and abused by humans, and rose up against their masters, controlling them. It was a war that threatened the survival of both species until one pure Star-class dragon, a Gold Dragon known as Beaucephalis. The Gold and Black Dragon had chosen a human to be a hero, the Dragon Booster, to prove that unity between humans and dragons was still possible.

Dragon Booster and the Gold Dragon has gain allies a long the way to end the war. They've gain other Boosters and dragons from the Red, Blue, Green and Black Draconiums and finally put the end of war. However, there was one thing left out from the history that isn't in ancient books about the sixth hero, dragon and a rare Draconium that had assist the Dragon Booster, but the hero of the Draconium has vanishes from existence. No one knows what this Draconium is called or what really happened to them, but the Dragon Priests, believing the unknown Draconium will resurface when a new dragon of legends and a new hero is born to stop a new war from happening again...

In the Present time...

A tan-skinned girl was riding a unique dragon into Dragon City. They left the city about two years ago to enter races and have return back to the city, not knowing what lies ahead...

((Michelle's POV))

Dragon City... I haven't been here since I left here at age 14, along with my own dragon. My name is Michelle Sean and I have become the best racer in each street races along with my dragon, Leapdra. Ever since we've been famous, most of dragon crews respects and envy us a lot. In most races, I've always race ahead to see if any racers can keep up with us and maybe make in the Academy with me.

Though, a lot things has been happening here... Dragons getting stolen, most of the crews starting to fight and dragons are slowly starting to get harder to control. Everyone starts to say that a second Dragon-Human War is coming closer than they think. There was a Dragon-Human War before, but a great hero stop the war with a very special dragon... The Dragon Booster and Gold Dragon of Legend.

{Michelle, we're here.}

A voice snaps me out of my thoughts, "Huh? We're here already?" I look down at Leapdra.

{Yes, we are here.} Leapdra responded by groaning.

I guess you're wondering what's going on and how I could understand my dragon, huh? To be honest, I'm not so sure myself... I guess it's gift, but only my mom, my older brother Parmon and my friend Kitt knows about it. I do have other friends as well, Artha Penn and Lance Penn, but they don't know about my gift yet. And I have a reason for that...

Anyway, we've just enter the racing stables and saw many different types of crews here and there. However, there's one crew I never thought to see or hear right ahead...

"...Your fellowship, your...!" That sounded like my brother.

"Racing Team!" And that sounded like Lance then a flash follow after the voice. Yep, that's Lance, which means...

"Yep... There's my racing team." ...Artha... I, uh... kinda have crush on him since we were kids, but I never told anyone about it, but I think Parmon knows.

I look down at Leapdra and said to her, "Let's go over there and say hello to our old friends."

{You got it, Michelle!} Lepadra nodded and walks over to the boys with me on her.

As we got closer, I spot all my favorite guys, Parmon, Lance and Artha, but also...a red and blue dragon? I wonder who's racing. I doubt it's Lance and Parmon, so that leave Artha, but how?

I jump off of Leapdra then call out to them, "Hey, guys!"

They look over to where I am and was shock to see me again.

"M-Michelle? Is that you?" Artha stuttered with a surprise look on his face.

I smile, "Yep! Long time, no see."

"Lil' Sis!" Parmon cried out with joy as he ran over to me and hugs me real tight, "I miss you SO much!"

I grunted when he hug me too hard. "M-Me too!" I gasped for air. "N-Now, let go!"

"Oops!" Parmon let's go of me, "S-Sorry! It just it's been 2 years since I last seen you for two years and..." Parmon starts to babble again. My brother never change a bit.

I roll my eyes and exclaims, "Parmon!"

Parmon stops talking, "...What?"

"...You're babbling again." I told him, folding my arms.

Parmon chuckles nervously, "Oh! ...Sorry."

"It's okay." I giggled then look down at Lance. "Hey there, Lance! I see you've gotten bigger."

"You bet I am!" Lance smirked.

Then I look at Artha, "Hey, Artha. How's it been?"

Artha suddenly stutters, "Um, Hi there, M-Michelle! Um... Wow! You look..." he looks down and up at me, "...Cute. I-I mean, Pretty! N-No, I mean-!"

I giggle at him, "Thanks for praise, Artha." I look at the red and blue dragon. It looks like a male dragon and he seem... I don't know, mysterious and...strong. "So... Artha, who's your new friend?"

Artha snaps back from his thoughts. I think he was staring at me or least I think he is.

"Huh? What did you say?" Artha asked.

I sighed. "I said, who's your new friend?" I asked again, pointing at the red and blue dragon.

"Oh! That's Beau, my dragon." Artha answered.

"Your dragon?" I was surprise to hear that. I mean, when we were kids, I was always trying to get Artha to ride a dragon, but he said he doesn't like dragons, only video game ones. "I thought you said you never like dragons."

Artha rubs his head, "Well, let's just said last night change my mind..." He looked kinda sad about something.

"Artha, what's wrong?" I asked with concerns.

Parmon step over to me, spoke out saying, "I'll explain it to you later..."

I wanted to get to talk about, but I've decide drop it, "So, Artha... Beau is your first dragon?" I look at Beau and he look back at me.

"Yeah, my very first dragon." Artha said then started to look cool towards me, "And... we become a great team. A great racing team. So great to beat any racers." He smiled at me, but I can tell he's lying.

"Really? How great?" I asked, smirking.

Lance blurt it out, "Great at stinking!"

Artha sneers down at his little brother, "Lance!"

"What? It's true!" Lance shrugged.

I chuckle a bit, "Anyway, I have someone you would like to see again."

Parmon turns to me, "Really? Who?"

Leapdra quietly steps closer behind Parmon then growls right near his ears.

Parmon screams with frights and hides behind Lance, "AAAAAH! IT'S GONNA GET ME!"

Leapdra and I laughs at Parmon. "Calm down, Parmon. It's just Leapdra, my dragon."

Leapdra bows down to them, {Nice to meet you.}

Parmon stares at Leapdra, "L-Leapdra?" then humphs, "Y'know I hate it when you do that!"

Leapdra snickers at him, {I know.}

I shook my head at my dragon, "Leapdra, this is Beau; Artha's dragon. Beau this my dragon; Leapdra."

Leapdra walks up to Beau, nodding at Beau to greet him, {Nice to meet you, Beau.}

Beau looked stun at first then shakes his head, {Uh... N-Nice to meet you too!}

Lance walks up to Leapdra, "Drac! Your dragon looks just like her! The Leapest aka The Queen of all Leaps!"

"Wait, you mean the dragon who can leaps over buildings and becomes the fastest dragon ever?" Artha asked. "Who's rider is Mickey?"

I suddenly growl at Penn brothers with annoyances, "It's Michelle!"

Th Penn brothers stares at in shock, "Wait... You're Mickey?"

I sigh, shaking my head a bit, "...Yep, I'm that Mickey... Those announcers keeps saying my name wrong!"

"And Leapdra is the Leapest. Michelle already has about enough points to enter in the Academy and already is famous from each crews so far." Parmon explained.

"But, she's a girl!" Lance blurted it out.

"Got a problem with that, small fry?" I glared at Lance with Leapdra snarling at him.

Lance soon felt scare a bit, "I-I... No! I was surprise to see you're that Mickey who's actually a girl... Heh-heh..."

I suddenly chuckle, "It's okay, Lance! I was just teasing ya."

Leapdra snickered.

I look around and spot an old friend of mine, Kitt Wonn and her dragon, Wyldfyr.

"Well, me and Leapdra gotta go and see someone." I turn away from the guys. "See ya in the race, Artha!" Leapdra follows me.

((Normal POV))

As Michelle walks away, Artha was busy gazing at her as if hearts were forming around him until...

"How long are you gonna stare at your girlfriend?" Lance asked with tease in his voice.

Artha snaps out of the trance and responds as he frowns, "Hey! She's not my girlfriend, dork!" He looks back Michelle, who was speaking to Kitt.

Lance starts to tase his brother by singing to Parmon and Beau, "Artha is in love~ Artha is in love~!" He giggled as Artha walks over to Lance.

Artha then puts his racing helmet on Lance and turns it backwards, making Lance unable to see.

"HEY!" Lance exclaimed, trying to see as he walks around, crashing into stuff.

((Michelle's POV))

We went over to Kit and Wyldfyr and Wyldfyr spots us, {Kitt, look!}

((A/N: I'm gonna make Wyldfyr a boy 'cause the creators really said it's boy, but don't let that stop ya))

"What is it, boy?" Kitt said as she turns around then gasps when she saw me and Leapdra, "Michelle? It's been so long!"

"Hey, Kitt!" I rush over to her and hug my best friend. Yes, best friend. We'd went to the same school together when we're kids.

I let go of Kitt and went over to her dragon, "Hey there, Wyldfyr! How's the fastest dragon doing?" I pet on him on his snout.

{Great! Really great, Michelle!} He purred and looks at Leapdra, {Hello, Leapest!}

{Hey there, Wyldfyr.} She smiled at him.

I turn to Kitt, "So, how your racing? I heard you've gotten famous around here."

Kitt smirks, "Yeah. I beaten most racers here and there. But I can't wait race against you! Now, we've get to see who's the fastest."

I giggle at Kitt. We've always race to see who's the fastest, but always comes a tie.

Then I heard a voice, well make that a not so friendly voice from behind me...

"Well, well... If it isn't it Kitt Wonn?"

Kitt glares at the person who's standing behind me, "Moordyrd Paynn."

Moordryd Paynn? I've heard of him a bit. Rumors has it that he always, kinda, cheat in order to win and tries to gets rid of anyone who gets in his way.

Moordryd chuckle, "Having a girl talk, Kitt Wonn? You should be talking to someone who's coming, like Mickey."

Another voice came next to Moordryd, "Yeah! Mickey is going to be on our crew when we see him."

I suddenly turn around to dace as she snarls at them, "It's Michelle, you bag of dolts! Geez! And I'm a girl, so don't you dare cross me!"

Moordryd, the one with the white hair, and the other guy with tattoos, Cain, were shock to see a girl instead of a boy who's the best racer.

"W-Wait a minute! You're a girl?" Cain stuttered, looking surprise.

I dangerously glare at him, "Got a problem with it, baldly?"

He stutters, feeling insulted, "I-I am not bald, you-!"

Leapdra went up to Cain's face, snarling, {Don't even finish that sentence!}

Cain almost squeaks with terror and quickly hides behind Moordryd, who's still staring at me like Artha did then. Then Leapdra growls at Moordryd, {Stop staring at her!}

Moordryd backs up away from my dragon, "...Nice dragon, Michelle. I never seen one like it."

"M-Must be very rare." Cain stuttered again with fear.

I humphs at them, "Thanks... Now, leave us alone! We have to get ready for the race..."

Moordryd went back to his old self, "Okay then... See ya in the race." then walks away with Cain behind.

Kitt stares at me with shock, "I can't believe what I just saw..."

I look at her, "What?"

"Moordryd just stare at you like he's floating or something. And he usually talks back with anger at anyone, even towards girls." Kitt answered.

/Interesting.../ I thought. /I have a feeling that this day is going to be a fun day.../ I mentally smirk.

Me and Leapdra soon heads over to the starting line with other dragons and riders then wait for the announcer, Race Marshall Budge, to speak before the race starts.

"Good day to you my brave all city street competitors! I am Race Marshall Budge!"

The crowds cheers with excitement.

"Today is indeed a great, special day! Because today... we have a special guest! You've heard of her from around the world... She has almost beaten ever best racers so far, great amount of points and is quite skillful racer! May I present to you all... Mickey Sean and her dragon, Leapdra the Queen of Leaps!"

The crowds cheers for me and Leapdra for being here.

I then shouts furiously at Marshall, "It's Michelle!" the racers, mostly male racers, stares at me with shock and surprise to see me with them. My guess they thought I was guy instead of a girl.

Leapdra snarls very loud at the male riders, {What you are looking at?}

The male riders quickly looks ahead while I just sighs at Leapdra.

Marshall clears his throat, "Ahem... The prize in today's race is 10,000 drachols, plus a new set of level 5 Green Ramming Gear!" showing a green armor to everyone. "Breathe taken... And to make more things interesting, who manages to keep up with our guest Mick-, I mean Michelle, will get more points and meet her face to face! This is a speed race, but in ever race, there's a little competition, right?" Marshall chuckled hen he started to cough.

Poor guy... He's been doing this since...forever! Anyway, ever riders and dragons get ready to race. Then I soon felt eyes on me, but I decided to ignore it until Kitt, who's next to me on the left, spoke...

"The Stable boy? Drag Racing?" Kitt was looking to the right and I look too, seeing Artha was looking... or dazing and happy, right at me... I think.

Then the racing track glows red. It's time to start the race in a few seconds. Then yellow then finally green, the gates drops down the dragons runs off in great speed with us riders on them. I could've sworn I just heard Artha screaming at first.

The crowds cheers at we all race through the tracks to win it. Each dragons goes faster then the other, but of course some of them slips and crash on the track. Me and Leapdra were between the riders and their dragons. Most of them just scoffs at me and Leapdra, thinking we're some jokes. However, we're about to prove them wrong. A rider with a white and blue dragon was about ram into us, but I quickly took out my Flash Stick and uses my Flash Stick right at them, making them cried out with shock as they slowly run the behind us.

{Nice job, Michelle.} Leapdra smiled at me and I smiled at her back.

Then Moordryd with his dragon, Decepshun who's wearing Green Ramming Gear, runs past us, "What's the matter? Is your baby dragon getting tired?" he taunt us then laughs at us with mockery.

Then I growl at him, "Don't underestimate my dragon!"

Leapdra humph then suddenly leaps over Moordryd and the others racers ahead of him with one long leap, lands right back on the track and runs ahead, taking the lead.

I smirk back at Moordryd, "Later, Moory!" and Leapdra runs faster as Moordryd looked shock.

Then I hear Marshall's voice, "Amazing leap from Leapdra! Guess now we know why Michelle's dragon is call Queen of Leaps! Now, other racers are behind them and they are trying to keep up to Michelle and Leapdra, but can they?"

I chuckles then pats on Leapdra's head, "Good job, girl!"

Leapdra chuckles, {Thanks, but we're not finish yet!}

Leapdra is right! We still have more of the track to go in order to get to the finishing line. Then Leapdra's head perk up when she'd senses something behind her, {Something coming to us from behind, fast!}

I'd took a look back and saw something blurry with blue and red running towards us, really fast. /What is that?/ I thought as it stops moving so fast right behind me and Leapdra. It was Artha and Beau! They must've run about 200 miles per hour.

I'd signal Leapdra to slow down a little to run next to Artha a bit, "Artha, what just happened to you and Beau?"

Artha looks confuse as I was, "What did happened? Wait! How did I do that?"

Beau secretly smirks at Artha. I have a feeling that Beau is very special, maybe even more.

"Artha, I'm running ahead! I hope to see you and Beau racing next to me and Leapdra!" I winked at him and told Leapdra to go faster ahead.

Then Moordryd and Decepshun runs pass Artha and Beau then runs next to me and Leapdra, "I guess underestimated you and your dragon, Michelle! But, don't think I'm impress by you!"

I smile at him, "A little too late for that, Moory!" then runs off ahead of him.

Leapdra then spoke to me, {Michelle, the dragon that Payn is riding on... It's my little sister!}

I looked surprise. "Are you sure?" I exclaimed.

Leapdra nods, {Yes, I'm sure! But, I'm afraid she doesn't remember me...} she looked sad.

Then I suddenly heard Beau groaning in pain. I look back a bit and saw Moordryd draining Beau's energy with his Energy Drain Whip.

"Artha and Beau are in trouble!" I shouted at Leapdra.

{So will we! Look ahead!} Leapdra grunted. I look ahead and spot a Disrupter Flasher ahead on the tracks.

"What is that doing on the track?!" I shouted then have an idea. "Leapdra, slow down a bit!"

Leapdra did as she, slowing down to the side and enough to let the guys pass us. I then drove Leapdra to faster to help Artha and Beau. We were now between Artha and Moordryd with the Energy Drain in front of me.

"Artha, I'm sure my brother warn you about that thing ahead, right?" I said.

"He did! And Beau and I need to get away at the right time in order to avoid that!" Artha replied.

"Then let us help you with that!" I smiled at Artha and Artha just stare at me for a second and smirk at me. "...Ready...set...NOW!"

Leapdra help Beau to leap over the Disrupter Flasher, then she bites on Moordryd's whip, making it snaps and it causes Moordryd and Decepshun falls right near the Disrupter Flasher. It exploded and I soon hear Moordryd's screaming after it as he flew off the track.

We were almost at the finishing line, but Beau starts to get tired and begins to slow down. I did activate the Level 4 Red Thruster Gears on Leapdra, making run faster then runs past Artha and exhausting Beau with Kitt, Wyldfyr and two other riders behind us.

I came in first with Kitt while two other riders came in second and third. Leapdra stops running and pants with exhausted. I really feel very sorry for Artha for not winning the race, but at least he did good with Beau. I praise Leapdra as I told Marshall to give Kitt the prizes for winning with me. Kitt and I got off of our dragons.

"Nice job, Michelle!" Kitt praised me. "You've gotten faster than before."

"Nah! We're not that fast yet." I was being modest. Then me and Kitt hears Moordryd's voice nearby. We look behind us to see Moordryd and Cain, along with Decepshun.

"This isn't over Artha Penn..." Moordryd growled, muttering. "Come on, Cain!" Moordryd went to his crew with Cain and Decepshun behind.

I look at Kitt with worry, "Did you hear that?"

Kitt nods at me, "I did... A street crew after Stable boy? That can't be good."

"We've better follow Artha and others to keep an eye on them before Moordryd strikes on them!" I couldn't let that jerk go messing with Artha or his friends. Moordryd is just a sore loser and a pain...

"...Are you and Stable boy going out or something?" Kitt asked out of nowhere.

I turn around towards her with a shock look on my face, "What? Wh-What you makes think that?"

"Well... you did help Artha to get away from that blast and you seem very worry for his safety." Kitt slyly smirked.

Both Leapdra and Wyldfyr snickers as I blush, "W-We're not going out or anything! We're just friends!"

"Yeah, right. Sure!" Kitt nodded with sarcasm.

I groan at her, "Let's just follow them, quietly!" Kitt nodded at me then our dragons mags us on and we've quickly follows the Penn Racing Crew, secretly.

At nighttime, me, Kitt and our dragons stops on a road track that show the view of the Penn Stables from afar. Kitt and I look through our binoculars to see what's happening at the Penn Stable. Through, when I saw it, I was so shock to see the stables with some damages. Most of the rooms were destroyed and the signs are knock down. What could've done this and where's Conner, Artha and Lance's father?

Then I notices Artha in his father's office, which is also damages as well. Artha looked kinda sad and was looking some sort of picture. Then Lance came in, looking worry and confused. That's when I realize something... Conner might be dead.

I slowly put down my binoculars with grief a bit, "...Conner is no longer there anymore..."

Kitt looks at me with confuse, "What do you mean? He has be to here in there somewhere..."

I look at Kitt, "No, Kitt... He isn't... I'm afraid Conner is...dead." with sadness in my voice.

"...Oh no..." Kitt spoke as Leapdra and Wyldfyr looked gloomy.

I sigh a bit... How could this happened? What caused this to happened and why? Before I could think some more...

"There's Penn, but where's Payn?" Kitt spoke with suspicion in her voice.

Kitt is right. Moordryd and his crew should be there by now... Are they waiting for the moment to strike. I guess I won't know until they arrive.

About 20 or 35 minutes has pass by later on and still no signs of the Dragon Eye Crew. But me and Kitt kept on a look out for them. Then I notice Artha and Beau are not there at stables anymore.

"Hey! Where did Artha and his dragon go?" I exclaimed.

Kitt tries to find Artha, "I can't see him anywhere!"

Then Leapdra and Wyldfyr suddenly growls at the stables.

"Leapdra, what is it?" I asked.

{The street crew are here!} Leapdra snarled.

Kitt ask me, "What did she say?"

I look at Kitt with determine, "Moordryd and his crew are finally here!" I look through the binocular at the stables, seeing my brother and Lance are in trouble with Dragon Eye Crew. "We have to get down there!"

"I'm way ahead of ya, Michelle!" Kitt already drove Wyldfyr to the stables with me and Leapdra behind.

As soon as we all got there, the rest of the crew surrounds Parmon, Moordryd had held Lance's arm up in the air, demanding to know the whereabouts of Artha. Then suddenly me and Kitt drove our dragons towards Moordryd and Decepshun, jumps over them, making Moordryd drop Lance and then our dragons skid across the ground, making a cloud of dust at the crew to let Parmon escape.

"Get to the bridge!" Kitt told Parmon.

Parmon runs to the bridge as Lance see his transmitter, grabs it and runs to the bridge also. Suddenly, the Dragon Eye Crew crept towards us as we back away from them.

"Time to heat things up!" Kitt exclaimed as she activate the Red Thruster Gears on Wyldfyr, turning it towards the ground then fires flames on the ground, making a wall of flames at the crew.

"Lance, call Artha! I don't think Kitt and Wyldfyr can hold it much longer!" I told Lance.

Lance activate his transmitter, "Artha, we're in trouble! It's the street crew! We need help!"

"Hang on, Lance! I'm on my way!" Artha responded then transmitter went off.

/'Hang on' he said... I don't think we can much longer! Those thruster will burn out in short time!/ I thought then about 3 minutes later they did. /...That's not good.../

"Oh no!" said Kitt with fear in her voice.

"Looks like the heat's on you now... Get her!" Moordryd commanded his crew.

However, me and Leapdra quickly steps between him and Kitt. "You're gonna have to get through us first!" I growled with anger as Leapdra snarls furiously at the crew.

Moordryd and his crew laughs at me and Leapdra. "You and your dragon against all of us? I like to see you try..." Moordryd glared at me and was about to fight me.

But suddenly, a loud roar stop everyone from moving, looks up at the roof the see... a black and gold dragon! Conner must've bred a gold dragon somehow. There is also a rider in armor on the dragon, I couldn't tell who he is, but my guess he's...

"...The new Dragon Booster..." I spoke softly with amazement. This Dragon Booster seem mysterious yet... familiar.

Moordryd growl with disbelieving and anger, "He's chosen a Dragon Booster!"

The black gold roars down at Dragon Eye Crew.

"I want that dragon!" Moordryd growled then his crew fires some gears at Dragon Booster and his dragon, but they all miss.

The black gold dragon, with Dragon Booster on him, leaps off from the roof, lands on the ground right the Dragon Eye Crew then the black gold dragon uses his Mag Burst at two of the street crew and pushes them back. Then Cain and his dragon, Coershun I think, charges toward the heroes.

The heroes backs away from the ground at the edge, trap by the Dragon Eye Crew. "Perfect! No escape..." Moordryd sneers at Dragon Booster.

Then Lance picks up the Flash Stick, quickly throws it at the Dragon Eye Crew then it flashes at them, making them cry out with surprise and confusions. The black gold dragon see his chance and swiftly knocks all the crew's dragon down and the riders falls off and crashes on the ground.

I notices Leapdra is staring at the dragon of legends with amazement as I did the same to the Dragon Booster. The two heroes steps towards the street crew. They quickly fled off with terror, leaving Moordryd behind. Moordryd shouts at them come back and fight, but they all left and he's now all alone and trap by the Dragon Booster.

But Decepshun didn't leave Moordryd behind. So, Moodryd activates the Green Ramming Gear on his dragon. Decepshun then fires an iron ball at Dragon Booster, but it bounces off his armor, the fallen sign then at the pole cable... that holds the part of the ground and the bridge! The cable broke off and the ground floor begins to tilt down to the far below ground.

Me, Leapdra, Parmon and Lance slides down to the other side on the ground as Wyldfyr runs off without him knowing that Kitt slips off of him and now she too sliding towards the other side. Then we all notices a huge opening of the wall and we were heading right towards it! Leapdra tries to stop sliding, but she only stop at the wall, then I fall off of Leapdra and over the wall while Lance, Kitt and Parmon falls through the opening towards the far below ground.

However, we manages to grab the broken cable line before we all continues to fall, but the cable is moving a bit also.

((Leapdra's POV))

Just as I hit against the wall, I felt Michelle falling off of me as the others falls through the opening.

{NOOOO!} I roared with concern and fear then notices that they were holding on to the cable when I look down. I quickly grab the cable line with my teeth to hold on. I started to pull them up, but they all too heavy together. I need help and fast!

Then I hear sounds of skidding towards me from behind me. It stop right next to me. I look a bit and see the black gold dragon and Dragon Booster. I kinda give the signal to them that Michelle, Lance, Parmon and Kitt are hanging on the cable line that I'm holding to.

{Need a hand?} the black and gold dragon asked as he grabs the cable line with his teeth and we both pull back the cable line to bring the Michelle the others up.

I would've blush when I notices how close I am to him, but push it away. But I just can't put my claw on it, he seem so familiar to me. But I had to focus on holding the cable line and the pulling up the cable line. Kitt made it out from danger, then Parmon. Now, Lance and Michelle are next.

((Michelle's POV))

As Parmon made it through the opening, Lance was next trying to reach, but slips off the cable line! Luckily, I quickly grab Lance's hand before he continues to fall.

"I got cha, Lance!" I grunted as we got closer to the others, I pull Lance up to Parmon and Kitt so they could grab him.

They did and pull him through the opening then Parmon reaches out to me as I reaches up to him. We reaches for each other, inch by inch then something dreadful happen... The cable line broke!

"NO!" Parmon tried to grab my hand, but I already begin to fall to my doom!

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed with great terror as Parmon looked smaller and smaller as I fall straight to my demise.

/I can't believe I'm gonna dead this soon! I never told Parmon he's the coolest brother! I never found out who's faster, me or Kitt! And now, I'll never tell Artha about my feeling for him!/ I continue to screamed until suddenly I felt someone me grab in the air.

I look at the person who'd grab me... It's was Dragon Booster and his dragon.

I quickly wraps my arms around him to hold on. "Th-thanks... Well, you got me! But who's got us? WAAAAAH!" I'm so dreadfully scared of heights, even when I fall from it!

Then something amazing happen, the dragon of legend spread out his legs ((A/N: like a flying squirrel do)) and flap gill frills suddenly appears between both side of him then flies or glides through the air.

I was so amaze yet frighten as the same time, so I hold on to Dragon Booster so I wouldn't fall off, but he still has his left arm around my waist which I didn't mind at all.

The black gold dragon lands on top of a building then Dragon Booster smirks at me. I blush like crazy for some reason! I just met this guy and I already acting all giddy inside!

When Dragon Booster puts me down on the on floor of the roof top, I look up at him with wonder, "Thank you... But, who are you?" I have to ask him... I want to know the person who save me. I want to know why I feel this way towards him.

Then Dragon Booster spoke, "Uh... I'm the-" he clears his throat, making his voice deeper a bit, "I'm the Dragon Booster." then he suddenly coughs and smiles at me with embarrassment.

I couldn't help, but softly giggle at him for trying to be so cool towards me. He seem so familiar to me! He also sounds familiar... Then he and his dragon leaps off the building and glides through the city as I watch them fly or glide away.

Then I put right hand over my heart, sigh with admire, "Dragon Booster..." then I gaze at the stars. I don't know who this Dragon Booster really is, but I'm gonna find out sooner or later. And my new adventures here in Dragon City has just begun...

Sparklie-the-Tiger/Me: Let know what you readers think and ask me if you want me continues this a bit.